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Congratulations to the awesome Judd Trump, the 2020 Northern Ireland Open champion. Thanks for your company tonight, we'll be back with you tomorrow for the start of the UK Championship.
World Championship
Key dates and schedule for 2022-23 snooker season as O'Sullivan defends world crown
13/05/2022 AT 11:44

Bagging those bragging rights

This was more than 'just' a hat-trick of Northern Ireland Open titles for Trump. Today was the world number one against the world champion, with the unofficial title of best player currently in the game at stake. O'Sullivan might be the greatest of all-time, but there's no question who the best in the game is right now. Inclusive of winning this tournament for the first time in 2018, Trump has won nine ranking events and The Masters in two years, a span that also included his maiden World Championship. I say maiden, as more will surely follow; in the immediate future, he'll be favourite to win the UK Championship which gets going in the morning.

Judd Trump is the Northern Ireland Open champion!

What a cracking final that became. O'Sullivan fought back from 7-3 and 8-5 down to make a match of it, but what he possesses in moxie is equally to be found in the make-up of Trump. The world number one cleared up emphatically to win the match and secure his third Northern Ireland Open title on the spin. Spookily enough, he's beaten Ronnie 9-7 in each of those finals. No other player has won the same ranking event for three years in a row since Stephen Hendry 1996, which shows the gusto with which Judd is chasing his place in the pantheon of greats to have played this game. This is his 19th ranking event title, which moves him up to sixth on the all-time list.

Trump 9-7 O'Sullivan

It's a break of 89 for Trump, who clears up to the black to win the match and the Northern Ireland Open!

Trump 8-7 O'Sullivan (63-32)

The final red is frame ball, and Trump rolls it into the right middle. This has been nerveless from the world number one, in the face of a defiant comeback from O'Sullivan.

Trump 8-7 O'Sullivan (38-32)

It's a battle for position early on, but Trump starts building his break which includes a right-handed green to come back down the table off the top cushion and land perfectly on his next red. Trump soon pots a black to go ahead in the frame, and nudge the remaining reds near the pink into potting positions. What a great shot, he's taken these so well.

Trump 8-7 O'Sullivan (0-32)

O'Sullivan leaves Judd a long red to the bottom right from his break-off shot, but it doesn't go close. By way of a response, O'Sullivan then rolls in a confident long red to the bottom left, following through to drop perfectly on the black. He really is flying at the moment, and sinks takes four blacks with his first four reds to start this frame. He doesn't look like missing, but then suddenly does; a red to the left middle misses high on the knuckle and Trump is in here. Can he compose himself here and take frame, match and title?

Trump 8-7 O'Sullivan

A black takes O'Sullivan to 65, and he then nonchalantly strokes in a long, frame ball red into the green pocket. He makes 74, and that's enough to reduce his arrears to just one frame. This is some effort from him; can he possibly take us to a decider, or will Trump hold him off in the next frame and claim the Alex Higgins Trophy?

Trump 8-6 O'Sullivan (0-50)

That's the half-century for Ronnie, who is now working up in the baulk area on a group of reds sent that way during the safety battle. From 7-3 down this has been a superb response from the world champion.

Trump 8-6 O'Sullivan (0-31)

Judd won't be overly worried yet, but if O'Sullivan can win this one to then what a finish we could have. It's O'Sullivan who gets the first chance here, getting the better of a safety exchange to force a chance at a red to the right middle from off the bottom cushion, which he takes. He's up to 31 already, what a fighter he is. There's more than enough on here to bank another frame in one visit, and he's gliding serenely around the table as he picks these off.

Trump 8-6 O'Sullivan

The greatest never go quietly. A 93 from O'Sullivan secures the frame, and Trump's lead is cut to two.

Trump 8-5 O'Sullivan (0-69)

Another blue takes O'Sullivan to 60, off which he manufactures a good split on the reds below the pink. the tenth red soon goes down and he'll be only two frames behind shortly.

Trump 8-5 O'Sullivan (0-41)

A mistake from Trump gives O'Sullivan a chance at the start of the 14th frame, as he catches the pack too thick with a safety and rattles the white in and out of the jaws of the bottom left, before it lands on a red to the bottom right. Five reds and five blacks follow, but any hopes of a maximum are dashed when O'Sullivan is forced to play up for the blue off a red to the right middle.

