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The attire

Champion of Champions
‘He just blitzed me’ - Higgins applauds Trump after Champion of Champions defeat
22/11/2021 AT 13:28
The polo shirts have been a talking point, and in his post-match interview Trump says he's much more comfortable playing in them than the usual evening dress. That's ominous for whoever has to face him in the semi-final on Friday.

Judd Trump is through to the semi-finals

He's turned up to Bolton in bullish mood alright. After some pointed comments in the direction of one R O'Sullivan in the build-up, Trump has blasted through his section today to reach the last four. This is one of the few tournaments on the tour that he has yet to win, having previously lost the final in this event in 2014 and 2019. It's an invitational event so there are no ranking points on the go here, but the Champion of Champions has cash - a cool 150 large for the winner - and cachet; it's one all the players want, and one the aforementioned O'Sullivan has won three times. Judd will be well aware of that, having been on the losing end of one of those seven years ago.

Trump 6-0 Day

Well raise my rent. Trump does pot frame ball red, but then takes his eye off a routine black and with 59 left out there Day will keep going. He pots red-black-red, but is not on a high value colour thereafter and can't pot a pink when playing cushion first. With Trump on a red to follow, Day calls it a night and concedes.

Trump 5-0 Day (54-0)

The half-century is banked with a black, from which he releases a red from a cluster of four and he's on it to the left middle. This is effortless, and he's only a few shots away now...

Trump 5-0 Day (29-0)

Day's break-off leaves a long red on the bottom left, which Trump strokes in and lands on the yellow. Tonight has been a showcase of a player that has morphed into a relentless winning machine in the last three years. Will this break be his victory lap tonight? To get to 22 he kabooms the blue into the right middle and splits the pack; it's far from perfect, as he has to make a difficult plant over the bottom left to keep going, but make it he does. Trump then runs slightly out of position after potting the blue but recovers it with a cut on a red to bottom left from mid-range, and Day can only hope from here.

Trump 5-0 Day

A lovely long pot on the green from Trump leaves a difficult long brown, which again he turns down. Keeping Day under it seems to be his preference, and it's working as Day misses a tough brown to the bottom left. It sits up over the yellow pocket and Trump swerves around the blue to dispatch it before landing on the blue, which is frame ball. That goes, and Trump then leaves the pink right in the jaws of the green pocket. Day has no option but to concede, and Trump just needs one more for victory.

Trump 4-0 Day (53-49)

Day traps Trump in a snooker, from which Trump escapes but goes in-off from. Can Day mop up what's required? He gets the awkward yellow into play when potting the red, but soon proceeds to miss said yellow as he moves on to the colours. Trump gives him another look it at one shot later, long into its own pocket, and in it goes; from that he's only left with a though cut on the green to its own pocket, and he can't make it. Trump's left with a tempter, but turns it down; five balls to go and this one could go either way.

Trump 4-0 Day (53-39)

Trump survives a wobble on a black in the jaws of the bottom left, but keeps going to wipe out Day's lead. The final red is Day's only hope, located on the cushion just below the right middle. Trump gets behind it off the black but it's a tough one down the rail; he misses it but it was played with safety in mind, and frame five keeps on truckin'.

Trump 4-0 Day (1-39)

Day splits the cluster after dumping blue into left middle, but the split is far from kind and all he's been left is a cut on a red to bottom right with cue and rest extensions required. It doesn't go close, and although he doesn't leave anything for Trump, Day soon founds himself in baulk with nothing on but a brutally difficult long red to the bottom right. He misses it, and he's left Trump in.

Trump 4-0 Day (1-20)

We're back, and Day plays what he thinks is a containing safety and leaves the white on the bottom cushion. From there, Trump cuts a red into the right middle, but just as he threatens to trip his little light fantastic again he misses a difficult yellow to the green pocket and he's left Day in. Can the Snooker Shoot Out champion get something going here? It's 20 and counting in reply so far.

Trump 4-0 Day

It's done now; Day misses a long cut at a red to the bottom left and it's on for Trump. The red disappears, and with the frame in the bank Trump lets his arm go and naughty snookers his way to 47 before going in-off.
That was a brilliant mini-session from him. There'll be a 15 minute interval now, but if it carries on like this when we return we'll all have time to catch the signature dishes on Master Chef: The Professionals.

