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Tom Ford 1-5 Zhao Xintong
German Masters
Top 10 shots of 2021/22: No. 4 – Yan enjoys deadly double in Berlin
22/06/2022 AT 10:04
Kyren Wilson 2-2 Craig Steadman
Luca Brecel 1-3 Ricky Walden

Judd Trump beats Zhou Yuelong 5-0!

Judd hasn't even played that well tonight. Well, tomorrow night he faces Zhao Xintong, who is very much playing that well - we'll have that for you of course, but don't miss the afternoon session, featuring Yan Bingtao v Mark Selby, which we'll have for you first. Come on!

Trump 4-0 Zhou (57-0)

A reprieve! A poor positional shot means Judd has to bridge awkwardly for the black, which he drains but without getting position. There is, though, a red a little off the side cushion, high up ... which he pots to the green pocket! That is amazing! He is amazing! But he has to play safe soon after, the run at 42, then misses a cut he's left ... and then we learn that poor old Zhou has gone. He's got a decent safety shot available, but instead tries a fanciful double, knowing he's leaving the world if he misses. He misses, and that's the kind of thing you do when you've given up hope.

Trump 4-0 Zhou (13-0)

Xintong has now beaten Tom Ford, and looks in great nick - he had to be to be Mark Williams yesterday. Back in our match, Zhou sinks a good long red, but focused on splitting the pack off the black, he misses the pot! How often do you see that! But still it happens, and that might just be his last contribution to the match.

Back come the players

Around the tables

Tom Ford 1-4 Zhao Xintong
Kyren Wilson 2-2 Craig Steadman
Luca Brecel 1-2 Ricky Walden

Trump 4-0 Zhou

Zhou is good enough to compete with Judd, but Judd's brilliance has knocked him off his stride a bit. He's got some thinking to do over the mid-sesh.

Trump 3-0 Zhou (60-38)

Judd underhits a black, making a red to left corner harder than it needed to be ... but it doesn't matter. He cuts it into the heart of the pocket, then sets about removing the colours.

Trump 3-0 Zhou (33-38)

Running from blue to mini-cluster, Judd's little ruffle doesn't work well, so he opts to play safe - but again he leaves a tempter which Judd clips into left corner superbly. He has a think about taking on a difficult yellow, then snuggles in behind the brown, and when Judd hits he tries a thin cut with the rest. Ach, not only does he miss it, his third of that type tonight, he leaves it punkt over the pocket andI don't know; he wasn't going to be on a colour, so why take the risk? This is going to be 4-0.

Trump 3-0 Zhou (5-37)

Judd jawses a red to left corner then Zhou misses one to right by aeons. He leaves Judd a thin cut to the yellow pocket and a tricky table, but we know that second bit can change very quickly with someone this good grooving around it.

Trump 3-0 Zhou (0-37)

Digging into the pack off the black, he almost sinks another red, and doesn't get on anything because of the way the balls were. So he plays safe having built a handy lead.

Trump 3-0 Zhou (0-30)

Zhou misses one to left middle, but Judd refuses a long one to left corner that Zhou takes on and sinks! How often does that happen?! He then cuts a pink to right middle - that was eminently missable, but it wobbled in - and he's manufacturing a chance out of not very much here. Is he playing himself into form?

Around the tables

Tom Ford 1-3 Zhao Xintong
Kyren Wilson 1-2 Craig Steadman
Luca Brecel 1-2 Ricky Walden

Trump 3-0 Zhou

Zhou just can't get going; playing Judd tTmp can do that to a person.

Trump 2-0 Zhou (62-38)

Poor old Zhou. He gets vexed with himself missing a snooker attempt, and when he can't think his way through a safety shot, he plays the pot on the yellow, misses, and Judd is only two away.

Trump 2-0 Zhou (53-38)

For all the good it does him. Handed a snookering opportunity, he not only misses it but leaves a thin cut to left middle; Zhou takes it well, and if he follows it with the pink, he won't need the tricky black! He opts for the blue, then - again with the rest - he misses a pot you think is a cert, the yellow, and the chase for it is on.

Trump 2-0 Zhou (53-34)

But might there be a reprieve? Judd screw off the pink and gets onto the side cushion, behind the final red that's three inches away from it, and closer to the object-ball than he'd like to be. It's an especially hard shot for a lefty, so Judd plays safe instead, which tells us how difficult it was; effective frame-ball, and one of the greatest potters of all-time said no.

Trump 2-0 Zhou (47-34)

He can't make the chance count though, running out of position when back in the frame but still behind. Judd then catches the blue on the way back to baulk, and this is another big chance for Zhou; he daren't spurn this and soon finds himself faced with a nasty little glide to middle, which he takes really well. But a poor shot on the yellow leaves him more to do with the next red ... and he jawses it with the rest, overcutting by a distance! Oh Zhou! That will be 3-0; it's almost 3-0 by the time I type the words.

