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It has been another epic evening of Masters snooker. We have our Alexandra Palace line-up for the semi-finals with Neil Robertson facing Mark Williams at 1pm GMT on Saturday afternoon before Hawkins and Trump meet at 7pm on Saturday night. See you back here for those matches.
The Masters
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  • THU 13 JAN
  • 13:00 - Neil Robertson 6-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 19:00 - Mark Williams 6-5 John Higgins
  • FRI 14 JAN
  • 13:00 - Judd Trump 6-1 Kyren Wilson
  • 19:00 - Barry Hawkins 6-1 Mark Selby
  • Sat 15 Jan
  • 13:00 - Neil Robertson v Mark Williams
  • 19:00 - Judd Trump v Barry Hawkins
  • Sun 16 Jan
  • 13 + 19:00 - Robertson/Williams v Trump/Hawkins

Tribute to great Paul Hunter

An emotional moment as the fans give Paul Hunter's dad Alan a standing ovation. The trophy is named after the three-times Masters champion.

Hawkins 6-1 Selby

"Mark wasn't at the races today, he struggled. The scoreline flattered me," said Hawkins. "I think I'll have to play better against Judd, he's a scoring machine."

Hawkins 6-1 Selby

Selby wishes Hawkins well. It is all over. It is a 6-1 win. He faces Judd Trump in the last four.

Hawkins 5-1 Selby (62-24)

Match within the Hawk's red left it goes, in drops black and in goes the red he needs. 38 the difference, 27 left on table.

Hawkins 5-1 Selby (29-24)

Selby might as well have stayed in the loo as he returns with a real stinker of a safety shot. Hawkins thumps home a mid-range red and has chance to win frame and match here.

Hawkins 5-1 Selby (22-24)

Well, there we go..Selby races out of the arena for a toilet break.

Hawkins 5-1 Selby (22-0)

A magical long red by Hawkins to gain access to the table. What a hit that is. Hawkins off and running and growing in confidence, but he then misses a blue. Not left anything on.

Hawkins 5-1 Selby (0-0)

A re-rack is coming up early in the seventh frame. Nobody messing about after the white stuck to the pack of reds. We go again.

Hawkins 5-1 Selby (75-56)

And in they all go. Would you believe this? It is Barry Hawkins needing one more frame for victory in the final quarter-final.

Hawkins 4-1 Selby (60-56)

Hawkins raps a red into the pocket along the top cushion as a cry of "Barry" goes up in the air from the crowd. Selby could be going 5-1 down here. World champion Selby has not been at it tonight so far. Brown, blue and pink needed..

Hawkins 4-1 Selby (24-56)

Hawkins not giving up the ghost in this frame either with three reds welded to the top cushion.

Hawkins 4-1 Selby (1-56)

Selby gritting his teeth. Has been far from at his best, but never lacks heart. Trying to play his way back into this match from 4-1 behind, but he misses another easy red. Didn't see that coming. Unbelievable miss.

Hawkins 4-1 Selby (0-7)

Hawkins tries to bury a long red, but ball comes back out after hitting a jaw. Early chance for Selby to put some points on the board, but he falls out of position early on again.

Hawkins 3-1 Selby (109-0)

Not one-visit snooker, but he is utterly dominant. Going to be a 4-1 advantage. Selby forced to watch and he needs to make a swift recovery otherwise this match could be heading for an early conclusion. A 65 from the Hawk.

Hawkins 3-1 Selby (33-0)

Hawkins back among the balls early in this fifth frame. Hasn't hit a huge break yet and won't be doing it this time as he jaws a red. This match still to catch fire.

Hawkins 3-1 Selby (0-0)

There we go. Selby is fortunate not to be 4-0 down at the moment. Hawk is halfway to a meeting with Judd Trump in the semi-finals on Saturday evening.

Hawkins 2-1 Selby (66-26)

Hawkins picks out a brilliant red after Selby breaks down. Not punished and this should be 3-1 to Hawkins at the mid-session interval.

Hawkins 2-1 Selby (50-19)

A 49 break from Hawkins, but he misses a red out of the blue. A dreadful error and Selby could punish his mate for that.

Hawkins 2-1 Selby (10-5)

Selby back to 2-1 behind in the final frame before the mid-session interval. Hawkins might rue missing the chance to lead 3-0. Neither player overly convincing at the moment as Selby can't ram home a long red. Another chance for the Hawk.

