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There we go

The Masters
O'Sullivan: Yan win a 'significant result for Chinese snooker'

Two quickies today. See you tomorrow for more fun n' frolics!

Around the tables

Carter 1-3 Carty

Davis 2-2 Williams R

O'Connor 0-3 Jones D

Vafei 3-2 Castle

O'Sullivan beats Fernandez 6-0!

That was brilliant. Ronnie found himself very close to the blue, needing all the remaining colours, and sent it into the yellow pocket, chasing it down with the pink, also clattered in that direction. Then the black into the green pocket, and that took about an hour, all in. Ronnie meets Ursenbacher or Bond next.

O'Sullivan 5-0 Fernandez (32-39)

Leo gets going but finds himself low on the blue, which makes the next red slightly harder than it needed to be ... and it's enough. So here comes Ronnie to finish things off, and he gets a kick so takes a seat while having the white cleaned. Then it's straight back to doing what gets done ... until he misses a blue into the green pocket. This frame has been scrappy, and Leo can't take advantage, missing a red, and Ronnie starts his punishment.

O'Sullivan 5-0 Fernandez (17-34)

What?! Ronnie misses a black off its spot and Leo has a chance to get on the board. The black's now in baulk, but even so - there are no demons on the table. Come on Leo.

O'Sullivan 5-0 Fernandez (17-26)

Fernandez leaves a red from the break and O'Sullivan has a shy at it, mossing and leaving it. Down it goes, and the comeback is underway. He can't make the most of the chance but he gets another, fluking a plant, only to miss a red into the corner when briging slightly but not very awkwardly. That might just be that, because the balls are spread and TMNTPETPUAC has plans.

Around the tables

Carter 1-2 Carty

Davis 2-2 Williams R

O'Connor 0-3 Jones D

Vafei 3-1 Castle

O'Sullivan 5-0 Fernandez

Uncle Joe says Ronnie's playing better now than when he was younger because he's so tactically astute. I'm not sure about that - the snooker he played at the 2004 worlds is the best I've ever seen. But he does compensate brilliantly for not being as good a long potter, and he's just as good in the balls as he ever was.

O'Sullivan 4-0 Fernandez (52-5)

Can you guess what's happening? Ronnie is easing about the table seeing balls away, with Uncle Joe rhapsodising the tactical play that earned him the opportunity. Leo is not long for this match.

O'Sullivan 4-0 Fernandez (20-5)

Or not! Fernandez gets a chance ... and his second red, a really pot, sends the white into the top left pocket. It never rains.

O'Sullivan 4-0 Fernandez (16-0)

This isn't fair. Ronnie's back in the balls, but then runs into the pack and has to play safe. He leaves Leo close to the jaws of the yellow pocket, and will shortly lose a brief safety exchange before Ronnie clears up.

Around the tables

Carter 0-2 Carty

Davis 1-2 Williams R

O'Connor 0-2 Jones D

Vafei 3-0 Castle

O'Sullivan 4-0 Fernandez

Less than 40 minutes for four frames. Rrrrridiculous. Fernandez has barely potted a ball, and now he's got 15 minutes to stew on what awaits him on the other side of the mid-session. This isn't like Robertson--choiski from earlier - Ochoiski had loads of chances, which in someways made his clattering even worse, because he could've avoided this. This, on the other hand, is a procession, because it can be no other.

O'Sullivan 3-0 Fernandez (77-7)

I think O'Sullivan might sneak this one.

O'Sullivan 3-0 Fernandez (43-7)

It was nice of Ronnie to give Leo some points because he's back at it now, clearing routes for the black to both pockets. It's just unbelievable how well and how quickly he works his breaks out, as Uncle Joe says, removing a ball to create a path for the next, only playing cannonswhen he needs to because they can go wrong.

O'Sullivan 3-0 Fernandez (18-7)

Guess what fam? Ronnie is potting balls. But he only gets to six before he's forced to play safe off the pack, coming down to it off the blue to find nothing goes. But he's soon back at the table and sinks a glorious long red followed by a very acceptable blue, only to call a foul on himself - that he touched the black - when it looked very much like he didn't.

