Sunday live updates

22:47 - Astonishing and emotional

The Masters
'His technique just completely changed' - Robertson discusses Hendry's final farewell
22/05/2020 AT 06:52

Bingham made his first century of the whole week in the final frame of the final - astonishing, really.

The family are down celebrating now with the 2020 Masters champion, Stuart Bingham. Well played that man.

That's all from us for this year's Masters. Fortunately, it's only a couple of hours until the Australian Open begins.


22:45 - 'How I turned it around, I don't know'

"Absolutely speechless," says an emotional-looking Bingham. "The way Ali came out (for the evening session), I was thinking about what to say after getting beat. How I turned it round, I don't know.

"I can't explain what this means. That's seven major tournaments now. I want to get to ten."

22:38 - Stuart Bingham Masters champion 2020!

The whiff becomes a stench - Bingham has done it. 10-8.

22:35 - The whiff of victory

Just a little grunt of satisfaction from Bingham as he sends another red down. He's up 76-1 in what could be the deciding frame and he's got the whiff of victory in his nostrils.

22:28 - 9-8...

And it still it goes on. Carter finds a break of 77 from somewhere to keep the final alive.

It's 9-8 now and there is some absolutely wonderful snooker being played - tactical, brave, and utterly enthralling.

22:21 - 'Someone's making an awful noise'

Sorry to do this to you now when the Masters title is hanging in the balance, but earlier on someone snuck a fart machine into Alexandra Palace and, well, we'd like to share it with you.

'Somebody is making an awful noise!' - Fart machine disrupts Masters final

22:10 - Bingham pulls away

Another two-frame lead is opened up and it's Bingham again who puts himself into a commanding lead.

It's a break of 88 this time, though he looked at one stage to be on for another century.

It's 9-7, which puts him just one away from the title by anybody's maths.

21:53 - Bingham leads 8-7

... and he's taken the frame with a break of 58.

It's another complete turnaround at Alexandra Palace. Bingham, who was two frames up, then two behind, is now ahead by 8-7.

Still no closer to knowing whose name is going on the trophy for 2020.

21:52 - Pivotal moment...

Bingham is up to 34 (break) and still at the table...

21:30 - Bingham levels at 7-7

Strong this from Bingham in the 14th. So strong in fact that he's drawn level in absolutely no time at all.

The mid-session interval has brought him back out revived and he's taken the frame with a break of 85.

It's a best of five now for the title.

21:20 - 7-6 to Carter...

Things take another turn at Alexandra Palace. An absolutely pivotal frame falls to Bingham as he finally gets off the mark in the evening session.

You feel that if he'd lost that, it would only have been a matter of time before Carter was celebrating the title. As it is, a confident, composed frame from Bingham brings the win he was desperate for, and we're back on at 7-6.

Still looking very much like we're going all the way to 19 frames.

20:44 - Century for Carter

Carter is a man re-born in this evening session. He's absolutely sweeping this 12th frame and Bingham has hardly gotten on the table.

He's just made his century and the focus and confidence is absolutely radiating off him. He's topped out at 134-0.

That's 7-5 now. What a turnaround.

20:28 - 6-5 to Carter

Carter's cleared the table like it was the easiest thing in the world there. He's come all the way back from the two-frame deficit and now he's ahead.

Bingham looks pensive as he chalks up ready to break on the 12th frame.

The afternoon session must feel like a very long time ago now.

20:20 - Tense

Bingham's piling it back on now. He's 37-8 to the good but Carter's got some time at the table to try and pull it back.

He pots a nice easy red in the middle pocket and then follows it up with the blue.

20:09 - We're level

It's looking like we might be going all the way at Alexandra Palace. Carter's pulled it all the way back and we're level at 5-5.

He's looking confident again, and this time it was Bingham's turn to have his nerve fail him just as he had the chance to come back into control of the frame.

Carter to break in the 11th.

19:53 - Carter closing in

This is good still from Carter. He's sensing the opportunity to rescue this final and is up 30-2 at present.

He's keeping Bingham off the table and is looking a good shout to draw level if he can keep his concentration high.

19:33 - Carter pulls it back

It's another long frame but Carter is off to the perfect start in the evening session. He's recovered from whatever psychological lapse worked against him during that final frame of the afternoon and he's taken the ninth to give the final a very different complexion.

5-4 now.

19:09 - They're back out

The players are back out on the floor and we're just about ready to get the evening session under way.

5-3 Bingham leads, Carter to break in the ninth.

18:40 - 'He laughs when he's not happy'

Our Eurosport pundits still reflecting on how that last frame got away from Carter, and in particular that shot from Bingham on the yellow that swung it.

There's still some disagreement over whether or not that key shot of the frame was intentional but one thing's for sure - Carter wasn't amused.

