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UK Championship
'Winners don't really need it' - O'Sullivan on how to remedy financial imbalances in game
07/12/2021 AT 22:02

Around the tables

Xiao Guodong 2-4 Hossein Vafaei
Mark Joyce 3-3 Jordan Brown
Ricky Walden 4-2 Anthony Hamilton

Luca Brecel beats Stephen Maguire 6-0!

The number eight seed is whitewashed by the man ranked 40 in the world, who has to make just one half-century to do it! Goodness, this game. Luca meets Walden or Hamilton next.

Maguire 0-5 Brecel (27-55)

This is over! Luca sinks it, and that's that!

Maguire 0-5 Brecel (27-54)

his frame has been even scrappier than the last. Luca sinks another red-black and is inching towards the finish line, but he has a go at one of two stuck together and hands Stephen yet another chance. He tries to develop one of two remaining reds - it's on the cushion - misses, and sticks the other into position for Luca to ram it into the yellow pocket. That's a really good pot, but he doesn't play the best-possible snooker behind the brown, so Stephen hits easily enough and we're now chasing the final red.

Maguire 0-5 Brecel (19-29)

But he gets low on a black so has to wallop it - he does - and get around the green, down in baulk, and back up the table again. He does the first bit well but ends up flicking the green, which ends his break. And it's Stephen in next, except he just wants this to end, slamming the green towards the yellow pocket and watching it dance around the jaws then stay out.

Maguire 0-5 Brecel (19-29)

Oh dear oh dear. Luca plays a speculative pot too hard, only for Stephen to miss the same ball with the rest. That is the despondency of being 5-0 down, and Luca really should put him out of his misery at this visit.

Maguire 0-5 Brecel (19-18)

Luca attempts a speculative plant, apparently bored by safety, which allows Stephen to introduce hand to table ...until he misses a pink to the yellow pocket, by a distance, handing Luca as good a chance as he'll been hoping for to clinch frame and match.

Maguire 0-5 Brecel (0-17)

But he soon runs out of position, so clatters a red towards right middle, and for a second it looks like it's going in the yellow pocket ... but it bangs about the jaws and stays out. had it not, I'd fully have backed Stephen setting about the table with a clawhammer.

Maguire 0-5 Brecel (0-11)

Ahahahahaha! Luca flukes a snooker behind the brown, Stephen misses his chosen red, and Luca's away again.

Around the tables

Xiao Guodong 1-4 Hossein Vafaei
Mark Joyce 1-3 Jordan Brown
Ricky Walden 2-2 Anthony Hamilton

Maguire 0-5 Brecel

AND IT'S THERE! WHAT A POT! Goodness me, this game. What a frame that was, and it surely signals the end of Stephen. How do you come back from that?!

Maguire 0-4 Brecel (63-70)

Oh my days! Luca gets a little straight on the pink, which is near the top cushion, but even if Stephen pots the black, it'llbe a re-spot. Luca drops in the former, and rather than set himself for the middle, he's going to play the delicate cut-back...

Maguire 0-4 Brecel (50-46)

They chase the last two reds until Luca loses patience and hands Stephen an easy pot. He's no obvious route to the final one lays a snooker, the white one end of the baulk line and the red the other, the brown splitting them; Luca hits fourth go, a poor effort. Stephen then lays another snooker, and this time Luca flukes the pot! And not only that! He clips the green in, hoping to take the white up and down the table for the yellow, only to clip the middle knuckle and land on it perfectly! He's going to steal in the most bizarre fashion!

Maguire 0-4 Brecel (50-46)

He cannot, missing another double, and an excellent safety from Luca, hiding the solitary red, looks to have forced Stephen to split the two that are together. He tries to drop onto the single and hits the yellow, but gets there second time ... except he leaves it for Luca along the rail. This isn't easy but it looks in the bag .. only to wobble twice and stay out! In potting it, though, Stephen, can't disturb the two reds - that's a poor shot - and he misses them again off the pink. Rarely can it have been less his night.

Maguire 0-4 Brecel (37-42)

Luca gently cannons the reds by the pink, but disaster! The pink blocks his route to both, so he plays safe knowing he's leaving a tempter; but he might well be thinking that the way Stephen's playing, he'll take it on and miss, which is what happens. There's nothing available though, so we're back playing safety - but not for long. Luca double-kisses and leaves an easy one, but can Stephen turn it into more than a red-colour?

