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Shoot Out
‘Knock me over!’ – Vafaei produces ‘perfect frame’ to win Shoot Out
23/01/2022 AT 23:39

Hossein speaks

He thanks the crowd for their support and dedicates his win to his gran - it's mother's day in Iran. He's been working hard and has lost a few semis to Mark; he's glad to make his people proud. He says that before him, no one knew anything about snooker at home, but now people want to argue with him, "Why did you play the pot not play safety." He's a great, great winner. Mazal tov.

Mark says he thought he'd played a decent break

Saying that Hossein's red was amazing and not something most players can do.

"This guy's a beautiful human being"

Says angles. I'm so so happy for him.

Hossein Vafaei beats Mark Williams 74-0 and wins the 2022 Shoot-out!

Williams 0-71 Vafaei

Hossein's gran died this week, so he'll no doubt be thinking of her, and he's been through the mill in general, struggling for visas and such. This is incredible - what a moment!

Williams 0-58 Vafaei

All that work, and Mark lose a final having done nothing but break. The lag is important, and this is nearly over! What scenes! Come on Hossein!

Williams 0-35 Vafaei

I first saw Hossein a couple of years ago and thought he had something then; he's a lot better now, and he's looking so composed out there. What a story this is going to be!

Williams 0-18 Vafaei

Oh yes! Hossein rams a sensational starter to right corner, follows it with a yellow, and he's starting to fashion an opportunity here...

Let's have it!

Our final

Mark J Williams v Hossein Vafaei
They've been the best players in this tournament, so it's nice they've made it to the end. We're in for a belter.

Hossein Vafaei beats Liang Wenbo 92-48!

Liang will have nightmares about that miscue, but Hossein is the first Iranian to reach a ranking tournament final!

Liang 48-74 Vafaei

Liang has to get hold of the yellow, but he misses it! That will be curtains.

Liang 48-61 Vafaei

One good positional shot gets Hossein behind the last red and he drains it, but he misses the yellow! There are two minutes left.

Liang 48-48 Vafaei

The balls are nicely set and Hossein is flowing; he's not going to need the 3.19 that he has left with two reds remaining!

Liang 48-23 Vafaei

With black available to both corners, Liang accumulates quickly, but almost home in the frame, he miscues on the black, missing everything! Oh my days! Hossein gets to the table with five minutes left, and suddenly a match that was dead is highly alive!

Liang 13-0 Vafaei

There's a touch of your Artie Buccos about Hossein, who misses a delicate long red to right corner, leaving it for Liang. He might not've played it, because ht wasn't on a colour, but Liang can play for blue, so now he's trying to build a lead.

Mark J Williams beats Robbie Williams 124-1!

An 80 clearance, finished with a one-handed black, and that is brilliant. Mark J is flying!

Mark 73-1 Robbie

Cut to Robbie looking rueful. The time's barely mattered here, Mark again waltzing through. He and Vafaei have bee the best players, but liang is well capable of beating both

Mark 45-1 Robbie

On 40, Mark doesn't get position, so he gets the rest out, sticking a couple of reds on the cushion along with the black. Robbie then fails to hit a cushion and that'll be curtains.

Mark 31-1 Robbie

Mark is so calm and so smooth, manipulating the white about the table like he's been doing it all his life, which he has. His second coming has been brilliant fun and brilliant for snooker.

Mark 6-1 Robbie

This sounds like some kind of Take That-related tabloid headline. Anyhow, Mark plays a poor safety and Robbie gets in, but he opts not to take on the black and plays safe. Mark then opts to try a tight one to middle with the white on black cush, Robbie misses to left corner, and Mark is in with points available.

Here we go!

A Williams derby, then

I guess I probably want Ronnie to win this thing now, because his career needs it the most and I imagine his bank account does too. But all the lads are extremely likable.

Semi-final draw

Mark J Williams v Robbie Williams
Hssein Vafaei v Liang Wenbo

Robbie Williams beats Billy-Joe Castle 69-0!

The last four have all nailed their quarters, and this last four should be proper.

Williams R 40-0 Castle

In comms, Fouldsy notes that Robbie made his break so quickly that there's plenty of time left - five minutes at that point. He plays some excellent safety, though, and forces Billy to force the issue, badly. Left a nice starter, this is probably over.

Williams R 38-0 Castle

This is good from Robbie, who's calmly eliminating balls. But then he runs out of position - as people often do in this format, because they eschew playing into the pack - going back to his seat with a decent lead.

