Figueiredo turns up for Trump match with someone else’s cue

Figueiredo turns up for Trump match with someone else’s cue

14/03/2020 at 18:40Updated 14/03/2020 at 18:45

A series of unusual events have cropped up at the Gibraltar Open – with the latest seeing Brazil’s Igor Figueiredo turn up to his match with the wrong cue.

Figueiredo accidentally picked up the cue of fellow pro Elliot Slessor and made his way to his clash against world champion Judd Trump.

However, the Brazilian soon realised his mistake and confessed to the referee, who insisted the second-round match should start regardless:

"We have to start the match Igor, I’m afraid. I’m really sorry."

Video - ‘A bit Monty Python’ - Igor Figueiredo brings wrong cue to match


Figueiredo risked being docked a frame if he left the arena – something Stephen Maguire found out when he forgot his chalk during a match against Shaun Murphy in 2004 – and so he got reluctantly got to grips with his stolen item.

Instead, the referee put out a bounty for the correct cue following an awkward exchange where they tried to determine where in the building it was located.

The change paid off immediately for as he potted a superb long red that would have drawn tremendous applause... had spectators not been denied entry due to the threat of the coronavirus.

Eventually, the 42-year-old was reunited with his beloved cue and somehow stayed composed to clinch one of the oddest frames of his career.

The Gibraltar Open has already courted attention for its decision to defy the coronavirus outbreak that has wiped out most of the sporting calendar.

Seven referees were unable to get to the tournament after their flights were cancelled, leading to bizarre scenes on some tables as players re-spotted the balls in their own matches.