Hawkins 2-0 Selby (42-50)

All coming down to the final red at this juncture. Selby with a lead of eight points. Safety joust to settle the frame.

Hawkins 2-0 Selby (42-20)

Chance to lead 3-0, but chance gone as pink doesn't drop. Poor shot from Hawkins trying to hold for next red. What a chance he has passed up there.

Hawkins 2-0 Selby (28-13)

Selby misses the pink with a rest and Hawkins is back at the table with no harm done. What will he make from this visit?

Hawkins 2-0 Selby (20-13)

A timely safety shot by Selby brings the opportunity to assemble some points. This is a big visit to the table one suspects.

Hawkins 2-0 Selby (20-0)

Hawkins gets this frame off and running with an enormous fluke on a red. Selby yet to settle one suspects.

Hawkins 1-0 Selby (70-62)

Well, that is a bit of turn up for the books. Hawkins slots the final five colours to secure the frame. A 2-0 lead for Hawkins after needing a snooker. Work to do for Selby.

Hawkins 1-0 Selby (38-62)

Hawkins slots red, black and yellow before leaving an excellent snooker behind green. Selby misses the green off one cushion and Hawkins can win. 24 points behind, 25 left up.

Hawkins 1-0 Selby (25-62)

So one snooker required for Hawkins after the final red fails to drop for Selby.

Hawkins 1-0 Selby (24-56)

Hawkins again misses a long red and that is likely to cost him the second frame.

Hawkins 1-0 Selby (12-42)

Just eight in response from Hawkins. A lead of 34 for Selby, but the Jester misses the red and leaves a free ball. Five reds on top cushion.

Hawkins 1-0 Selby (1-42)

World number one Selby looking to restore parity in this match, but has underhit a screw shot at key moment. Poor shot and he then misses the pink seconds later with white off the cushion. Chance to Hawkins to respond.

Hawkins 1-0 Selby (0-1)

Or maybe not. Hawkins far too much pace on safety attempt and Selby has chance to compile a few points.

Hawkins 1-0 Selby (0-1)

Hawkins has missed several reds over the top pockets so far tonight. Black is tied up at moment so could take a few shots to sort out this frame.

Hawkins 0-0 Selby (59-14)

A run of 13 from Selby, but he has left another red over a pocket. Hawkins again misses a red over a bag. Four chances Hawkins has had in this frame to put it to bed, but still not under lock and key. Selby can't slot the black with red and now needs a snooker. Frame is over. Hawkins leads 1-0.

Hawkins 0-0 Selby (59-1)

Safety error by Hawkins gives Selby chance to launch the counter, but black is in baulk.

Hawkins 0-0 Selby (59-0)

Chance for Hawkins, but he can't float in a red over a top pocket. Chance missed, but Selby can't drill home a red seconds later in attempting screw back. Lead at 59 points with 67 left on table.

Hawkins 0-0 Selby (58-0)

So the break concludes on 58 after he fails to get the cannon on reds from yellow.

Hawkins 0-0 Selby (55-0)

Great recovery pot on a red after running out of position. Hammers in a brown to leave a mid-range red. And drops in a red. Back on the black. This has been a fine effort so far.

Hawkins 0-0 Selby (42-0)

This has been a vibrant start to the evening by Hawkins. Has got his eye in early on out there. Should pass the 50-point mark before disturbing the pack of reds.

Hawkins 0-0 Selby (21-0)

2016 finalist Hawkins picks out a plant at the start of this first frame. Another fantastic atmosphere inside the London venue.

Hawkins 0-0 Selby (0-0)

Welcome back to the final quarter-final. Friday night under the nights at the Ally Pally in London. Mark Selby leads Barry Hawkins 11-8 in the head-to-head meetings. Winner of this meets Judd Trump in the last four. Lets get the boys on the baize.

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We will be back at 7pm when world champion and world number one Mark Selby faces Barry Hawkins in his bid to secure a semi-final with Trump on Saturday evening at the Palace.

Trump 6-1 Wilson

"I think my game is in a good place, I didn't think I did too much wrong there," said Wilson. "I'm looking forward to the next comp."

Trump 6-1 Wilson

"Absolutely loving every minute of it out there," said Trump. "It is inspiring, you want to go out there and do your best. This tournament is always special. It becomes electric in there over the weekend. It is going to be incredible."

Trump 6-1 Wilson

"I made an important clearance to go 3-1," said Trump, who will face Mark Selby or Barry Hawkins in the last four on Saturday evening. "The crowd is just so good here and I wish every tournament was here. It is incredible, it is why I play the game. I can't wait to play out here again."