Williams R 26-0 Castle

Left a red, Robbie takes it to right corner and sends the blue into the yellow pocket. He then works his way back up the table, but there's a red blocking the black - so it's back up for blue then down the side to see if off that way.

Hossein Vafaei beats Daniel Womersley 71-3!

What a tournament Daniel had. But it's Hossein who goes through, and he's in serious nick - he's improved so much over the last year.

Vafaei 59-3 Womersley

With four minutes to go, Hossein has got this. He misses the green when 59 ahead with 59 left; no one has ever won a frame needing snookers.

Vafamei 45-3 Womersley

Hossein has been the next-best player after Mark J, making a 123 earlier in the week. He can't make much of his opportunity but then gets some luck a few little cannons getting him on the black. This might be curtains, because enough points are out there.

Vafaei 14-3 Womersley

Daniel, remember, was a late amateur call-up, ad he gets away with a nice long red, then sinks the yellow. But he takes on a big shot, cannoning the pack taking a red to middle - you can understand why he gambled - misses, and Hossein is in!

Liang Wenbo beats Mark Allen 49-21!

That's a great win! Allen was playing really well and played pretty well in that frame - and Liang saw him off.

Allen 0-0 Liang (21-49)

What a pot along the rail from Mark, who drains a fine red down the side rail and the way the balls are, with his cue-ball control and bottle, you'd back him. But with 1.51 to go, he misses a black and turns it in!

Allen 0-0 Liang (8-49)

This is an excellent run from Liang - like I said, this is quite normal frame-like, and especially noteworthy given that dreadful miss earlier on. He runs out of position on 49 with 3.40 left, and will need to go some to win it from here - and he's capable.

Allen 0-0 Liang (8-38)

With 5.43 to go, this is quite normal frame-like, and a miss from Mark gives Liang a decent chance, black still available to both corners and a few more loose reds.

Allen 0-0 Liang (8-15)

Allen's 142 is the highest that's ever been made in the shoot-out - for context, we've only had two tons all week, by Vafaei and Alan Taylor. But a decent pot to middle gets Liang away .. but on the next red he twitches, and sticks Mark in the black available to both corners. He can't find a second red though, Liang then caresses home a tremendous long red, and here we go.

Mark J Williams beats Jamie Clarke 97-0!

On 52, he misses the green, but he's breezed through yet again, and has the perfect game for this format
No world champ has ever won this title, but it'll take something good beat yerman, who's so composed and just so damn good. His second coming is such a joy.

Williams 40-0 Clarke

With 5.30 left, Mark misses a pink with the rest, off its spot to right corner. He's disappointed, but presumably relieved that it's covering a red, and with 4.48 left, Jamie misses a nasty red to left corner. That will, I fear cost him the match and Mark J is looking very strong. He's winning every match easily!

Williams 24-0 Clarke

Not sure why you'd break first against Mark J but Jamie backs his break and rightly so, nailing a goodun. But a dreadful safety follows and Mark is now at the table potting balls.


Allen v Wenbo looks the pick, but Mark J was the most impressive in the last 16.

The draw

Jamie Clarke v Mark J Williams
Mark Allen v Liang Wenbo
Hossein Vafaei v Daniel Womersley
Robbie Williams v Billy Castle

Coming up next

The draw for the last eight.

Mark Allen beats Chris Wakelin 79-6!

He misses a red down the side rail so no ton, but still a handy win for the highest-ranked player left.

Allen 79-6 Wakelin

Can Mark make the first ton of this year's competition?

Allen 38-6 Wakelin

Yeah, the last thing you wanna do is give a normal break-building opportunity to the second-best player left in the draw. But that's what Chris did, and now he's done for.

Allen 9-6 Wakelin

The balls are nicely spread so any miss or poor shot could be costly, and Chris jawses a red to left corner, presenting Mark with a chance to win the frame.

Allen 1-6 Wakelin

The final tie of the round gets underway and Mark drills home a long red to left corner when handed a chance off the break. But he misses the blue and leaves a red, so Chris takes it then the aforementioned blue. He wins up on nowt, though, so we're soon back playing safety.

Billy Castle beats Dean Young 42-16!

Young 16-36 Castle

Dean finds one! one of the great flukes, hitting the left middle jaw then right corner! But he tries a green to left middle and doesn't give it enough gas! That is the match!

