Judd Trump's 'great performance' against Gao Yang in securing a 4-0 victory at the Northern Ireland Open left Eurosport expert Alan McManus stunned.
The world number two raced past Gao in emphatic fashion to stamp his authority on a tournament he has won three times in what has been a dominant reign in recent years.
Speaking after Trump's latest inspired performance in Belfast, McManus reflected on the showing from the Bristolian and was hugely impressed by what he saw.
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"That was much more like it," McManus said in the Eurosport studio of Trump's showing.
"I'll be honest, I've been looking for that for maybe the last year. Yes, he's been lifting silverware, I know that, but there are performances where you go, 'yeah, that's what I want to see', you know.
"If you're a Judd fan, that's the kind of stuff you're looking for. It's not the potting - that's like falling off a log for him. That's the easy part. It's the behaviour of the cue ball and the quality of the cue ball positioning.
Simply outstanding. There was a lot to purr over in that last frame. A great performance, and I'm sure Judd will be more than pleased with his day's work.
Minutes later, Trump joined McManus in the Eurosport studio and responded to snooker legend John Virgo's comments about him being 'disappointing' last year.

'It says something about himself' - Trump responds to Virgo criticism

"To be honest, I just ignored it when it came out," Trump said with a laugh in the Eurosport studio.
"But obviously when you get asked questions, I've just learned to be honest. If someone criticises me for winning five events, six events, winning the Masters, the World [Championship] within three years... I don't think that says anything about me, it probably says something about himself.
You can criticise anyone, but you can't criticise the best player in the world - it's strange he picked on me, really, because I've done the best.
"I've set records that people haven't managed to do before, winning five in a year and six in a year, so I'm happy with how I'm doing and I just take no notice of that. I'm sure he didn't mean it in that way - I'm positive he didn't.
"It doesn't bother me. If he thinks I've underachieved he must really rate me very, very highly because to win five and six events in a year is, for me, incredible.
"I'll just plod along at my own pace and try to win every tournament I play in. They all mean the same to me; I've won them all now.
"Every event means the same to me, and I'm not just saying that. I've won everything now and they are all equally as hard to win. To beat Ronnie [O'Sullivan] three times in a row, the World [Championship] isn't more special than beating Ronnie in a final, which is incredible."

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