Snooker is famed for its sportsmanship, with players often calling fouls on themselves, and there was an instance of it in Jimmy Robertson’s clash with David Gilbert at the Gibraltar Open.
At two frames apiece, Robertson was 45 points to the good and well set to make a telling contribution.
He had a red into the bottom-right pocket, but the cue ball was extremely close to another red.
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Robertson made the pot, but immediately called a foul on himself, with his cue seemingly feathering the red.
It was not obvious, and even on the slow-motion replays the Eurosport commentators were not convinced a foul had been committed.
“I don’t know what he did,” Eurosport’s Joe Johnson said. “I could not see anything; the referee did not see anything. And I did not see anything there [on the replay] either.”
David Hendon added: “He must have felt he caught the red with his cue, but from the replay it is not clear, but he did not seem to.”
To rub salt into Robertson’s wounds, Gilbert took the frame and went on the win the match 4-3 to advance to the third round.
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