Matthew Selt produced a remarkable miscue at the Championship League Snooker with no contact made with the black he was attempting to pot.
The 35-year-old was taking on Scott Donaldson in his second Group 2 Round Robin match of the day when the miscue occurred.
Selt somehow chipped the cue ball over the black entirely, very nearly potting it straight in, but skipping it back up the table in bizarre fashion.
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David Hendon, on commentary at the time, simply said in response: "Wow!"
Co-commentator Phil Yates, added: "A miscue like that, at any point, is really disruptive to the mind."
Earlier in the day, Selt was cueing much better as he beat Gary Wilson 3-1 in his opening match of Group 2.

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Tournament info

The Championship League Snooker is back in its original invitational format at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes in 2021 as 25 of the world’s best players battle over seven groups for the right to compete in April’s big-money Winners’ Group.
It will begin with Group 1 on January 4-5, with Group 2 (Jan 6-7) and Group 3 (Jan 8-9) to follow the same week. Groups 4-6 will be played over the week of February 8-13. The event will then return with Group 7 from March 29-30. Finally, the seven Group Champions will return for the Winners’ Group from March 31-April 1.
The players will be competing for a share of the £205,000 prize fund and a place in the Champion of Champions. Players will earn £100 per frame won, with significant bonuses for their final group position and increased prize money in the Winners’ Group.
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