Around the tables

Carter 0-1 Carty

Davis 1-1 Williams R

O'Connor 0-1 Jones D

Vafei 2-0 Castle

O'Sullivan 3-0 Fernandez

A break of 60 and poor Leo looks shocked and resigned all at the same time. He's not experiencing the kind of existential crisis Brian Ochoiski had inflicted upon him this afternoon, but he\s not having a lot of fun out there.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Fernandez (34-6)

But this time he only gets to 19, so we have a period of safety. Good luck with that, Leo old mate. Shonuff, Ronnie soon finds a very fine pot, clipped into the top left, then a very good black too. The way the balls are spread, this might be another frame sorted.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Fernandez (11-6)

Er, O'Sullivan is back at the table potting balls. Thanks for coming Leo, all the best to you and yours.

Around the tables

Carter 0-1 Carty

Davis 1-0 Williams R

O'Connor 0-1 Jones D

Vafei 1-0 Castle

O'Sullivan 2-0 Fernandez

A total clearance ... no, he misses the black so has to settle for a mere 121. Pathetic.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Fernandez (74-0)

The Maradona of the baize is away. He's so easy in the balls it's ridiculous, but what's maddest about him is how well he understands the mechanics of the game, how well he plots his way through a break and around the table.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Fernandez (27-0)

O'Sullivan gets in off the break and quickly pits a succession of balls in devastating style. "You go back to your chair, you light a cigarette, and by the time you've finished it the frame's over,' says Uncle Joe.

Around the tables

Carter 0-0 Carty

Davis 1-0 Williams R

O'Connor 0-0 Jones D

Vafei 1-0 Castle

O'Sullivan 1-0 Fernandez

That took less than 10 minutes. Fernandez has beaten Stephen Maguire this year but he didn't look at all good just there.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Fernandez (63-9)

Ronnie then plays a strange safety, handing Leo an eay starter, and agsain he can't capitalise. That'll surely be the frame.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Fernandez (49-1)

No, on 49 he goes up for the blue ... and misses it. Serves him right, the joker. So what does Leo have for him? There's a lot at which to go, but his first red is very poorly taken, the white ending up by the yellow, and then he plays a strange safety, not rolling in behind but taking the white towards thr bottom cushion.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Fernandez (24-0)

Ronnie pots a red and a black then goes into the pack and I don't like to go early like this, but the way the balls are spread, there's a very, very sizeable break out there for him.

I am in love

With the decor. It looks great, and here come the players.

Tonight's matches

Carter v Carty

Davis v Williams

O'Connor v Jones

O'Sullivan v Fernandez

Vafei v Castle

Afternoon results

Martyn Gould 5-6 Jordan Brown

Andrew Higginson 6-5 James Cahill

Alan McManus 4-6 Jimmy White

Joe Perry 6-0 Alex Borg

Evening session

Hello again. Anyone fancy yet another evening of snooker? Blinder.

The afternoon session is in the books

Join me again at 6.45 for the eveming jaunt; we'll be focusing on Ronnie O'Sullivan v Leo Fernandez.

Around the tables

Martyn Gould 2-3 Jordan Brown

Andrew Higginson 2-3 James Cahill

Alan McManus 1-4 Jimmy White

Joe Perry 4-0 Alex Borg

Robertson beats Ochoiski 6-0!

He plays Chris Wakelin next.

Robertson 5-0 Ochoiski (73-4)

Unlike Kyren Wilson yesterday, who produced some of the worst shots I've ever seen by a player that good, Roberston has stayed focused and got himself most of the afternoon off.

Robertson 5-0 Ochoiski (37-4)

As I predicted, Neil misses the next red and this is a great chance for Brian to get on the board. But he's absolutely having one here, and after a red and a green, makes an absolute state of a straightforward pot. That'll kikely be his last shot, and judging by the look on his coupon that'll come as no small relief.

Robertson 5-0 Ochoiski (30-0)

Neil gets in quickly and he's absolutely crusiing. He'll have known for quite some time that it's impossible for him to lose today, and that a quick exit was there if he wanted it. There are quite a few reds he can pick at before cracking the pack, but if that goes well when it happens, it'll be frame and match to him. And there it is - it's not great but it is good enough, I think.