Young 15-32 Castle

With 2.40 to go, Billy looks a strong favourite, all the more so when left a red to wriggle into the yellow pocket.On nothing, he plays safe, but the gap is small enough and the table open enough for Dean to have a decent chance if he can only find a starter.

Young 15-31 Castle

He does get another chance though, amassing 15 to get back into the frame with 4.09 to go.

Young 0-31 Castle

Billy gets in first and dare he crack the pack? Yes! Off the blue, he controls his split, but plays a red to middle as a shot to nothing and leaves it to the yellow pocket ... but Dean misses it.

Robbie Williams beats Andrew Higginson 39-14

Could it be magic?

Higginson 14-38 Williams

Playing safe, Robbie flukes a red to right corner, and that puts the match beyond doubt.

Higginson 14-37 Williams

With 2.20 to go, Robbie plays a safety good enough to prompt a tap on the table.

Higginson 14-36 Williams

Both men miss red to right corner, Andrew the easier one, and Robbie sinks it second go; with 3.50 left, he's a healthy lead.

Higginson 14-18 Williams

But he has to play safe thereafter, then Robbie sinks a decent long red to right corner and a blue takers him into the lead.

Higginson 14-0 Williams

A poor break from Robbie leaves Andrew an easy starter to middle and he quickly works his way down to the black-spot area.

Daniel Womersley beats Steven Hallworth 6-21

What an effort by the amateur late call-up!

Hallworth 21-38 Womersley

Daniel's left a sitter to right centre and has a chance to build a lead. But with 2.20 left he gets the wrong side of the pink and has to play a tough red to left corner, missing ... but Steven calls a push-shot on himself! That will mean the match, I'm afraid, with 1.40 left.

Hallworth 21-16 Womersley

Steven gets the next chance, but with pink and black out of commission, he'll have to keep coming up for blues. He runs out of position on 21, but Steven gets in and with 4.30 left has plenty of time in which to work. He can't catch up though, forced to stick a green on the cushion.

Hallworth 0-1 Womersley

A poor break allows Daniel a red to middle, but he can only play safe off the green thereafter. "Boring!" hollers a wag in the crowd, then Daniel misses one that would've given him a shot at a few points.

Hossein Vafaei beats Michael Georgiou 54-17!

Michael's exit means that there'll be a new name on the trophy this term, which makes sense; no one wins the lottery twice. Hossein looks in good shape.

Vafaei 43-17 Georgiou

Hossein misses a red, but a run of 42 on a dead table, with 3.30 or so left, leaves Michael in all sorts. But he flukes a starter that gives him position ... only to miss a red into the yellow pocket and leave another. This is over.

Vafaei 27-2 Georgiou

Hossein is mourning the loss of his gran, and Fouldsy speculates that this might be taking his mind off things as he compiles a break to give himself a decent lead with just less than five minutes to go.

Vafaei 1-2 Georgiou

Michael has won this tournament before, and with the reds spread between pink and baulk but white on black cush, he cues down on an outrageous pot that sends a starter long into the yellow pocket. That's the best shot I've seen this week, and it earns precisely one. He then gets in again but misses a pink to middle ... and Hossein can't capitalise.

Jamie Clarke beats Mitchell Mann 44-36

Mitchell attacked this tournament in the proper manner, but he's gone.

Clarke 44-36 Mann

Mitchell's had a brilliant week, and he slides home a gorgeous red then a black. The last two reds are stuck together near the top cushion, so he tries to double one into right middle - seriously - and comes back with nine seconds to needing a red and a black for tie ... but he can't.

Clarke 37-20 Mann

Jamie is in potting balls, moving ahead with 4.20 to go. There are reds near the top cushion, and he disturbs a couple, rolls a pink into left middle, and will now have to play safe. We've got three minutes to go, but finding 17 points on this table won't be easy.

Clarke 1-20 Mann

Jamie manages a red, but Mitchell, who's working the crowd and commentating on himself, gets in properly. He's saluting his pots having indicated them first, but on 20 he plays safe off the yellow.

Liang Wenbo beats Ollie Lines 56-28

He's taking this very seriously.

Liang 43-28 Lines

Ollie catches a red to middle thick, leaves eveything, and Liang returns to the table with 2.40 to go. He can make the match safe here, because the black is available and there are enough reds to take it with. I'm not sure why he's playing so fast, though, because he needs to stay at the table.