"Ali Carter is one of these players you play and when he smiles, it's not a smile of pleasure," says Neal Foulds. "Dennis Taylor was a bit like that.

"Most players, when they're furious, they're furious. Ali laughs when he's not happy."

18:10 - 'Either player could have won it'

And this year's Master quarter-finalist Joe Perry, who's also watching for Eurosport, agrees with Foulds that fine margins could decide the final at Alexandra Palace.

Perry said: "Either player could have won that last frame two or three times over. Stuart ended up nicking it, and it will prove a big moment I think."

17:30 - 'One shot could be everything'

Eurosport snooker pundit Neal Foulds has been speaking after that eighth frame with Bingham nicely in charge. He's had this to say:

"He's [Bingham] just won a 40-minute frame that ended with one of the shots of the season. If he was to lift the trophy tonight in a close match, one shot could be everything.

"That frame looked to destined to go to carter, but he's put a bit of daylight now. Those two frames that he's got could actually make a big difference tonight."

16:30 Carter 3-5 Bingham

Some absolutely outrageous shots by Bingham there at the end of the longest frame of the session - and a pretty tense one, too. An incredible fluke sees him finish off the eighth frame 67-45 and takes a solid two-frame lead into the final session, tonight.

16:11 Carter 3-4 Bingham

Carter is just off a red on the bottom left pocket. A big chance for Bingham now. ARRGGHHHH he's MISSED IT! Tense times.

16:09 Carter 3-4 Bingham

Stuart Bingham looks like he's on another rampage, until he misses a red on the left middle pocket at 32 points ahead. Ali Carter takes to the floor - let's see what he's got.

15:47 Carter 3-4 Bingham

Bingham is not messing around this time and he wraps that up in good time after Carter misses a pink. He takes the penultimate frame of the season by 96-5, and he'll be hoping to carry that advantage into the evening session.

15:33 Carter 3-3 Bingham

Bingham has the opportunity to wrap things up on the blue but misses the middle pocket, he's clearly fuming with himself as he watches Carter pot it. We're down to just the black, which Bingham misses leaving Carter to cover the full length of the table to wrap it up - he does not. He eventually leaves the black on top corner pocket and Bingham taps it in. That was lucky for him, in the end.

15:26 Carter 3-2 Bingham

There are only four balls left on the table and Carterloses it on the brown. At least he's left it in a tricky position for Bingham who does his best to leave the white at the wrong end of the table for Carter. We go again - the psychological warfare is intense! We're in something of a stalemate.

15:13 Carter 3-2 Bingham

Carter hands control over to Bingham again who makes a better job of it this time. 52 points ahead and he looks as if he could be in trouble as he has to feed the white through a pocket of red at the bottom of the table to avoid snookering himself. He does it, it's an unbelieveable shot. But moments later, possibly thinking he's done enough to get over the line in this frame, he fluffs it.

Carter comes back rack up 33 points but play passes back over to Bingham. There are a couple of free balls given away by Bingham now as he fails to make his way out of what really ought to be an easily escapable situation, and he could be in trouble now.

15:00 - Carter 3-2 Bingham

Bingham may rue giving that opportunity away as this looks set to be tight. Carter wraps up another frame 94-0.

14:45 - Carter 2-2 Bingham

We're back underway after the interval where Ali Carter has had an unfortunate start handing the frame over after missing the black with just one point, but not so much as Stuart Bingham who hands it right back over after missing red on one of the middle pockets. Carter goes again...

14:22 - Carter 2-2 Bingham

Carter has a decent lead again after sinking seven reds and seven blacks, but a poor shot leaves him there on 56. Bingham makes his move but stalls on 23 after fluffing his lines, leaving the door back open for Carter who duly shuts it in his face with 73-23.

They'll have a little break now and we'll be back shortly.

14:05 - Carter 1-2 Bingham

Carter has a decent lead, but he's fluffed it giving Bingham the opportunity to wrap this up and take the third frame as well. It's 78-56 to Bingham.

13:53 - Carter 1-1 Bingham

Bingham cones right back with a break of 75, taking the second frame 122-5.

13:30 - Carter 1-0 Bingham

A magnificent century from Carter, his first of the tournament, opens up the final in style.

12:45 - Welcome

Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of The Masters final between Ali Carter and Stuart Bingham.

Who are you backing for the win?

Saturday live updates

22:45 - Bingham delighted

"It's fantastic to have the chance [off winning the Masters]. I can't wait. It's what dreams are made of, to be in the final," said Bingham in the studio after the match.

I'm enjoying it out there. Obviously the draw has opened up with most of the seeds being beaten.

22:15 - Bingham goes through!

Despite Gilbert's late rally Bingham holds his nerve - securing the win courtesy pf a fluke - in the final frame to set up a final with Ali Carter.

'They call him Ball-run for a reason' – Bingham flukes match ball at Masters

21:55 - Another exacting match is promised

Bingham is held back for at least one more frame. Gilbert wins the seventh frame.

