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The Masters • Quarter-final

Marco Fu - Mark Allen
The Masters - 19 January 2017

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So, that's about us - join me tomorrow afternoon at 1pm GMT for Mark Selby v Barry Hawkins.

Night all.


Someone shouts something and Fu misses a pot, but he wins 6-2- that was an excellent display. He was in total control from the start, and no one is playing with as much confidence as he is.


Fu 5-2 Allen (78-5)

Round Fu goes, and he'll be playing Ronnie O'Sullivan on Saturday afternoon. He's 33/1 to win the World Championships, by the way.


Fu 5-2 Allen (37-5)

In goes the red, then a brown - four more reds and colours, and this is, like, so over.


Fu 5-2 Allen (32-5)

Mistake from Fu allows Allen in; he rolls a red into the middle. But he'll know that a single mistake and it's goodnight - and there it is! He makes a right ballsup of the brown, and that might well be that.


Fu 5-2 Allen (32-4)

But he ends up having to play safe, and then gets lucky with an attacking safety, planting a red; good for him. Positive options and all that. Anyway, he raises a hand to apologise, then duly lays a snooker behind the brown; I can feel the contrition from here.


Fu 5-2 Allen (31-4)

But he leaves a tempter - his safety has cost him dear tonight - and Fu sends it away. He's got just enough angle on the blue to crack the pack, but decides to play slowly, picking off the loose reds, and you'd back him to sort things however he decides.


Fu 5-2 Allen (16-4)

Allen fouls and misses from ten centimetres behind the green, looking for a red alone on the right of the table, so Fu puts him back. There's no warning but, as he can't see a red full ball on either side of the table. He misses again. And again! This time, Fu takes on a pot, misses it, and leaves the blue Rizla of cuts into the bottom right. He considers, plays it, and what a shot that is. He's on the green too, smacks it home, and then catches the knuckle of the right middle on the way down to the pack. There's a red on, but he opts for safety.


Fu 5-2 Allen (141-0)

In they go! What a break that was, and Fu is sitting pretty - on the edge of his eat, back straight of course. I've no idea how he does it.


Fu 4-2 Allen (113-0)

Fu wants to know what the highest break is, and learns that it's 139; there's 141 on the table, but a pink leaves it at 140. But then on 97, he runs out of position on a red - it's gettable with a thin cut into the middle, but instead he punishes it into the green pocket! What a shot! Now, colours off their spots...


Fu 4-2 Allen (52-0)

Excellent line and length on a safety from Fu, so Allen plays dead thin into the pack but with too much force into the cue ball - and Fu finds a plant. For some reason, he then raises his hand, presumably to acknowledge his good fortune in being left the shot, which had nothing to whatsoever to do with good fortune. Either way, he takes advantage of whatever it was, opens the pack, and carelessness notwithstanding, he'll soon be one away.


Fu 4-2 Allen

Fu misses a red that would take him to 98, but that was a superb break. Allen daren't lose the next frame.


Fu 3-2 Allen (79-0)

Fu is doing a fine job of turning this into a framewinner, though how he even lifts his bridging arm with a watch the size of Hill Valley clock tower I'll never know.


Fu 3-2 Allen (27-0)

Allen leaves a red and Fu obliges, then bumps home yellow, red and pink. He tries to go into the pack off a black and doesn't get much for it, but keeps things going nonetheless.


Fu 3-2 Allen

Allen takes all the remaining balls save the black, and is striking it very nicely now.


Fu 3-1 Allen (17-63)

Allen makes the first mistake, so Fu is in with a red, but the balls aren't spread especially favourably. Still, it's a chance to get back into the frame - or is until he misses an easy black of its spot, perhaps playing too many shots ahead. Allen is very quickly back at the table, and with a red and a pink, needs just the two reds that are in the open - two more are close together on the cushion - ad there they are!


Fu 3-1 Allen (0-42)

Eventually, though, Allen runs out of position, so rather than force it he takes the cue ball into baulk. Fu responds well though, so a containing safety follows. The reds are conducive to more of this kind of thing too.


Fu 3-1 Allen (0-36)

Allen thunders in a blue, breaks the pack, and reaps the rich reward of ... a plant! Still he bangs it home, crumps in the yellow, then a red, but doesn't have much of an angle on the blue, and with pink and black out of commission, needs to be extra precise. so he takes a red with the rest, and from under the pink, has an angle to send it into the middle. He's working this out really nicely.


Fu 3-1 Allen (0-14)

Super start from Allen, rolling in a long one dead weight, clipped into the bottom-right. He follows it with a brown, then another red, and he's away.


Right then, back we are.


Fu 3-1 Allen

One shot is all it takes - Fu concedes, so see you in 15.


Fu 3-0 Allen (24-70)

Allen constructs an excellent break, tidying the table with confidence and conviction. he misses a green though, so with one red left, Fu returns needing three snookers. Yeah, alright pal.


Fu 3-0 Allen (24-16)

Allen leaves a red over a corner pocket and it's quickly dispatched; 23 more points follow it. But a bad positional shot leaves a red close the cue ball but far from the yellow pocket, and he catches it too thick. Allen then rolls in an excellent red and he really needs something decent here; he starts well, with two reds and two blacks.


Fu 3-0 Allen

We begin frame four with a safety exchange, and Allen gets a round of applause for an excellent white, but he leaves a tempter. Fu sort of tries it, making sure that if he misses it, he misses it too thick not too thin, and when he does, leaving the cue ball on the top cushion. Another good safety from Fu earns him a tap on the table, and Virgo notes that there's a lot more of this kind of thing than in his day. "Was you a tapper?" he asks. "Yes, it shows your opponent you're enjoying the game and in a calm place," answers Davis, quite brilliantly.


