Mark Allen - Judd Trump




  • Yan Bingtao 4-6 Mark Williams – Sunday January 9, 1pm
  • Neil Robertson 6-3 Anthony McGill – Sunday January 9, 7pm
  • John Higgins 6-2 Zhao Xintong – Monday January 10, 1pm
  • Shaun Murphy 2-6 Barry Hawkins – Monday January 10, 7pm
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-1 Jack Lisowski – Tuesday January 11, 1pm
  • Mark Selby 6-3 Stephen Maguire – Tuesday January 11, 7pm
  • Judd Trump 6-5 Mark Allen – Wednesday January 12, 1pm
  • Kyren Wilson 6-5 Stuart Bingham – Wednesday January 12, 7pm
World Championship
Key dates and schedule for 2022-23 snooker season as O'Sullivan defends world crown
13/05/2022 AT 11:44

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We will be back at 1pm on Thursday with seven-times champion Ronnie O'Sullivan facing Neil Robertson in the first of the quarter-finals from 1pm GMT before John Higgins and Mark Williams meet in the evening.

Bingham 5-6 Wilson

Wilson will face Judd Trump in the last eight after an epic victory. Both men had their chances. Bingham left to rue missing that pink.

Bingham 5-5 Wilson (39-51)

In goes the brown and blue from Wilson. And in goes the pink. Wilson with a 6-5 victory. Some clearance that.

Bingham 5-5 Wilson (39-41)

Great yellow by Wilson off the cushion and in goes the green...

Bingham 5-5 Wilson (39-36)

Bingham three clear on the colours as he fails to slot the yellow. All on these colours as Wilson gets a snooker. And has chance for frame and match, but he misses the yellow in trying to get out for green. Tension is mounting.

Bingham 5-5 Wilson (36-36)

Only one point between them as Bingham strokes home a red and yellow. One red left up as Bingham refuses tough cutback on a red. Wilson then overhits his safety attempt. All level before Bingham pots green.

Bingham 5-5 Wilson (31-36)

Wilson gets ahead with a run of 36, but two reds are welded to top cushion and Bingham is forced to play a soft swerve to dump the other red on the side cushion. Clever shot that. Safety joust coming up.

Bingham 5-5 Wilson (31-7)

Bingham misses a pink to a middle pocket. Can't believe he has missed that. Looked like he was going to win frame and match there. Had done the hard part.

Bingham 5-5 Wilson (15-0)

Bingham has first chance in the final frame. Picks out a lovely plant on reds before sinking green along the baulk cushion. Has given himself a decent scoring chance to get a solid lead.

Bingham 5-5 Wilson (0-0)

A blistering clearance of 132 from Bingham and we are gearing up for the final frame to sort this one out. Second final-frame decider of the day.

Bingham 4-5 Wilson (75-0)

So we are heading for a final-frame decider to settle this match. Has been a brilliant match with both men finding peak form at various points. Chance of a century.

Bingham 4-5 Wilson (35-0)

Wilson fails to hole a tough red along the top cushion and he has left Bingham a glorious chance to compile a few points in his quest to force the deciding frame.

Bingham 4-5 Wilson (0-0)

Wilson has dominated this frame. Just what he was looking for. A break of 56 to close the deal after the earlier 69. He moves one up with a possible two to play.

Bingham 4-4 Wilson (0-69)

Mistake by Bingham going for a long red and he leaves Wilson an easy opener. Quickly runs to 69 as he seeks out a 5-4 lead. Bingham needing one snooker at moment with 67 left on the table.

Bingham 4-4 Wilson (0-0)

A total clearance of 139 from Bingham to level at 4-4. That is the highest break of the tournament. Back from 4-1 behind.

Bingham 3-4 Wilson (66-0)

The Ball-Run at his vintage best here. Could be a big break coming up. Looking very content with his lot at the table.

Bingham 3-4 Wilson (15-0)

Wilson sees a white roll off attempting to play safe. Double kiss on red presents Bingham with first chance to score in the frame he requires to level match.

Bingham 3-4 Wilson (0-0)

53 from Bingham. He trails by one frame at 4-3 behind. This match is right back in the melting pot.

Bingham 2-4 Wilson (40-14)

Wilson pushed the boat out by going for a plant. Well off the intended plan of action as the white ends up jumping down a centre pocket. Bingham then misses a black off the spot before Wilson fails to sink an easy red. Suddenly the plot thickens.

