It's not every day, or indeed every year, that a professional snooker player benefits from the kind of fluke Judd Trump did against Liang Wenbo.
The Bristolian smashed open a pack of reds in a very surprising fashion en route to clinching victory and reaching the last 16 of the Scottish Open, and somehow got rewarded for doing so.
It was a total hit-and-hope, but Trump ended up downing what proved to be a crucial pot as he closed out the win, and he reflected on his stroke of luck after the match in the Eurosport studio.
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The world number one told Andy Goldstein and Ken Doherty that he just wanted to try and 'hit every single ball', and the tactic worked.
"I mean, Wenbo was already at the table by the time the ball went in the pocket, he was excited to get back to the table," Trump told Eurosport.
"I think four reds went safe, so even if it didn't go in he might not have been on one there.
"It was an amazing safety. It was a shot to nothing, really.
At that point I didn't care and I just tried to hit every single ball and just see what happened!
"I'm quite happy about that. I was due a really good fluke and now I've got one."

Trump: 'I was due a really good fluke!'

Goldstein concluded that it was "incredible" and "one of the best flukes I've ever seen".
As for Doherty, he added with a laugh: "It's one of those shots where you say: 'Was anyone hurt?'"
Neal Foulds described it on commentary during the match as, "the most outrageous fluke you will ever see, unbelievable. You wouldn't dare look at your opponent after that."


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