Trump 2-0 Zhou (39-19)

But no! Judd runs out of position just by a little, so with the table open he behaves sensibly, playing safe out of respect for Zhou. Problem being, he doesn't leave the white tight to black cush, and though the opener is beauty, sent long to the yellow pocket, he oughtn't to have had the opportunity and he's now at the table feeling much better about the state of the cosmos.

Trump 2-0 Zhou (16-0)

Ach, Zhou's looking a bit ragged now, and he leaves Judd another starter. Another big score looks in the post.

Around the tables

Tom Ford 1-2 Zhao Xintong
Kyren Wilson 0-1 Craig Steadman
Luca Brecel 0-1 Ricky Walden

Trump 2-0 Zhou

Zhou takes his time, seeking snookers but also acclimatising to the table, before Judd gets in again. One-way traffic so far.

Trump 1-0 Zhou (70-30)

Zhou clears to the final red, and lays a decent snooker which Judd escapes well, the pair swapping table-taps of appreciation.

Trump 1-0 Zhou (70-7)

The cue-ball control in this break has been exemplary, and it's hard to see this not being 2-0, even when another kick, this time on the pink, makes a red harder than necessary. It goes down nonetheless, then a delicate black coaxed along the top rail, and again Zhou is done for having had a chance, albeit a small one. He returns to the table needing two snookers- or one on the blue if he takes blacks with each red; good luck old mate.

Trump 1-0 Zhou (20-6)

Judd finds another plant, and his cue-power is such that he sends reds everywhere, and a friendly peck off the pink sets him up for another significant contribution. More lucky brilliance or brilliant luck or both. Already Zhou will be fearing the worst, and in comms, Uncle Joe is taken aback by how quickly and how well Judd has adjusted to the speed of the table. I love how much he loves watching him.

Trump 1-0 Zhou (0-6)

A poor safety from Judd leaves a nice starter for Zhou and the blue follows, but trying to avoid the green he clouts the brown, and that'll be end of break. More safety doth ensue.

Around the tables

  • Tom Ford 0-1 Zhao Xintong
  • Kyren Wilson 0-0 Craig Steadman
  • Luca Brecel 0-0 Ricky Walden

Trump 1-0 Zhou

Judd Trump is good at snooker. What else do you want to know? Oh yeah, how many did he make and was it a total clearance? 130 and of course he did. Goodness us.

Trump 0-0 Zhou (75-0)

Yeah, welcome to Harsh Reality, population Zhou. Judd picks off the loose reds and eschews the opportunity to crack the pack until he's potted the last of them, even though he had a great angle on the back. Ah, that's because he's spotted a plant, that frees three more balls ... and then he gets a kick! Just when the frame looked sewn up, the snooker gods intervene! But Judd Trump is a snooker god, and he finds another pot; he's 65 ahead with 75 left, sinks another plant ... sinks another red caught in the follow-through ... and now there aren't enough of them for Zhou to come back without a snooker! Ahahahahaha! The more brilliant he gets the luckier he gers.

Trump 0-0 Zhou (17-0)

No less a luminary than Mark Selby recently declared Zhou as the best of the young Chinese players - and given how many good ones there are, that is quite some accolade. But beating Judd is not easy, and Zhou misses the first chance offered to him when Judd misses long, a longish red to right corner. Consequently, he's now sat on his pie-holder as Judd accumulates.

The boyz baize

And off we go!

Evening all!

I'm looking forward to this. I say that a lot, but it's always so: let's have some Judd Trump v Zhou Yuelong!
We will be back at 7pm with the start of the last-16 matches in Berlin. Judd Trump chasing a record third straight German Masters title. He faces Zhou Yuelong in his tournament opener.

Last 16 on Thursday night

  • Judd Trump v Zhou Yuelong
  • Tom Ford v Zhao Xintong
  • Kyren Wilson v Craig Steadman
  • Luca Brecel v Ricky Walden


  • David Gilbert 3-5 Yan Bingtao
  • Noppon Saengkham 2-5 Ryan Day
  • Sam Craigie 5-3 Ken Doherty

Kurt Maflin 4-5 Shaun Murphy (0-84)

In goes the red Murphy needs for victory. He will face close friend Mark Allen in the last 16 on Friday afternoon. Murphy salutes the crowd. He is through in some style in the end.

Kurt Maflin 4-4 Shaun Murphy (0-67)

Break of 67 from Murphy. 67 left up, but the 2005 world champion produces a fine safety shot. Looking a strong favourite at the moment.

Kurt Maflin 4-4 Shaun Murphy (0-54)

Maflin maybe fearing the worst as he sips his water. Murphy focused on the business at hand. Chance to win in one visit.

Kurt Maflin 4-4 Shaun Murphy (0-32)

Murphy first to the punch in the key frame he requires for victory. Lovely long red and Maflin reduced to a watching brief. Will he get back to the table?
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