Trump 8-5 O'Sullivan

He can't pot the yellow when he gets to the colours, but a superb 115 from Trump puts him one frame away from the title. Rather than play on, Ronnie leaves the arena. He'll need to reel off four frames in a row now to win this.

Trump 7-5 O'Sullivan (68-0)

The break goes to 68, with 67 left on, and all of the reds are open for a total clearance if Trump wants it. This is ruthless stuff from the world number one, nixing O'Sullivan's comeback immediately after the interval.

Trump 7-5 O'Sullivan (52-0)

It's a half-century in no time for Trump. He's not hit this groove often today, but he's hit it more than O'Sullivan and that's been the difference. If he can sink three more reds with colours he'll leave Ronnie needing snookers.

Trump 7-5 O'Sullivan (29-0)

We're back underway in the Marshall Arena. There's little margin for error for O'Sullivan from here, but from 7-3 down he's done well to make a contest of this final mini-session. He needs to get in first in this 13th frame, and almost does; Trump leaves him a mid-range cut to the bottom right, but Ronnie can't convert it and leaves on one over the bottom left. Judd drops it in, but his split of the pack off the blue lands awkwardly; all he's got on is an incredibly tight cut on a red to the bottom right, but he guides it home expertly. That's a great shot, as he was operating in millimetres there, but this is a great chance now to score heavily.

Playing on

Angles and The Whirlwind here, on the method behind Ronnie continuing when the frame is lost.

Trump 7-5 O'Sullivan

Ronnie guides in a mid-range yellow to the green pocket to leave Trump requiring snookers. The balls are placed well enough, but Trump leaves the green over the bottom left and O'Sullivan drills it home followed by the brown. That's a huge couple of frames from O'Sullivan, and this final is still in the balance. The players will now take a 15 minute break, after which we'll be back for the finale.

Trump 7-4 O'Sullivan (37-63)

What a response from Trump, who gets the black back on its spot after stunning it along the rail and into the bottom left. A blue with the final red gets him to 37; if he can dish up the colours he'll pinch the frame by a point, but in trying to go around the table and land on it he full ball snookers himself behind the blue! That's astonishingly careless, and unnecessary as he could easily just have screwed back from the blue to leave an east shot for a left-handed player to the green pocket. Trump escapes from it and lands safe; these six colours are now huge.

Trump 7-4 O'Sullivan (0-63)

This is excellent from O'Sullivan, who brings up a half-century in no time. It's both controlled and cavalier; he drives through a pot on one red to scatter others everywhere, and fortuitously lands on the brown. With only a colour and one more red required however, he misses the yellow; there's 67 left on, and Trump has a chance to nick this.

Trump 7-4 O'Sullivan (0-20)

Right then, huge frame ahoy if this final has a realistic chance of going to the wire. Trump gets the first look after O'Sullivan's break-off, but can't drop a red into the bottom right and he's left one to the right middle. O'Sullivan puts that way, followed by a long brown to the bottom left, and he's straight into it; a red to the bottom right takes him to 20 and drives into the bottom of the pack, freeing multiple reds into potting positions. He's going for it here, and is clearly not in the mood to go to bed wondering tonight.

Trump 7-4 O'Sullivan

Both players miss chances amid a long safety battle, before O'Sullivan clips in a red over the green pocket by playing cushion first. That's a frame-winning shot, as he clears the table with 48 to win a potentially crucial frame.

Trump 7-3 O'Sullivan (41-33)

A break of 33 gets O'Sullivan back in the frame, but despite getting tremendous backspin when potting the blue he can't disturb the remaining four reds on the left hand cushion. Ronnie then tries a double and misses; Judd does likewise and cross-doubles one into the right middle, but can't land on a colour.

Trump 7-3 O'Sullivan (40-1)

Another brilliant black with the white near the bottom cushion and surviving a kick in contact, finds the centre of the bottom right. It's knocked Trump out of position though, and he plays safe after a break of 40. In his first poor shot of the night though he pokes a red over the bottom left, which O'Sullivan knocks in. If he's to have any chance at all here, Ronnie simply has to steal this frame.

Trump 7-3 O'Sullivan (24-0)

Trump is testing Ronnie's safety game here in a prolonged exchange at the start of the 11th frame. It's a close battle, which Judd eventually wins when he tags in a shot to nothing and lands straight on the yellow to the right middle. This is excellent stuff from the world number one; O'Sullivan needed a good start tonight, and Trump has emphatically denied it. A great black from a tight angle near the bottom cushion takes him to 24, and he's turning this chance into a frame-winning one.

