Judd speaks

He says he missed some balls he shouldn't but his was creating chances with good long potting and his safety was really good. He's right. He says he put Mark under a lot of pressure, and he couldn't play as quickly as he'd have liked to. He started concentrating on improving that aspect of his play because he wanted to win more - he saw Ronnie, Selby and Ding winning titles and wanted a piece of that. He's asked if he's found it easy to forget Sunday; he had before. More seriously, he says he's at his happiest when he's playing snooker so it made no sense not to get back on with it. He goes on to explain that he thinks he's better at making breaks than everybody else, so he'd prefer to take reds on and if he misses, challenging his opponent to open the pack and clear up, than "making it a 50/50 frame" by playing safety. He reckons he's learnt to let his losses go, which I suppose can be done when you win almost everything. He didn't think too much about being number one in the world until he saw how produ it made Mark Selby - it's the feeling, when people ask you what you do and where you are in the world, when you give the best possible answer.

Around the tables

UK Championship
Zhao roars back to beat Lisowski to make semi-final
Jones Jamie 4-3 Sharav (finished)
Selby 3-1 Haotian

Judd Trump beats Mark WIlliams 4-1!

He's just unbelievably good at this. The level it takes to beat him in any match is higher than the sun, and he looks a strong favourite to complete clean sweep of the Home nations championships. He meets Li Hang tomorrow.

Trump 3-1 Williams M (42-2)

Blinding long red from Mark, sneaking the red through a small gap. He's not on much though, and winds up leaving Judd an easy starter - but he too can sink nothing else. However Mark quickly presents him with another opportunity when he can't make a pot - and this will be the match. Mark's nailed some beauties, but he's also missed too many.

Trump 3-1 Williams M (21-1)

Mark deadweights a sensational red! Any softer and he leaves it, but he needed position on the blue. He gets it ...and misses the pot! No! But there's nothing on, so another bout of safety begins..

Trump 3-1 Williams M (14-0)

Judd pots a fine red off the break, but soon runs out of position potting the black. A reprieve for Mark!

Around the tables

Bingham 3-4 Li (finished)
Jones Jamie 3-3 Sharav
O'Neill 3-4 Ding (finished)
Selby 2-0 Haotian

Trump 3-1 Williams M

Judd has turned it up. I'd be extremely surprised if Mark can win three frames in a row against him.

Trump 2-1 Williams M (65-17)

Mark sends down a red but misses the pink; he now needs two snookers, not one.

Trump 2-1 Williams M (65-8)

What! Trump misses frame-ball, a clip into the middle, and can Mark tax it? There are two reds stuck together near the angle of cushion and baulk-line, and Mark misses the third of those remaining. By way of punishment he ends up behind the black.

Trump 2-1 Williams M (58-0)

Judd is buzzing now, and he quickly conjures a frame-winning opportunity. This has been a classic Trump run, beginning with an unbelievable pot and sustained by redemptive beauties.

Trump 2-1 Williams M (22-0)

Yes Judd Trump! A magical red to the green pocket sets him away; it was a calculated risk, because he didn't think he'd leave anything if he missed it But mainly, he didn't think he'd miss it, He's quickly down the business end and splitting the pack - it's not a doozy, but there are points to be had.

Around the tables

Bingham 3-3 Li
Jones Jamie 3-3 Sharav
O'Neill 3-3 Ding
Selby 1-0 Haotian

Trump 2-1 Williams M

Mark gets back to the table 68 points later and needing three snookers; he takes one shot and concedes.

Trump 1-1 Williams M (40-0)

judd can't quite get the position he wants to pick off the red blocking the back, so hammers the pack off the blue - it's a beautiful shot. But the black isn't quite in play, so he goes red, cushion, through a gap between red and another black, nudges the black, and now it's in play. That is phenomenal. Strong chance he wins the frame at this visit now.

Trump 1-1 Williams M (21-0)

Mark misses a long red and Judd absolutely dematerialises one! Great pot! The blue follows and can he craft himself a proper opportunity? The pack is tight and the black only goes to one pocket - barely.

Around the tables

Bingham 3-3 Li
Jones Jamie 3-3 Sharav
O'Neill 3-2 Ding
Selby 1-0 Haotian

Trump 1-1 Williams M

A run of 104 clinches the frame and it was an absolutely fantastic one, it really was. This is going to be good; it already is good.

Trump 1-0 Williams M (31-63)

Judd is not at all impressed with his behaviour, and he glowers while Mark punishes him. He's cueing nicely, but there are two reds close together and close to the black cushion that will settle this frame. And Mark disturbs them - great shot - he's a strong favourite for this frame now.