Trump 3-0 Day (68-0)

Trump's break hits 60 in what feels like a heartbeat, Although he loses position slightly when opening the pack off the black thereafter. That leaves an incredibly tough frame ball red to the bottom right, with the cue ball welded to the top knuckle of the left middle. Trump goes for it, but misses without leaving anything. With 75 left on, Day is still in this.

Trump 3-0 Day (39-0)

It rains it pours; Day's break-off leaves a simple red on to the right middle, and Trump's in again. He almost loses position on the black early in the break but recovers it with a superb cut to the bottom right, and he's cruising here. After four blacks with his first four reds there's a buzz of excitement, until he then has no option to go up for the blue. There'll be no maxi, but it's looking ominous for Day already.

Trump 3-0 Day

Trump is quickly back in, and adds another 16 to put this one to bed. He's halfway to the semi-finals.

Trump 2-0 Day (63-0)

After potting the blue to go to 42 in this break Trump almost goes in-off in the left middle, but catches the bottom knuckle and still lands on frame ball red. It's not easy, a narrow one with the rest, but he strokes it in before his break then ends on 48. Day will play on, needing three snookers and the lot to force a tie.

Trump 2-0 Day (38-0)

Day's safety in return leaves a red hanging out near the bottom left, which Trump sweeps in to send the cue ball around the back of the black and up for the blue. There's a lovely spread on for him now, and you fear the worst for Day in this one as Trump adds 23 and counting.

Trump 2-0 Day (15-0)

There could be more bother in the post for Day here, as he misses a long red to the bottom left after Trump's break-off, which leaves a red on to the right middle. In it goes, followed by a delicate cut on the brown, and Trump is now buzzing around the black spot and racking up points. He lands in baulk after opening the pack though, without being handily in a baulk colour, and opts for a safety to keep Day under maximum pressure.

Trump 2-0 Day

It's 67 for Trump before he misses the black when trying to find his way on to the final red. Day, 49 points in the hole, tries for a snooker but soon turns it in when Trump flukes one of his own.

Trump 1-0 Day (51-18)

He's in the mood tonight it seems. Day's slender lead in the frame is obliterated in minutes as Trump races to a half-century. There's so much in the open that this looks a formality; it's not even half seven yet and it looks like Trump will be 33.33(recurring and so forth)% of the way to victory shortly.

Trump 1-0 Day (0-18)

Trump gets a look at a long red from day's break-off in frame two, but jaws it out of the bottom left and it goes twice across the table before sitting over the same pocket. It's another good chance for Day, but on 17 he overruns position on a red and to keep it going he cuts in a superb red to the bottom left with the rest that sends the white careering into the pack. He's on the pink - just - but it's so tough that he misses it to the right middle and he's left a load on for Trump.

Trump 1-0 Day

He struggled earlier today, but Trump makes light work of the first here. The frame goes, the reds go, the colours go; it's the first ton of the tournament, a 104 that puts Trump in front.

Trump 0-0 Day (55-1)

This is looking like the rapid start that Day would have been fearing, as Trump adroitly opens the pack while simultaneously potting the pink and the frame is now at his mercy. Another pink takes him to 43 and over 50 for the frame; he's only a few shots from the line now.

Trump 0-0 Day (12-1)

Day serves up the first chance of the night for Trump after a safety shot goes the way of the pear and leaves Trump on a red to the bottom left. It's down the rail but he makes it, screwing back for the blue, but after another cracking blue a couple of shots later he misses a routine red to the bottom right and it's a chance for Day. The first red goes only for Day to then miss the brown by an alarming distance, and he's ceded the advantage right back to Trump.

Here we go

With suitably dramatic music blaring in the background, our MC Tahir Hajat introduces the players. Ryan Day waltzes down the steps first, then Trump follows; best of 11 it is then for a place in the last four.

Previously on Trump versus Day

The last time these two met over meaningful distance was in the quarters of the 2018 Northern Ireland Open, where Trump won 5-3 on his way to the title which kicked off his incredible run of successes in the last three years. He got the better of Day in their one meeting at the Crucible too, winning 13-7 in the last 16 in 2014. Stephen Hendry reckons it'll be Trump either 6-2 or 6-3 at most, so let's see how it pans out.

