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That concludes our coverage of the Turkish Masters for this evening, but we're back tomorrow from 8am and there's a host of stars in action, including Judd Trump, who lost to Joe Perry in the Welsh Open final yesterday, and shoot-out winner Hossein Vafaei
European Masters
'More than a feather, was more like a hammer' - Dale feathers the white against Williams

Around the tables

Si Jiahui 5-2 Anthony McGill
Haydon Pinhey 1-5 Wu Yize
Graeme Dott 3-2 Scott Donaldson
Anthony Hamilton 2-5 Tom Ford

Higgins 5-2 Emery (127-0)

And indeed Higgins does wrap up victory with the first century of the match. He got better as the evening went on, especially after a scrappy start. Emery will be kicking himself though. He had chances in frames two, three and four but failed to take any of them. Very much a 'what could have been' evening for the amateur, while the four time world champ is through to the last 32, where he'll face Michael Holt

Higgins 4-2 Emery (72-0)

'You are kidding!' - Higgins gets huge fluke to win frame against Emery

Higgins looks set to finish with a century, but it hasn't all been so easy for him this evening - he's needed a fluke or two along the way

Higgins 4-2 Emery (34-0)

Right, I know I said this at the start of the last frame when Higgins was at the table, but he's in again now, and that could be that for Emery. There are a few open reds off the pack. This is the kind of opportunity the Scot usually gobbles up

Around the tables

Si Jiahui 5-2 Anthony McGill
Haydon Pinhey 1-5 Wu Yize
Graeme Dott 3-1 Scott Donaldson
Anthony Hamilton 2-5 Tom Ford

Higgins 4-2 Emery (39-64)

Emery fights back. He gets another chance after Higgins misses a yellow, and adds that, the green and brown to take the frame. There's life in this one yet. Just.

Higgins 4-1 Emery (39-55)

55 is the end total of that break for Emery as he can't find position on a colour off the final red. 27 points left on the table and he's got a lead of 16

Higgins 4-1 Emery (39-49)

The Welshman is showing some good fight. This is already his best break of the match and there's plenty of points left on the table.

Higgins 4-1 Emery (39-6)

Maybe there's one chance left for Emery. Higgins loses position on the black and sticks his tongue out in frustration as he realises there's nothing on for him. Emery pots a tough red and it back in amongst it here.

Higgins 4-1 Emery (25-0)

That could be that for Emery. Higgins is first at the table in frame six, and he only needs this one to reach the second round. The table is looking very pretty for him right now

Around the tables

A couple of results elsewhere, with Wu Yize and Tom Ford both through to the second round...
Si Jiahui 4-2 Anthony McGill
Haydon Pinhey 1-5 Wu Yize
Graeme Dott 3-1 Scott Donaldson
Anthony Hamilton 2-5 Tom Ford

Higgins 4-1 Emery (71-46)

And John Higgins does what John Higgins does. As Neal Foulds says on commentary, has there ever been a better player at coming from 30 or 40 points behind to win a frame? He even knocks in a super double on the final red after losing position, finishing with a break of 71. The Scot is one frame from victory

Higgins 3-1 Emery (6-46)

Ah. Spoke to soon. Break over with a regulation black missed of its spot. Higgins now back in and scoring, but the black and pink are both off their spots

Higgins 3-1 Emery (0-45)

Well, well, well. A very poor safety from Higgins gifts another opening to Emery. The reds are nicely spread, the black is on its spot. He should be able to close the gap to one frame from here. Three reds, three blacks in the break so far

Higgins 3-1 Emery (0-21)

Well it's Emery who gets his hand on the table first. He opens up the reds before losing position a shot later and has to play safe off the pink. A handy lead, but that already feels familiar to the action we have seen so far

Higgins 3-1 Emery

The players are back from the 20 minute interval. Will Higgins stroll to a regulation win, or can the amateur Emery fight back?