Trump 1-0 Williams M (31-8)

This game! A poor positional shot from pink to red leaves Judd jabbing at a red that he can't get into the corner. This is now a great chance for Mark!

Trump 1-0 Williams M (17-0)

Judd's safety has got so good; apparently he used to practice potting because he's good at it, and it took his brother to insist he worked on his weakness. And he outlasts Mark in another great exchange, but a red is all he gets out of it. so down goes another, cued beautifully on the diagonal and straight into the bag with perfect position; what a player.

Around the tables

Bingham 3-2 Li
Jones Jamie 3-2 Sharav
Walden 4-3 Allen (finished)
Wilson K 4-3 Hawkins (finished)
O'Neill 3-2 Ding
Selby 0-0 Haotian

Trump 1-0 Williams M

Instead, he misses the green and hits the black. That was a nails and enjoyable frame, high-level at the start then scrappy later on.

Trump 0-0 Williams M (70-41)

Trump sticks Williams in behind the green, which is in the D; the yellow is close to the top cushion, and the colours are blocking various routes to it. Williams foul-misses twice, gives Trump a free ball, and when the yellow goes down he needs a snooker.

Trump 0-0 Williams M (56-41)

And he might just get punished. Mark wades right into the balls and plays some beautiful shots to get himself into the frame. But just as the easier work starts, he misses a red into the middle! Absolute sickener! Judd gets underway immediately; there's one difficult red, but he gets nowhere near it, running out of position. No matter; he's soon back at the table ... and he's soon back in his seat, missing the final red. Great chance for Mark! He misses a simple red! And Uncle Joe loves it, extolling the drama of players missing. Glorious. Judd the sinks the easy red he was left before playing a snooker off the yellow.

Trump 0-0 Williams M (33-10)

Just when Judd looked set, a poor positional shot allowed mark back into the frame. We'll have some more safety .... no we won't. Mark catches a safety all wrong, freeing up the black and going in-off with the white. Another chance to Judd, another chance to Judd spurned.

Trump 0-0 Williams M (8-10)

Mark gets the first chance but he's not straight enough on his second black so it flicks a red en route to the pocket and stays out. He's handed Judd the chance for which he just grafted; you've got to laugh. This game.

Trump 0-0 Williams M (0-5)

On table two, Kyren Wilson has beaten Bazza Hawkins 4-3; that seemed like a really good match. He plays Jamie Jones or Eden Sharav next, so will fancy himself to make the last four. Meantime, we watch a high-level safety exchange; it looks like Judd's played a lovely shot but he's actually given Mark sight of a pocket. He misses but gets a good cue ball, so round we go again.

Trump 0-0 Williams M (0-5)

What Mark has that others don't is he's not scared of Judd - or anyone else. He might lose, but he's not intimidated, and needs two more wins to make the Masters in January. And to prove it, he glides in a tremendous opening red, only to finish on nothing; he hauls Judd to the bottom cushion; Judd then misses the pack coming to settle in off the side cushion.

Off we go!

Coming up next we have a jazzer

It's Judd Trump v Mark Williams!

Ronnie speaks

He said he did well considering the circumstances. He's got no touch and fell on his tip and he plays a touchy-feely game. He got away with it tonight but needs to change it before tomorrow. He feels sorry for Robbie, who he says grafted his everything off to get to the last 16 but hasn't ever played on the main table, so suggests they be given a couple of hours to practice on it. "They've got no chance," he says.

Around the tables

Bingham 2-1 Li
Jones Jamie 3-1 Sharav
Walden 2-3 Allen
Wilson K 3-3 Hawkins
O'Neill 2-1 Ding

Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Robbie Williams 4-1!

It was a real slog that, but O'Sullivan found a way. He plays Ding or O'Neill in the last eight.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Williams R (65-49)

Ohhhh maaaate! Robbie plays a poor positional shot on the blue which means the pink is tougher than necessary and from which he needs position on the black. he winds up missing the pot, Ronnie then jawses it and Robbie drains it ... but goes in-off! Nooooooooo! Out it comes and he now needs a snooker, so we'll have some time trying for that - basically until Ronnie can pot it.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Williams R (59-40)

But Ronnie gives him a road out! First, a careless shot stops him getting a snooker on the final red, then a poor go at potting it leaves it available into the yellow pocket and the colours are all nicely available.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Williams R (59-30)