21:35 - Bingham's parents celebrate - one from victory

Bingham goes 5-1 up courtesy of a 75 break, sending him 5-1 clear and just a single frame away. He's closing in.

21:20 - We're back in the game

It's 4-1 to Bingham as he nudges a couple ahead now. Bingham has the edge as the new man Gilbert struggles to recreate his form.

20:35 - Gilbert pulls one back

David Gilbert gets one frame back to stop Bingham racing away with it. Gilbert is the one player left not to get to a final of the Masters yet.

Gilbert produces break of 131 to cut the arrears

20:15 - Three ahead for Bingham

Gilbert missses a tricky brown and is now three behind. Bingham steps up and snatches the frame away from his opponent to get to halfway there.

19:40 - Now we have two

Another solid display from Bingham and we are two ahead for Bingham. With the way these games have been going the interval could change it all.

Some comments:

19:25 - Bingham goes ahead

A break of 94 gives Stuart Bingham the first frame of the night. He's 1-0 up and needs just five more to reach the final.

19:10 - Welcome back!

We're back on the baize. Bingham and Gilbert are at the table as they race to be the first to six frames.

17:15 - Carter seals his spot in the final

A classy break just shy of a century means that Ali Carter, who is only competing this week because Ronnie O'Sullivan opted against appearing, is in to Sunday's final. This was a superb performance by Carter, summed up by Neal Foulds:

He thoroughly deserves it. Today was going to be a tough ask, but all is matches are the same - hard-fought. He's very tenacious, the close frames he wins.

17:00 - Carter goes two clear again

Carter with 66 sees him through a topsy-turvy frame. He was in front, snookered but then simply fluked a red which required Murphy to need snookers.

The Captain is 5-3 up now and is edging closer to a place in the final.

16:25 - Murphy's blunder gives Carter hope

Carter was just three balls away from taking the frame, but he missed a relatively straightforward brown, giving Murphy the opportunity to take the frame… and he did with 59!

It’s 4-3 now! This could well be going the distance...

15:57 - Carter makes it 4-2

Murphy's slip-up by catching the wrong red gave Carter the chance to capitalise and he took it as he makes 70 to the pink.

15:40 - Murphy keeping things tight

Murphy makes it 3-2 now with an impressive break of 110. He may still be trailing but he's giving Carter plenty of reasons to be nervous.

15:00 - Carter goes 3-1 up

Carter holds a convincing lead now as they head off to the dressing rooms for the interval. Six is the target for victory with all frames under 90 minutes.

Carter with breaks of 55, 91 and 36 puts him in the driving seat at the break.

14:37 - Murphy arrives in style

Murphy (136) with a clearance of 105 means he has reduced the deficit to 2-1 in this thoroughly entertaining opening semi-final clash - a fine frame from The Magician. Game on!

14:23 - Carter doubles his lead

And Carter has really stamped his authority on this semi-final clash.

Carter dismantles Murphy's safety approach and takes the second frame with a break of 91 to go 2-0 up. No century though as he fails to pot the pink.

14:00 - Monster first frame

Carter emerges from a lengthy first frame with a 1-0 lead. Carter opened up a 68 point lead, but allowed Murphy back in. A series of safety shots and some very tactical play eventually saw Carter hold on to take the opener, but if that's the standard then we'll be in for a corker this afternoon.

13:10 - White and Fouldsy's thoughts

Both Eurosport pundits Jimmy White and Neal Foulds have backed Shaun Murphy to win the opening semi-final.

Foulds: "Without doubt these four have played the best this week. These guys deserve to be there. Shaun Murphy has played very well, he's had a good season. He's got that cue action and having the confidence to go with it makes him a very dangerous player."

White: "He is a very open player, a very attacking player, if they go in he can beat anybody - but he's reined that back in a bit, he's worked on his safety play. I think he'll win today, I think he's got too much for Carter."

13:00 - Who will be last man standing?

12:45 - Semi-final day

We're down to the last four at Ally Pally and it's set to be a cracker of a day's snooker. First up is Shaun Murphy against Ali Carter, which is scheduled to break off at 1pm.

Eurosport pundit Ronnie O'Sullivan has Murphy as favourite, which he pointed out during his late-night filming session the other evening (even the lighting crew had gone home!).

Friday live updates

01:30 - Bingham wins!

Stuart Bingham seals an incredible comeback, having looked out of sorts for most of the evening. He has scrapped back against a player who looked to be cruising at the outset, and is now through to the semi-finals.

22:40 - Bingham fights back to 4-3

What a fightback this is from Bingham! He wins an epic tussle in the sixth and then knocks in a break of 82 to go within one of levelling.

21:45 - Wilson goes 4-1 up after restart

We're back after the restart, and Wilson is 4-1 ahead following a 71-65 win. Bingham's 65 break had threatened to start a comeback but his hopes look dashed now.

