English Open
Trump nears astonishing Hendry record after English Open victory
19/10/2020 AT 13:33

Judd Trump was four frames to three ahead of John Higgins but the eighth was very much in the balance before he brilliantly potted the black, and got enough side on the cue ball to bring it all the way back to the same end of the table, where the only available red balls were.

The greatest shot of all time? | Trump's moment of magic

Higgins shook his head in disbelief and Eurosport commentators Joe Johnson and Dave Hendon were awestruck by what they had just witnessed.

In the Eurosport studio, Jimmy White, himself credited with one of the best shots ever, tried four times to recreate Trump's shot but could not match the unbelievable spin he put on the ball.


Trump’s brilliance was the talk of the snooker world, with fellow pro Mark Allen taking to twitter to celebrate the Bristolian’s excellence.

The Eurosport punditry team were pretty much in agreement with Allen, with superlatives aplenty in the studio.

Pundits swoon over Judd Trump brilliance

Jimmy White: "This is phenomenal. One of the best shots I've ever seen."

Judd Trump: "As it was coming down the table, I knew it was going to hit them, but sometimes you get a bad cannon there and you're a bit unlucky but it was absolutely perfect.

Jimmy White: "It just shows you that there is a shot every time. It's just magical. To work that out is difficult, it's all instinct.

Shots Recreated: Jimmy White takes on Judd Trump masterpiece

Judd Trump: "I don't think there's many players who would play it. There's a lot of players that would have put a colour safe or something. But I think it's my style, I can't go into my shell. Now and then you've got to put a colour safe but sometimes you've just got to go for it while the balls are there and make something happen.

Jimmy White: "Sometimes with Judd and Ronnie O'Sullivan, players like that, they can be struggling, play one good shot or one shot like that and they click back into gear. And then they stay there for the whole rest of the match, the whole tournament. And from then on you [Trump] didn't play a bad shot."

Judd Trump: "Just one shot.. If I didn't finish on anything there it would have been different, but just the fact that the balls went perfect, something in my mind clicked and... maybe it is meant to be my day. After that I just had a bit of extra confidence going into that next frame. Just that one shot turned the match for me. It's just something I've seen when I was out there and thought, 'go for it'."

Andy Goldstein: "One of, if not the best, shot a lot of us on this planet have ever seen."

Coverage of the final begins at 12:45 on Sunday on Eurosport and Eurosport Player

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