Bingham 2-4 Wilson (0-0)

Great sportsmanship by Wilson for calling the foul on himself.

Bingham 1-4 Wilson (67-41)

Wilson with the frame at his mercy with one red left, but he hit the white with his cue using the rest trailing 43-41. Cost him the frame as Bingham got off seat to polish off the table himself to close to 4-2 behind. How big a moment will that prove to be? Looked for all the world like 5-1, but Bingham back within two frames.

Bingham 1-4 Wilson (43-13)

Bingham with a 36-point lead, but misses a cutback on a red to leave the door ajar for Wilson, who can't develop any more reds from a red and blue.

Bingham 1-4 Wilson (0-0)

A 4-1 lead for Wilson in the final first-round match after an 83 knock. Needs two more frames to secure a meeting with Trump in the quarter-finals.

Bingham 1-3 Wilson (0-69)

Wilson just piling on the points at this moment in time. Looks like 4-1 coming up as break moves to 65. Lands on blue and will need two more frames for victory.

Bingham 1-3 Wilson (0-21)

Brilliant long red by Wilson early in the fifth frame. That practice carried out over Christmas is certainly paying off in this match.

Bingham 1-3 Wilson (0-0)

A break of 96 from Bingham. Ideal response and he will feel better heading for a cup of tea at the mid-session interval.

Bingham 0-3 Wilson (0-72)

Bingham's response has been terrific in what has been four fine frames of snooker. Quickly up to 64 and he is going to win this frame in one hit.

Bingham 0-3 Wilson (0-0)

Bingham so frozen out he could be standing outside an Ally Pally bus stop. Wilson with 79 and will lead 3-0.

Bingham 0-2 Wilson (0-57)

Cue ball has been on a piece of string so far by Wilson as he closes in on a 3-0 lead against the 'Ball-run'.

Bingham 0-2 Wilson (0-28)

Poor safety shot by Bingham and Wilson is off and running again. Brilliant shot with the rest on a red to start the break. All looking a bit ominous at the moment.

Bingham 0-2 Wilson (0-0)

An 82 break from Wilson and a 2-0 lead for the man known as 'The Warrior'. Some shot early in the break by holing blue and rolling off one cushion to land on a red.

Bingham 0-1 Wilson (5-69)

Is hitting the ball like a dream so far. Bingham left to spectate, but the warning signs are there early on that he will need to bring his A game to the party.

Bingham 0-1 Wilson (5-48)

Wilson again emerges the likelier force in the second frame with break up to 42. Chance here to move 2-0 ahead.

Bingham 0-1 Wilson (0-0)

Bit of safety joust early in this second frame.

Bingham 0-1 Wilson (0-0)

Wilson finishing off this first frame in style. Should have got the job done in one visit, but dominant enough in the end. He leads 1-0.

Bingham 0-0 Wilson (28-62)

Bingham makes 28 before getting a double kiss attempting the double. Wilson rolls in a cracking red and brown to lead by 34 points with a possible 35 left up, Safety joust.

Bingham 0-0 Wilson (15-57)

Wilson quickly runs to 57, but then inexplicably misses a red to a centre pocket. Didn't see that one coming. What will Bingham produce with the counter attack?

Bingham 0-0 Wilson (0-33)

Bingham is the 2020 winner after a 10-8 success against Ali Carter while Wilson lost the 2018 final to 10-7 Mark Allen. Both men with pedigree at the event and Wilson has made a strong start to the evening. Looks to be hitting the ball well.

Bingham 0-0 Wilson (0-1)

So we are off and running with this one as Wilson smashes home a brilliant long red. Flies continue to land on balls out there.


  • Yan Bingtao 4-6 Mark Williams – Sunday January 9, 1pm
  • Neil Robertson 6-3 Anthony McGill – Sunday January 9, 7pm
  • John Higgins 6-2 Zhao Xintong – Monday January 10, 1pm
  • Shaun Murphy 2-6 Barry Hawkins – Monday January 10, 7pm
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-1 Jack Lisowski – Tuesday January 11, 1pm
  • Mark Selby 6-3 Stephen Maguire – Tuesday January 11, 7pm
  • Judd Trump 6-5 Mark Allen – Wednesday January 12, 1pm
  • Kyren Wilson v Stuart Bingham – Wednesday January 12, 7pm

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Trump will face the winner of Stuart Bingham or Kyren Wilson in the last eight on Friday. We'll find out who wins that tonight. See you back here for more LIVE updates at 7pm.