Trump 7-3 O'Sullivan

Through fouls and freewheeling pots O'Sullivan gets 51 on the board. It's all futile though, as Trump now leads by four frames.

Trump 6-3 O'Sullivan (81-0)

Trump adds 36. As he's been doing, O'Sullivan returns to the table even though there's only 43 on the table. This hasn't knocked Trump out of his stride all day, but on we go with it; Trump will be mentally preparing himself to try and get this match tidied up before the mid-session interval.

Trump 6-3 O'Sullivan (67-0)

A poor shot from O'Sullivan leaves Trump a mid-range red to the bottom right with the rest. It's in, and Trump quickly adds the 12 needed to leave O'Sullivan needing snookers. He'll be four frames in front shortly, two away from victory.

Trump 6-3 O'Sullivan (55-0)

The break goes to 35 as Trump crashes the pink into the centre of the right middle. When the pink has to be placed back on the table as near to its spot as possible it blocks the path to Judd's intended next red, so he calmly cuts one in to the left middle instead. He's fighting for position a bit here, but brings up his half-century with a lovely deadweight red into the left middle. The break concludes on 55 though as he ultimately loses his fight for position, and O'Sullivan is back at the table.

Trump 6-3 O'Sullivan (13-0)

O'Sullvan breaks, and leaves Trump a red to the bottom right. That's soon glided into the pocket, after which Trump comes back down the table off the green. There's a really nice spread of six free reds away from the pack here for Trump to work with, and he's pacing around the table like a man determined to win this match as quickly as possible.

Trump 6-3 O'Sullivan

Ronnie clears up what's left for a 51 that gets his arm moving; Trump restores his lead to three frames.

Trump 5-3 O'Sullivan (89-4)

Trump can't convert a red along the rail so his break ends at 89. Ronnie returns to the table, justifiably so given that he's had little table time tonight, but it's Judd that will shortly extend his lead.

Trump 5-3 O'Sullivan (71-4)

On 59 Trump plays a perfectly judged cannon on two reds near the black spot when potting the pink, and they're both now available. That's the shot that will win this frame.

Trump 5-3 O'Sullivan (34-4)

Trump takes his break to 34. He's grabbed the initiative superbly here, although there are enough reds in awkward positions to give O'Sullivan hope of getting back to the table in this frame.

Trump 5-3 O'Sullivan (8-4)

An early chance for O'Sullivan in this frame, as Trump goes in-off while playing a safety. O'Sullivan goes for a gun barrel straight red to the bottom left, but misses it and leaves Trump in. The first red goes in; it leaves Trump tight on the side cushion, from where he finds a stunning pot on the black to turn this into a scoring chance. That's a wonderful shot.

Let's go

MC Phil Seymour brings the players back out. Right then, let's get stuck into this.

Have we now got the final we expected?

The first six frames of this match were tense and full of errors; in the last two, Trump made a 128 and O'Sullivan hit a 130 in response. That was the standard we were hoping for ahead of the match, so let's hope that now it's been located the players can stay in or around that zone.

Pre-interval tension

People say that this game is played in mini-sessions. As said people are usually players and ex-players, it’s a maxim worth noting. We’ll have four frames before the mid-session interval tonight, and if Ronnie can win it 3-1 we’ll have a best of five for the title.

Who's your money on?

Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan will be back at the table shortly. It’s first to nine for the Alex Higgins Trophy, which defending the champion Trump is closer to after edging the afternoon session 5-3. Get comfy and enjoy the denouement of a fascinating match.

Welcome back!

We're back for the second, and concluding, act from Trump v O'Sullivan at the Northern Ireland Open (in, erm, Milton Keynes).
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We'll be back...

Watch the conclusion to today's final live on Eurosport 1, eurosport.co.uk or the Eurosport app from 6:45pm GMT. Otherwise, come back here for more live text commentary later on.

Trump has the edge

That was an absorbing afternoon of snooker, with this slow burner of a final really livening up in those last two frames. Trump will be pleased with his lead, and will be the slight favourite to take the title, while 5-3 behind is a result for O'Sullivan after being second best in this session. With two centuries in the final two frames it sets up the evening session perfectly. Join us again at 6.45pm for the conclusion of the Northern Ireland Open final.