Around the tables

Si Jiahui 2-2 Anthony McGill
Haydon Pinhey 0-4 Wu Yize
Graeme Dott 2-1 Scott Donaldson
Anthony Hamilton 2-3 Tom Ford

Higgins 3-1 Emery (74-42)

Well, if the third frame was a disappointment for Emery, I'm not sure how to describe this one. He pots the remaining two reds with colours, only to miss an easy yellow off its spot. Higgins is in, he only needs up to the brown, which he takes into the middle. A 3-1 lead at the interval for the Wizard of Wishaw - but Emery should be, at worst, level

Higgins 2-1 Emery (54-35)

Higgins does not need a second invitation. Okay, he kind of does, because this is his second opportunity of the frame, but the reds are in a nice position and he scores 40 before missing a red into the middle. Those pesky middle pockets are proving tough for both players. 19 point lead with 43 left on the table

Higgins 2-1 Emery (14-35)

The Welshman gets back to the table though with a neat red to the corner. This time he's got much more control of the cueball and has a frame winning opportunity, until he misses a pink to the middle. He sinks to his chair shaking his head. It's been a frustrating half an hour for Emery

Higgins 2-1 Emery (14-22)

Emery is having to pull out some very tidy pots to make this break count, including one very good long red. He eventually runs out of position one too many times and has to play safe

Higgins 2-1 Emery (14-1)

After pinching that third frame, Higgins is first in at the fourth, only to miss a reasonably regulation red when bridging over the pack. He leaves it over the pocket and Emery is in...

Around the tables

Si Jiahui 1-2 Anthony McGill
Haydon Pinhey 0-4 Wu Yize
Graeme Dott 2-0 Scott Donaldson
Anthony Hamilton 2-2 Tom Ford

Higgins 2-1 Emery (63-54)

Well, Emery will be kicking himself. He pots a lovely blue, but misses a regulation pink. Higgins then absolutely flukes the pink into the middle, having missed it into the corner, before gently clipping home the black. The Scot steals it and moves into the lead for the first time

Higgins 1-1 Emery (50-49)

Another lengthy safety battle sees Higgins commit a couple of fouls, but the Scot gets back in to clear the remaining reds. He needs up to the pink to take the frame, which isn't easy given the position of the brown and blue. He takes the former, but cannot move the latter. Break over

Higgins 1-1 Emery (19-41)

Emery opens up a 22 point lead before a cannon when screwing back off the black fails to provide a potting opportunity. Given where the colours and reds are, though, that 22 point lead is worth a lot more

Higgins 1-1 Emery (19-17)

A safety from Higgins goes wrong, as the cue ball cannons into a smattering of others reds and leaves one hanging over the pocket. Emery cannot miss, but there is absolutely nothing in the middle of the table, making this a tough chance. Red, green, red and then the black really opens things up for him. Big chance

Higgins 1-1 Emery (19-4)

We're in the middle of another scrappy frame. The black and blue are safe, and in fact none of the colours are on their spots. Still ten reds left on the table though

Higgins 1-1 Emery (18-4)

Emery wins the little safety exchange that follows, giving him a further boost. He gets in with a red, but the pink and black are tied up, making scoring hard. He has to settle for just four.

Higgins 1-1 Emery (18-0)

Higgins looks in excellent touch after that century. He fires in a delightful long red the draws a ripple of applause from the Turkish crowd. He's derailed by the cue ball hitting the jaw of the middle pocket though and Emery is back at the table

Around the tables

Si Jiahui 1-1 Anthony McGill
Haydon Pinhey 0-2 Wu Yize
Graeme Dott 1-0 Scott Donaldson
Anthony Hamilton 1-1 Tom Ford

Higgins 1-1 Emery (106-28)

Higgins takes a handful of reds and blacks before splitting the final four reds. The frame is at his mercy now and he levels with his 41st century of the season. A terrific response, and he looks keen to make up for last week's second round exit at the Welsh Open

Higgins 0-1 Emery (21-28)

And Emery's safety shot after missing the pack isn't great. He leaves a long red which Higgins pots, and the 'Wizard of Wishaw' finally gets his arm going, splitting the bunch by screwing back of a red to open up the frame.

Higgins 0-1 Emery (0-28)

Well, Emery is first in in frame two and this one is much less scrappy, but after reaching 28, he misses the pack off the blue and it's end of break. Higgins will be breathing a sigh of relief

Around the tables

Si Jiahui 1-1 Anthony McGill
Haydon Pinhey 0-1 Wu Yize
Graeme Dott 0-0 Scott Donaldson
Anthony Hamilton 0-1 Tom Ford

Higgins 0-1 Emery (26-69)

A break of 13 leaves Higgins requiring a snooker, as there are only 27 points left on the table. He puts the a yellow over the pocket though, and Emery duly sinks it. He needs to come back to the table to add the green, brown and pink, but it's first blood to the amateur

Higgins 0-0 Emery (26-42)

A terrific long red from Higgins and then a yellow adds a few more points to Higgins' score, but he snookers himself behind the black. It's a good escape shot, but he leaves a red on, and now Emery is in for the opening frame

Higgins 0-0 Emery (23-42)

A miss from Emery finally opens the door for Higgins, but the reds are all over the place, so he can only make 23. This is a hard, scrappy frame for both players.