Allen 5-6 Trump

"I've lost a few closes one this season, but to finish it out like I did..I'm so proud of myself," said Trump. "The crowd picked me up and I loved the rowdiness of this London crowd. It is amazing. I'm just getting warmed up and I'm so happy to still be in it."

Allen 5-6 Trump

A break of 62 leaves Allen needing one snooker, but he is in a snooker. And he escapes brilliantly to keep alive his hopes, but Trump thumps home the final red in superb style to complete the win. A 6-5 win for Trump.

Allen 5-5 Trump (29-58)

Trump looks on the brink of victory...

Allen 5-5 Trump (29-20)

All going off out there as Allen jaws a red using the extension to the cue. Trump returns to the table and he has a decent chance to recover strongly with no reds on side cushions. Just working out best order to take them is the issue.

Allen 5-5 Trump (23-4)

Allen with first bite at the cherry after an outrageous fluke to start the frame. Almost misses another black off the spot, but it just managed to drop after wriggling in the jaws several times. Then Allen hits another red reaching over the pack. Safety coming up for Trump.

Allen 4-5 Trump (63-2)

So we are heading for the deciding frame. A one-frame Shoot Out for a place in the last eight. Hold on to your hats.

Allen 4-5 Trump (50-2)

Mistake by Trump presents Allen with chance to force the deciding frame. Runs out of position, but he is back at table seconds later. Seven reds left on table as the Antrim man goes around the angles from holing pink. Lands ideally on a red. Real chance here for Allen.

Allen 4-5 Trump (15-1)

Allen misses a black off its spot. Bad contact perhaps, but a bad miss too. Pressure continues to build at the Ally Pally.

Allen 4-4 Trump (0-135)

135 from Trump. The highest break of the tournament. A 5-4 lead for the 2019 champion. Classy recovery from Trump.

Allen 4-4 Trump (0-82)

Trump looks so relaxed again after being all over the place. Potting balls for fun and this could be a third century coming up.

Allen 4-4 Trump (0-14)

Allen must be wondering how he is not two frames clear of the world number two. Farcical end to that eighth frame. And Trump has picked out another sublime red to get first go at scoring.

Allen 4-4 Trump (0-0)

A re-rack at the start of the ninth frame as a bit of dance music comes on. Decent break-off shot from Trump as Allen is forced to play the containing safety.

Allen 4-4 Trump (62-65)

Trump picks out a stunning pot on pink before rolling in black and this match is all square again at 4-4. Trump pumps his fist in delight. Talk about winning the frame against the odds.

Allen 4-3 Trump (62-33)

Would you believe this? Allen goes in off hitting the final red and Trump can suddenly win frame from nowhere. Needs the clearance to level at 4-4.

Allen 4-3 Trump (62-29)

Trump gets the snooker after finding a lovely cutback black before snookering his opponent and Allen can't escape off one cushion. 33 in it with a possible 35 left on the table.

Allen 4-3 Trump (62-18)

Trump needing a snooker. 45 between them, 43 left up. All very scrappy, but Allen on cusp of a 5-3 lead.

Allen 4-3 Trump (62-16)

Trump produces a lovely plant, but can only make 16 in response to 54 from Allen. Four reds left up. Who gets next chance will be favourite for the frame. And Trump fails to see a long red drop. Allen leads by 46 with 51 left on.

Allen 4-3 Trump (22-0)

Trump throws his cue at a long red, but misses by some distance. Five out of 12 long pots made by Trump today so far. Not the greatest of stats. Allen given first chance to score again as he chases a two-frame lead.

Allen 4-3 Trump (0-0)

Another elongated frame won by Allen. Northern Irishman needs two more frames for victory.

Allen 3-3 Trump (63-18)

Trump tries to roll to remaining two reds from distance, but white falls off the line and hits black. Allen needs one more red to leave Trump needing a snooker. In goes the red from Trump's safety error. A 4-3 lead for Allen. He leads for first time unless Trump can conjure up two snookers.

Allen 3-3 Trump (47-12)

So four reds welded to the top cushion. Allen's lead looking very handy at the moment.

Allen 3-3 Trump (40-1)

Allen ends up wrong side of the blue and ends up hitting yellow on way down. Can't slot mid-range red, but Trump misses a deep screw on the green seconds later.