Fu 3-0 Allen

Final frame before the interval; if Allen doesn't win it, he's toast.


Fu 3-0 Allen

Fu pots the red into the green pocket and comes down the table for the blue, which is loitering between pink ad black spot. Down it goes, then yellow, green and brown. He's a little straight on the blue, but has enough of an angle to get position on the pink, and that's 3-0. Allen had a chance there, a serious one - he'll not be at all happy.


Fu 2-0 Allen (37-57)

Oh! Allen goes to pot a red into the middle, but plays it with space to develop the red next to it, and as a consequence misses the pot! Fu has the tightest cut imaginable open to him, spends a while sizing it up, and feathers it home. But the only colour he's on is the pink, and that wouldn't allow position on the last red, so he tries for a snooker instead, missing. Essentially, whoever pots the aforementioned red will win the frame, and Allen has left it!


Fu 2-0 Allen (36-42)

Oh yes! Allen is back in the frame with a brilliant pot, striking the white a fair old distance to cut it into the bottom-left. He follows it with a superb yellow, his elation showing as he gets up off the shot, and he's in the match now! Down goes a black, so heeds the four remaining reds to clinch the frame.


Fu 2-0 Allen (36-30)

Oh dear. Allen misjudges the line of a red, missing it with the rest, and this frame is going down the toilet if Fu can see a red that's over the bottom-right; he can't, so sends the white onto the top cushion.


Fu 2-0 Allen (36-17)

Fu takes on a pot; the cue ball is near the yellow spot, the object ball is roundabout the blue spot, and he's aiming for the bottom-left. He misses, just, but at least leaves the white close to the side cushion, only for Allen to roll in his first points for 28 minutes. This is a good chance; can he find his rhythm quickly enough to take it?


Fu 2-0 Allen (36-0)

Fu doesn't get enough on a power shot - the one major weakness in his game - and then misses a red into the middle. Steve reprimands him on the frustration he showed after the first effort, but he's not left anything, so a safety exchange it doth commence.


Fu 2-0 Allen (14-0)

Fu tries a pot, cannons another red, almost sends the blue into the bottom-right corner, and leaves a red close to the middle. So Allen comes down the table but clips it too thick, and then Fu rolls in a red - "plays it too well," says Steve; er, etc - and then a difficult black is rattled into the middle. The way the balls are, there's a stack of work to do here, but Fu has more than enough confidence to cope. He's already 203 points without reply.


Fu 2-0 Allen (0-0)

Marco Fu has shirts with monogrammed cuffs; Mark Allen once said that he doesn't like going on holiday, he prefers to be at home. Which is worse? Allen breaks, and then, next up, just misses with a double played as a shot to nothing.


Fu 2-0 Allen

"Applause from this knowledgeable Alexandra Palace audience" says Jayvee as Fu sinks frame ball and they all hear it on their earpieces. There's a potential 142 on the table here, which would give Fu the highest break of the competition so far, but a jawed red ends the run at 83 and Mark Allen is already in trouble.


Fu 1-0 Allen (47-0)

Five reds, five blacks,and all the reds down the bottom end of the table, but a loose positional shot means screwing back for the pink ... has he left it short? He plays it, it mooches straight into the heart of the pocket, and this is now a really good chance.


Fu 1-0 Allen (16-0)

Fu breaks off and Allen gets a good white but leaves a red on, which Fu strokes into the bottom-right, then breaks the pack off the black. With cue-ball control as good as his, Allen could very soon be two behind.


Fu 1-0 Allen

Fu is rolling now, clearing the table - the pot on the final pink being especially tasty - and the run is 74.


Fu 0-0 Allen (62-5)

But Allen cues very badly to miss a straightforward red into the bottom left corner. When I say straightforward, I don't mean one that I'd have stuck away at Ron Gross' in Neasden, but one you'd have expected him to resolve. So Fu is back up, quickly overruns a positional shot after potting a red, and redeems things with a brilliant yellow. But it's not enough to have him where he wants to be, and he's still chasing with two reds and two colours needed for the frame. Down they go!


Fu 0-0 Allen (37-5)

Fu pots a black and plays to catch a red, which he does - but too thinly, forcing him to try a plant, which he misses! That's two chances he's had in this frame, and he's ruined both.


Fu 0-0 Allen (21-5)

Allen tries a plant that's never on, flukes a different red, and snookers Fu behind the green. Fu can't hit a red, but leaves a red available to the bottom left, one of those that arrive at the middle of the cushion and roll along it into the pocket. And he plays it with safety in mind, misses, and still leaves the red available over the pocket; Fu comes off the bottom cushion to tuck it away, and this is a great chance now.


Fu 0-0 Allen (5-0)

Fu thunks in a red to kick things off, then a green a red, and back into baulk, on the top cushion when he runs out of position.


And Marco Fu after him.


Here comes Mark Allen to the strains of Freed From Desire. Perhaps it's the name of a diet.


Earlier today, BBC ran some VT in which Stephen Hendry asked Mark Allen what he needed to do to win majors. "Lose weight," came back the response.


Snotrags in syoot pockets: why? That's what Jason Mohammad is up to this evening, any road up.


Anitdontstop. After yet another afternoon of pleasure and tension, let's have some Mark Allen and some Marco Fu!

Allen is on a buzz after sorting John Higgins, while Fu rallied brilliantly to remove Judd Trump in a "final frame shootout". He's an entirely different player this season, playing with his testicles as well as his brain, while his opponent is maturing nicely. We should arrive at the boys/baize interface sometime in the next 15 minutes.