21:10 - Wilson takes 3-1 lead

Another exhausting frame which takes the best part of an hour, with Wilson taking a two frame lead at the mid-session interval.

20:20 - Bingham pulls one back

Bingham's break of 69 is enough to spur him onto a 78-0 win. It's 2-1 now.

20:10 - Wilson doubles his lead

Wilson is now two ahead after an exhaustingly long second frame. It was 70-60 in Wilson's favour.

19:25 - Wilson clears the table

Wilson moves 1-0 up with a startlingly good table clearance. He scores 139 unanswered.

19:10 - Wilson v Bingham gets underway

We're into the first frame of the match.

16:25 - Gilbert claims a victory

David Gilbert comes through the pressure to take the final frame. He's through to the semi-finals after an impressive victory.

16:05 - Maguire stays in contention

A near century break of 94 brings it back to 5-2, and he's not out of this yet.

15:50 - 5-1 to Gilbert, a frame away from victory

Gilbert heads out, away from the tables after he wins the sixth frame of the game. It's another tight victory though, taking it by a score of 66 to 54.

15:35 - 4-1 to Gilbert

After an attritional fifth sex, Gilbert finds himself a couple of frames from victory as he stretches his lead.

15:15 - 3-1 to Gilbert

Gilbert is now three up as both he and Maguire win a frame each. Gilbert is 25-1 up in the early stages of the fifth frame.

14:00 - 2-0 Gilbert after tense frame

A lot of back-and-forth in this one, but again it's Gilbert who prevails, 70-59.

13:30 - Gilbert draws first blood

David Gilbert is the first on the scoreboard as he takes the opening frame off Stephen Maguire with a huge 144 break!

13:00 - Good afternoon!

It's day six of the Masters and we've got two quarter-finals on the way. First up, Stephen Maguire and David Gilbert face off, before a clash between Kyren Wilson and Stuart Bingham.

Thursday's live updates

23:35 - The Captain gets the job done

It takes two visits, but Ali Carter gets the job done. The Captain came into what would turn out to be the final frame with his highest break standing at 37 but a 72 seals the 40-year-old a spot in the semi-final of the Masters for the first time in his career

23:15 - Carter edges closer to the semi-final

Ali Carter emerges from a mammoth 47-minute frame to move to within one frame of the semi-final. Both players had their chances, but it was the Captain - whose top break stands at 35 - who took the spoils in a error-strewn eighth frame. The errors were not just confined to the players though with the marker Ben Williams getting the score wrong at one point.

22:30 - One frame in it

And another for Higgins, who is now only one frame behind. The two-time Masters champion knocks off a break of 73 to close the gap on Carter.

The quality of the match has definitely improved since this incident earlier...

‘Unbelievable! Unbelievable what’s happening here!' – Foul from Higgins leaves commentators aghast

22:15 - Higgins hits back with 140

Where did this come from?!

Higgins, who has missed a number of pots this evening, knocks off a brilliant break of 140 to rattle through the frame and close to two frames behind.

It looks like he's out of position at one stage but he decides to take on a long blue and pots it into the corner. The crowd love it.

22:05 - Missed brown costs Higgins

It looks like Higgins is going to scrap his way back into the match as he gets a snooker and then needs the colours to snatch the frame. However, he can't find the corner pocket with the Brown and it's Carter who cleans up to win a 38-minute frame and move 4-1 ahead.

Higgins has been a long way from his best in this match.

21:50 - Carter adds to foul count

Neither player has been able to make a substantial break yet in the fifth frame.

Carter has shaded it, and leads 21-14, but after potting a mid-length red he's also knocked in the white...

21:20 - Players back out

Despite some scrappy play, it's Carter who is in control on the scoreboard as the players wander back out.

Will Higgins fight back?

21:00 - Carter extends lead

Another back-and-forth frame with errors from both players. This time it's Carter who takes it to lead 3-1 at the mid-session interval.

Both players will surely be hoping they can raise their level after the break.

20:35 - Higgins wins frame despite fouls

It's still a̶ ̶b̶i̶t̶ very scrappy, but Higgins will be grateful he is at least on the board after three fouls in quick succession.

Higgins is the first culprit as, at 61-30 ahead, with Carter nearly needed snookers to win, he pots the white. Carter quickly repays the favour, only for Higgins to foul again on the next short as he inadvertently pots the black.

Fortunately for Higgins his errors don’t cost him as he takes the frame to cut Carter’s lead to 2-1.

20:05 - Carter doubles his advantage

It has been a very low-quality affair thus far but it is Carter who emerges in the ascendancy. The world number 17 steals in to seal the frame after some loose positional play from Higgins sees the four-time world champion miss the brown to the centre pocket.