But! Ronnie overcuts a blue into the green pocket with a lead of 44; there are 59 on the table. So Robbie takes a red-black but the other three reds are in difficult positions, two on the top cushion and one stuck onto the black. Ronnie then misses his chosen red twice, but a way the second time; once more and he forfeits the frame. So he clatters it and leaves the one stuck to the black for Robbie. It goes and so does the black, but then he misses the penultimate red from exceedingly close range, leaving it teetering on the edge of the pocket. He's in tremendous trouble now.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Williams R (38-10)

I'm afraid Robbie has asked for this. Eventually he leaves a tempter which Ronnie despatches, and though there are seven reds clustered near the top cushion, they're one good hit away from dispersing. And there it goes; this is now a great chance for frame and match.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Williams R (0-10)

It's a slow start to frame five, and Robbie is having a stinker. He's been gifted loads of opportunities and is struggling to take any of them, and the more downcast he gets the less well he plays.

Around the tables

Bingham 2-0 Li
Jones Jamie 2-0 Sharav
Walden 2-2 Allen
Wilson K 2-2 Hawkins
O'Neill 1-0 Ding

O'Sullivan 3-1 Williams R

A break of 51 is enough to resolve frame four, and Ronnie is one away. Robbie will be furious with himself though, because he's had loads of chances to not be in this position.

O'Sullivan 2-1 Williams R (32-13)

My system crashes and returns to see Ronnie clatter home a plant only for the brown to cannon in with Robbie left an easy starter. He takes it, then misses an even easier black, which will sting because he's know he's a much better chance of winning this than he'd usually have. Ronnie steps in and sets about building a lead.

Around the tables

Bingham 2-0 Li
Jones Jamie 2-0 Sharav
Walden 2-2 Allen
Wilson K 2-1 Hawkins
O'Neill 1-0 Ding

O'Sullivan 2-1 Williams R

You won't see many scrappier frames than that, but Robbie green, brown and blue to get back in the match. With two snookers required, Ronnie still plays on until Robbie sinks the pink.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Williams R (23-45)

Kyrizzle gets too high on the last black before the yellow and misses it; great effort but. Meanwhile, Ronnie finds a good pot on the penultimate red, which jumps but still goes in, only to miss the last one; "I can't play with this anymore," he says of his tip. Can he keep focused? With just the colours left - they're worth 27 - Ronnie is 22 behind. The highest break in this frame is 15.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Williams R (14-40)

On table two, Kyren Wilson is up to 80 in red-blacks. He's cueing beautifully, and made a maxi just the week before last at the UK Championships. Come on Kyren! Meanwhile on table one, Robbie is edging towards taking frame three.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Williams R (5-28)

Shonuff Robbie doesn't get very far, but then for reasons known best to himself, Ronnie leaves him a tempter into the middle. he sees it away, but of the seven remaining reds, six are down by the black cushion, and in missing the red that's in the open, Ronnie knocks it and the black safe. We could be here some time.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Williams R (5-21)

If Ronnie's long-potting is on, you're in trouble whoever you are, and he sinks two of the badgers at the start of frame three. He can't parlay either into a break, so Robbie finds himself snuggled in behind the yellow. But he gets out and is next to get a hand on the table ... only to quickly run out of position. No matter. He clatters home a plant into the corner, perhaps by mistake, and catches the near knuckle of the middle pocket on his way back down the table, which presents him with some position. Both pink and black are tied up though, so there's lots of work to do.

Around the tables

Bingham 0-0 Li
Jones Jamie 1-0 Sharav
Walden 1-1 Allen
Wilson K 1-1 Hawkins

O'Sullivan 2-0 Williams R

Robbie tries to hide the blue behind the black but Ronnie can see a sliver and that's enough, clipping it into the top right; brilliant pot.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams R (68-50)

Ronnie plays a poor red, but follows it with a brilliant redemptive blue. The next red disappears too, but off the yellow, another poor positional shot means the next ball is tough ... and winds up in the jaws. If Robbie clears up, he can steal, but gets himself tight on the brown after finishing off the green. He can't even think about potting it and though he does at his next vidit, he's no hope of getting on the blue. So the chase begins....

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams R (58-43)

Robbie pots the easy ones, but when he should try to get behind a red he tries to develop it, misses, and that's end of break. There are two of them remaining and Robbie has a go at one into the green pocket; he gets close, it rockets away, and comes back for the Rocket to put it away. That will surely be 2-0.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams R (57-17)

But then Ronnie misses an easy black - Neal says the tip doesn't make a nice sound, which is also what Ronnie said afterwards - and Robbie will know that if he's to do anything tonight, this is a chance that needs taking.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams R (57-0)

Eesh. Robbie looks to nestle into the cluster but flicks the pink instead, and you can't be offering chances like this to anyone, never mind this one. That tip looks alright doesn't it?

