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Scottish Open
Top 10 shots from the Scottish Open featuring O'Sullivan, Trump, Brecel
13/12/2021 AT 08:56

Around the tables

  • Kyren Wilson [5] 4-0 Andy Hicks [104]
  • Stuart Bingham [13] 1-4 Andrew Higginson [62]
  • Shaun Murphy [6] 2-3 Ng On Yee (f) [120]
  • Bai Langning (a) 0-3 Ben Hancorn [81]

John Higgins beats Alfie Burden 4-1!

He meets Noppin Saengkham next; that should be a jazzer.

Higgins 3-1 Burden (63-32)

John can't get at the next red, but a shot later, sinks it via cross-double. This is absolutely did.

Higgins 3-1 Burden (52-32)

Or not. John misses a cut to right middle, developing the blue in the process, but once Alfie drains his first ball, there three remaining reds are either on or near the side cushion. But trying to disturb one he misses the black, and will now be fearing the worst. John does, though, need the last two reds - he's already eliminated one.

Higgins 3-1 Burden (16-31)

Alfie goes in-off, and if John can manufacture an angle to splat the pack in a few shots' time, this will be curtains. He does it off a cut-back black, a tricky shot on its own, and winds up with noting but a tightun to right middle, and trying to force it, he misses. But Alfie misses one of his own to the opposite bag, and that could well be that.

Higgins 3-1 Burden (0-31)

John misses a red, doesn't get a good white, and Alfie cues really nicely in sending home a starter, diagonally to right corner. But on 30, he gets a kick when potting a red to left middle ... only for it to take both knuckles and skitter off into the green pocket! This game. And to underline the point, as I say that, he misses a blue to middle, only for John to miss when he returns to the table.

Around the tables

  • Kyren Wilson [5] 4-0 Andy Hicks [104]
  • Stuart Bingham [13] 1-4 Andrew Higginson [62]
  • Shaun Murphy [6] 2-3 Ng On Yee (f) [120]
  • Bai Langning (a) 0-3 Ben Hancorn [81]

Higgins 3-1 Burden

And he's on the board! Do we got ourselves a ball-game?

Higgins 3-0 Burden (5-63)

Alfie's taking these nicely, and a red along the top rail means he's avoided the whitewash.

Higgins 3-0 Burden (5-15)

John clips home a plant from middle to right corner but misses the brown and leaves a simple starter. Alfie sinks it, but quickly runs out of position menaing his highest break remains 31, when chasing snookers in frame one. A decent safety elicits another chance but ... only to go in-off after draining the red. If John can see away the next ball, he's not long for this match ... but no, it rattles about the jaws, and this is now very scrappy. So Alfie sets off again; ca he capitalise?

Higgins 3-0 Burden

One-way traffic so far; John's not played that well, but he's played more than well enough.

Er, ignore that0-2

We're back for some bonus John Higgins.

Righto, that's us for tonight

Join us again tomorrow at 12.45pm GMT for more glorious snook.

Judd speaks

He decided to relax more, enjoy it, and play a bit quicker. When he loses, he goes back to work - he had a day off after the UK, but doesn't get too high when he wins or too low when he loses. He doesn't like the big gaps between matches at the UK, he wants to keep playing, and next year he'll try his best and probably try something different. In the meantime, though, he's happy with his performance tonight and looking forward to his next match.

Judd Trump beats Robert Milkins 4-0!

In a princely 47 minutes. He is quite good at snooker, and meets Craig Steadman next.

Trump 3-0 Milkins (72-30)

With Robert already needing two snookers, Judd jams in behind the final red, on the side cushion and the baulk side of left-middle, sending it hurtling into left corner. That cue-action looks like it's back. But on 85, with another ton right there for him, he misses the blue. Pathetic.

Trump 3-0 Milkins (25-30)

Oi vey. Robert runs out of position so tries to send a red towards the side cushion, taking the white off to baulk. But he underhits the shot, leaving the ball he played off free, and he'll do well to get another go; indeed, as I type that, Judd digs into the cluster and the match is at his mercy. But as I type that - maybe I should stop typing - he makes a brown harder than it needs to be, quickly clipping it to the yellow pocket like it's nothing, and this is five to finished.

Trump 3-0 Milkins (0-22)

Robert strokes a classy opener long and dead weight to right corner from close to the baulk cushion, follows it with a black, and this is another chance; he knows what'll happen if he botches it too.

