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Well played Fergal O'Brien! That's us for tonight - see you again tomorrow at 12.45pm GMT.
The Masters
'It is about balancing and doing what works for you' - Robertson
16/01/2022 AT 22:03

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 2-3 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-4 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 4-0 Gao Yang [74]
  • Chang Bingyu [99] 2-2 Dave Gilbert [20]
  • Gary Wilson [28] 1-1 Anthony Hamilton [47]

Fergal O'Brien beats Kyren Wilson 4-1!

The world number 78 sorts out the world number 5! What a tremendous win and performance this is,settled with a 140 total clearance! Amazing! Fergal meets Anthony Hamilton or Gary Wilson next.

Wilson 1-3 O'Brien (0-110)

Kyren hasn't played badly tonight - he's missed a few balls but he's made some belters - and yet he's been pasted. That tells us that Fergal has punished him superbly, and rightly and properly, he gets is century.

Wilson 1-3 O'Brien (0-87)

Fergal bags them well, and this has been a blinder of a run. You can feel his nerves through the screen - he really needs the ranking points and presumably wouldn't mind the money either - but the way he's picked off balls, taking no risks and making pressure pots has been brilliant. Can he finish it with a ton?

Wilson 1-3 O'Brien (0-63)

Ever so carefully, Fergal has manufactured a decent chance here, but he's nervous, tickling in every ball to make sure of the pot. Still, he's already got a decent lead, and when he forces home a red despite awkward bridging, a bearable kiss on the black puts him in a strong position. But as he addresses the final loose red, he needs to dislodge another, either off this or the next black ... and it'll have to be the latter because he doesn't do it off the former. Key shot coming up ... and it's not great, but is it good enough? He's got balls to both middle bags, neither easy, and here we go! He sees one away, the blue puts him 63 in front, and after it he'll need two more reds which are now frely available...

Wilson 1-3 O'Brien (0-25)

In what looks like materialising into a long, tactical exchange, Kyren hits a red too thick, goes in-off, and leaves it to middle. Fergal quickly despatches it, and when he works his way up the table, dislodges a red from the cluster when he had an angle to send them all over. So he has to dig in again off the pink, but scared of a potential plant, does so softly, the tension ramping up with every shot and every moment spent thinking.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 2-2 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-4 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 4-0 Gao Yang [74]
  • Chang Bingyu [99] 1-2 Dave Gilbert [20]
  • Gary Wilson [28] 1-1 Anthony Hamilton [47]

Wilson 1-3 O'Brien

A break of 39 is more than enough for the frame; can Fergal get over that missed pink to middle?

Wilson 0-3 O'Brien (70-7)

Fergal leaves a difficult one, needing to go long to the yellow pocket, and Kyren sinks it. He's going to get himself on the board here, and will fancy the task now.

Wilson 0-3 O'Brien (47-7)

Fergal takes his time over a pink, bridging awkwardly, which gives him plenty of time to think about the match situation, and he pushes it directly into the far knuckle. I can't see Kyren letting him off the hook again in this one. Er, yes I can, he runs out of position and has to play safe.

Wilson 0-3 O'Brien (33-7)

Kyrizzle rifles home the yellow and splatters the pack off of it ... but winds up on nowt! Well, nowt easy, and he misses one to right middle! This is as good a chance as Fergal can possibly have hoped for, but can he hold it down?!

Wilson 0-3 O'Brien (28-0)

Fergal leaves one over right corner and Kyren sinks it, white tight on the bottom cushion. And what a blue he follows it with, clouted to the yellow pocket when missing it might've meant the end. Serious stones, that, but his long-potting has been superb all night - it's just the silly misses costing him.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 2-2 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-4 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 4-0 Gao Yang [74]
  • Chang Bingyu [99] 0-2 Dave Gilbert [20]
  • Gary Wilson [28] 1-0 Anthony Hamilton [47]

Wilson 0-3 O'Brien

Fergal sends the green to right middle, tickles home the brown, and Kyren needs four straight!

Wilson 0-2 O'Brien (33-64)

Fergal drains the yellow but can't take out the green, so on we go.

Wilson 0-2 O'Brien (33-62)

Down it goes, then he makes damn sure to see off the black, putting him 29 ahead with 27 left. The yellow is a difficult one, long to its own pocket, and Fergal gets nowhere near it, but he's still a strong favourite for the frame. As for Kyren, he's sorted some gorgeous pots tonight, but silly errors at key moments have cost him.