Good evening!

Welcome back to live coverage of the 2021 Champion of Champions from Bolton. We’ve got the final match from Group 1 for you tonight, and it should be a cracker. Judd Trump beat David Lilley earlier today, after which Ryan Day then defeated Stephen Maguire 4-2 to set up tonight’s encounter.
It’s best of 11 for a place in the semi-finals, and it’s incoming.


That's that with our coverage for the afternoon

But don't be missing the evening session, in which Trump with face Stephen Maguire or Ryan Day. Oooh yeah!

Judd Trump beats David Lilley 4-1!

He didn't play well there, but he got the job done in the end. He'll need to play better tonight but, whichever of Stephen Maguire and Ryan Day he winds up facing.

Trump 3-1 Lilley (32-53)

Or is it? David removes red, black and yellow before playing safe; Judd eliminates the green and needs one snooker, which he lays immediately. Still, you expect David to hit, the brown across the table with the blue blocking ... it's not a difficult hit ... but he misses! And to compound his woe, though he doesn't hand it to Judd at that juncture, a poor next shot leaves him the colours for the win.

Trump 3-1 Lilley (26-51)

Yeah, about those reds: a gorgeous pot, stroked along the top cushion, sees off one of them, but the second is going to take something special - also along the rail, but from further away; Judd considers playing safe, remembers who he is and takes it on. But this time, he needs to go at it with power, misses, and when it springs out of the jaws, it winds up in those of the opposite corner. This is going to be 3-2!

Trump 3-1 Lilley (13-45)

David is concentrating his arse off here, because he knows that any mistake and he's done for. There are two reds on the top cushion, but he probably won't need those ... AND OH NO! He misses a simple blue off its spot, and that may well cost him the match. He's had more chances that he'll have anticipated, but hasn't played well enough to capitalise. However, this clearance is no gimme - those two reds I mentioned are still difficult and the black isn't on its spot.

Trump 3-1 Lilley (1-8)

David spends a minute and a half sweating over whether a red passes the pink to left corner; eventually, he takes on the cut and it does indeed pass, but he leaves it in the jaws. That allows Judd to take a starter into the green pocket, but then he misses a black off its spot - ! - and that same red David missed it right where he left it, ready to set him away! This game!

Trump 3-1 Lilley

David will be feeling like he's missed his chance here, but that's the thing with Judd: his bottom level is enough to win most matches.

Trump 2-1 Lilley (78-27)

I wonder whether, if Judd was playing to his usual standard, David would've kept going with this frame. But he clears a few balls so that there's one red left and seeks his snookers, finding one. But eventually, Judd clips a long red to left corner, looking a lot more like himself.

Trump 2-1 Lilley (73-15)

A run of 72 leaves David four four-point snookers, but with four reds left he returns to the table and begins reducing the deficit.

Trump 2-1 Lilley (31-0)

Judd loos more like himself now, cracking home a long red, then using the blue and topspin to break open the cluster. That's a gorgeous shot, the kind that's beyond almost everyone else, and the frame is opening up very nicely indeed - indeed, as I type that, he gives the pack another nudge. This reeks of 3-1.

Trump 2-1 Lilley

If David loses from here, he'll look back at this frame with intense regret - the black missed off its spot and that red that allowed Judd to put it to bed were major oversights. It's not often you get to face a player so good playing so poorly, and David now looks like wasting the opportunity.

Trump 1-1 Lilley (65-13)

But on 48, he misses a delicate plant into the middle; can David nudge home the red that remains? Yes he can! But he misses the next red when he shouldn't, and that's going to cost him the frame.

Trump 1-1 Lilley (29-9)in

Yeah, time's up. Judd clatters home a blue with extremely severe top-spin, coming off the side cushion to disturb a few reds in the pack. That's a terrific shot, and increasingly, this looks like a framewinning opportunity.

Trump 1-1 Lilley (9-9)

Eeeeesh! David misses a black off it's spot, the kind of chance that is not often disbursed by the world number two, and he's quickly at the table dispensing punishment.