Maguire 0-4 Brecel (36-36)

Might we not?! Stephen misses a regulation red, and though Luca plays a containing safety when he might've attacked, he's then left a long one which he rattles in. The way he's playing, he's now favourite for the frame, but two reds are stuck together near the baulk cushion and two stuck together near the pink spot, so there's work to do,

Maguire 0-4 Brecel (14-21)

Goodness me, sometimes you watch a pro who knows infinitely more about the sport than you do and you still think: why? He plays for a plant that properly needs making, doesn't make it, and what can Stephen do to punish him? If he doesn't win this frame he's surely done for, but if he does, might we see that as a turning point?

Maguire 0-4 Brecel (0-13)

Off we go again; can Stephen force his way in? In the studio, Angles thinks Stephen will chuck cue at everything, but he can't do much from sat on his arse, and that's currently what he's up to as Luca carries on where he left off.

Around the tables

Xiao Guodong 0-3 Hossein Vafaei
Mark Joyce 0-3 Jordan Brown
Ricky Walden 1-1 Anthony Hamilton

Maguire 0-4 Brecel

Forty-one and the frame Luca Brecel! He's played really well tonight and won't want the interval, while Stephen has been rotten.

Maguire 0-3 Brecel (1-41)

A dead bounce off the top cushion leaves Luca without a red to pot, so he has to play to baulk. But Stephen is no sooner at the table than back slumped, trying a cross-double that doesn't get especially close but does set Luca away again.

Maguire 0-3 Brecel (0-3)

Stephen badly needs this frame so takes on a long one, sinks, it, and careers into the pack, then winds up on nowt, reds everywhere. So he takes on the yellow, misses it, and leaves loads. He'll do very well to avoid a min-sesh whitewash from here.

Around the tables

Xiao Guodong 0-3 Hossein Vafaei
Mark Joyce 0-2 Jordan Brown
Ricky Walden 1-0 Anthony Hamilton

Maguire 0-3 Brecel

Luca's looking good!

Maguire 0-2 Brecel (2-53)

Stephen clips in a lovely red but the white rolls very strangely thereafter and to compound his woes, Luca rattles in a long red. He quickly runs out of position, but Stephen now needs snookers, and when he gets to the table he tests it, rolling the white down a similar line to one from which it deviated; it anything, it moves the other way.

Maguire 0-2 Brecel (2-35)

Off the next blue, though, Luca cannons the brown sat on the side cushion, and that's end of break - but with the black on the side and the pink on the brown spot it looks a handy lead .. until Stephen works out a three-ball plant. he winds up on nowt though, so plays safe off the yellow, which ends up on the side cushion. He won't have wanted that, but if the frame gets that far, he'll be happy to still be in it.

Maguire 0-2 Brecel (1-30)

Stephen knocks home a long red but doesn't time the shot properly, so the ball doesn't go straight in nor have the power to get him onto the black. He's not got going at all yet, and when he tries to play safe off a ball near the top cushion, he leaves it ... and one to left middle, which Luca eases into the bag. He's enjoying himself, getting the wrong side of the blue and fairly ramming it home, taking it around the angles and back up the table for the next red.

Around the tables

Xiao Guodong 0-2 Hossein Vafaei
Mark Joyce 0-2 Jordan Brown
Ricky Walden 1-0 Anthony Hamilton

Maguire 0-2 Brecel

A run off 44, to follow one of 50, puts Luca two in front, and another top-tenner is in trouble!

Maguire 0-1 Brecel (0-59)

Stephen misses a long one to left corner then does it again, and the second time, Luca gets himself in, disturbing reds, pink and black. This is going to be 2-0.

Maguire 0-1 Brecel (0-51)

Luca's a player with a high top level and he's riding this break very well, making light of a springy bounce off the cushion. But on 50 he runs out of position, so has to sit back down with the frame still in the balance.

Maguire 0-1 Brecel (0-21)

Luca gets in first, and on 14, takes on a tricky cut-back red in full knowledge that he's ploughing into the pack whatever happens. He sends it down and is unlucky enough to wind up on little ... so he clatters a pink into the green pocket. He is feeling himself here, and a couple of good shots will get him back down the business end and with the frame at his mercy.

