Mark Selby wrapped up victory over Ronnie O'Sullivan to retain his Scottish Open title, defending his crown with an 9-3 win in Milton Keynes.
"This season has been fantastic," Selby said after the match, adding that he always backs himself when facing O'Sullivan.
The world number four put together runs of 56, 102, 62, 50, 77, 78, 51, 61, and 76 in a consistent performance that capitalised on nearly all of O'Sullivan's errors. There were flickers of excellence from the six-time world champion but Selby was ruthless when required.
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Selby had been dominant in the afternoon session, winning six of the eight frames and was quickly into his work in the evening too, recording a break of 78 after O'Sullivan missed a long red.
The six-time world champion returned to the table needing snookers but couldn't conjure any. Another missed red gave Selby the chance to clear the table.

‘Relief for O’Sullivan fans!’ – Selby gives O’Sullivan reprieve after Rocket misses frame-ball red

Trailing by five frames, O'Sullivan needed a miraculous comeback to stop Selby from winning the two he needed to seal victory and a break of 62 helped him to his first frame of the evening. However, he was still struggling with his tip and kicks and cut a frustrated figure.
And, after the Rocket's break of 45 was curtailed by a miss in the 11th frame, Selby stepped in and produced 61, clearing up to the green. O'Sullivan got the green but a miss on the brown proved costly.
In the 12th frame, O'Sullivan compiled a 64 and was on for a maximum but a careless error let Selby come back to the table. And a clearance of 76 ensured he retained his title.

O’Sullivan produces magnificent opener in frame 11

Afternoon session report: Selby leads Ronnie O'Sullivan in final

Defending champion Selby holds commanding 6-2 lead over Ronnie O'Sullivan in the Scottish Open final in Milton Keynes as he bids for an 11th straight ranking event final triumph against his old foe.
It was a characteristically clinical display from Selby, who dismantled Jamie Jones 6-1 in the semis, and the 37-year-old was rarely troubled by the six-time defending world champion O'Sullivan as they head into the final's evening session.
Selby took the first frame with a break of 56, before the Rocket responded by rattling in a quick 72 to level the tie. But the Jester From Leicester continued to impress as he left the Rocket needing a snooker en route to registering his first ton.
Even when Selby potted the all-important pink in the fourth and then bounced the black up the table to go 3-1 up before the interval, O’Sullivan played on until referee Leo Scullion intervened.
O’Sullivan reduced the deficit with a brilliant 58 clearance to prevent the session from completely slipping away from his grasp, but Selby went on to edge further ahead with a hard-fought half century.
Selby, playing with confidence, motored on with an emphatic 77 clearance to set up a potentially decisive final frame in the afternoon session.
A subdued O'Sullivan was left bemused as he missed a crucial red in the eighth and Selby mopped up with a break of 90 to go three away from retaining the Scottish Open title.
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