Trump 5-3 O'Sullivan

A brilliant 130 from O'Sullivan - it would be 137, but he goes in-off when potting the black - reduces Trump's lead to two frames and brings this session to a close.

Trump 5-2 O'Sullivan (0-102)

The tap is running now, as Ronnie secures the frame and then his sixth century of the tournament.

Trump 5-2 O'Sullivan (0-51)

O'Sullivan makes a half-century, his first of the day, but almost runs out of position when going in and out of baulk off the blue and catching the brown on the way. He picks out a tight red into the bottom right to keep his break going though, and should seal it from here.

Trump 5-2 O'Sullivan (0-29)

O'Sullivan tries a double on a red to the left middle at the start of the eighth frame, safe in the knowledge that it was the only ball he could leave, but it rolls out off the knuckles and lands safe. Several minutes of cagey safety follow, with both players fully aware of the enormity of this frame. It's O'Sullivan that gets the first chance, as he clips a red into the right middle and comes back up the table for the blue. It's a good table, with the black available in both bottom corners, and he goes into the pack early to affect a split that works out perfectly and could win the frame if he can locate his touch here. Aggressive and positive play from the world champion.

Trump 5-2 O'Sullivan

Judd clears up everything to the black for a superb 128. He restores his lead to three frames, and the final one of the session is now huge for Ronnie.

Trump 4-2 O'Sullivan (100-0)

A blue with the 14th red takes Trump to 100, and this is the kind of play we expected for this final.

Trump 4-2 O'Sullivan (69-0)

The tenth red takes Trump to 69 and O'Sullivan needs snookers. Can he convert this into a ton?

Trump 4-2 O'Sullivan (38-0)

It's Judd that gets away first in the seventh, middling a red into the bottom right pocket. There are few better sounds in snooker than that kind of connection between ball and pocket. He's up to 30 in no time, and then picks out a plant just below the pink to keep things going. A few shots later he glances into the pack to develop more reds and this is a chance to bank the frame, even if O'Sullivan plays on despite requiring five or more snookers.

Trump 4-2 O'Sullivan

O'Sullivan adds 31, which takes him well past the winning post, and he reduces his deficit to two frames. That was a big frame for him; 4-4 would obviously be perfect, but he'd probably take 5-3 down given how he's played so far today.

Trump 4-1 O'Sullivan (13-40)

Trump gets in and makes just eight, and then goes in-off from his safety after running out of position. The table is really awkward now after a number of missed pots and a smash and bash safety from O'Sullivan reminiscent of his World Championship semi-final with Mark Selby. O'Sullivan gets in though, via floating in a nicely timed red to the bottom left that drops the white into position on the black.

Trump 4-1 O'Sullivan (5-35)

O'Sullivan comes out firing in the sixth frame, quickly amassing 33, before a deep screw shot on a red goes horribly wrong and he chips the white right over the object ball. That's four to Trump. Ronnie gets the next couple of reds down, but he can't land on a colour; Judd can only add five himself in response, and this has suddenly gone a bit scrappy.

Trump 4-1 O'Sullivan

What a great shot from Trump, who sinks the brown and moves the blue off the side cushion and into a potting position to the left middle. That soon disappears, as does the pink, and he extends his lead to three frames.

Trump 3-1 O'Sullivan (50-43)

Trump makes 23, but misses the third from last red into the bottom left and sticks it up over the bottom right for Ronnie. It's a chance to win the frame, but O'Sullivan can't pot the red and leaves it straight to the left middle for Judd. That could be a crucial miss. Trump clears the remaining reds to go level in the frame and then the black to go ahead. He needs up to and including the blue to win the frame.

Trump 3-1 O'Sullivan (6-43)

This is a magnificent effort from O'Sullivan, who has manufactured 43 from a fiendishly difficult table, but after freeing up the black he misses a green to its own pocket and he's gifted Trump a chance to counter.

Trump 3-1 O'Sullivan (6-14)

We're back underway in Milton Keynes, and this fifth frame is a huge one for O'Sullivan. After drawing a foul and potting the opening couple of reds, Trump seems to have control of the table until O'Sullivan strokes in a long red and lands on the pink to the left middle. This is the first scoring chance of the frame, and an awkward one with blue and black currently out of commission.