Wilson 0-2 O'Brien (33-54)

The snooker yields a chance for Kyren, and he nails a pink to the green pocket - he's potting very nicely here - but still chasing position. Eventually, though, he eases his way into prime position ... then catches the near angle when attempting a relatively simple red to right corner, being extra-careful to send it down! This is great chance for 3-0, but the final red is stuck to the side cushion and Fergal will need it. Here he goes, screwing off the black ... and he's a little short of pace, so isn't right behind it. Out come the rest and extension, but he'll still need a colour if he sinks it..

Wilson 0-2 O'Brien (7-38)

And now it's Fergal going in-off, running out of position and playing pink and blue to baulk, only to send the white into the yellow pocket. Again, Kyren nails a fine long starter, but he winds up on nowt so snuggles in behind the pink. This frame might just decide the match.

Wilson 0-2 O'Brien (0-30)

Kyren misses a tricky red to left middle and that invites Fergal to the table again! He's quickly onto the black, but it's a tricky cut-back ... and down it goes! He's seeing it big here! The difficulty is that the black isn't in commission, to the left of the cluster, but there are plenty points to be had via pink and blue ... until he misses a straightforward red with the rest! Might that be a turning point in the match? Er no! Kyren feathers in a red to middle on his way up to baulk ... but screws the white towards the green pocket and down it goes! What was he thinking?! Kyren is in colossal trouble now.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 2-1 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-4 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 4-0 Gao Yang [74]
  • Chang Bingyu [99] 0-1 Dave Gilbert [20]
  • Gary Wilson [28] 0-0 Anthony Hamilton [47]

Wilson 0-2 O'Brien

Kyren's cueing nicely, as evidenced by the long pots he's vanished, but Fergal's in nick too and has punished errors in the way, say, Alfie Lines couldn't when playing Mark Selby this afternoon.

Wilson 0-1 O'Brien (10-66)

This is terrific stuff from Fergal, who's extremely composed out there. He misses a red when two snookers are required and Kyren absolutely lickshots a red diagonally, white near the yellow pocket, to right corner. But he misses his second black, and that'll mean a concession.

Wilson 0-1 O'Brien (1-27)

Fergal is buzzing and sinks a long, slow red to left corner, then works his way onto the black, but when he comes to his second one, the bridging is awkward and he jawses it! The black flies towards the middle of the table, which won't help Kyren, who smacks home a starter, hoping to land on something, doesn't, so plays safe off the blue. And it's Fergal in next, crafting what might me another frame-winning contribution!

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 1-1 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-4 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 4-0 Gao Yang [74]
  • Chang Bingyu [99] 0-0 Dave Gilbert [20]

Wilson 0-1 O'Brien

A run of 97 and Fergal stretches in front in confident style.

Wilson 0-0 O'Brien (27-67)

Fergal's taking these nicely, but he'll need three of the remaining four reds that are blocking each other ... and by sending one of them home via plant, he releases the others. That missed black is going to sting Kyren and rightly so, one to left corner securing the frame.

Wilson 0-0 O'Brien (27-8)

Another good long one form Kyren, again to right corner, and when he goes into pack the split is a friendly one. This is a pretty good chance to secure the frame, except as I type that he misses a black off its spot, put off by the red on the top cushion that he wants to avoid in follow-through. That gives Fergal a chance, because the tale is set invitingly.

Wilson 0-0 O'Brien (18-0)

A poor break-off from O'Brien leaves the white above the baulk line and Wilson quickly despatches a fine long red. He's made more tons than anyone else so far this season, which tells us his cue-ball control is improving - he was always great from distance. And here his now, about the black spot and carrying on the fine form we saw him in at the UK last week - he'll have thought himself in with a great chance of winning his first major, and it took the match of Luca Brecel's life to beat him, just. Anyhow, he can't quite get through to the red at the bottom of the cluster, so has to play safe.

Coming up next

Kyren Wilson [5] v Fergal O'Brien [77]

Ronnie speaks

He notes that Michael's drawn him twice now, which isn't really fair, saying that the first-round losers should at least get their expenses, then they can call it a job, and that the money can come off the winner's cheque because they're not going to miss it. He's right.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 1-0 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-3 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 3-0 Gao Yang [74]

Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Michael Georgiou 4-0!

Runs of 68, 88, 72 and 86 do the job in 37 minutes - it's amazing how he makes the brilliant routine - and O'Sullivan plays Liang Wembo next. Never take him for granted.

O'Sullivan 3-0 Georgiou (79-0)

A lovely shot from the side cushion, sending red to middle, encourages the director to cut to Michael, who looks resigned, and moments later, here's match-ball caressed to left corner. This is brilliant stuff, but can he sustain it when the competition gets harder?

