After he completed his latest victory at the Scottish Open, Eurosport posed Judd Trump with a tricky and very important question.
Fresh off beating Mark King to reach the next round in the latest tournament held in the Milton Keynes bubble, the Bristolian was asked to compare the difficulty of three very special sporting achievements.
Eurosport presenter Andy Goldstein, along with snooker legend Jimmy White, posed Trump with the question: which is hardest: 147, hole-in-one, nine-dart finish? Goldstein even threw in the perfect score of 300 in ten-pin bowling.
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Former world champion Trump did not hesitate in dismissing a hole-in-one from the equation and settled very convincingly on the 147 as being the most difficult to pull off.

Which is hardest: 147, hole-in-one, nine-dart finish? Judd Trump has the answer

"For me it's the 147," he said. "By quite a distance, really. I think the hole-in-one isn't even in it - a hole-in-one is quite easy, even I've done one of them!
"A nine-darter: it's nine darts, but every one is the same, really. It's always in the same kind of order.
In snooker, the balls can be anywhere and it takes longer to do it, so it takes more concentration. There are more factors that can go wrong in a 147.
"You need a lot of luck I think in a 147. You need things to go your way. You can get a kick, I don't know if there's anything equivalent in darts? Maybe a bounce-out, but that's if you hit the wire, not the centre of the board.
"So I think there is a lot more that can go wrong in a 147."

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As a satisfied Goldstein concluded after Trump's emphatic answer: "So there we go, it's a fact, Judd has said it".


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