Liang 19-22 Lines

Liang runs out of position and Ollie has a chance to get to work; the balls are open, but the black's tied up, so he'll need to sink blues with every red and he's doing so nicely.

Liang 11-0 Lines

The crowd sound like they've had a long, relaxing afternoon, giving it plenty as Liang pots an excellent starter to right middle. The yellow follows, then another red, and he's on the black with points available.

Mark Williams beats Matt Selt 57-1

He made the last for last term is into the last eight this, because Matt shakes his hand with a minute-odd to go.

Williams 57-1 Selt

A poor safety from Mark, right after Matt develops the black, gives Matt a glimmer, but he misses a pink to left middle. He's done and he knows it.

Williams 57-0 Selt

Matt fails to hit a cushion and that is going to be that. Mark is at the table potting balls, and he's so expert in this format.

Williams 37-0 Selt

Mark goes into the pack but winds up on nowt so plays safe - poorly. The black's tied up so he's not in too much trouble and Matt misses the pot anyway, then a few shots later he plays a terrible safety, trying to roll onto a red and missing. So Mark puts the white where he wants it and adds to his lead, playing safe with five minutes to go.

Williams 21-0 Selt

Mark J pots a fine long red and comes back down the table for the blue. I'm not sure why Matt opted to break, especially against this opponent, and he's paying for it.

Here come the players

Hello again

And off we go with the last 16!

Thanks for joining us

Another riveting afternoon at the Shoot Out. We will be back at 7pm GMT for the conclusion of the four-day ranking event in Leicester. Wide open with four wins needed to become champion and earn £50,000. See you back here for the last-16 matches.

Shoot Out last-16 draw

  • Mark Williams v Matthew Selt
  • Oliver Lines v Liang Wenbo
  • Jamie Clarke v Mitchell Mann
  • Hossein Vafaei v Michael Georgiou
  • Steven Hallworth v Daniel Womersley
  • Robbie Williams v Andrew Higginson
  • Billy Joe Castle v Dean Young
  • Chris Wakelin v Mark Allen

Sunday's Shoot Out last 32 results

  • Jak Jones 22-63 Mark Allen
  • Ian Burns 17-36 Mitchell Mann
  • Simon Blackwell 23-29 Andrew Higginson
  • Aaron Hill 4-89 Mark Williams
  • Allan Taylor 1-63 Hossein Vafaei
  • Dean Young 92-1 Michael Holt
  • Liam Highfield 27-48 Daniel Womersley
  • Matthew Selt 46-3 Ali Carter
  • Oliver Lines 63-47 Stuart Bingham
  • Duane Jones 22-54 Steven Hallworth
  • Lukas Kleckers 20-26 Billy Joe Castle
  • Michael Georgiou 70-15 Kuldesh Johal
  • Ken Doherty 50-52 Chris Wakelin
  • Nigel Bond 7-32 Jamie Clarke
  • Liang Wenbo 37-35 Sanderson Lam
  • Robbie Williams 57-1 Mark Selby

Robbie Williams 57-1 Mark Selby

Selby has seen enough of this one. Reds welded to cushions. No chance of a recovery. Quick handshake, but could it be magic tonight for Robbie Williams? He will hope so. Back again for the last 16 against Andrew Higginson.

Robbie Williams 29-1 Mark Selby

Selby goes in-off. Williams with ball in hand. Could be frame over after this visit.

Robbie Williams 24-0 Mark Selby

Robbie Williams might be back for good tonight. A lead of 24 points at the halfway stage against the world number one.

Liang enjoys succulent Lam win

Robbie Williams 0-0 Mark Selby

Selby wins the lag and puts Williams in. The world champion chasing a last-16 match with Andrew Higginson tonight.

Liang Wenbo 37-35 Sanderson Lam

A stunning win for Liang in the closing seconds. Rolls in a blue to secure the victory after a brilliant safety shot. A real sickener for 'The Panda' who seemed a certain winner. That is Shoot Out snooker. Liang overjoyed.

Liang Wenbo 16-35 Sanderson Lam

Lam with a handy lead of 19 points. Three minutes remaining.

Liang Wenbo 0-0 Sanderson Lam

'The Panda' Sanderson Lam emerges to face Liang. Sanderson is from Leeds and playing under amateur status.