Around the tables

Martyn Gould 1-3 Jordan Brown

Andrew Higginson 2-2 James Cahill

Alan McManus 1-3 Jimmy White

Joe Perry 4-0 Alex Borg

Robertson 5-0 Ochoiski

Nothing has gone right for Brian today, but he'll be the better for it. In Andre Agassi's autobiography he talks abot never going easy on young players because he was giving kickings growing up and he needed them. That's the way Brian needs to look at this: he'll be a better player tomorrow than he is today.

Robertson 4-0 Ochoiski (57-35)

Eesh. He pots a red but not with any conviction, making the yellow missable ... missed. Neil comes back makes a difficult starter look easy, and this is going to be 5-0.

Robertson 4-0 Ochoiski (43-34)

Yeah, he can't make it count and presents Neil with a chance to go within one of round two. He look poretty forlorn out there, but then a missed green gives him an opportunity to make amends. Come on Brian!

Robertson 4-0 Ochoiski (5-22)

Oh dear. Brian pots a red than overcuts a simple blue, and after Neil fails to find a colour following an opener of his own, he lays a snooker that earns him four more points. But it's Brian who gets in next and this is a nice chance for him.

The players are back with us


Around the tables

Martyn Gould 1-2 Jordan Brown

Andrew Higginson 2-1 James Cahill

Alan McManus 1-2 Jimmy White

Joe Perry 3-0 Alex Borg

Mid-session interval

We'll be back in 15 minutes. Hopefully Brian finds a way to sort himself a bit, because he can play a lot, lot better than this.

Robertson 4-0 Ochoiski

Robertson clinches the frame with a break of 100.

Robertson 3-0 Ochoiski (65-8)

Yeah, Robertson is easily rolling in balls while a noise emanates from somehwere. "He used to be a policeman, like a lot of refs," says Neal Foulds of yerman's desire to sort it. But it's Brian whp g

Robertson 3-0 Ochoiski (6-8)

Poor Brian. Even when he gets in, he can't get on a colour ... but he gets in again ... and finds that, potting his second red, he doesn't know what do to do because there's no way of getting on a colour off it. Poor Brian.

Around the tables

Martyn Gould 1-1 Jordan Brown

Andrew Higginson 2-0 James Cahill

Alan McManus 1-1 Jimmy White

Joe Perry 2-0 Alex Borg

Robertson 3-0 Ochoiski

And there it is. Robertson is obviously one of the greats, but Ochoiski has it in him to make it more of a match than this.

Robertson 2-0 Ochoiski (61-1)

Robertson runs out of position so sticks Ochoiski behind the black, and yerman is almost back in his seat before the balls have stopped rolling, following an escape that leaves plenty; he needs to sort his head out because he's better than this and it's not nice to watch. While he stews, Robertson goes about securing the frame.

Robertson 2-0 Ochoiski (42-1)

A very brief bout of safety. Neil is quickly back in amongst it, and youd expect him to clinch the frame at this visit, but if he doesn't there'll be another along soon enough. Brian is not having a good day.

Robertson 2-0 Ochoiski (24-0)

Neil misses a black off its spot but gets lucky, leaving Brian the thinnest of cuts. He jawses it and the white runs up to baulk ... only for Neil to stroke in a starter just like that. He can't build on it though, so we enjoy a bout of safety.

Robertson 2-0 Ochoiski (14-0)

Oh dear. Brian takes on another long red, misses, and leaves it over the pocket. Down it goes, likewise the black - off which the pack is tickled - and this is going to be a quickie.

Around the tables

Martin Gould 1-0 Jordan Brown

Andrew Higginson 2-0 James Cahill

Alan McManus 1-1 Jimmy White

Joe Perry 1-0 Alex Borg

Robertson 2-0 Ochoiski

Neil is cruising, and if he stays focused, he'll be out of here in short order. By the way, did you see the shot that won Shaun Murphy his match last night/this morning? If you didn't you should, and if you did you should see it again.