Around the tables

  • Kyren Wilson [5] 2-0 Andy Hicks [104]
  • Stuart Bingham [13] 0-2 Andrew Higginson [62]
  • Shaun Murphy [6] 0-1 Ng On Yee (f) [120]

Trump 3-0 Milkins

And there it is. Milkins just can't get going - he's had chances in frames two and three - but he's also been ruthlessly punished for not taking them.

Trump 2-0 Milkins (48-2)

But then Judd overscrews off the black, making the next red a tricky one, and he overcuts it wide of left middle. And it's Robert in next, but he slightly overruns so the cut-back black is tricky; he knows it, but commits to it properly like the soldier he is and misses onto the far knuckle. This is going to be another frame to Judd.

Trump 2-0 Milkins (24-1)

Judd tentatively takes on a long one, leaves it, and here comes Robert again. He comes back into the cluster, so has to attempt blue to green pocket, and he gets close ... but not close enough. Immediately, Judd is at the table potting balls, and this could be a very quick night indeed.

Around the tables

  • Kyren Wilson [5] 1-0 Andy Hicks [104]
  • Stuart Bingham [13] 0-2 Andrew Higginson [62]
  • Shaun Murphy [6] 0-0 Ng On Yee (f) [120]

Trump 2-0 Milkins

No century this time, Judd settling for a mere 87. The things sent to test us.

Trump 1-0 Milkins (66-6)

The black's on the cushion, but this frame is securable, if securable is a word - ok, and even if it isn't - with pinks. Judd looks very warm here, and Robert is in grief.

Trump 1-0 Milkins (26-6)

Robert leaves a tempter, a really fine cut into left middle, and Judd glides it home beautifully before rolling a black along the rail and it ... eventually drops home. He can't get further than 15, but when Robert attempts a long red to right corner and it leaps out of the pocket, the white also goes down and that is going to cost him a packet.

Trump 1-0 Milkins (0-6)

Milkins is, of course, a decent player - he's ranked 34 in the world, making this a tricky opening draw. He's also won four of seven matches against Judd, though the last of those was a decade ago, and gets in first in frame two when a poor safety leaves a red over the pocket. It's covered by the blue, but a swerves sees it away only for the split to go badly. They end up playing in and out of the cluster and Robert suggests a re-rack; nothing doing.

Around the tables

  • Kyren Wilson [5] 0-0 Andy Hicks [104]
  • Stuart Bingham [13] 0-0 Andrew Higginson [62]
  • Shaun Murphy [6] v Ng On Yee (f) [120] (delayed)

Trump 1-0 Milkins

A run of 100 exactly, and Judd is set.

Trump 0-0 Milkins (76-0)

In triple-quick time, Judd makes the frame safe, and will now set his sights on (yet another) ton.

Trump 0-0 Milkins (40-0)

Judd didn't sound happy the last time I heard him speak, saying he couldn't get going during the UK Championships. He also started worrying about his cue action, which is the last thing a natural a player so natural needs to concern himself with. But he's away immediately tonight, punishing a poor break-off from Robert, and quickly compiling a significant lead.

And away we go!

The boyz are baizing...

Coming up next

We'll be bringing you live coverage of Judd Trump v Robert Milkins, and also be updating you on:
  • Kyren Wilson [5] v Andy Hicks [104]
  • Stuart Bingham [13] v Andrew Higginson [62]
  • Shaun Murphy [6] v Ng On Yee (f) [120]

Evening all!

We go again...

Boys on the baize tonight

Ding Junhui and Jack Lisowski both losing in the first round. Unexpected defeats. We'll be back at 6:45pm GMT with more from the first round of the Scottish Open with Judd Trump facing Robert Milkins and John Higgins meeting Alfie Burden. See you then.

Around the tables

  • James Cahill 0-4 Ben Woollaston
  • Barry Hawkins 0-4 Pang Junxu
  • Amaan Iqbal 1-4 Noppon Saengkham
  • Yan Bingtao 4-0 Zak Surety
  • Mark Selby 4-1 Sean Maddocks
  • Stephen Maguire 4-3 Yuan SiJun
  • Jack Lisowski 1-4 Stuart Carrington
  • Ding Junhui 3-4 Zhang Anda
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-2 Dominic Dale

O'Sullivan 4-2 Dale

"I like Dom. I like having a chat with him. He's a good bloke," said O'Sullivan after Dale came over to speak to him during the match.
"Lets hope it is not a flash in the pan," said O'Sullivan on Zhao Xintong's 10-5 win over Luca Brecel in the UK final. "He's got the potential. Lets hope he can kick on. It was quite inspiring to watch."