Allen 3-3 Trump (34-0)

Momentum appears to be firmly with Allen as he produces a delightful little shot to open some reds via potting the black. Looks in his element in around the scoring end of the table playing some timely little positional shots. White ball firmly under control.

Allen 3-3 Trump (0-0)

Both men involved in an early joust for supremacy in the seventh frame. Allen trying to lead for the first time in this match.

Trump plays ridiculous shot that no one saw coming

Allen 3-3 Trump (0-0)

A break of 65 in the sixth frame sees Allen level matters again. Trump didn't bother trying for snookers. Exemplary play from the Antrim professional. Difficult to call this match at the moment.

Allen 2-3 Trump (65-0)

This has been utterly brilliant from Allen. A lesson in break-building from the Northern Ireland Open champion.

Allen 2-3 Trump (34-0)

Allen picking out some delightful shots in the main arena at the start of this sixth frame. Pink and black is out of commission, but is working well via the blue and the colours.

Allen 2-2 Trump (0-88)

Just the 88 this time from Trump, but that is plenty. Frame finished before it even got started. Halfway to the quarter-finals.

Allen 2-2 Trump (0-81)

Another frame will fall to Trump, and it could be another century.

Allen 2-2 Trump (0-34)

Trump first to the punch in the fifth frame. Quickly moves to 34 before splitting the reds perfectly off the blue. Chance to regain his lead for the third time today.

Allen 2-2 Trump (0-0)

Allen looking for yellow, green and brown to level match at 2-2. In they go. As does the blue. Some crafty safety shots has proved key to getting over the line in this fourth frame. Forgettable frame, but they all count.

Allen 1-2 Trump (38-17)

Trump picks out a ridiculous cut on a red from distance only to miss a relatively straightforward green seconds later. Allen then can't cut a red in with rest. Suddenly mistakes rearing their head.

Allen 1-2 Trump (30-16)

Brilliant escape by Trump from a snooker off four cushions. Quite magnificent escape it must be said under so much pressure.

Allen 1-2 Trump (17-16)

Strange old business as Trump misses a blue with the rest. So Allen won't be punished for blowing that chance on the black. But Trump then fires home a wonderful long red to regain access to the table.

Allen 1-2 Trump (17-7)

Well, hello there. Allen frees up the black with a delightful little shot off a red. Trump butchered an attempt at a long red and may pay a heavy price with his opponent looking to recover immediately. But Allen misses a straight black off the spot. Can't believe he has missed that.

Allen 1-2 Trump (0-0)

A re-rack coming up in the fourth frame with neither player willing to risk playing away from the pack. Both players agree on the stalemate.

Allen 1-2 Trump (0-12)

Fair to say, Trump is right on it so far today. Looks like he has a point to prove. Juddernaut looking to head for the mid-session interval with a 3-1 lead.

Allen 1-1 Trump (0-101)

Another break of 101 from Trump. This is quite fabulous stuff. Two centuries in three frames.

Allen 1-1 Trump (0-88)

A miraculous pot on a red from Trump to keep the break going and this looks like being another century break coming up. What a run this is.

Allen 1-1 Trump (0-58)

Neither of these players are messing about out there. Allen fails to sink a red from distance off Trump's poor break-off shot and suddenly he is forced to sit and watch the Juddernaut move to the verge of a 2-1 lead in no time at all. 16 seconds a shot in this break.

Allen 0-1 Trump (92-0)

A swashbuckling contribution of 92 from Allen. Misses the brown when century looked certain, but will be happy with that effort. 1-1 and both men looking sharp.

Allen 0-1 Trump (49-0)

Superb recovery pot on blue to green pocket by Allen and he is back among the balls at the scoring end. Real chance to restore parity at 1-1 and perhaps even respond with a century of his own.

Allen 0-1 Trump (8-0)

Fine opening red by Allen, but he then misses a black off the spot. Trump can't sink a fine cut on a red seconds later and Allen is back at the table. Early days in this match, but Allen would dearly love a sizable contribution here to settle him down.

Allen 0-1 Trump (0-0)

A brilliant break of 101 from Trump. Finishes with the Jimmy White style bending pot on the pink before smashing the black off the table. Fabulous start to this one.

Allen 0-0 Trump (1-73)

Chance to open this match up with a century as he drops in a plant. This is lovely stuff from the world number two.

Allen 0-0 Trump (1-53)

Trump really can mix it in the safety department these days to allow him to score. Has chance to run in a frame-winning contribution at this visit.