Trump 3-1 O'Sullivan

Trump fouls again before dispatching the final red. Pink and yellow follow before he misses the green; still we go on. O'Sullivan pots the green, Trump the brown, before O'Sullivan returns to pot the blue and pink. That's end of frame. Trump won't mind hanging on for the interval, as he's the one with the lead. The players will now have a 15 minute break, as will I.

Trump 2-1 O'Sullivan (69-17)

The blue by Trump leaves Ronnie needing snookers. He misses a black off it's spot, and O'Sullivan will play on as per this week, but there's only 59 remaining here. He replies with 13, fluking a red as he does so, but he'll need to take a colour with it and he opts to tuck Trump in behind the pink instead. It draws one foul, but he's miles behind; these are curious tactics by O'Sullivan this week, but it's all within the laws.

Trump 2-1 O'Sullivan (54-0)

Rhythmic play from Trump, who's flowing now. The half-century is in the bank, and there are enough reds loose to sort this frame in one hit.

Trump 2-1 O'Sullivan (26-0)

Trump gets the first chance in the fourth frame, gliding in a red to the bottom right and then picking off a blue to right middle despite the white being tight to the side cushion. He starts putting his break together, and off hte blue that takes him to 26 he forces a lovely split on the pack of reds. The pink goes safe as a result, but black and blue are available.

Trump 2-1 O'Sullivan

Oh my word! O'Sullivan flukes another, missing the green to the bottom left by a mile, watching it go off four cushions and then dropping into the left middle. Extraordinary. He adds the brown, and then a difficult cut on a blue, and he's on the board in this final.

Trump 2-0 O'Sullivan (41-52)

After fouling when trying to escape a snooker, O'Sullivan then flukes the final red into the green pocket after swerving the white around the blue to catch it! That's a touch, but he can't capitalise as he loses position on the green and has to play safe.

Trump 2-0 O'Sullivan (36-46)

Trump clips in a nice red on 32 to keep his break going. He then comes back down the table off the green, but can't convert the remaining red on the rail which runs safe after spitting out of the bottom right. This is now a massive frame to win, even at this stage of a best of 17.

Trump 2-0 O'Sullivan (0-46)

O'Sullivan pots another long red, and then gets back in for real with a red to the right middle. He can only add 13 though as he misses a red to the bottom left with the rest. In disgust, he slides said rest back under the table with contempt. It's not an easy table for Trump, with two reds near the bottom cushion, but he's got a chance to steal this one.

Trump 2-0 O'Sullivan (0-32)

This break is on edge from O'Sullivan, but it's thrilling to see him cobble it together. He almost goes in-off in the right middle, and later nails a tremendous long blue into the green pocket to keep things going. It comes apart on 32 though, as he misses an off-straight red to the bottom left. In better news for him, he's not left Trump anything to go at.

Trump 2-0 O'Sullivan (0-8)

This is more like it from O'Sullivan, who rolls a long red near the baulk line deadweight into the bottom right. Can he get going here? It's early, but this already feels like a big visit in the context of this match.

Trump 2-0 O'Sullivan

Trump pots the second to last red, but misses the black. O'Sullivan, as he has done all week, plays on, even though he needs six snookers to win. He's more interested in getting his arm going here, and adds 10 before going in-off. Judd plugs the green and misses the brown, yet on we go; O'Sullivan pots the brown, and later pink, blue and black, but it's Trump's frame and he's two frames ahead.

Trump 1-0 O'Sullivan (69-15)

This is tense stuff already. Trump draws a foul from O'Sullivan and then pots a red, but misses another black off its spot. At his next visit though he tags in a long red, and that was frame ball. O'Sullivan comes back to the table 54 behind with 43 on.

Trump 1-0 O'Sullivan (56-15)

It's a half-century for Trump, who's settled the quicker of the two players here. The pink and black are tied up here and the remaining reds are awkward, so there's a lot of work to do yet to mop this frame up in one visit. Trump then leaves a black in the jaws of the bottom left, a really poor miss, and it's a chance for O'Sullivan. He can only add eight though, leaving a red over the jaws, but Trump fouls on the black when trying to swerve the white to pot it. With no path to the easy red, and no other pot on, O'Sullivan puts Trump back in; that's really surprising, given that Trump has already had one go at it. It's a risk, and it backfires; Trump pots the red, and then plays safe to baulk.