Trump 1-1 Lilley (0-9)

David leaves Judd a long one and he misses by a distance. I'll level with you, I though he'd see this match away in short order, but he's played very poorly so far and David mops up to get among the balls with the black available to both corners.

Trump 1-1 Lilley

Judd clears to blue, the break a colossal 26, and we're all-square.

Trump 0-1 Lilley (64-18)

From close to black cush and close to the red, David tries to eases it down the yellow pocket, getting close but not close enough, and what a pot Judd then finds, cutting it from far away and close to the brown spot, into bottom right. He can't capitalise, but gets away with it because he leaves nowt then sees off the next red, enough to secure the frame.

Trump 0-1 Lilley (48-18)

Judd's potting has been off so far, but he wobbles down a mid-distance red from centre to left corner and that might just open the frame for him. But no! He overcuts a red to right corner, David glides in a tight one to left middle, and he'll now that this match is there for him. Can he snatch it? Also no! He jawses a pink that should go down, leaves a red along the rail ... and Judd refuses it, instead missing one to the centre! David then sends it down the yellow hole, and this is a big chance! The highest break in this frame so far: 19.

Trump 0-1 Lilley (40-9)

A fine pot, red from centre to left corner, opens the reds, and this is a really good chance for Judd now. He loses the cue ball shortly afterwards, but nuzzles in behind the yellow so is still in control of the frame; David plays a four-cushion escape and narrowly misses his target ball, five times. That gives Judd a handy lead, but the reason he took so many goes at it was that he didn't want to hand over the frame, and he didn't; when he finally connects, there's nothing on.

Trump 0-1 Lilley (8-9)

I doubt we'll see many, if any frames the highest break in which is 20, but that's what happened in the tournament's first. And Judd doesn't put it to bed, a double-kiss off a red when playing safe leaving David a starter, which he sinks. But he can only manage a pink and another red ... but with little on following a simple starter, Judd then tries to force a blue to the green pocket and jawses it! He's not warm yet, but it only costs him a point, David playing to baulk. He leaves a long one though, which Judd expertly clips home, and he's away.

Trump 0-1 Lilley

After 23 minutes, David secures the opening frame. Judd looked a bit nervous there - that's the only explanation for the poor positional shot he played when sinking that red.

Trump 0-0 Lilley (33-35)

Or not! He takes on a demanding but not impossible yellow and leaves a red to green pocket - it's not an easy one as cue-ball and object-ball are close and the bag is far - but it goes in. Thing is, for some reason Judd opted just to get it down rather than play for position, so when he misses the consequently difficult brown, he hands David a golden opportunity to nudge in front!

Trump 0-0 Lilley (32-34)

A mistake from Judd lets David in, but the balls are infelicitously situated. Still, he should be able to nestle in behind a red to roll it along black cush and in, but he jawses it - that is quite an oversight. He leaves nowt, though, and a fine pot, from the right of the table into left corner, sets him away again and might just unlock the frame.

Trump 0-0 Lilley (32-20)

Judd rams a mid-distance red to left corner but, on nothing, he plays down to baulk off the black. So we enjoy a further bout of safety until David leaves one and Judd seizes it, but there's work to do, and shonuff he overcuts a red trying to disturb a different one on the side cushion. The white runs safe, though, so he's not in terrible shape.

Trump 0-0 Lilley (12-20)

But he can only sustain the break for two more shots, forced to play safe when on nowt, and a bout of safety doth ensue.

Trump 0-0 Lilley (12-16)

It's all very informal here, the players in shirt sleeves, no neck-piece. Ordinarily, you'd assume that's a good thing, except you're not the one in shiny polo shirt, so who knows. Anyhow, Judd gets in first but can't parlay the opportunity into more than 12 and it's Lilley with his hand on the table next. Just being here is a huge deal for him - when a friend of his son got corona, he lozzed to a hotel immediately - and he looks confident, playing a long red with the aim of cracking the pack. It doesn't work as a shot, but as a statement of intent, it did the job and he finishes on the green so is in decent shape.

Here we go!

The boyz are baizing...

David Lilley

As I said, he qualified for this competition by winning the World Seniors - he beat Jimmy White in the final of that one, 5-3.

