Judd Trump produced a shot for the ages in his UK Championship quarter-final against Kyren Wilson.

This is how it was called on Eurosport’s live blog of the match.

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TRUMP 3-2 WILSON (6-22)

Trump drops in a long red at the start of the sixth, before a stunning blue with deep screw into the yellow pocket sends the white spinning off the upper right rail just above the blue pocket before curving violently back down the table. Oh my! That was a distant cousin of a similar shot on the same ball by Alex Higgins, in his famous 69 break against Jimmy White at The Crucible in 1982.

Judd Trump channels inner Alex Higgins with miraculous shot

The shot drew gasps from Dave Hendon and Dominic Dale on commentary, with Hendon saying:

Oh hello!

Before Dale added:

That is the exact same shot that [Alex] Higgins played in that famous 69 break that everybody talks about.

The shot in question happened in Higgins’ 1982 semi-final against Jimmy White, with The Hurricane trailing 15-14. Higgins, of course, would go on to win 16-15 before beating Ray Reardon 18-15 in the final.

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