Allen 0-0 Trump (1-13)

Allen taking over two minutes to play a shot after Trump left a red over a hole at the top end of the table. Finally pots a tough red before coming up with a brilliant safety shot. Almost holes the red over pocket off two cushions. Narrowly fails with that and first easy chance of day falls to Trump, who slots red before almost missing a black over the hole with the rest. Seconds later, he jaws a blue. All very nervy out there.

Allen 0-0 Trump (0-0)

We are off and running in the race to six frames. Winner of this match will meet the winner of tonight's final first-round match between Stuart Bingham and Kyren Wilson on Friday afternoon.

Allen's Belfast delight

Allen overcame Trump 5-3 from 3-0 behind in the last eight of the Northern Ireland Open. Allen won his home event in Belfast with a 9-8 victory over John Higgins in the final.
Here is how Allen completed victory over Trump.

Watch the moment Allen sends Trump crashing out in Belfast


  • Yan Bingtao 4-6 Mark Williams – Sunday January 9, 1pm
  • Neil Robertson 6-3 Anthony McGill – Sunday January 9, 7pm
  • John Higgins 6-2 Zhao Xintong – Monday January 10, 1pm
  • Shaun Murphy 2-6 Barry Hawkins – Monday January 10, 7pm
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-1 Jack Lisowski – Tuesday January 11, 1pm
  • Mark Selby 6-3 Stephen Maguire – Tuesday January 11, 7pm
  • Judd Trump v Mark Allen – Wednesday January 12, 1pm
  • Kyren Wilson v Stuart Bingham – Wednesday January 12, 7pm

Good afternoon

Welcome back to our exclusive LIVE updates from the Masters at the Alexandra Palace in London. The final day of the first-round matches with former winners Judd Trump and Mark Allen meeting before 2020 winner Stuart Bingham faces Kyren Wilson tonight. Lets get ready to rumble.


Brilliant O’Sullivan roars into last eight with thumping win

Ronnie O’Sullivan leaked just one frame as he dismantled Jack Lisowski to reach the Masters quarter-finals at a raucous Alexandra Palace.
Once the Rocket got control of the contest, the seven-time champion never looked back as he set up a showdown with Neil Robertson with a 6-1 triumph.
“I struggled early on, I was so nervous. Really, really nervous,” O’Sullivan admitted.

'It wasn't pretty' - Selby battles past Maguire to set up Hawkins showdown

Mark Selby is through to the last eight of the 2022 Masters after dispatching Stephen Maguire 6-3 in a hard-fought contest on Tuesday evening.
Selby will face close friend Barry Hawkins in his tenth Masters quarter-final.
"Happy to get the win," Selby said after the match. "It wasn't pretty but I've played some good matches this year and got beat so it's nice to not be on top of my game and come through a game.
"Just echoing what the players have been saying all the week it's great to have the full crowd back in Alexandra Palace. It's not been the same playing in front of nobody.
Me and Barry are good friends off the table, but when we come on the table we both want to bash each other's heads in.

Schedule and results

Masters (9-16 Jan 2022)

Round 1

Sun 9 Jan

  • 13:00 - Yan Bingtao [1] 4-6 Mark J Williams [9]
  • 19:00 - Neil Robertson [5] 6-3 Anthony McGill [16]

Mon 12 Jan

  • 13:00 - John Higgins [8] 6-2 Zhao Xintong [10]
  • 19:00 - Shaun Murphy [7] 2-6 Barry Hawkins [11]

Tue 11 Jan

  • 13:00 - Ronnie O'Sullivan [4] 6-1 Jack Lisowski [14]
  • 19:00 - Mark Selby [2] 6-3 Stephen Maguire [13]

Wed 12 Jan

  • 13:00 - Judd Trump [3] 6-5 Mark Allen [12]
  • 19:00 - Kyren Wilson [6] v Stuart Bingham [15]


Thu 13 Jan

  • 13:00 - Neil Robertson v Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 19:00 - Mark Williams v John Higgins

Fri 14 Jan

  • 13:00 - Judd Trump v K Wilson / Bingham
  • 19:00 - Barry Hawkins v Mark Selby


Sat 15 Jan
  • 13:00 - To be decided v To be decided
  • 19:00 - To be decided v To be decided


Sun 16 Jan
  • 13 + 19:00 - To be decided v To be decided
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