Trump 6-1 Wilson

Pops red and pink in. That is the end of the business at hand. Trump will face Mark Selby or Barry Hawkins on Saturday night for a place in the final.

Trump 5-1 Wilson (55-1)

Wilson requiring one snooker otherwise it is frame and match over. Three reds left up.

Trump 5-1 Wilson (48-1)

Wilson running out of road as Trump looks to book his place in Saturday night's semi-finals. Controlling the cue ball with a fair degree of authority.

Trump 5-1 Wilson (13-1)

Trump gets a huge kick in trying to pot a blue. So unfortunate. Wilson slots a nice red. Cuts the blue, but sees the white expertly plant two reds in the middle of the pack. Prompts a rueful smile. Not his day so far.

Trump 4-1 Wilson (74-1)

Trump is swarming all over these balls. Looks for all the money in the world like this is a four-frame advantage. Wilson missing balls at key moments so costly. A run of 67 that time.

Trump 4-1 Wilson (14-1)

Trump played a decent safety shot. Left a red over a middle bag. Thin cutback for Wilson, but he caught it too thick and has stuck up the game for the 2019 winner. Real chance for a 5-1 lead at this visit.

Trump 3-1 Wilson (76-48)

Trump plays a lovely cannon from pink to free red from a side cushion and is suddenly right in business. Slots final red with rest. Pops in yellow, green and brown seconds later to move 20 ahead before slamming in the blue on the double. Brilliant pink completes the run of 76. 4-1 now.

Trump 3-1 Wilson (13-45)

Wilson sees a red just fail to drop as red ball jaws in yellow pocket in baulk. Is this going to be another counter attack?

Trump 3-1 Wilson (0-45)

Trump sees a white fly into a pocket attempting a thin safety shot. Decent early chance for Wilson to apply some pressure after the body blow of losing the fourth frame.

Trump 3-1 Wilson (0-0)

Trump produced this magical shot ahead of the fifth frame. Will it be a match-changing moment?

Trump 2-1 Wilson (63-54)

A brilliant long red, a clearance of 50 to the pink and a huge steal from Trump. Super start to free red from the side cushion. A 3-1 lead instead of 2-2. A 15-minute break for the mid-session.

Trump 2-1 Wilson (48-54)

Well, what a twist this would be. Chance on for counter from Trump with the reds and colours suddenly available. This would be a body blow to 'The Warrior'.

Trump 2-1 Wilson (13-54)

A run of 53 from Wilson, but that isn't enough to get over the line. Frame still alive with four reds left on the table.

Trump 2-1 Wilson (13-19)

Not sure what happened there. Trump in control of the match leading 2-0, but seems to have lost the plot out there after the miscue in the third frame. Went for a cut on a red, but ends up butchering it. Walloped the object ball with too much pace, missed by miles and has set up Wilson with a fantastic chance to level this match.

Trump 2-1 Wilson (0-0)

71 from Wilson to trail 2-1. Vital to gain an early foothold and he found some exceptional cue ball control under the cosh. Bit more thumping music in between frames.

Trump 2-0 Wilson (2-57)

The man from Kettering has gone about his business diligently and Trump is going to pay a heavy price for the miscue it seems. Plenty of reds available to make a century.

Trump 2-0 Wilson (2-24)

Wilson finds a super long red, but can't follow up with a blue. Trump then suffers a rare miscue. A quick reprieve for Wilson. Can he turn this into a frame-winning chance?

Trump 2-0 Wilson (0-0)

A break of 74 from the Juddernaut. Wilson has early trouble here. Badly needs to find some table time with two more frames before the mid-session interval.

Trump 1-0 Wilson (65-0)

Wilson forced to sit and suffer at the moment. Trump with a chance to make a century straight off the bat for a 2-0 advantage.

Trump 1-0 Wilson (22-0)

Trump with a nice starter to gain access to the table at the start of this second frame. Chance to maintain momentum and is stroking the white ball nicely.

Trump 0-0 Wilson (80-12)

Nice break from Trump to get the ball rolling in this match. Much more like it as he reaches 68 before narrowly missing a double on the final red. Was all under control after he holed that long red. A 1-0 lead.

Trump 0-0 Wilson (17-12)

Error by Wilson allows Trump chance to slot mid-range red which is followed by a yellow off the spot, but he then misses a cut on a red. All very twitchy until Trump rams home a fabulous long red.