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams R (38-0)

Yeah, here we go. Ronnie glides home a long red and if he's sinking those, you're busted because in the balls he's unmatched and unmatchable. But when he goes into the bunch the white gets stuck, forcing him to play up to baulk.

Around the tables

Bingham 0-0 Li
Jones Jamie 1-0 Sharav
Walden 1-0 Allen
Wilson K 0--0 Hawkins

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams R

Ronnie has to play one more safety shot for Robbie to call it a frame. Already, TMNTPETPUAC looks more focused than this afternoon.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Williams R (32-64)

On 50, Ronnie is faced with a nasty red, sat in the middle of black cushion with the white above it. He caresses it from behind and slides in deadweight; that's a lovely pot. He can't get to the green off the yellow though, so can't clear up, but Robbie comes to the table 28 behind with 25 left; a safety exchange begins, and he's soon tight behind the black, but carries on when he misses.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Williams R (5-32)

It's Robbie who gets the next two proper visits, but he can't properly cash-in and now the reds are open; whoever pots the next one will have a great chance to clear up. And it's Robbie, who eases in a long red then finishes tight to the side cushion; he can't float in the black, and leaves an easy starter to the middle. You'd back Ronnie to clear up from here.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Williams R (0-9)

I'm not totally sure why it's Ronnie on now and not Judd given Ronnie only just finished his last 32 match, but he'll need to play better than this afternoon. It seems like this playing twice in one day suits the better players because it's much harder to catch them cold when they're already warmed up. But Ronnie's got tip issues and quickly plays a poor safety that lets Robbie in; annoyingly for him, he gets himself behind a black that doesnae go.

Off we go!

The night in front of us

Bingham 0-0 Li
Jones Jamie 0-0 Sharav
Walden 0-0 Allen
Wilson K 0--0 Hawkins
And later on:
Trump v Williams M
O'Neill v Ding
Selby 0-0 Haotian

The final last 32 match

Murphy 3-4 O'Neill
There's a shock for you.

A good evening to you all!

We've got an absolute skinful of snook for you here, so let's wade right in.

What an afternoon that was!

But ear dis: we've got more for you! Join me at 6.45pm GMT for the last 16! We'll start with Judd Trump v Mark Williams, and follow it up with Ronnie O'Sullivan v Robbie Williams. Don't mind if we do.

Around the table

Murphy 2-2 O'Neill

Ronnie speaks

He says his tip didn't feel good today - it was unforgiving, and he had to hit it right out of the middle, or else there was a "boing" that he hated. He plays snooker by sound, he explains, and the noise was making him want to wear headphones, so he had to change his cue action a bit. He wasn't timing it terribly but he wasn't timing it perfectly, and the tip needed him to do that. He reckons that Neil Robertson would be ok with his tip as he hits "everything out the middle of the bat" but he was "swerving all over the place". He can't change it for later, so will do his best with what he's got, but in the meantime he gives us a snatch of Let Me Entertain You. Lovely stuff.

O'Sullivan beats Tian 4-3!

What snooker he produced when he needed to! That 93 was brilliant, but the state of the table from which he made the matchwinning clearance, dearie me. He meets Robbie Williams tonight.

O'Sullivan 3-3 Tian (1-71)

This is simply monstrous from Ronnie; he's an absolute jackal.

O'Sullivan 3-3 Tian (1-46)

Tian looks extremely peaky sat in his seat; he's done so well to be in this position, but one poor safety shot and all his hard work looks ruined. Ronnie is so good at identifying which reds release other reds, and he's almost out of sight already.

O'Sullivan 3-3 Tian (1-11)

OH YES! An amazing red from Tian, followed by a poor safety and an amazing red from Ronnie, who sends a yellow down next. He might just have an angle to get onto the black here, and if he does, it might be curtains.

O'Sullivan 3-3 Tian (0-0)

This is fascinating, compelling, absorbing stuff. The reds, pink and black too, are all gathered down the right side of the table, looking up it from baulk. Every shot is a calculation and an event; no one has a clue what's going to happen.

O'Sullivan 3-3 Tian

O’Sullivan produces some of his best snooker of the afternoon to put together a 93 to send this third-round match to a final-frame decider.

