Ronnie O'Sullivan is going to Singapore from June 11-18 to play some exhibition matches and to check in on the Ronnie O'Sullivan Snooker Academy.
O'Sullivan also confirmed that he will look to assist with coaching at his academy.
"Looking forward to going over to Singapore in June, it should be great," the seven-time world champion said according to the Metro.
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"The academy looks fantastic out there, I’m excited to get out there and spend some time there, see what they’re up to.
"I’ll work out some coaching plans and developing snooker in Asia is going to be a really fun thing to do."
O'Sullivan's academy opened at the end of 2021. He said ahead of it opening he was excited about the potential scale of the venture.
"We have already got the facilities. It’s a 16,000-square feet space," he told The Sun last year.
"We are putting tables in there. We will have some professional coaches. We hope to roll it out all over Asia.
"Ronnie O’Sullivan snooker academies with the long-term view to try and create an amateur scene.
"Over there they are much more supportive of their amateurs and juniors and get excited over that. It is something I think will work.
"While snooker gives me the platform to do projects like that, sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture."

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O'Sullivan hopes to one day be able to unearth a world champion in Asia.
He added: "The idea is to get the first one right, get it successful and then once that is going well, it will be easier to roll out the rest of them.
"China definitely is a massive part of the plan but the first one will start out in Singapore.
"The good ones that come through the academy we would like to support them, to try and get their main Tour Card and become professional players.
"Hopefully one day become a world champion."
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