19:37 - First blood to the Captain

Ali Carter takes the lead and, truth be told, the Captain was the beneficiary of a large slice of fortune. After a lengthy safety exchange Higgins leaves the yellow on, but Carter misses a fairly presentable opportunity, only to fluke a snooker. The four-time world champion sees the black go in as he attempts to escape the snooker and that is that.

19:10 - Game on

The players are out and Higgins makes the first pot of the match with a long red.

Nice pot, but he follows it up by knocking in the white. Oops...

19:00 - Carter vs Higgins

Hello again.

We're almost ready for our second quarter-final, with Ali Carter and John Higgins set to face off at Ally Pally.

Before we get going, here's how Shaun Murphy sealed his place in the last four earlier...

Murphy seals semi-final spot

17:00 - Evening session

We are going to take a break before the next quarter-final, which gets under way at 7pm.

Will it be Higgins or Carter facing Murphy in the last four?

16:35 - 'Joe was so unlucky'

Shaun Murphy on Eurosport: "I am obviously pleased to win. It was a big game for me, first chance to get in the semis in five years, and the most important stat is getting to six first, but there were times in the match when I was really struggling and on another day I might not be sat here as I thought Joe was so unlucky, so often."

Shaun Murphy: This is my best chance to win a Triple Crown event

16:20 - Murphy wins

It's a first Masters semi-final since 2015 for Murphy as he wins 6-3.

Perry has a chance to extend the contest as he opens up a 34-0 lead, but he miscues a shot down the cushion and leaves the white among the reds. Murphy doesn't initially take full advantage, but he gets another opening and makes it count.

He will face either Ali Carter or John Higgins in the semi-finals.

15:57 - Not quite...

This one goes Perry's way and all of a sudden it's 5-3.

Still a heck of a tall order - he needs to take the next three frames on the bounce if he's going to make the semi-finals - but he's given himself a glimmer of hope.

5-3 going into the ninth.

15:38 - Nearly all over?

Another frame falls to Murphy, and it's another fight-back from a precarious position.

Perry was in a great position to take that frame but his nerve failed him at the crucial moments and he allowed his opponent back in.

Shaun Murphy steals in to open up three-frame advantage

It's 5-2 now and it looks like this is only going to end one way.

15:17 - Another 100

He was right to feel confident - Murphy's racked up another century as he seals the sixth frame in comprehensive style and opens up a 4-2 lead.

15:10 - Confident

It's been a good start in the sixth for Murphy, he's up 48-1 as we stand and looking confident.

15:02 - It's 3-2...

Perry's pulled it back to 3-2, just when it looked as though Murphy was readying himself to pull away.

That was a very tight frame, no one looked like they had it under control into the last black went down.

It'll be a surprise still, I think, if Perry pulls this off, but he's put himself in contention at least.

Murphy breaks on the sixth frame, 3-2.

14:25 - Close...

... but no cigar for Perry. He looked in control for most of the fourth frame there but a tight contest just slips away from him and Murphy climbs past him.

It's 3-1 now to Murphy, who is halfway towards another Masters semi-final.

14:02 - Century for Murphy

Murphy tops 100 as he sweeps up in the third frame. The 2015 winner moves into a 2-1 lead and is looking very, very strong.

That frame rather passed Perry by.

13:53 - Murphy on top

Things have tipped back Murphy's way. He's ahead by 34-1 in the third and looking relatively in control.

13:42 - ... and we're level

Perry looked for a time there like he was going to slip 2-0 down but he's come roaring back to take the second frame.

It's been a very to-and-fro game so far, the ascendancy has changed hands a couple of times in these first two frames.

It's level at 1-1, with Perry to break.

13:30 - Better from Perry

Perry has his eye in now and makes a strong start to the second frame.

He looks confident and he's up 34-0 at present.

13:27 - 1-0 Murphy

That's the first frame down to Murphy. He's swept right past Perry who barely got a look in.

Murphy breaks on the second frame.

13:00 - Ahoy!

Hello, we're back for the start of the quarter-finals, beginning right about now with Shaun Murphy v Joe Perry.

We'll be under way absolutely any minute so do, please, stick with us and we'll keep you up to date with the action frame by frame.


Wednesday's live updates

22:30 - Bingham delighted with his day's work

“Any victory over Mark, you know, is [great]. He didn’t look at it tonight, but you know I just battled through,” said Bingham in the studio after the match.

“I have been playing well," he added.

I practised well yesterday, I knocked in five tons or so, and I have just been putting the hours in and feeling good.

22:15 - 'Totally in control of the whole match'

Eurosport expert Jimmy White has some praise for Bingham in his post-match analysis, saying: "The first four frames were a bit edgy...after the interval, Bingham was totally in control of the whole match.

21:55 - Bingham wins it!

What a great performance after the interval from Stuart Bingham - he gets the last quarter-final spot with a 6-2 win! The former world champion seals the win with a 54 - his fourth 50-plus break of the match.

