Mark Selby has teased Ronnie O'Sullivan over his tip problems ahead of their Scottish Open final on Sunday.
The pair are set to meet on Sunday to contest the Scottish Open, with Selby - the defending champion - making he his way to the final with a hugely impressive 6-1 win over Jamie Jones.
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Speaking after the match, he told Eurosport that he was looking forward to the final, but found time to get a dig in at O'Sullivan's complaints over his tip.
"Every game you play against Ronnie is a great occasion so tomorrow will be no exception," he said, before referencing O'Sullivan's issues with the tip of his cue.
"I'm not really sure about the tip at the moment. I sort of know where he's coming from if you're not happy with it, you've got to change it.

Selby: Every time Ronnie misses, it's the tip's fault

It's funny, every time he missed a shot, it was the tip's fault.
When asked about his own cue and tip, Selby hinted that he thought his rival for the championship was using his problems as an excuse.
"It's still on the end of my cue, at the moment!" he explained.
"It's been on a few tournaments, it's getting quite low now, but there's still plenty on it to last a couple of weeks.
I'll be keeping that one on for the Grand Prix, I think, unless I miss a few shots and then I can use it as an excuse.
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