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'I just couldn't stop' – Olympic champion Lundby opens up on scary training injury

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Second placed Germany's Katharina Althaus, first placed Norway's Maren Lundby and third placed Austria's Eva Pinkelnig stand on the podium after the FIS Women's Ski Jumping World Cup in Lillehammer, Norway, on March 12, 2019

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21/08/2019 at 12:38 | Updated 21/08/2019 at 13:53

Olympic and World champion Maren Lundby has opened up on the scary injury she suffered during training.

Lundby, 24, was getting ready to get to jump during practice and was moving the boom when she lost her footing and started to slide down before eventually falling off and banging her head against a concrete slab.

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Ski Jumping

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“To move the boom, you have to climb over to the other side of the inflow to have one lifting the boom on each side.” Lundby explained in a press release.

“I held on to the boom and climbed over, but when I was almost over, I lost my footing. It had rained a lot this morning, so the felt on the side of the tracks was incredibly smooth.

I couldn't think until I lay on my back and disappeared down the stream.

“I tried everything I could to slow down as I disappeared down, with both legs and arms.

“I just couldn't stop, and fell off the jumping edge and down on a concrete edge during the jump.

Maren Lundby’s nervous wait for world title


“I landed on one leg/knee before hitting my head on the ground after that. I hit hard and was pretty scared, but fortunately it seems that I got away with it.

“I feared the worst as I disappeared down the runway, not knowing what to expect if I disappeared off the jumping edge. I am happy that I had a helmet on and that it took the worst noise.”

Lundby has been diagnosed with concussion and a severely bruised knee and will continue her rehabilitation before returning to training.

I've seen a lot in the jump hill over the years, but no one can predict that something like this can happen.” Sports manager Clas Brede Brathen said.

“This has really put a dent in us. Most importantly, it seems that this accident has not had as serious consequences as it could have had in the worst case scenario.

Now it's all about safeguarding Maren

“I'm sure she's in the best hands. There is lessons to be learned in this as well, and I hope we will soon see Maren fly in the arena as we normally see her.”

As well as being the reigning world champion Lundby is also the current World Cup overall holder.


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