Higgins 0-0 Emery (0-42)

Another poor safety from Emery, but he really is getting some luck. The pot he leaves Higgins isn't easy, and the Wizard misses. That red hovers over the pocket for the Welshman to pot, but he loses position off his second could and it's break over.

Higgins 0-0 Emery (0-31)

The Welshman is back in and this time he build a more substantial break. He manages to get the black back on its spot, but the reds are still all over the place, so he can only add another 23.

Higgins 0-0 Emery (0-8)

Emery has had a bit of luck with the run of the balls, and he's back in after a safety slip-up from Higgins. The colours are all over the place though, so the Welshman can only pot one further red. That table is looking very messy

Higgins 0-0 Emery (0-7)

Both players have missed long reds, with Higgins' arguably the easier of the two. Those reds are now well spread and the black is tucked up against the cushion, but the amateur gets in first with a couple of reds and a blue.

Earlier today...

Some big names have already booked their place in the second round, including Zhao Xintong, who beat Michael White 5-4, and Kyren Wilson, who was in sparkling form as he beat Rory McLeod 5-0.

Kyren Wilson wraps up impressive win over Rory McLeod

Welcome back

Good evening and welcome back to our live coverage of the first ever Turkish Masters! Tonight we are focusing on four time World Champion John Higgins, who faces amateur Dylan Emery, who is the current U21 European champion. The Welshman qualified for the tournament a month ago courtesy of an impressive 5-0 win over Alfie Burden - and he was born nine years after Higgins turned professional!
Elsewhere, we have got four other first round matches. Haydon Pinhey faces Wu Yize, former world champion Graeme Dott tackles Scott Donaldson, Anthony Hamilton is up against Tom Ford and there's also Si Jiahui v Anthony McGill.

That's us done for the session

Join us again at 5.15pm GMT for John Higgins v Dylan Emery.

Around the tables

Lukas Kleckers 1-1 Michael Holt
Jimmy Page 3-0 Simon Lichtenberg
Alexander Ursenbacher 1-2 Matt Selt
Michael White 2-2 Zhao Xintong

Kyren Wilson beats Rory McLeod 5-0!

He finishes with another ton, 100 exactly, and Rory jokingly makes to storm off without shaking his hand, so total has the thrashing been. He's grinning widely because he knows there was nothing he could've done - his tour card remains in jeopardy - while Kyren moves on. I can't wait to see him again, because that was near enough perfection. He meets Tian Pengfei next.

Wilson 4-0 McLeod (65-0)

I wondered if Kyren would cool during the interval, but no such thing. He's very close to round two now, and I doubt Rory's ever been beaten up as badly as this.

Wilson 4-0 McLeod (28-0)

Rory leaves a red, Kyren drains that red, breaks the pack, and this could well be another one-visiter. Kyren is playing like God - the first was the only frame he needed two visits to win, and that was with runs of 49 and 60. It's not possible to play much better than this, and as I type that, down goes a red that means the black is available to both pockets.

Around the tables

Lukas Kleckers 0-1 Michael Holt
Jimmy Page 2-0 Simon Lichtenberg
Alexander Ursenbacher 1-1 Matt Selt
Michael White 2-2 Zhao Xintong

Wilson 4-0 McLeod

60, 116, 83 and 85; rthis is just brilliant from Kyren, and they go into the interval with him needing just one more frame to progress.

Wilson 3-0 McLeod (78-0)

Rory has scored nine points in the match, and is near enough four frames down. Trusay, he's not been able to do much about it because Kyren is on a buzz - he even gets the run of the balls, when the white clips a knuckle but doesn't drop, the a red jiggles about before dropping. we've not even been going an hour.

