Mark Selby may have the ‘shot of the tournament’ award at the 2020 UK Championship wrapped up.

The Jester hit a stunning shot during the third frame of his last-16 match against Barry Hawkins as he potted the blue into the middle pocket and sent the red around the table to knock two reds off the bottom cushion.

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The shot helped secure the frame for Selby and Eurosport pundit Jimmy White said it was his shot of the tournament so far, while Neal Foulds called it a “beautiful shot”.

'What a shot!' - Selby's brilliant positional shot off the blue

“It’s quite difficult for a number of reasons,” he said.

“You have to get around two cushions and I always feel with this shot you are hitting the left of the ball and hitting right-hand side, which goes against the potting angle a bit. It’s beautifully played.”

White attempted to recreate the shot in the Eurosport studio but couldn't quite connect with the reds on the bottom cushion.

Jimmy White attemps to recreate Mark Selby's incredible positional shot

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