Robertson 1-0 Ochoiski (42-5)

Was a chance. The break ends at one and Neil is quickly back involved, removing the easy reds. Of the six now remaining, two are on the side csuhion and four are clustered ... no they're not, he's opened them nicely and this is five to 2-0.

Robertson 1-0 Ochoiski (11-5)

But here we go! Robertson overcuts a tricky red and by plenty, leaving a straightforward starter, and this is a chance for Brian.

Robertson 1-0 Ochoiski (5-1)

Brian pots the first red and takes on a brute of a blue, missing. He had to try for it really, because the only way he's winning this is by potting balls, but now Neil's wading into the table once more. Neal tells us that when lockdown started, he offered financial support to lower-ranked players. What an absolute liege.

Around the tables

Martin Gould 1-0 Jordan Brown

Andrew Higginson 1-0 James Cahill

Alan McManus 0-1 Jimmy White

Joe Perry 1-0 Alex Borg

Robertson 1-0 Ochoiski

A decent start for the world number three.

Robertson 0-0 Ochoiski (62-5)

Ochoiski takes on a long red and nearly gets it, but nearly isn't enough and Robertson sets about clinching the frame.

Robertson 0-0 Ochoiski (55-5)

Neil gets a load of action on the white, screwing back off the black, but it settles in between two reds preventing hm from potting either, so he has to play safe - not very well. Brian then sinks a long one, but winds up behind the black and has to play up the table off the top cushion.

Robertson 0-0 Ochoiski (16-4)

"France isn't exactly a hotbed of snooker, is it?" ventures Neal, but he doesn't go on to note its superiority to boules, petanque, and any of the other stuff in Tricolore. Anyway, your Neils pots the first red but can only play safe afterwards, then gets a proper chance and sets about it with characteristic alacrity. There's scope for a sizeable break here.

Our players are with us

I enjoyed Ochoiski when he played Ronnie, so let's hope he has a good one today. He's 21, French and an amateur.

This morning

The results are below and, for a change, all the matches finished in a timely manner.

Afternoon all

We'll be focusing on Neil Robertson v Brian Ochoiski in this session. Ochoiski was on telly quite recently, losing 4-2 to Ronnie O'Sullivan in round one of the English Open. He can play a bit. And also going is Alan McManus v Jimmy White, which is nice.

‘I hope you get a kick on final black’ – Wilson reveals Allen quip before maximum

Kyren Wilson would make a 147 – the third of his career – in frame six of his first-round match against Ashley Hugill at the UK Championship, an encounter he would win 6-4. However, a quip by Mark Allen stuck in his mind as he got down to pot the final black.

The maximum was the 17th at the UK Championship, but the world number four said in a post-match interview that a joke made by Allen stuck in his mind as he sized up the final black.

“I was having a bit of a laugh with Mark Allen in the interval,” began Wilson.

"He was saying about the number of kicks I have had and he asked what chalk I was using. I told him [new Taom chalk] and he said: ‘Well it serves you right – I hope you go back out and you have a 140 and you get a kick on the final black.

“Obviously all in jest. But when I got down for that final black I thought: ‘Please no kick, I’ll never live it down’. So I was pleased to make it in the end.”


Morning (9am)

  • Zhou Yuelong 6-1 Peter Devlin
  • Zhao Xintong 6-3 Rory McLeod
  • Luo Honghao 3-6 Dominic Dale
  • Sunny Akani 6-1 Kacper Filipiak
  • Stuart Bingham 6-2 Zak Surety

Afternoon (2pm)

  • Alan McManus v Jimmy White
  • Neil Robertson v Brian Ochoiski
  • Andrew Higginson v James Cahill
  • Joe Perry v Alex Borg
  • Martin Gould v Jordan Brown

Evening (7pm)

  • Hossein Vafaei v Billy Joe Castle
  • Mark Davis v Robbie Williams
  • Ali Carter v Ashley Carty
  • Joe O'Connor v Duane Jones
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan v Leo Fernandez
The Masters
'Everyone would be happy to see him win it' - O'Sullivan backs Higgins to go all the way
The Masters
Higgins masterclass too much for O'Sullivan as he books semi-final spot