Trump 0-0 Wilson (10-12)

Few early nerves out there as Wilson breaks down on 12 after a cut on a red fails to drop.

Trump 0-0 Wilson (0-0)

Wilson won his own epic with Stuart Bingham, coming through 6-5 on the final pink.

'He can be very proud' - Wilson the victor following enduring battle with Bingham

Naughty snooker on the horizon

Trump survived a thriller with a 6-5 win over Mark Allen to reach the last eight. Look at this little shot. Doesn't get any better than this on a snooker table.

Trump plays ridiculous shot that no one saw coming

'Electric' Alexandra Palace atmosphere

Enjoy this clip from Mark Williams and John Higgins on Thursday evening. Lovely piece of footage from the North London venue with 2,000 snooker fans absolutely loving the game.

'Just amazing stuff, it really is!' - Williams and Higgins get raucous welcome ahead of final frame

Six men still standing in race for Paul Hunter Trophy and £250,000

Quick update on where we stand with the 48th edition of the coveted invitational event before today's matches in last eight.


  • THU 13 JAN
  • 13:00 - Neil Robertson 6-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 19:00 - Mark Williams 6-5 John Higgins
  • FRI 14 JAN
  • 13:00 - Judd Trump v Kyren Wilson
  • 19:00 - Barry Hawkins v Mark Selby
  • Sat 15 Jan
  • 13:00 - Neil Robertson v Mark Williams
  • 19:00 - To be decided v To be decided
  • Sun 16 Jan
  • 13 + 19:00 - To be decided v To be decided

Good afternoon

Settle in for another appetising afternoon on the green baize as 2019 champion Judd Trump meets 2018 finalist Kyren Wilson in the third quarter-final. World champion and three-times winner Mark Selby faces 2016 runner-up Barry Hawkins from 7pm GMT this evening. Mark Williams and Neil Robertson contest the first semi-final on Saturday afternoon at 1pm. Should be some real drama coming up over next three days so get a warm cuppa to hand and enjoy the boys on the baize.


‘I was in the toilet and I heard them!’ – Williams on best atmosphere in 30 years as pro

Mark Williams has lavished praise on the crowd at the Alexandra Palace after his 6-5 win against John Higgins at the Masters.
The three-time world champion will face Neil Robertson in the semi-finals after the Class of ’92 grandees played out a match of the highest calibre in front of a raucous yet appreciative crowd
“It was just a great occasion,” said Williams. “I mean, I've never experienced a crowd like that. We had a standing ovation at the start which felt like it went for 10 minutes, and then again before the final frame.
“The respect between me and John is massive but when the crowd is like that it is unbelievable.”
Williams and Higgins played out a match befitting of their pre-match reception, taking it all the way to a final-frame decider. And Williams said that the reception the pair got was so loud ahead of the 11th frame that he could hear it from the toilets.
“I was in the toilet actually,” said Williams, when Eurosport pundit Jimmy White asked him about the second standing ovation.
And I heard them cheering for John. And when I went in, it was just electric. You know, it's probably the best atmosphere I've ever played in 30 years as a professional.

'Just amazing stuff, it really is!' - Williams and Higgins get raucous welcome ahead of final frame

'Like playing Federer at Wimbledon' - Robertson on facing O'Sullivan at the Masters

Neil Robertson has compared facing Ronnie O’Sullivan at the Masters to taking on Roger Federer at Wimbledon.
Robertson got the better of O’Sullivan in the quarter-finals at Alexandra Palace on Thursday, which went some way to easing the pain of losing the final of the World Grand Prix to the Rocket last month.
It was a notable effort, as O’Sullivan was roared by his adoring public at Alexandra Palace.
Robertson was taken aback by the greeting O’Sullivan got from the crowd, but is aware the seven-time winner is a firm favourite of the Masters crowd - similar to how the Swiss tennis great is adored at SW19.
“It was amazing being out there,” Robertson told Eurosport. “I thought my reaction was amazing, but when Ronnie came out it was on another level again.
“It’s like playing Federer at Wimbledon, you know you are going to have the majority of the crowd against you. It has nothing to do with me personally, but Ronnie is like no other player we have had in the game.
“You have to respect that, but you also need to be ready to go and play well when you get the chances and I felt as though 90% of the match was fantastic. There were one or two mistakes but that is to be expected when you are playing in a cauldron of amazing fans."

'Any win over Ronnie O’Sullivan is one to celebrate' - Robertson wraps up win with brilliant red

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