Judd Trump has hit out at World Snooker Tour for not listening to his ideas about how the sport could be modernised.
Last year Trump suggested several changes to shake up snooker with a particular emphasis on ways to promote young players, commentary changes and athe dress code.
Trump said snooker was "stuck in a rut" and had "fallen behind" in terms of its image.
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Months have passed and the Ace says his comments have not been taken further by World Snooker and that snooker players’ opinions are not respected.
“I’ve heard absolutely nothing,” he told The Metro.
“They’ve just tried to let it blow over, but I’ll keep on making my point until it sinks in that I’m not saying it just to moan, they’re things that need to be said.”
Steve Dawson took over from Barry Hearn as WST chairman last summer, but Trump says he has not held any discussions with Dawson.
“I saw him [Dawson] at the Crucible and he said he’d speak to me, but he just never has, so I don’t know,” he said.
No one seems to want to listen or pay any attention to what players have to say.

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Trump plays his opening match of the 2022 Masters against Mark Allen on Wednesday afternoon at Alexandra Palace. He is looking forward to playing in the tournament, but is not happy about the requirement to wear a tie.
“The whole set-up of the event is amazing, apart from the dress code, which is terrible,” he said.
“I don’t know who comes up with the idea to wear a tie in this day and age, but it’s a stupid idea.
“Don’t get me started, the tie is so bad! I’ve had my mum taking the lining out of my tie today because the lining is too thick. Any tie I get I can’t cue over because the knot is too big.
“All players don’t cue the same and me cueing very flat to the table, my cue just goes straight over it. It’s mind-boggling how anyone can come up with this kind of dress code.
“The bow tie is bad enough but to have a tie in the way is ridiculous.
“The fact that there’s different dress code for afternoon and night as well, what other sport does that? Change the dress code halfway through the day, I don’t understand the logic.
“At least people know when you turn professional you wear a bow tie, but no one wears a tie – at least not in my age group – I’ve never worn one playing snooker then you’re suddenly thrown in playing in a tie for some strange reason. I don’t get it.”
At the recent Champion of Champions tournament, Trump’s suggestion to Matchroom to allow players to wear customised t-shirts was taken on board.
Trump “really liked the idea” and believes World Snooker are behind with the times.
He added: "Matchroom are that bit ahead on being willing to try new things, hopefully World Snooker will take that on in probably another 15 years, I imagine."
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