O'Sullivan 3-0 Georgiou (30-0)

After a poor safety from Michael that leaves the white down the business end, Ronnie glides home a starter and off he goes again. Quickly, he clears the routes to the corners, and after 34 minutes of play the end is in sight.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 0-0 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-2 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 2-0 Gao Yang [74]

O'Sullivan 3-0 Georgiou

I guess there's something nice about playing Ronnie, but when you don't paid if you lose in the first round, getting him twice in three tournaments really isn't what you need.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Georgiou (72-0)

Michael's only potted two single reds so far - the chances just haven't been there. On 72, Ronnie misses a black to left corner ... and Michael stays in his seat, though four reds remain and the first of them is an easy one.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Georgiou (63-0)

Ronnie digs into the pack and the split is nice but the position isn't ... so he vanishes a long one into the yellow pocket the clatters the back. He's playing very nicely tonight, and will have known that any miss, given where the balls were, would've given Michael a chance to clear up. Not tonight, old mate.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Georgiou (22-0)

Yeah, Ronnie's in again. Michael is not long for this tournament.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 0-0 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-1 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 2-0 Gao Yang [74]

O'Sullivan 2-0 Georgiou

No ton,just a mangy run of 88, but that's another frame done - in six minutes, the first two in 22.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Georgiou (88-1)

Frame-ball is a red to the yellow pocket, mid-distance and straight; he strokes it home hard, and there's not much Michael can do about it.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Georgiou (46-1)

Michael sends down a red but on nothing, tries to feather the green all the way down the table. The ref isn't sure if he brushes it but Ronnie says he did and the technology is inconclusive, so he doesn't take the points. But by the looks of things it's not going to matter because Ronnie is methodically removing balls, little cannons on reds clearing routes to both corners for the black and making all the reds pottable. It's really quite amazing how good he is at this, in a complete league of his own - every shot looks an easy one because he's so clever in the early stages of a break.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson [35] 0-0 Steven Hallworth [70]
  • Stuart Carrington [51] 0-0 Jamie Jones [50]
  • Ryan Day [26] 1-0 Gao Yang [74]

O'Sullivan 1-0 Georgiou

A run of 68 and it's 1-0. Michael needs to get himself straight, or he'll be on the way home.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Georgiou (80-1)

This is every bit as competent as you expect, Ronnie (apparently) effortlessly removing balls.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Georgiou (19-1)

A red apiece to begin, then Ronnie sticks Michael in an invidious position that elicits a foul-miss. Ronnie responds with a red along the rail followed by a black, but sends the next ball into the far knuckle of left-middle, leaving Michael with an easy starter. He sinks it, but then clouts a blue to the green pocket and doesn't get close to close. It's going to cost him, I shouldn't wonder, because things have suddenly opened up - as they're wont to do when TMNTPETPUAC is in the vicinity.

The boyz are baizing...

And off we go!

Catching up

  • 14:00 - Lee Walker [83] 1-4 Jimmy Robertson [48]
  • 14:00 - Joe Perry [21] 2-4 Luca Brecel [44]
  • 14:00 - Matthew Selt [33] 4-0 Andrew Higginson [62]
  • 14:00 - Si Jiahui (a) 1-4 Ben Hancorn [81]

Evening all!

Bit of Ronald Antonio O'Sullivan is it? It's not such a bad old life. He meets Michael Georgiou - who, you might recall, he whacked at the English Open last month. But you never know, and Georgiou can pot balls, so let's see what happens.

That's us for the afternoon

Join me again just before 7pm GMT and we'll have ourselves an evening.

Around the tables

  • Sanderson Lam (a) 0-4 Ben Woolaston [52]
  • Pang Junxu [66] 4-2 Iulian Boiko [106]
  • Anthony McGill [16] 4-1 Chris Wakelin [61]

Mark Selby beats Oliver Lines 4-1!

He made hard work of that, but finishes with a ton - 107, the black staying out - and he's still never lost a match in the Scottish Open. he meets Xiao Guodong next, while Oli had his chances but never really looked like taking them.

Selby 3-1 Lines (68-7)

OK, you do know. Mark gets the lead to 50 by removing all the easy reds, then splits a cluster of four by sliding one of their number to left-middle. The black follows, which takes him to baulk to remove the red that's there, and this is over.

Selby 3-1 Lines (26-7)

Oli's totally out of sync with himself now - the protracted safety has messed with his timing - and another attempted pot, battered too hard, leaves Mark, er, in and around the black spot. You don't expect him to mess this up, but he's not flowed at all today, so you never know.