Bingham holds his nerve to down Williams

21:44 - Four on the bounce for Bingham

Stuart Bingham is one away from a quarter-final against Kyren Wilson, he clears to the pink to open up a three-frame advantage at 5-2.

21:20 - Bingham leads 4-2 after another supreme break

Two-time Masters champion Williams is in a spot of bother, now. Bingham rattles of a break of 86 to open up to a two-frame lead.

21:00 - Bingham shows his mettle to re-take the lead

Six-time ranking title winner Bingham cues well to capitalise on a Williams safety error to compile the highest break of the match thus far with a 76 clearance to the pink to take the first frame after the interval.

20:30 - All even at the mid-session interval

After a lengthy time at his seat, Bingham's back at the table and draws himself level again at the interval. Even match so far.

20:15 - Williams ahead

Great potting from Mark Williams moves him 2-1 ahead.

Williams produces brilliance on his way to winning frame three

20:00 - Williams levels up

He hits straight back! Williams finishes the frame with a break of 23.

19:45 - O'Sullivan and White have words on Lisowski

In case you missed it earlier, Eurosport experts Ronnie O'Sullivan and Jimmy White weren't shy about giving their views on Jack Lisowski's collapse against Kyren Wilson.

O'Sullivan had this to say:

To lose six frames on the bounce, you can't do that. There's something seriously wrong in your game, or in your form, whatever.

And White concurred:

He's not putting the proper effort into each shot, he's not living the shot, he's not learning from his mistakes. He's a bit frustrating.

Check out the full video below!

Ronnie O’Sullivan chides Jack Lisowski after Kyren Wilson collapse

19:30 - Bingham takes early lead

Stuart Bingham punishes a Williams error to take the first frame 83-26.

Who does Neal Foulds think will win? Let's see...

18:55 - Williams v Bingham about to get under way

Mark Williams or Stuart Bingham will face Kyren Wilson in the Masters quarter-final - we'll find out just who that will be by the end of this evening.

16:45 - Back later

The evening session starts at 7pm, with Mark Williams v Stuart Bingham.

16:30 - 'Ah, he got me' - watch the moment referee Ben Williams got stung by a bee

Ref fends off wasp attack on Wilson, gets stung for his efforts

16:15 - Wilson wraps it up!

Six in a row, and Kyren Wilson has his place in the quarter-finals after a brilliant comeback, beating Jack Lisowski 6-2.

16:00 - Wilson edges towards win

Wilson's on a roll. Five frames in a row means he's just one from victory, and he moves 5-2 up after Lisowski concedes when fouling during a safety battle while searching for snookers.

15:34 - Wilson takes charge

Make that FOUR frames in a row for Wilson, who comes out firing after the interval. After taking the fifth frame 71-29, he moves 4-2 up after a break of 68.

14:30 - All square

It's a right ding-dong battle in the fourth frame, and after a tussle on the colours, it's Wilson who edges it 56-54 to go into the interval at 2-2 with Lisowski.

14:00 - Wilson on the board

The one-frame deficit is restored, Lisowski leads 2-1.

13:45 - And another for Lisowski

We can't really label this an 'upset in the making', but Lisowski is already two frames ahead against Wilson - a man ranked five places above him in the world rankings - after notching a 72 break in the second frame.

Of the six completed matches, only John Higgins has lived up to his status as favourite with Judd Trump, Mark Selby, Neil Robertson, Mark Allen and Ding Junhui all losing their openers in this extraordinary tournament.

13:26 - Solid start from Lisowski

An assured start from the world number 13, who takes the opening frame 74-0 thanks to a break of 56.

13:10 - We're back

Right then, time to get the ball rolling again with our snooker coverage. The Masters is live on Eurosport and the Eurosport Player with Kyren Wilson taking on Jack Lisowski.

Just before that gets under way, Andy Goldstein is joined in the studio by Jimmy White and Ronnie O'Sullivan - so make sure you tune in.

Check out the videos below, too, featuring a brilliant moment with White and Higgins!

John Higgins and Jimmy White can't stop laughing - "This has done your swede in!"

The Big Take: 'Shaun Murphy will win the Masters'

Tuesday's live updates

21:33 - That's a wrap

So a brave rally from Hawkins but it was too little, too late.

Higgins has won through to the quarter-final by a pretty convincing six frames to one. Hawkins never got going in truth, and he bows out with 222 points to his name against 476 in all for Higgins.

It's Ali Carter in the last eight for him.

And it case you missed it, here is an unlikely studio highlight:

21:15 - Hawkins rallies

There's a creditable flourish coming now from Hawkins. He's 94-27 to the good...

... and lo, he's taken the frame. Off the mark at last, though he's still got some way to come back to amend this 5-1 deficit.