Nigel Bond 7-32 Jamie Clarke

Clarke managed to freeze out Nigel in the end. Had a late chance, but could not drop in a red with a minute left that might have given him a late rally. Clark to meet Mann tonight. On we go, two matches left with world champion Mark Selby out in the final action of the day.

Nigel Bond 7-19 Jamie Clarke

Bond so unfortunate to see a red drop from playing into pack off blue. Risked the cannon and paid the price. Five minutes remaining. Winner of this has been drawn against Mitchell Mann tonight in last 16.

Nigel Bond 0-0 Jamie Clarke

00147 Bond enters the arena. The man with the golden cue.

Ken Doherty 50-52 Chris Wakelin

Well, an extremely tight finish to that frame. Doherty got himself ahead by 10 points, but a few tentative shots at the wrong times presented Wakelin with chance to fight back. He rolled in yellow to move two clear and Doherty never got chance on green to win the match. Fine margins.

Ken Doherty 19-39 Chris Wakelin

A run of 32 plus the seven penalty points gives Wakelin a lead of 20 points heading for the halfway stage.

Ken Doherty 19-31 Chris Wakelin

1997 world champion Doherty showing off his evergreen class. A delightful few pots before he is short with attempt on black. Doesn't hit a cushion and Wakelin has been presented with chance to score.

Michael Georgiou 70-15 Kuldesh Johal

A smooth victory for Michael Georgiou. Kuldesh not cool enough in the end. 'The Pride of Cyprus' continues his quest to be the first double Shoot Out winner in history.

Michael Georgiou 47-15 Kuldesh Johal

2018 winner Georgiou makes a quick start. Up to 20, but misses an easy red before Johal is then penalised for running out of time. Ball in hand for Georgiou, could be key moment of frame and match.

Michael Georgiou 0-0 Kuldesh Johal

Johal with fluke of the week and maybe the year against Gary Wilson on Saturday. Enjoy this moment of magic.

‘It was kind of a panic but what a result’ - Amazing fluke helps Kuldesh Johal beat Wilson

Lukas Kleckers 20-26 Billy Joe Castle

Another amateur into the last 16. Billy aiming to be king of the Castle and certainly kept his cool. Trailed for much of the match, but made his run at exactly the right time. A lead of six points enough to see him through. Kleckers had chance late on, but couldn't sink long red and black to progress.

Lukas Kleckers 19-9 Billy Joe Castle

Five minutes remaining, Kleckers with the narrow lead. Neither man pushing the boat out as yet.

Duane Jones 22-54 Steven Hallworth

Chance of a late steal from world 98 Jones, but he misses blue off the spot. World number 70 Hallworth acknowledges the crowd as he tidies up to reach the last 16. Looked very calm and composed under pressure.

Oliver Lines 63-47 Stuart Bingham

Bingham is out. Had chance of the dramatic steal, but misses green needing green, brown, blue and pink for the match. Lines claims the victory. Ball-run left to rue missing that blue earlier on leading 31-0. Tough school.

Oliver Lines 60-31 Stuart Bingham

Break of 51 from Lines. A superb break. A lead of 29 points with two minutes remaining.

Oliver Lines 15-31 Stuart Bingham

Early chance for Lines. Mid-range red rattles in the jaws. Bingham is off and running. Could make a few here, but misses blue and doesn't open up pack. Lines then with a double on red and he splits pack magnificently. Real chance for Lines.

Still to come today..

  • Oliver Lines v Stuart Bingham
  • Duane Jones v Steven Hallworth
  • Lukas Kleckers v Billy Joe Castle
  • Michael Georgiou v Kuldesh Johal
  • Ken Doherty v Chris Wakelin
  • Nigel Bond v Jamie Clarke
  • Liang Wenbo v Sanderson Lam
  • Robbie Williams v Mark Selby

Matthew Selt 46-3 Ali Carter

No luck for Carter when he needed it most. Holed a couple of cracking reds, but white finished in impossible situations. Selt through to the last 16.

Matthew Selt 39-1 Ali Carter

Crowd want a century, but Selt happier to keep the pack of reds together until Carter splits them all open. Selt rams home a brilliant long red before running for cover again. Carter than snookered behind a red from a stunning long. Manages to hit yellow on the escape.

Liam Highfield 27-48 Daniel Womersley

Highfield running out of time as Womersley eases himself into the last 16. Womersley a late call-up, but is making the most of his big chance.

Liam Highfield 21-48 Daniel Womersley

Womersley is an amateur, but is taking these balls out like a true professional. Highfield fighting the clock as much as the points. Under two minutes left.