Selby 3-1 Lines (3-7)

Oli gets in but can only manage a red-blue, then to compound his woes Mark hammers in a long one to left corner. He makes his way up the table via yellow and gets nicely on the next ball ... only to dribble it into the jaws! Chance for Oli, that he fritters immediately, flicking it on his way past it to pot it, and now even a decent safety shot is an ask, the spider deployed to get the white onto the top cushion.

Selby 3-1 Lines

Yup, Mark mops up again, the final score in the frame a princely 57-1.

Selby 2-1 Lines (41-1)

Oli has a go at a long one to left corner and gets close, but instead leaves it for Mark to see away off the side cushion. A poor pot on the yellow then hits the knuckle of right middle and the security element, dropping in behind the green, also doesn't work out. Both men then have huge whiffs at reds and Oli's leaves Mark another opportunity; surely he'll finally consign this frame to forgotten history, where it belongs.

Selby 2-1 Lines (34-1)

Oli drains the next red and it's a goodun, but it yields just a point, and when Mark despatches the next, followed by a blue, Oli must be fearing the worst. He can't, though. get position on the next ball, so we're back playing safety.

Selby 2-1 Lines (27-0)

Sure enough, he foul-misses twice, then connects with two close to the top cushion which forces Mark to play back to baulk.

Selby 2-1 Lines (19-0)

Oli might just've missed his chance. Mark is at the table, potting balls and looking solid. The black is currently tied up, but the blue's doing the work, until he cannons the pink, just above it, and winds up tight to the former. All he can do is snuggle behind it, but Oli will have a job getting down then up the table, hitting a red and leaving nothing.

Around the tables

  • Sanderson Lam (a) 0-2 Ben Woolaston [52]
  • Pang Junxu [66] 3-1 Iulian Boiko [106]
  • Anthony McGill [16] 2-1 Chris Wakelin [61]

Selby 2-1 Lines

Yup, a 35-minute frame is won by Mark's 43 - it's extremely typical, in other words - but Oli is still bang in this.

Selby 1-1 Lines (60-19)

Mark runs out of position with the Oli needing two snookers, so pushes a red safe - one of two remaining - while playing safe. We chase for a bit and Oli takes a red-black, but this will soon be 2-1.

Selby 1-1 Lines (25-11)

Just as I say that, a loose one from Oli lets Mark in again, but he winds up kissing the black, which is on the top cushion and, as Phil Yates notes, there are few better than he at realising when a break's over and finding an unpleasant spot in which to place his opponent. But he doesn't find anything especially good, so it's Oli who gets on next, but on 11 he tries to coax one along the rail and it won't quite wobble down for him. That's going to cost him, and he may live to rue another missed opportunity because mark is back in business.

Selby 1-1 Lines (10-0)

Mark gets in but then misses a clip to middle; I wasn't expecting that, and he's up off the shot quickly, so must've known it was a bust. He doesn't leave anything though, so we're back playing safety. But eventually, Mark prevails, of course he does, sinks a starter, and gets to work. but he's struggling to open the pack, digging into them twice for little yield before playing safe. It's a good contest this, is this, this is - Oli's safety game is on-point so far.

Around the tables

  • Sanderson Lam (a) 0-1 Ben Woolaston [52]
  • Pang Junxu [66] 2-0 Iulian Boiko [106]
  • Anthony McGill [16] 1-0 Chris Wakelin [61]

Selby 1-1 Lines

Mark misses a yellow that prevents him from registering yet another ton, but he'll take the 92 and we're all-square.

Selby 0-1 Lines (66-15)

That's the thing, you can't be wasting chances like the one Oli did against a payer of Mark's calibre; that's what caused him to take on that long red, and the world number one is now looking nicely grooved.

Selby 0-1 Lines (21-15)

This time, it's Oli who flicks the pink, but it's Mark who makes the first serious mistake, leaving a red over left corner that offers a simple path to the black, off top then side cushion. But a poor shot causes him to hit a red when he planned to come off the cushion and he has to play safe, extremely naused. And is, no doubt, all the more so when he misses a long red by a distance, handing Mark the next opportunity. There are reds available and the black goes to both pockets.

Around the tables

  • Sanderson Lam (a) 0-0 Ben Woolaston [52]
  • Pang Junxu [66] 1-0 Iulian Boiko [106]
  • Anthony McGill [16] 0-0 Chris Wakelin [61]

Selby 0-1 Lines

Oli took his chance very well indeed, and this is getting interesting.