O'Sullivan 2-3 Tian (0-0)

I cannot wait for this, and it's starting right now. Here we go!

Around the table

Murphy 1-2 O'Neill

O'Sullivan 2-3 Tian

Goodness me; 48 is more than enough for Tian, who's on an absolute buzz. This game!

O'Sullivan 2-2 Tian (4-61)

Ronnie needs two snookers and Tian enjoys the moment, confidently sinking balls. He had chances in the two frames that he lost too - Ronnie hasn't played well so far today - but he'll have to now.

O'Sullivan 2-2 Tian (4-35)

No he cannot, finding four but no more, and it's now Tian at the table with a chance to go one up with two to play. I say!

O'Sullivan 2-2 Tian (0-28)

Ronnie misses a red to the green pocket by a fortnight and what a chance this is for Tian! He's making it hard form himself though, having to salvage position repeatedly after a succession of poor shots, but he's still going. An extremely unwanted kiss on the yellow forces him to take on a red from low down and pretty central to near the top right ... AND IT'S THERE! That is an unbelievable pot. But he makes a mistake he can't mitigate shortly afterwards; can O'Sullivan punish him?

Around the table

Murphy 1-0 O'Neill

O'Sullivan 2-2 Tian

Excellent from Tian; 2-0 down to the greatest, it would've been easy to let things slide and get out, but he chose to fight and now has a best of three to progress. Great stuff.

O'Sullivan 2-1 Tian (22-69)

Ey up, here we go. Ronie's been getting heat for playing frames to the end, despite needing six snookers, and he's 62 behind with 59 left when Tian misses a red. He returns to despatch a marvellous starter, jammed down the top rail, but just as he's working out his snooker, he miscue. Tian then adds two reds and a blue, so Ronnie comes back to pits what's left.

O'Sullivan 2-1 Tian (1-49)

Ohhhhhh mate! Tian has a straight red begging to be sunk but goes for a slightly harder one for no apparent reason, and misses. But have a look! Ronnie misses a red down the cushion and presents a chance that it'd be a real struggle to arse-up (for people who are brilliant at snooker).

O'Sullivan 2-1 Tian (1-24)

Ronnie sinks a red and can't make it count, taking his eye off the potting angle on the blue as he goes into the pack off the back of it. This gives the suddenly confident Tian a nice little go-around, and this is a serious chance for him to level the match.

Around the table

Murphy 1-0 O'Neill

O'Sullivan 2-1 Tian

They're not an easy set of colours, particularly with the black on the side rail, but O'Sullivan doesn't get that far as he misses the blue to the yellow pocket while trying to force the white around the table to land on the pink. He's left Tian a thin cut on the blue to the left middle. Tian clips it in, landing nicely on the pink to roll it into the right middle, and he's won the frame.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Tian (35-50)

They've both gone ragged now. O'Sullivan takes his first red and then misses a simple black off its spot, before Tian converts the simple starter that Ronnie's left him before missing a pink to the right middle. O'Sullivan's back, and like a light switch being flicked he clears up the remaining reds to get right back in the frame. He needs all six colours for the frame.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Tian (1-49)

Tian won't be happy with that. On 40 he runs short on position for his next red, and is forced into a shy at one to the green pocket. That misses but Ronnie, whose work looks a bit rushed out here today, misses a similar shot to the yellow pocket and he's let Tian back in. IT should be a frame-winning chance, but Tian misses a blue to the yellow pocket while splitting the remaining pick invitingly for O'Sullivan.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Tian (1-24)

After lots of attempted long reds by both, O'Sullivan strokes one into the bottom left. He can't land on the black though, and rushes a long blue to the green pocket that misses and he's left Tian an easy mid-ranger to get going in the third. Tian plugs it and is soon piecing together a nice little break around the black spot. It's been a frustrating afternoon so far, but there's a load on for him here.