Wilson 3-0 McLeod (18-0)

Oh dear. Rory misses a taxing red that he tried for out of desperation, and as Kyren makes his way around the table to drain it, he has a look to see if the pink goes to right corner. It's close, and with the black tied up he'll need it, but in the meantime, he settles for blue and green ... then assaults the pack. He's playing such an expansive match today, and he'll soon be in the next round. He's feeling himself.

Wilson 3-0 McLeod

On 83, Kyren misses a black off its spot, but he's doing ok.

Wilson 2-0 McLeod (90-0)

This looks like another ton, but Craig Steadman's 145, also made in qualifying, which this is - as I said, the match has been held over - will take some beating as the highest break.

Wilson 2-0 McLeod (42-0)

Kyren is playing beautifully, the white doing everything he's telling it to. Rory will soon be en route to the airport and a five-hour schlep home - maybe they need to have some doubles or something, so it's not a total nause for players who lose in round one.

Wilson 2-0 McLeod (12-0)

Kyren gets in again but runs out of position, so plays safe; Rory retorts, but leaves a red to right corner which Kyren bags, and a felicitous kiss off the blue means he's nicely set for a decent break; he raises a hand in sincere apology, then sets about potting balls.

Around the tables

Lukas Kleckers 0-0 Michael Holt
Jimmy Page 0-0 Simon Lichtenberg
Alexander Ursenbacher 1-0 Matt Selt
Michael White 0-1 Zhao Xintong

Wilson 2-0 McLeod

A terrific clearance of 116, and Rory is bang in trouble - in double-quick time too.

Wilson 1-0 McLeod (78-9)

Uncle Joe is tipping Kyren for the Cruce, which is sneaking up on us at pace, and he's showing why here - he's cueing beautifully. Given Fan Zhengyi and Joe Perry have won the last two tournaments, it's pretty tricky to pick a winner, but I'd love Kyrizzle to do it.

Wilson 1-0 McLeod (38-9)

Rory gets in and out, so Kyren takes an easy starter and separates the bunch off the black - it's over right corner. It works nicely - Kyren is playing an attacking game today - and as I type, he has the rest out to sink another to right corner. There's no reason to think he won't win the frame at this visit.

Around the tables

Lukas Kleckers 0-0 Michael Holt
Jimmy Page 0-0 Simon Lichtenberg
Alexander Ursenbacher 0-0 Matt Selt
Michael White 0-0 Zhao Xintong

Wilson 1-0 McLeod

A brilliant shot from Kyren, potting the pink and developing a red on the side, makes it unlikely that Rory will get a chance to return to the table and get acclimatised to it. A 60 and he's in front.

Wilson 0-0 McLeod (54-0)

Playing into baulk, Rory goes in-off into the yellow pocket, an error probably means the frame.

Wilson 0-0 McLeod (49-0)

Digging into the bunch a second time, Kyren lands on nowt, so knocks the black safe; Rory responds nicely, levering it a little away from the top cushion.

Wilson 0-0 McLeod (24-0)

This match is a first round one - it's been held over for our delectation - and because we're in a hotel, the table is resting on some of the jazziest carpet I've ever seen host the baize. Anyhow, Rory beat Luca Brecel last week - a decent effort - and needs more wins to keep his tour card. But he's sitting down currently because Kyren immediately goes on the attack, knucking home a plant and eliminating alls.

The boyz have baized

So off we go.

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Kyren Wilson v Rory McLeod

So far today

Martin Gould 5-4 David Grace
Ashley Hugill 2-5 Jordan Brown
Lu Ning w/o Zak Surety

Ah, this is good news

Hello there

If it isn't more snooker! After Gentleman Joe's brilliant win in Newport, we're now in Antalya for the inaugural Turkish Masters - the first time an event has been staged in the country. Let's have at it.

'It’s the best game in the world' - Perry back in love with snooker after Welsh Open final win

Joe Perry has described his Welsh Open final win as the highlight of his career.
It was a long time between drinks for Perry, as his previous and only title before Sunday came way back in 2015.
Despite his poor form coming into Newport, the result was no fluke as Perry was the best player over the course of the week and proved too good for Judd Trump on the day.
With his family in the crowd - unlike at the Players Championship in Thailand in 2015 - Perry was overjoyed at getting his hands on the Ray Reardon Trophy at the age of 47.
“I can’t believe it,” Perry said on Eurosport. “The highlight of my career by a country mile.
Read full story here.
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Trump sets up last 16 clash with Ajaib after win over Higginson
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