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Trump: Snooker needs an American to break the US

Trump: Snooker needs an American to break the US

23/03/2020 at 15:45Updated 23/03/2020 at 16:09

Judd Trump hopes that snooker will one day break the American market and that a successful American player could be the key.

Trump acknowledged the struggles the sport has had, suggesting its difficulty level could be an obstacle.

"It's always been a market that I think snooker's struggled with. It's difficult to see why: some of the sports they play aren't the most exciting to say the least," he said.

"I think it's such a hard sport to play unless you're playing it every single day. Nine-ball pool is a lot easier and you can get a lot better faster. Maybe just how hard the sport is, is not going to appeal to everyone.

"I think hopefully one day, we get more players playing, with the amount of coverage we're getting and it how worldwide it's getting, there will be an American player, and that can push the boundaries."

He was also open to changing the rules of the game, and suggested that a stop clock could be widened to more tournaments.

"Possibly. Try to make the game as free-flowing as possible, score as quickly as possible. No rolling up behind balls. We have to make the game a little more attacking in certain tournaments. I think everyone is open to new ideas in snooker.

"I think it the last five or 10 years the sport has really expanded. In future we can get more ideas and expand even further."

Trump admitted that he struggles with early intervals as they interrupt his momentum, but they may be necessary for spectators who have to watch long periods of attritional play.

"Probably come a little fast after four frames, I think they should be after maybe six or seven. You've just got started, three or frames, then you've got to stop," he said.

"I'd prefer to be there a little longer, or none at all, just stay out there. Some of the other players can take quite long so the audience need a little rest period. "

Judd Trump (WM 2019)

Judd Trump (WM 2019)Getty Images

When asked in the interview by BetVictory, he confirmed that hopes the Crucible venue remains the pre-eminent venue for the sport.

"I think the Crucible is probably the perfect place to play snooker. Winning last year, the atmosphere is tremendous, how close the crowd are to the players makes it so special," he explained.

"Ever since I've grown up it's been the home of snooker. I hope it stays there."