Dean Young 92-1 Michael Holt

First year on tour and Young is going to reach the last 16 with a run of 56. Deano with an old head on Young shoulders.

Dean Young 48-1 Michael Holt

Deano tries to pick out a plant. Can't make it, but Holt then goes in off. Disaster. Ball in hand for Young. Should be frame and match over.

Dean Young 17-1 Michael Holt

The Hitman, winner of this back in 2020, misses a long blue to yellow bag off the spot and young Dean Young from Scotland has chance to put some points on the board.

Allan Taylor 1-63 Hossein Vafaei

This match is done and dusted in around seven minutes. Benefited from a fluke, but continues his title charge with some ease. Iran's leading man through to the last 16 and will be tough to stop in this mood.

Williams 89-4 Hill

Supposed to be a tricky table this, but Willo is making it resemble a pool table. A sparkling break of 69 and the legend moves on. Safely through to the last 16 on Sunday evening.

Williams 20-0 Hill

The three-times world champion Williams with an assured start to the day. A lead of 20 points with some fine tactical stuff for good measure. Such a solid match player in any format.

Simon Blackwell 23-29 Andrew Higginson

Brilliant from Higginson when it came down to the key moment. Rolled a lovely red into the yellow bag before seeing out the frame in his favour. Decent effort by Blackwell, but just came up short.

Simon Blackwell 23-12 Andrew Higginson

Blackwell thumps a red off the table, but Higginson can only run in eight with ball in hand. Poor visit to table as he runs out of position, missing red to a centre pocket and Blackwell slams home a lovely red seconds later.

Simon Blackwell 12-0 Andrew Higginson

First chance falls to Blackwell against the former Welsh Open finalist. Runs in 12 then plays safe.

Simon Blackwell 0-0 Andrew Higginson

Almost a dead heat for the lag there. Nobody flagging in the lagging. Could be a tight old match this. Higginson quite handy at locking down frames when the mood takes him.

Ian Burns 17-36 Mitchell Mann

Well, a snooker match was going on out there somewhere. But Mitchell Mann continues his run. Through to the last 32. Terrific stuff.

Ian Burns 17-33 Mitchell Mann

The main Mann holding a lead of 10 points as he rolls in a lovely red before a snooker pays off. Mann with ball in hand. Should be victory for Mitchell. Now comes the victory parade.

Ian Burns 9-11 Mitchell Mann

Burns with first attempt of the day at these balls. Makes nine, but a loose safety shot gives Mann the chance to get his show on the road. Loving every moment of revving up the crowd.

Ian Burns 0-0 Mitchell Mann

The 'Mann' of the moment ready to embrace the spirit of the occasion. He has been king of audience interaction over the first three days.

‘You have got to hand it to Mitchell Mann’ - Works the crowd in style

Jak Jones 22-63 Mark Allen

Jones throws his cue at a long pot. Desperation stuff. Allen returning to finish off the business at hand. Allen into the last 16 in some style.

Jak Jones 18-48 Mark Allen

Lovely run by Allen of 48. Leads by 30 points with just under three minutes remaining.

Jak Jones 18-28 Mark Allen

Northern Ireland Open champion Allen on a break of 28 in the opening frame of the day.

Welcome back to Leicester

Almost ready to get the party started on Super Sunday at the Shoot Out. 32 becomes 16 at the end of what is sure to be another riveting afternoon. Every player is 50 minutes away from £50,000 and the title of Shoot Out champion later tonight. First up is Mark Allen against Jak Jones.

Shoot Out last 32

  • Jak Jones 22-63 Mark Allen
  • Ian Burns 17-36 Mitchell Mann
  • Simon Blackwell 23-29 Andrew Higginson
  • Aaron Hill 4-89 Mark Williams
  • Allan Taylor 1-63 Hossein Vafaei
  • Dean Young 92-1 Michael Holt
  • Liam Highfield 27-48 Daniel Womersley
  • Matthew Selt 46-3 Ali Carter
  • Oliver Lines 63-47 Stuart Bingham
  • Duane Jones 22-54 Steven Hallworth
  • Lukas Kleckers 20-26 Billy Joe Castle
  • Michael Georgiou 70-15 Kuldesh Johal
  • Ken Doherty 50-52 Chris Wakelin
  • Nigel Bond 7-32 Jamie Clarke
  • Liang Wenbo 37-35 Sanderson Lam
  • Robbie Williams 57-1 Mark Selby