Just looking at the matches

Trump v Maguire, tonight's likely encounter, is not the kind of game we'd usually get on a Monday night, and tomorrow afternoon, we kick off with Robertson v Mark J. If that isn't a treat, frankly I don't know what is.

It's a great competition, is this

Not unlike the Masters in featuring the best of the best, but according to silverware not ranking. We're set for a belting week.

Coming up next

In roughly 11 minutes, we'll welcome Judd Trump and David Lilley to the baize - Lilley qualified by winning the World Seniors, so you'd expect him to be summarily dealt with. Making up Group 1 are Stephen Maguire and Ryan Day, who meet later this afternoon, then the two winners play tonight, with the winner of that moving into the semi-finals.

Afternoon all!

And welcome to snooker's Champion of Champions competition!
The University of Bolton Stadium will play host to the world’s top players for the Champion of Champions, and, even more than ever, the eyes of the snooker world will be on the sport's two leading lights: Judd Trump and Ronnie O'Sullivan. Why? On the eve of the tournament, world number two Trump dropped a fairly inflammatory take on O'Sullivan.

'He can’t win an event to save his life' - Trump claims O'Sullivan has lost fear factor

O'Sullivan has gone 15 months without winning a major snooker title because nobody is "scared" to play him, according to Trump.
The sport's GOAT lifted a record 37th ranking title when he defeated Kyren Wilson 18-8 to claim his sixth world title in August 2020, but has been forced to endure a title drought despite reaching five finals last season.
O'Sullivan suffered defeats to Trump (9-7) in the Northern Ireland Open final, Mark Selby (9-3) in the Scottish Open and 750-1 outsider Jordan Brown (9-8) at the Welsh Open. He was also swept away by John Higgins (10-3) at the Players Championship and Neil Robertson (10-4) at the Tour Championship.
Ahead of the Rocket's bid to win a record fourth title at the Champion of Champions and a £150,000 top prize in Bolton this week, Trump has warned the Essex icon that his fear factor in the game has gone.
“You are just happy to win tournaments these days, it is very hard to win any tournament for all the top players, Ronnie O’Sullivan included," Trump told reporters.
Look at Ronnie, he can’t win an event to save his life at the moment. Even the so-called smaller events have all the top players still in them.
"I just think he’s lost a little bit of the belief. When you don’t win you don’t have the belief and people aren’t scared to beat you.
“He’s still getting to finals and he’s always going to breeze through the first few rounds because he’s that good. When he comes up against a top player there’s just not that gulf in class, I don’t think, anymore.
“No one’s that scared to play him, anyone’s game is good enough to beat him on their day, that’s what’s happened over the last year.”
Trump has lost finals at the Champions of Champions in 2014 (10-7) to O'Sullivan and (10-9) to Neil Robertson in 2019.


The tournament runs from November 15 to 21. The group semi-finals and group finals run from November 15-18. Thereafter, it will be the semi-finals and, finally, the showpiece final.

Schedule and results

November 15
  • 13:00 - Judd Trump v David Lilley
  • 14:00 - Stephen Maguire v Ryan Day
  • 19:00 - Judd Trump / David Lilley v Stephen Maguire / Ryan Day
November 16
  • 13:00 - Neil Robertson v Mark Williams
  • 14:00 - Kyren Wilson v Jordan Brown
  • 19:00 - Neil Robertson / Mark Williams v Kyren Wilson / Jordan Brown
November 17
  • 13:00 - Mark Selby v David Gilbert
  • 14:00 - Shaun Murphy v Yan Bingtao
  • 19:00 - Mark Selby / David Gilbert v Shaun Murphy / Yan Bingtao
November 18
  • 13:00 - Ronnie O'Sullivan v Stuart Bingham
  • 14:00 - John Higgins v Ding Junhui
  • 19:00 - Ronnie O'Sullivan / Stuart Bingham v John Higgins / Ding Junhui
Champion of Champions
'Everyone says I only win little events' - Trump responds to critics after latest title
22/11/2021 AT 08:34
Champion of Champions
Trump wins Champion of Champions for first time with crushing win over Higgins
21/11/2021 AT 21:20