Kraft, 25, went 139.0m in his first jump, setting an early pace that no-one was able to keep up with.
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Johansson, the winner in Oslo, managed 135.0m whilst Ryoyu Kobayashi and Kamil Stoch both clocked distances of 130.0m, with the wind separating the pair.
Lundby takes Raw Air lead in front of home fans
12/03/2019 AT 21:29
In the second jump Kraft went even better as he broke 140 with a jump of 141.0m.

Kraft takes fourth victory of the season with Lillehammer win

The rest of the chasing pack all improved their jumps, but nowhere near enough to compete with Kraft and Johansson and Kobayashi had to settle for silver and bronze respectively.
Two riders to shine in the first jump were Dawid Kubacki and Junshiro Kobayashi, brother of Ryoyu but they faded away at the second attempt.
As the men prepare to move to Trondheim, Kraft has closed the gap on the Raw Air leaders.
He now trails Johansson, who is top of the standings, by 12.9 points, he is also now 14 points ahead of Kobayashi.
In the World Cup standings, Kraft is solidly in third place and is now just 18 points behind Kraft, who is currently in second.
Kraft takes fourth victory of the season with Lillehammer win
12/03/2019 AT 17:48
Forfang continues fine form with strong second jump
02/12/2018 AT 17:11