21:05 - It's nearly all over

Higgins wraps up the fifth and Hawkins looks as though he knows his Masters is coming to an early end.

20:55 - Higgins closing in

It really isn't looking good for Hawkins. He's down 62-7 in the fourth frame and that little flurry of momentum he looked to have found before going four down has well and truly evaporated.

Could just be a matter of time this.

20:27 - 4-0 Higgins

Another frame falls to Higgins and it's looking particularly bleak now for Hawkins. He's ahead 276-40 on points, and more crucially four frames to nil.

20:16 - Tight

The fourth frame is shaping up to be a lot tighter. Hawkins has plucked up some confidence and there's a battle on here to prevent his opponent moving over the horizon and out of sight.

39-27 in Higgins' favour but it could tip either way.

20:03 - Landmark

FYI Higgins will be the first top-eight player into the quarter finals if he stays on course and pulls off a win here.

Hawkins is showing a little more of himself in the fourth frame though. 18-0 at present.

19:58 - It's another one to Higgins

It's all feeling a little one-sided at Alexandra palace. Another frame falls to Higgins and it's 3-0 inside the hour.

19:47 - 2-0 Higgins...

And that's the second Frame now down to Higgins. Hawkins hasn't had much a of shout so far.

19:42 - Higgins in charge

A few balls are dropping now and Higgins is in charge in the second frame. It's still what one would probably call cautious but the points are racking up bit by bit.

56-1 at present.

19:26 - Slow burner

The second frame's taking a little longer than we might like to warm up. It's all a bit nervous thus far, with a few shots not really coming off for both players.

19:17 - Higgins takes the first frame

John Higgins wraps up the first frame and takes a 1-0 lead.

19:00 - Welcome back

We're about to get back under way at Alexandra Palace. Both John Higgins and Barry Hawkins have trotted down to the table and are each looking just about ready to get their Masters started.

The prize is a place in the quarter-final against Ali Carter.

We'll have all the ups, downs and turning points here so stick with us.

18:30 - 'You need luck on your side'

And the victorious Murphy has also had something to say after booking his last-eight spot at Alexandra Palace.

Murphy said: "It felt like the turning point didn't come until quite late for me.

"He was unplayable for the first few frames but when we turned the corner. There were just a couple of mistakes here and there and I got away with a couple of shots in the last frame. You need those things on your side to win."

18:00 - 'He just dug in'

Departing champion Judd Trump has been speaking following his exit at the hands of Shaun Murphy this afternoon.

"He just dug in," Trump told BBC Sport of number ten seed Murphy, who will now face Joe Perry in the quarter-final.

"I didn't really do that much wrong. It's frustrating really because I felt like I was in control of the game and he was just hanging on.

"It felt like I didn't play that bad and 6-3 was maybe a little flattering for him."

16:40 - And breathe...

We've a pause now before the evening session begins, time to take a breath and recover our composure after that thrilling comeback from Shaun Murphy to dump out the holder Judd Trump.

Next up at from Alexandra Palace 19:00 will be John Higgins against Barry Hawkins for the right to play Ali Carter, who knocked out Mark Selby, in the quarter-final.

16:10 - Trump out!

That's it! The holder and world number one is out and Murphy eases through 6-3 to the quarter-final where he'll face number 15 seed Joe Perry. That triple century from Trump couldn't save him in the end and there'll be a new name on the trophy this year.

15:52 - Murphy closing in on victory

Murphy is a frame away from victory now - he leads 5-3 and is on the verge of knocking out the defending champion.

15:27 - Now Murphy leads!

Trump may have hit three centuries, but it's Murphy who leads after digging deep to win the seventh frame 56-38 thanks to a break of 52.

15:05 - Murphy level

4-2? Make that 3-3, Trump can't see out the frame after a tough attempt to open the pack does not pay off. Murphy wins the battle that follows and a 77 helps him level up.

14:55 - ... and another!

Trump in fine form at the moment - a 119 makes that three centuries, and he's looking good to go 4-2 up as he's at the table with a break of 47 already.

14:19 - The Ally Pally crowd are being treated to some exhibition stuff

Judd Trump closes the session as he opened it, with a magnificent century. The best-of-11 encounter - tied at 2-2 - has thus far seen runs of 128, 116 and 71 in a high quality encounter.

14:08 - Murphy turnaround

From 1-0 down, Murphy leads 2-1 thanks to a break of 71. He levelled up when taking the second frame 76-0. Work to do for Trump...

13:35 - Trump century

Perfect start for the defending champ, who knocks in a 128 to take a 1-0 lead.

Trump opens Murphy clash with century

13:10 - Trump v Murphy LIVE

Four Masters matches so far, four defeats for past winners. And it will be five from five regardless of who wins this next encounter.

Defending champion Judd Trump has just got going in his match with 2015 winner Shaun Murphy, and you can follow that live on Eurosport and the Eurosport Player.

