In writing his latest blog, Ronnie updates us on how his preparations are coming along ahead of the start of the World Championship on April 18. He also explains to Eurosport's Desmond Kane how his sparring sessions in the boxing ring make him appreciate the skill levels of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather before their world title fight in Las Vegas on May 2.
This time of the year is always great for snooker fans with the World Championship on the horizon. As a player, I’m going to give maximum effort to win the title for a sixth time.
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I feel that it is right to explain why I didn’t play in the China Open last week.
I really wanted to be there, but I couldn’t travel to China as I had glandular fever.
It was not my call. I never travelled on my doctor’s advice. It doesn't help that I have had to battle sleeping problems.
That is what drags me down, and brings on the fever.
It is like having an illness you have to learn to live with.
Insomnia is a sleep disorder I've learned is quite common amongst a lot of people. I make sure I can lie down for half an hour wherever I may be.
I've had it for five years now. Being awake because you can’t sleep is obviously not great for the system, but I just have to manage it as best as I can.
World Championship preparations are coming along nicely
Preparations have and are going as well as can be expected for the World Championship. I played too much before the World Championship last year and still performed averagely in Sheffield.
I have decided to play less this year and enjoy the build-up like I'm playing in a smaller event. I have faith that if it clicks, then that's great.
If my game doesn’t come together then I'll just have to dig in and graft for it. I know form can change from match to match.
Either way, I'm going to give it my best shot.
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I feel quite happy after the World Grand Prix final in Wales despite losing (10-7) to Judd Trump. I was obviously disappointed not to have won it, but conversely I wasn't prepared to kill myself trying to win.
I decided I was going to go all out and attack in the final. There is no point in draining the tank too much in the latter years of my snooker career.
It is all about keeping as fresh as I can without depleting myself, and the reserves of energy you have.
My game was not in great shape despite reaching the final of the World Grand Prix, and I'm not the type of player who will grind out results. I never will be that type of player when my game is about trying to entertain.
30 years since 85 final, I'm interviewing @dennistaylor147 on Thursday at the legends show in Sheffield.My show airs on Eurosport 16th April— Ronnie O'Sullivan (@ronnieo147) April 4, 2015
I think it is important to know what you can and can't do sometimes, and weigh up the amount of effort that is going to be needed to achieve the outcome. And whether or not it is worth it. I call it thinking smart.
My regular boxing sessions have left me drooling over Pacman v Money match
I’m relishing the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.
I can’t wait for May 2 to see what happens in this fight. Manny v Floyd is going to be something to relish.
My heart says Manny, but my mind says Floyd. I would love to see Manny win.
A lot of people in the fight game fancy Manny’s chances. You never know. Manny is class and is capable of beating anyone In the world.
He's a world class athlete, who knows how to box. It is going to be one of the fights of the century.
Was great sparing this morning with the main man @ronnieo147 he's really not that bad too 😂— powfitness26 (@powfitness26) April 3, 2015
Having taken up boxing recently, I will be much more appreciative of this fight.
I will be able to see much more of what they are feeling in there having experienced a bit of it myself.
It's a bit like snooker really.
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In snooker, you never want to be bossed about and even more so in boxing as it is physical.
If you are chasing shadows, it can be demoralising. It is the same in snooker.
It is a bit like when a top player is on his game - they beat you to the punch every time.
It can be very frustrating, but that's the beauty of sport.. When I say beat you to the punch, I mean when a player keeps putting you in trouble.
They score heavily, and they make it very awkward for you. That is hard to play against in snooker – it is the same in boxing. Or any sport.
As sports fans, we should all enjoy what should be a wonderful fight on May 2.
And one final word about my profile piece in the New Yorker...
The New Yorker was good fun to take part in. I thought it was a great piece of writing.
I didn't realise how good a magazine that is.
A fascinating profile on snooker great Ronnie O'Sullivan. A study on the torment of brilliance -— michael sheen (@michaelsheen) March 25, 2015
Apparently there is no better magazine in the world to feature in - I'm proud to have been chosen. It was good for the profile of snooker.
The 2015 World Snooker Championship at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre begins on Saturday, April 18 with Ronnie due to open his campaign on Tuesday, April 21. Follow extensive live coverage on British Eurosport.
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