O'Sullivan 4-2 Dale

A brilliant break of 132 from the seven-times world champion. A 4-2 victory for the record 37-times ranking event winner. He will face Michael Georgiou in the last 64.

O'Sullivan 3-2 Dale (69-0)

All looking a bit ominous for Dale as break moves to 69. Could be a century to complete the victory. This match is over.

O'Sullivan 3-2 Dale (0-0)

O'Sullivan back in among the balls at the start of the sixth frame. Loose safety by Dale. What will Rocket Ronnie make here?

O'Sullivan 3-2 Dale (0-0)

What can you say about that? Nothing on when he came to the table, but he's cleared up with a break of 77 after Dale made 52. Different class from the six-times world champion.

O'Sullivan 2-2 Dale (13-56)

Fine long red and superb brown from O'Sullivan. Chance to launch the counter attack.

O'Sullivan 2-2 Dale (0-41)

Looks like neither man is overly keen on being out there, but Dale appearing to be more interested in the victory. An error by O'Sullivan gives the Welshman a chance to score some points at the outset of the fifth frame.

O'Sullivan 2-1 Dale (0-70)

A fairly rapid 58 from Dale to get the ball rolling in the fourth frame. Chance to put this frame away in one hit, but he breaks down on 58. O'Sullivan then can't hole a longish red down a cushion. Dale punches in red and black to leave O'Sullivan needing a snooker. And that will be 2-2.

O'Sullivan 2-1 Dale (0-0)

What a strange frame. O'Sullivan leads 2-1 despite being far from at his best as Dale leaves a green hanging over a pocket.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Dale (64-42)

Dale pops in the final red and black, but can't pot the yellow. Was a difficult cut. O'Sullivan looking for yellow and green for the frame and is helped when Dale wallops a white straight into a pocket of the yellow. He then drops another white straight into the yellow pocket. Bizarre stuff.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Dale (56-34)

O'Sullivan misses another red. Just needed red and black. One red left on the table. Bit of a safety joust to settle this.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Dale (33-26)

O'Sullivan with another crashing long red. Back in among the balls with the chance to score.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Dale (20-0)

Only 20 from O'Sullivan at the start of the third frame as he misses a cut on a red. Another chance for Dale to score a few points. O'Sullivan and Dale both happy to pass up chances so far.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Dale (0-0)

Dale breaks off and O'Sullivan responds by drilling home a long red. Is he finally going to slip into gear at the Scottish Open?

O'Sullivan 1-1 Dale (0-0)

Dale has had plenty of chances so far, but can't really cash in. Will he regret those misses? Going to be 1-1 in this match.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Dale (13-27)

Both men struggling a bit to get going here. All very scrappy before O'Sullivan powers home a delightful long red. Chance to get his scoring boots on.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Dale (1-1)

O'Sullivan yet to really settle in this match as he misses a black off the spot. Dale among the balls early on again in the second frame.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Dale (0-0)

The Welshman back at the table before piecing together a quickfire 68. No messing about from Dale as he trousers the first frame with minimal fuss.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Dale (20-1)

Lovely long red by Dale, but he misses a black off the spot. Chance for O'Sullivan to put some points on the board.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Dale (0-0)

Off we go then with the second match of the afternoon. Both men chasing a spot in the last 64.

Superb Selby

Breaks of 66, 57, 100, 135 and 51 from the four-times world champion. Not a bad way to get his week off and running.

Selby 4-1 Maddocks

A 51 break from Selby to finish off the victory. Different quality that from the world champion.

Selby 3-1 Maddocks (41-14)

Maddocks has been really positive in this match, but it looks like Selby is on course to seal his progress here. Not looking for too many more reds to complete the win.

Selby 3-1 Maddocks (0-0)

A second century of the match from Selby. It must be said, this has been simply superb from Selby. Very sharp and clinical from the Scottish Open champion. 135 from Selby. That was tremendous. Back-to-back centuries. Needs one more frame to reach the round of 64.

Selby 2-1 Maddocks (36-0)

Break moves to 36 from Selby, who is really looking sharp. Plays a little split on the pack of reds and he is back on the black here. Black and reds are all available. Should be 3-1 after this visit.

Selby 2-1 Maddocks (0-0)

A stunning century of 100 from Selby to restore his advantage. Looking for two more frames to progress. High quality start to this match.

Selby 1-1 Maddocks (70-8)

Selby 1-1 Maddocks (55-8)

Looking very much like 2-1 as the break goes to 54 from the world champion. Don't see him breaking down here.

Selby 1-1 Maddocks (15-8)

Safety error by Maddocks early on here. And that has presented Selby with a great chance to score. Right back in among the reds.