Around the tables

Selby 4-2 Joyce (finished)
Williams R 4-3 Ning (finished)
Williams M 4-1 Page (finished)

O'Sullivan 2-0 Tian

Just like that, the frame's gone. Tian leaves Ronnie on the green, which he mops up followed by the brown, a thin cut on a difficult blue to left middle and then an effortless pink into the green pocket with the white close to the side rail. It's two-nil to the world champ.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Tian (52-66)

Tian goes in-off when playing safe, so it's another four to O'Sullivan. He's being out-thought in the safety battle here, but outrageously flukes the yellow into the bottom left and Tian only needs green and brown for the match. He's missed a thin cut on the green though, and another chance to sort the frame goes begging.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Tian (48-64)

Bad news for Tian here; Ronnie traps him in a brutal snooker behind the yellow, and in missing the red with his escape he's also left a free ball. O'Sullivan then pots the green as a free ball followed by the brown, but shorts position on the final red...and he's missed it with the rest and left it hanging in the bottom left! Tian can only pot the final red though before missing the black to the green pocket. It's the colours for the frame then.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Tian (39-63)

Oh no! Tian has to pot an easy blue to leave Ronnie needing snookers - it's on its spot and he's top-side of it - and somehow, he misses it! How?! He had no need to play position, but I guess that's one of many bonuses being the greatest genius in the history of the world grants you. It's a really difficult table - precisely the kind of table Ronnie takes brutal pleasure in resolving - and when he runs out of position, he plays a fine safety, inciting Tian to hit the black. But he doesn't put him back, presumably because he doesn't approve of the miss rule, and he's now my favourite to pinch the frame.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Tian (0-55)

Tian had a chance in the first frame, and following a poor safety shot from Ronnie he has another here. He'll know as well as we do that if he loses this one too, he's as good as done for. And the reds aren't that nicely spread for him - though that being said, there are points to be had. He works the chance really well too, getting reds down before clearing routes for the black; excellent stuff. Meanwhile, Mark J Williams is through to the next round; he'll play Judd Trump this evening. YES PLEASE!

O'Sullivan 1-0 Tian

With the white getting tapped about the reds, the players quickly agree on a re-rack.

Around the tables

Li 4-1 Saengkham (finished)
Selby 3-2 Joyce
Williams R 2-3 Ning
Williams M 3-1 Page

O'Sullivan 1-0 Tian

Ronnie doesn't look in perfect touch, but he's in front nevertheless.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Tian (66-6)

Disaster for Tian, who plays a poor positional shot so has to force the next red. Problem being he misses it, by a distance, and also develops the black. This one is going to sting.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Tian (31-6)

But no! Ronnie misses and easy blue to the top left and puts his head down on the table with resignation. He played great last night, but he's off it so far this afternoon, and Tian needs to cash in while he can.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Tian (24-0)

Ronnie gets to the table following a poor safety from Tian, but the split doesn't work for him so he plays safe. No matter; this time, Tian plays a dreadful safety, hitting the wrong red and leaving an easy one into the middle. That should cost him the frame.

Off we go again

Judd speaks

He says Liang started like a train, but over the last couple of years he's got good at pulling those games out of the fire. He says frame two was important to win - "I made a brilliant clearance to the yellow" - and eventually got over the line after missing it. He thought Liang might get into the big pink that settled frame four because "he can get twitchy", and of the fluke says he tried to knock every ball onto a cushion. "A brilliant fluke," he chortles, noting that "Wembo was already at the table when it went in." Ouch.

Coming up next

Ronnie O'Sullivan v Tian Pengfei

Around the tables

Ding 4-0 O'Donnell (finished)
Li 2-1 Saengkham
Selby 3-2 Joyce
Williams R 1-3 Ning
Williams M 2-0 Page

Trump beats Liang 4-2!

That was a really good match, but Judd's ability to raise his game when he needs to - and just as the pressure lowers his opponent's - is unbelievable. He'll be back tonight and will play Mark Williams or Jackson Page.

Trump 3-2 Liang (67-0)

Are you kidding me?! Judd needs two more reds so splatters the pack while missing a pot by miles ... and sees one of the balls slink into the middle pocket! That is outrageous, and the last thing you need when playing the best in the world. But that's also what happens when you're the best in the world.

Trump 3-2 Liang (44-0)

Shonuff it yields Judd another chance in short order. He'll need a couple of the five reds clustered together, but there's no reason to think that won't happen.

Trump 3-2 Liang (17-0)

Here's the difference between these two: when the pressure ramped up, Trump grew and Liang shrank. Liang misses a long red, the kind he was nailing early doors, so Judd gets himself in again and looks good to settle things. But then he overruns the white ... so plays a fine safety, white tight on the bottom cushion directly behind the yellow. It looks like a roll-up off the cushion is all the can do.

Around the tables

Ding 3-0 O'Donnell
Li 2-0 Saengkham
Selby 2-2 Joyce
Williams R 1-2 Ning
Williams M 2-0 Page

Trump 3-2 Liang

A run of 104 puts Trump one up with two to play. His ability to raise his level when he needs to is sensational.

