Gary Wilson whacked a ball in frustration as his rage spilt onto the snooker table during his Championship League match with John Higgins.
After missing a simple red into the left middle pocket, Wilson blasted another red in anger, sending it careering off two cushions before finding a pocket.
Such petulance usually results in a frame being conceded, but incredibly Higgins returned to the table as the referee simply awarded the Scot four points for a foul.
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Wilson had removed the only easy red available to Higgins with his flash of anger, forcing the four-time world champion to play safe as the frame continued.
Commentator Phil Yates was incredulous: "The referee said that was just a foul. That was clearly not just a foul. That was a display of, quite deliberately, anger."
To his credit, Wilson realised his error and duly left a red over a pocket to ensure Higgins would win the frame.
Higgins won the match 3-1.
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