Saturday night's big story: Robbie Williams stuns Lisowski to set up clash with Selby at Snooker Shoot Out

Robbie Williams took the scalp of Jack Lisowski to set up a clash with Mark Selby in the third round of the Snooker Shoot Out. Williams was serenaded by songs from his namesake, which he reportedly does not like, but it did not put him off his stride as he knocked in a brilliant opening red.Lisowski had chances, but he made the cardinal sin in Shoot Out snooker of going in-off - which gave Williams ball in hand.
Williams opened up a big lead, only to go in-off himself to hand Lisowski an outside chance at a fightback. He opened up two difficult reds, but left himself hampered and a miscue when attempting to pot the black put paid to his chances.
“As soon as I got to the start the Robbie Williams songs came out and I thought ‘here we go,’” Williams said. “I just had to block it out. You have to get them onside and embrace and get on with it.”
World No. 1 and last year’s beaten finalist, Selby is around for finals day after claiming a 77-26 win over Elliot Slessor. Selby looked in trouble when going in-off early in the match, but Slessor repaid the favour and the home favourite in Leicester proved much too strong.


Sun 23 Jan, From 1pm
  • Jak Jones v Mark Allen
  • Ian Burns v Mitchell Mann
  • Simon Blackwell v Andrew Higginson
  • Aaron Hill v Mark Williams
  • Allan Taylor v Hossein Vafaei
  • Dean Young v Michael Holt
  • Liam Highfield v Daniel Womersley
  • Matthew Selt v Ali Carter
  • Oliver Lines v Stuart Bingham
  • Duane Jones v Steven Hallworth
  • Lukas Kleckers v Billy Joe Castle
  • Michael Georgiou v Kuldesh Johal
  • Ken Doherty v Chris Wakelin
  • Nigel Bond v Jamie Clarke
  • Liang Wenbo v Sanderson Lam
  • Robbie Williams v Mark Selby

Saturday night results at Shoot Out

  • 19:00 Elliot Slessor 26-77 Mark Selby
  • 19:10 Nigel Bond 29-18 Peter Lines
  • 19:20 Lukas Kleckers 12-12 Tian Pengfei (Kleckers wins blue-ball Shoot Out)
  • 19:30 Dean Young 76-5 Yuan SiJun
  • 19:40 Stuart Bingham 42-9 Lei Peifan
  • 19:50 Mitchell Mann 38-33 Jordan Brown
  • 20:00 Cao Yupeng 26-57 Allan Taylor
  • 20:10 Gao Yang 1-53 Steven Hallworth
  • 20:20 Ken Doherty 27-9 David Gilbert
  • 20:30 Billy Joe Castle 70-8 Andrew Pagett
  • 20:40 Anthony Hamilton 23-43 Chris Wakelin
  • 20:50 Leo Fernandez 16-57 Daniel Womersley
  • 21:00 Michael Holt 37-30 Simon Lichtenberg
  • 21:10 Sanderson Lam 30-5 Ross Bulman
  • 21:20 David Lilley 0-32 Andrew Higginson
  • 21:30 Jack Lisowski 18-68 Robbie Williams

Saturday afternoon results at Shoot Out

  • 13:00 Barry Hawkins 20-36 Ali Carter
  • 13:10 Fan Zhengyi 23-64 Duane Jones
  • 13:20 Gary Wilson 33-56 Kuldesh Johal
  • 13:30 Liang Wenbo 67-14 Zak Surety
  • 13:40 Shaun Murphy 31-55 Ian Burns
  • 13:50 Liam Highfield 39-16 Craig Steadman
  • 14:00 Mark Joyce 12-20 Jamie Clarke
  • 14:10 Michael Georgiou 61-25 Farakh Ajaib
  • 14:20 Mark Lloyd 22-37 Mark Allen
  • 14:30 Oliver Lines 11-2 Stan Moody
  • 14:40 Zhang Anda 10-29 Matthew Selt
  • 14:50 Barry Pinches 36-86 Hossein Vafaei
  • 15:00 Simon Blackwell 54-35 Luca Brecel
  • 15:10 Paul Deaville 14-40 Jak Jones
  • 15:20 Aaron Hill 27-26 Jackson Page
  • 15:30 Mark Williams 50-26 Mark King
- - -
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