It should make for an intriguing battle, and while that plays out, catch up with Maguire's incredible shot yesterday, plus highlights from Day Two.

'Goodness me!' - Incredible Maguire fluke backfires spectacularly

The Masters highlights: Maguire completes great escape, Allen ousted by Gilbert

Monday's live updates

21:45 - Who's next to fall?

World No 1 Judd Trump will be hoping to avoid becoming another high-profile casualty when he takes on Shaun Murphy from 2pm on Tuesday.

In the evening session from 7pm, two-time Masters champion John Higgins takes on Barry Hawkins.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

21:35 - 'The best I have played'

David Gilbert on Eurosport: "It’s probably the best I have ever played. I was really excited to get out there. The arm felt fantastic, I wish it felt like that every day."

21:25 - Debut delight for Gilbert

It's all over and Masters debutant Gilbert secures a thumping 6-1 victory over Allen, who was not on top of his game.

Gilbert will face Maguire in the quarter-finals after he knocked out Robertson earlier today.

That's four matches played, four surprise results. What a start to the tournament.

21:10 - Gilbert replies

An immediate, and impressive, response from Gilbert as he knocks in a break of 95 to move one frame away from the quarter-finals.

20:40 - Allen on the board

The comeback starts here. Maybe.

Gilbert has chances to win the fifth frame but this time he can't make them count and Allen knocks in all the colours to finish and cut the lead to 4-1.

We have already seen one impressive comeback today from Maguire, is this going to be another from Allen?

20:00 - Four in a row for Gilbert

Not sure Gilbert could have imagined this opening session would go any better.

After big breaks to win the first two frames, the Masters debutant overcomes a 59-0 deficit to move 3-0 ahead. And he then takes the fourth frame as Allen, looking to recover from 67-0 down, misses a straight black.

Allen has an awful lot of work to do when the players return from a short break.

19:30 - Gilbert makes strong start

What a start for Gilbert, who is making his first Masters appearance.

He takes the first frame with a break of 77 and then knocks in a break of 121 to lead 2-0.

19:00 - Allen vs Gilbert

The players are out and it doesn't look like there are too many empty seats around the arena.

Tune in to watch on Eurosport 2 or Eurosport Player, or follow all the action right here.

18:15 - Evening session

Not long until the evening session gets under way at 7pm, with Mark Allen facing David Gilbert.

The winner of that match will take on Maguire in the quarter-finals.

While we take a quick break before that first-round clash, here's some analysis of one of the most bizarre shots you will see...

17:50 - 'He should have put me away'

Stephen Maguire on Eurosport: "I didn’t expect to win from 4-0 down. I wasn’t in the match at all. Neil missed a few balls and should have put me away, and this game doesn’t forgive you."

17:40 - Who will be next...?

17:35 - Maguire wins

Wow. What a comeback from Maguire.

He has come from 5-1 down to shock Robertson in the first round of The Masters.

Again the Australian had a chance in the deciding frame as he led 33-0, but he missed a black into the corner and Maguire took advantage to win the match.

17:05 - Final-frame decider

Who saw this coming?!

From 5-1 down, Maguire has levelled the match at 5-5. Maguire has really upped his level in the last few frames and this deciding frame should be a cracker.

Get Eurosport on if you can!

16:50 - Robertson misses out again

Another spurned chance for Robertson, who looked to be heading towards victory with a break of 40 but again couldn’t make it count.

Maguire got on the table and took his chance, with a break of 70 sealing the frame to cut Roberton's lead to 5-4 in this best-of-11 contest.

16:30 - Maguire back from brink?

It looked as though Robertson had this match wrapped up as he knocked in a break of 56 to close on the sixth and decisive frame, but he couldn't finish things off.

Maguire won a safety battle with a good snooker and then finished off the colours to cut Robertson's lead to 5-3.

Game on?

16:00 - 'You'll never see anything like that again!'

15:25 - Robertson cruising

Robertson is now 4-0 up and on the verge of beating Maguire in the best-of-11 match. Robertson took a lengthy third frame 64-58 before a break of 71 moved him within two frames of victory.

14:30 - Big Take: Did Mark Selby mean to kill the Ally Pally moth?

Colin Murray and Neal Foulds discuss the shocking moment from Day One of The Masters.

The Big Take - Did Mark Selby mean to kill the Ally Pally moth?

13:45 - Robertson in control against Maguire

There were exits for Mark Selby and Ding Junhui on Sunday as Ali Carter and Joe Perry marched on at the Masters.

This afternoon, Neil Robertson is currently in control of this match against Stephen Maguire, with the Australian taking a 2-0 lead thanks to a 136 break.

13:30 - Day One highlights as Ding bows out and Selby slips up

Highlights of the opening day of The Masters as Ding bows out and Selby slips up

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