Stephen Maguire has expressed his frustration at playing snooker in a Covid-secure bubble following his surprise Scottish Open first-round exit to Zak Surety, ranked 119 in the world, on Monday.
The 39-year-old lost 4-1 at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, which was also the venue for the UK Championship last week, where Maguire reached the last-32.
Players have had to stay at the on-site hotel or travel directly from home.
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The world number eight, who showed his annoyance by smashing into the pack from the break-off in the fourth frame, admits the unusual conditions have been overwhelming.
"I've had enough of the hotel," the Scot said after his defeat.
It's just too much for me, it's too much for me to be away and locked in a room. It takes a strong mind to stay in your room all the time and I've obviously not got that.
"He played too good, far too good. I didn't get going and he deserved his win. He put me under pressure and I couldn't get in amongst the balls. Fair play, I hope he does well in the tournament."

Maguire smashes into pack from break-off

He added: "I've just had enough, just had enough, enjoy Christmas, forget about it. It's not a big deal. Come back refreshed next year.
"I shouldn't have come down. I knew I shouldn't have come down. I wasn't ready to come down. I got what I deserved there.
"It makes it easy now because I miss the tournament and the cue can go away and I can regroup and see how we get on next year."
Maguire will no longer take part in the World Grand Prix next week.
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