Trump 2-2 Liang (92-0)

This is fantastic stuff from Judd. His grasp of angles, screws, spins and power is spectacular, and he's well set for another ton.

Trump 2-2 Liang (43-0)

Funny thing, form; Ding was not good last week, defending his title, but seems right there this. Meantime, Judd is starting to assert himself, at the table and building a lead in frame five. The spread isn't easy, the black on its cushion and pink nearby, but he glides through it nevertheless, getting the white behind the latter so it can go to the top left and then back to its spot; that's terrible news for Liang.

Around the tables

Ding 3-0 O'Donnell
Li 2-0 Saengkham
Selby 1-2 Joyce
Williams R 1-1 Ning
Williams M 1-0 Page

Trump 2-2 Liang

A run of 52 leaves Liang needing two snookers and he returns to the table to have a keek, deciding they're not happening. This is the best match I've seen this week, by far.

Trump 1-2 Liang (40-5)

Or are they?! Liang plays a shot that he thinks is ok, only to discover that Judd is on a red, and if he removes it, he can stick the black away! Liang is steaming with himself and rightly so, sat at the side watching Judd accumulate. There's work to be done, but he's in control of this frame now.

Trump 1-2 Liang (10-5)

Liang is buzzing, clattering home a colossal red after some early sparring. But then he takes on a very taxing yellow into the side, misses, and Judd has a go at a demanding table. He doesn't get good position off his first red, and if he takes on a difficult brown to the yellow pocket, he's risking a lot - miss, and there's a red over the middle waiting to be sunk. Ah come on, don't be silly now - of course he drains it. But he leaves himself nothing after taking the aforementioned easy red, playing safe off the green. Almost all the colours are now out of commission.

Around the tables

Ding 2-0 O'Donnell
Li 1-0 Saengkham
Selby 1-2 Joyce
Williams R 1-1 Ning
Williams M 1-0 Page

Trump 1-2 Liang

A run of 68 puts Liang back in front, and Judd has things about which to think. Usually, his D-game is more than enough to get him wins, but he'll need to find a lot more than that to get out of this one.

Trump 1-1 Liang (17-59)

It doesn't last long. Judd takes one down the rail that he might've taken to the middle - prioritising position over the pot, I guess - he misses - and Liang properly punishes him! He's right in the groove here, sending balls down as quickly as he can. He can let things get on top of him when they don't, but not today.

Trump 1-1 Liang (17-9)

They pot a red each then Judd gets in, looking set ... except he miscues a brown, jumping the ball but not in the way of a kick, and shortly afterwards Liang has his hand on the table. He's up at 95% pot success currently, and there's plenty of opportunity to increase that in this run. But then he rattles at an easy red, trying to bring the white ball back, shakes all over the place in the process, and misses the pot. He leaves nothing though, so we'll now enjoy some safety.

Around the tables

Sunny Akani 3-4 Lyu Haotian (finished)
Ding 1-0 O'Donnell
Li 1-0 Saengkham
Selby 1-1 Joyce
Williams R 1-0 Ning
Williams M 0-0 Page

Trump 1-1 Liang

This time Liang leaves the pink; it's a tester, from mid-distance and needing slanting into the corner, but Judd drains it nervelessly. This is a great match already.

Trump 0-1 Liang (58-49)

Judd responds with a great safety - he only needs the pink and he sticks it close to the back, encouraging Liang to knock it safe. And he hits it first, so Judd puts him back; one more foul and it's frame over.

Trump 0-1 Liang (58-49)

On 49, Judd plays an unbelievable green to get back down for the penultimate red, and when that goes he has to play a really tricky on from close to the side rail; he makes it look easy. But just when the frame is at his mercy after a magnificent run, he misses the yellow! This is a great chance for Liang, and there's only blue to pink - which is near where that tricky red was - which might stop him going two in front. But Liang puts too much side on it, and now has to find an effective safety from right on top of the ball he's trying to hide. He plays away from it, and off we go.

Trump 0-1 Liang (28-40)

Liang gets an infelicitous double-kiss and this time he does leave one, to the middle. Judd sinks it and begins his mooch about the table. He'll know that the needs to find a performance today, because his opponent is up for it, and he quickly has the black available to both corners.

Trump 0-1 Liang (0-40)

Another belting red from Liang gets him away again, and he absolutely fancies this. Here comes his fourth black, it also opens the pack ... but he's on nowt. So he tries a plant to the middle that's never going and it doesn't. Shame, but he's got a healthy lead and left nothing.