Selby 1-1 Maddocks (0-0)

The Liverpool lad not nervous in that contribution. Selby in bit of a match out there as he defends his title.

Selby 1-0 Maddocks (57-76)

Some response here from Maddocks. A 76 break from Maddocks and that restores parity at 1-1. What a statement after he was only one or two balls from falling 2-0 behind. Plenty to do, but was never out of position.

Selby 1-0 Maddocks (57-0)

He has made 57 so far in this second frame, but can't make any more. Breaks down as he can't swerve around a red to slot the red over the hole. Unfortunate as it was a nice split via the blue. Chance for Maddocks to counter.

Selby 1-0 Maddocks (0-0)

Maddocks still only 19 and ranked world number 114, but is sitting down again as Selby holes another long red to get this break started.

Selby 1-0 Maddocks (0-0)

Off we go then for the second frame. Maddocks the youngest player to make a competitive maximum at the age of 15, but tough going when you are older and playing for prize money among the big boys.

Selby 0-0 Maddocks (66-4)

Supreme start by Selby. Really, really impressive. Superb break with little on. Maddocks has seen enough and that will be 1-0 to the world number one in the race to four frames.

Selby 0-0 Maddocks (51-4)

This has been a brilliant start by Selby. Not easy to make a big break, but he has taken these quite splendidly. Just needing three more reds to see out the frame. Has played a lot of nice cannons to develop balls in this knock.

Selby 0-0 Maddocks (15-4)

Selby slots a long red. Fairly banged that one in. Pops in the black and a nice red to middle is followed by the yellow. Selby quickly into the groove in this match.

Good afternoon

We are live with world champion Mark Selby against Sean Maddocks in the opening match of the day and then Ronnie O'Sullivan facing Dominic Dale. All matches involving the top 16 are held over until the venue this week with a place in the last 64 up for grabs. First match between Selby and Maddocks on tour.
Stay tuned for live text commentary from Desmond Kane from 12:45 GMT

'The new superstar of snooker' - White expects Zhao to win 'many trophies'

Zhao Xintong is the "new superstar of snooker” and will take his game to a new level following his win over Luca Brecel in the final of the UK Championship, according to Jimmy White.
It has taken over a decade for a youngster who was beating Steve Davis as a teenager and knocking in centuries as a 10-year-old against Mark Williams in exhibitions to announce himself on the major stage.
But the potential was turned into end product at the Barbican on Sunday, as he dominated Brecel for a 10-5 success to lift the Triple Crown event.
As well as the trophy and a cheque for £200,000, the 24-year-old secured a place in the 2022 Masters - and White feels he is here to stay.
“He is a new superstar of snooker,” White said in the Eurosport studio. “Ronnie O'Sullivan has been texting me on his way up to the Scottish Open saying ‘this kid is on fire.’
“It was fantastic from start to finish and a worthy winner. He will win many, many trophies.”

'He's here to stay' - White expects Zhao to win 'many trophies'

Monday's schedule

Round 1

  • 10:00 - James Cahill (a) v Ben Woollaston [52]
  • 10:00 - Barry Hawkins [12] v Pang Junxu [66]
  • 10:00 - Amaan Iqbal (a) v Noppon Saengkham [38]
  • 10:00 - Yan Bingtao [15] v Zak Surety [87]
  • 13:00 - Mark Selby [1] v Sean Maddocks [111]
  • 13:00 - Stephen Maguire [9] v Yuan Sijun [109]
  • 13:00 - Jack Lisowski [14] v Stuart Carrington [51]
  • 13:00 - Ding Junhui [10] v Zhang Anda [114]
  • 16:00 - Anthony McGill [16] v Jamie Wilson [85]
  • 16:00 - Ronnie O'Sullivan [3] v Dominic Dale [60]
  • 16:00 - Mark Allen [11] v Martin O'Donnell [46]
  • 16:00 - Michael Holt [31] v Liam Graham (a)
  • 19:00 - Kyren Wilson [5] v Andy Hicks [104]
  • 19:00 - Stuart Bingham [13] v Andrew Higginson [62]
  • 19:00 - Shaun Murphy [6] v Ng On Yee (f) [120]
  • 19:00 - Judd Trump [2] v Robert Milkins [41]
  • 20:00 - Liang Wenbo [30] v Allan Taylor [75]
  • 20:00 - Sam Craigie [55] v Zhao Jianbo [74]
  • 20:00 - Bai Langning (a) v Ben Hancorn [81]
  • 20:00 - John Higgins [7] v Alfie Burden [113]
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