John Higgins pulled off what may prove to be one of the flukes of the season in his clash with David Gilbert at the Northern Ireland Open.
The Scot was attempting to send a red back up the table in frame four, but he caught it badly - which sent it on a different path.
That path proved to be into the right corner, which set him on the way to a break of 64 to level the match.
Northern Ireland Open
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Ronnie O’Sullivan is on pundit duty for Eurosport and suggested the fluke, and subsequent position it gave Higgins on a colour, would have made his opponent sick.
“That was a great shot, don’t know how he’s picked that one out,” O’Sullivan joked in reference to Higgins’ stroke of fortune. “It’s obviously a fluke.
“But not only the fluke, look at the angle on the green, it’s like a double fluke in many ways.
“Dave Gilbert is sat in his chair, sick.”
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