Around the tables

Sunny Akani 2-3 Lyu Haotian
Liam Highfield 3-4 Barry Hawkins (finished)
Ding 0-0 O'Donnell
Li 0-0 Saengkham
Selby 1-0 Joyce
Williams R 0-0 Ning

Trump 0-1 Liang

A run of 74 leaves Judd needing two snookers, but he opts to concede. He's won 22 straight best of sevens so Liang has loads of graft still to do, but what a start!

Trump 0-0 Liang (0-69)

On 68, Liang runs slightly out of position, but a really nice cut keeps him going; the frame is nearly over.

Trump 0-0 Liang (0-36)

Great start from Liang, who nails a fine long red and fairly charges about the table potting with prejudice. His top level is a really good level - if he can find it today, Judd is in a match.

Off we go!

But first

We've got Judd Trump v Liang Wenbo, followed by Ronnie O'Sullivan v Tian Pengfei. Bring it on down.

What it means

All the best players in the world who were involved this morning are still involved now. This evening is going to be something.

So far

Sunny Akani 2-3 Lyu Haotian
Ricky Walden 4-0 Zak Surety (finished)
Zhou Yuelong 3-4 Mark Allen (finished)
Kyren Wilson 4-2 Michael Holt (finished)
Liam Highfield 3-3 Barry Hawkins
Sam Craigie 3-4 Jamie Jones (finished)
Zhao Jianbo 1-4 Eden Sharav (finished)
Robert Milkins 3-4 Stuart Bingham (finished)

Afternoon all

And welcome to moving day! We've started with 32 players left; by the end of tonight, we'll be down to eight, with those who win early doors playing again late doors. Neil Robertson is absent and John Higgins is out, but otherwise, all the best players in the world are still in.

'Chang is dangerous! - O'Sullivan praises vanquished opponent

Ronnie O'Sullivan had plenty of praise for Chang Bingyu, the Chinese teenager he beat to progress to the third round of the Scottish Open.
The six-time world champion had a comfortable 4-1 win according to the scoreboard - but he assured Andy Goldstein in the Eurosport studio that it wasn't the case.
"I didn't think it was great, to be honest with you," said O'Sullivan. "I just didn't feel I was going to play well tonight, all day, I just thought something's not right. You can feel it. I just had to try and block it out of my head and just try and focus on the game.
"I knew I was playing a very, very good player, he's super-talented. He's the nearest to someone like Judd [Trump] because he scores really quick. He's dangerous.
“ He could be very good - he's very good now. When I say he could be very good, he could be the best.
"He scores so quick. If you don't score quick you can never really be dangerous at this game. He's one of them - he gets on with it, bang bang bang, and before you know it he can reel three, four frames off. You've got to be able to do that if you want to win big. If you just want to win the odd tournament you can get away with plodding around the table.


Morning (10am)
  • Sunny Akani v Lyu Haotian
  • Ricky Walden v Zak Surety
  • Zhou Yuelong v Mark Allen
  • Kyren Wilson v Michael Holt
  • Liam Highfield v Barry Hawkins
  • Sam Craigie v Jamie Jones
  • Zhao Jianbo v Eden Sharav
  • Robert Milkins v Stuart Bingham
Afternoon (1pm)
  • Mark Selby v Mark Joyce
  • Judd Trump v Liang Wenbo
  • Mark Williams v Jackson Page
  • Li Hang v Noppon Saengkham
  • Ding Junhui v Martin O'Donnell
  • Robbie Williams v Lu Ning
Afternoon (2:30pm)
  • Shaun Murphy v Jamie O'Neill
  • Tian Pengfei v Ronnie O'Sullivan
Evening (8pm)
  • Mark Selby / Mark Joyce v Sunny Akani / Lyu Haotian
  • Ricky Walden / Zak Surety v Zhou Yuelong / M Allen
  • Kyren Wilson / Michael Holt v Liam Highfield / Barry Hawkins
  • Sam Craigie / Jamie Jones v Zhao Jianbo / Eden Sharav
  • Judd Trump / Liang Wenbo v Mark Williams / Jackson Page
  • Robert Milkins / Stuart Bingham v Li Hang / Noppon Saengkham
  • Shaun Murphy / Jamie O'Neill v Ding Junhui / Martin O'Donnell
  • Robbie Williams / Lu Ning v Tian Pengfei / Ronnie O'Sullivan

What is the format?

All matches are the best of seven frames until the quarter final, when they become best of nine. The semi-finals are best of 11 and the final is best of 17.


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