Ronnie O'Sullivan defended his decision not to concede in the opening frame of his Scottish Open win over Allan Taylor, saying he needs "table time".
Rocket lost the opening frame to Taylor, who cleaned up the final three colours, but not after O'Sullivan had returned to the table time and again, despite needing six snookers to avoid losing the opening frame.
Taylor then took a 2-0 lead, before O'Sullivan turned on the style to storm back, but faced questions in the Eurosport studio to explain his actions after the match.
Scottish Open
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"That was my practice," O'Sullivan said. "I just use the matches as practice now. I had done about two hours [practice before the tournament] and I would rather play in all the tournaments and use them as practice. I haven’t got a practice facility.
I just don’t want to spend all my time playing snooker. I would rather just play the tournaments and not bother with the practice. I just use this as practice and hopefully have a couple of good weeks in the year.
"I just need table time. I have got an hour and 50 minutes in tonight, and that means I have just got to get another six hours and that is a good week for me. I wanted Allan to carry in playing in the third frame I was gutted when he conceded.

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Asked whether it was an enjoyment issue, Rocket insisted he just prefers to get his hours in on better tables.
"I just enjoy playing," he added. "I like being able to play some safeties without the pressure of thinking if I miss I will lose the frame.
"These tables play so good that if you can get as many shots in as you can, why not? We are not going anywhere are we? I enjoy being out there when the tables are so fantastic. There is no better place to get practice than on a match table."
Scottish Open
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