Selby 0-0 Lines (20-70)

In comms, Neal says that Mark feels everyone's playing well against him at the moment, agreeing he's never seen Hossein Vafaei play better than he did in knocking him out last week. And look at Oli, just when he seems to have run out of position, he keeps the break going by floating a cut long to the green pocket. He'd eliminated one of the tough balls by then, and by the time he plays safe off the other, he's recorded a run of 64 which means Mark needs to clear to tie. And there we go, Mark smacks the red, leaves it, and tries to concede when it's not his go, which isn't allowed. So Oli sinks it, and he does the deed.

Selby 0-0 Lines (20-43)

Mark jawses a red you don't expect him too - he hit it harder than necessary - and Oliver is quickly to work. He's fighting to keep on the tour, so there's pressure for him here - this isn't a free hit. He's cueing nicely too, but will need the two reds marooned on black cush, so there's plenty of work still to do

Selby 0-0 Lines (20-6)

Oliver is 68 in the world but he's got some talent - his dad Peter does too, he's 83 in the world - and he puts Mark behind the brown taking the six when the first escape brushes the pink; Mark escapes second go. And shortly afterwards his hand is on the table because Oli catches a red thick, it's sent to left middle, and Mark is quickly in amongst it. He didn't used to play in this competition because he wanted to focus on the UK, but now it's part of the Home International series it's not one to miss, and he's won the last two. Of course he has.

And away we go...

The boyz are baized...

Already today

  • 10:00 - Xiao Guodong [32] 4-2 Duane Jones [92]
  • 10:00 - Mark Davis [49] 1-4 Tom Ford [24]
  • 10:00 - Akani Songsermsawad [57] 1-4 Stephen Maguire [9]
  • 10:00 - Robbie Williams [68] 2-4 Lei Peifan [118]

Afternoon all!

This is what we've got for you today, but we'll be focusing on Selby v Lines - it should be decent, so settle yourselves in.
  • 13:00 - Mark Selby [1] v Oliver Lines [69]
  • 13:00 - Sanderson Lam (a) v Ben Woolaston [52]
  • 13:00 - Pang Junxu [66] v Iulian Boiko [106]
  • 14:00 - Lee Walker [83] v Jimmy Robertson [48]
  • 14:00 - Joe Perry [21] v Luca Brecel [44]
  • 14:00 - Matthew Selt [33] v Andrew Higginson [62]
  • 14:00 - Si Jiahui (a) v Ben Hancorn [81]

'Unbelievable shot!' - Trump wows during first round win over Milkins

Judd Trump played an early contender for shot of the tournament in his opening-round win over Robert Milkins at the Scottish Open.
World No 2 Trump looked in excellent form throughout the match .
The standout shot from the three-time Scottish Open semi-finalist came in the fourth frame when he went for a red that was tight against the cushion next to the middle pocket.
With the match already wrapped up, Trump powered the red perfectly down the side of the table and into the bottom corner, much to the amazement of those watching.
“Quite incredible, unbelievable shot,” said Eurosport commentator Joe Johnson.
“That’s why we love to watch him play.”

'Unbelievable shot!' - Trump wows in first round win over Milkins

Tuesday's schedule

  • 10:00 - Xiao Guodong [32] v Duane Jones [92]
  • 10:00 - Mark Davis [49] v Tom Ford [24]
  • 10:00 - Akani Songsermsawad [57] v Stephen Maguire [9]
  • 10:00 - Robbie Williams [68] v Lei Peifan [118]
  • 13:00 - Mark Selby [1] v Oliver Lines [69]
  • 13:00 - Anthony McGill [16] v Chris Wakelin [61]
  • 13:00 - Sanderson Lam (a) v Ben Woolaston [52]
  • 13:00 - Pang Junxu [66] v Iulian Boiko [106]
  • 14:00 - Lee Walker [83] v Jimmy Robertson [48]
  • 14:00 - Joe Perry [21] v Luca Brecel [44]
  • 14:00 - Matthew Selt [33] v Andrew Higginson [62]
  • 14:00 - Si Jiahui (a) v Ben Hancorn [81]
  • 19:00 - Scott Donaldson [35] v Steven Hallworth [70]
  • 19:00 - Ronnie O'Sullivan [3] v Michael Georgiou (a)
  • 19:00 - Stuart Carrington [51] v Jamie Jones [50]
  • 20:00 - Kyren Wilson [5] v Fergal O'Brien [77]
  • 20:00 - Gary Wilson [28] v Anthony Hamilton [47]
  • 20:00 - Jackson Page [110] v Michael Judge [116]
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