Trump 1-0 O'Sullivan (30-0)

Judd leaves Ronnie a tough red along the rail behind the black, which he can only leave hanging in the jaws of the bottom right. That could be costly, and Trump harvests points quickly. A black takes him to 30, off which he stuns into the pack to free up some more reds.

Trump 1-0 O'Sullivan

A poor safety from O'sullivan leaves Trump a jab at a long blue into the yellow pocket. It's there, and the pink follows to secure the first frame.

Trump 0-0 O'Sullivan (58-55)

O'Sullivan adds 32, but can't land conveniently on the blue which is near the cushion above the left middle. He plays safe, and it's now blue and pink require for both players to win this opening frame.

Trump 0-0 O'Sullivan (58-23)

Well now; Trump adds 16 but leaves himself hampered and cueing over the pink on a straight red. A kick to boot means that he rattles the red in the jaws of the bottom right and leaves it there; with 51 left on, can Ronnie pinch this frame?

Trump 0-0 O'Sullivan (42-23)

An attempt at a cross-double by O’Sullivan misses, leaving Trump a red to the yellow pocket which he devours. Trump can only add four though before we're back on safety play. Another good snooker from Trump draws a further nine points, and Ronnie then leaves him in after his third attempt to escape.

Trump 0-0 O'Sullivan (29-23)

Trump replies with 24, before losing position and having to play safe off the pack. After an exchange of shots Trump then flukes a red when playing back to baulk, before tucking O’Sullivan in behind the brown. That draws four from one attempt o escape, before O’Sullivan clips a red and sends the white safe to the side cushion.

Trump 0-0 O'Sullivan (0-23)

O'Sullivan's in first, dropping in a mid-range red to the bottom left after Trump leaves the white short of the baulk line. He's flying already, and is quickly up to 23, but misses a pink high on the knuckle of the right middle. That's left Trump in, and with a chance to counter.

It's time

MC Phil Seymour is introducing the players. O'Sullivan steps out first, before his intro music gets going. He looks keen here. Trump soon follows, and we're ready to go; let's get into this.

The form

Ronnie struggled in the first mini session of his semi-final yesterday. He was 3-1 down, missing everything and in a state of perpetual annoyance with his cue tip; when he returned after the interval, he blasted Ali Carter off the table with five breaks of 50 plus to win it 6-3. As for Judd, he's ticking along nicely. He's made at least the last four of every tournament so far this season, winning the English Open in all of that, and hit a 147 earlier in the week.

The format

It's best of 17 today for the Alex Higgins trophy. Our afternoon session will contain eight of those frames, with a mid-session interval after four.

Yet there's more, so much more

A lot goes unsaid in life, so let’s put this out there: this match will effectively establish just who, right here and how, is the greatest player operating in the game. Judd is the runaway world number one, while Ronnie is the reigning world champion. This is the first time they’ve met in a final since Trump landed this title by beating O’Sullivan in Belfast a year ago. It adds a wonderful undercurrent to what is already a fascinating final.

You again?

This is the third year in a row that these two have met in the final of this competition. Trump has won both of those previous meetings, and if he can win today, he’ll become the first player since Stephen Hendry in 1996 to win the same ranking tournament three times in a row. For O’Sullivan it’s a chance to win one of the few tournaments he’s yet to get his mits on and add to it his all-time record of 37 ranking event victories.

Good afternoon!

Welcome to live coverage of the final of the Northern Ireland Open from its temporary home at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. If you were planning to do something other than watch this final today then shelve it, because we’ve got a belter for you; at 1pm, Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan will be on the table to sort out the destination of the trophy.

Semi-final recap:

O'Sullivan beats Carter to set up final against Trump
Ronnie O'Sullivan made it through to the final of the Northern Ireland Open, where he will face Judd Trump, after battling back to beat Ali Carter with five frames in a row on his way to a 6-3 win.
Carter took a 3-1 lead into the mid-session interval, but the Rocket was simply too good as he was at his imperious best after the break.
And the Rocket will meet Trump in the final after the world number one beat David Grace 6-2 on Saturday evening.

Judd Trump gives masterclass on the art of cue power

The defending champion rattled off 57, 91, 101, 59 and 92 to set up a third final meeting with O'Sullivan on the bounce.
Trump has triumphed in the previous two finals against the world champion.

Northern Ireland Open final schedule

Judd Trump v Ronnie O'Sullivan (1pm, 7pm), best-of-17-frame final.


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