Around the tables

Xiao Guodong 0-1. Hossein Vafaei
Mark Joyce 0-1. Jordan Brown
Ricky Walden 0-0. Anthony Hamilton

Maguire 0-1 Brecel

Neither player is quite at it yet, but Maguire's missed double ended up being the key shot of the frame.

Maguire 0-0 Brecel (52-65)

As such, it's Luca who sends down the final red, but black to yellow looks like being the key shot .. and he just about gets it done, potting a tricky yellow; brown and blue follow.

Maguire 0-0 Brecel (52-48)

But it is Stephen who gets in next, and he closes to within a point before attempting the penultimate red with the rest. it's going to be hard to get position off this ... and he winds up missing the shot trying to get onto the blue. He leaves the other red, but it's a difficult chance, a cut to the green pocket .. and Luca misses. That allows Stephen to despatch it, but he misses the next one via double, huffing at himself in disgust.

Maguire 0-0 Brecel (18-48)

Just when he looks settled, Stephen misses a cut-back red, but sends the white up to baulk, leaving nowt. Luca, though, responds with an excellent safety shot, blocking passage to the cluster and with the white on the bottom cushion. And Stephen's reply is a poor one, the white played into the main body and leaving one on. Down it goes, and this is a good chance for 1-0 - especially when Luca salvages a poor positional shot with a fine pot into the corner ... only to miss another into the middle! This time he leaves nothing, but the frame is still in the balance.

Maguire 0-0 Brecel (13-16)

Luca gets in first, but when he misses a red to left middle, you fear for him because, as often happens when a ball's missed in that area, it remains available - and it's not the only one. Quickly, Stephen is into the pack - the split is no better than ok, but it's workable - and he's now on the black.

Here we go

The baizer de nos jours, Rob Walker, introduces the players to a choc-full Barbican Centre. Best of 11 it is then for a place in the last 16.

These two

This is the first meeting between Luca and Stephen for five years, since the former bumped the latter out of this very event in the last 16 in 2016. Outside of that Stephen has won both their other meetings, inclusive of a first round victory at the Crucible in 2012 when Luca was just 17 years old.


There's plenty more going on tonight, as the third round reaches it's conclusion. We'll keep you up to speed on these:
Xiao Guodong vs. Hossein Vafaei
Mark Joyce vs. Jordan Brown
Ricky Walden vs. Anthony Hamilton


What do Mark Selby, Judd Trump, Neil Robertson, Shaun Murphy, John Higgins, Mark J Williams and Ding Junhui have in common?
They’re of this competition. Which means everyone left in the draw has a proper chance of doing something here - Stephen Maguire and Luca Brecel among them. We’ll be focusing on their match tonight, and given the speed at which they play, it should be a goodun.


That's us for the afternoon

Join me again at 6.45!

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 3-4 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 4-5 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 3-3 Peter Lines

Matt Selt beats Judd Trump 6-3!

What a win! What a performance! Matt cleans house in style, only eliminating the genius with a 128 total clearance! That is astonishing stuff, it really is, and on a grimy Tuesday afternoon too! Absolute blinder, was that, and Matt meets Bazza Hawkins next.

Trump 3-5 Selt (0-70)

Matt Selt has done it! He's been superb after the interval, and though Judd will rue the mess he made of frame four, ending up 2-2 instead of 3-1, he'll know he's been well beaten today. Usually, he finds a way to win when not at his best, but Matt's been too strong; can he finish with a ton?

Trump 3-5 Selt (0-50)

Matt's beaten Judd twice before, but beating this Judd, as this tournament, is a serious piece of work. He's flying now, but could tighten at any time and he knows it. e doesn't need many more balls, though....

Trump 3-5 Selt (0-27)

Judd is in monstrous trouble now! He takes on a long red, misses, and leaves it for Matt! All he'll have wanted was a chance, and this is it; he's about to go into the pack off the black, and if that works out well, he's five to through ... here we go ... and it's ... ok. In his chair, Judd looks a beaten genius, and is about to become the seventh member of the top 10 to fall!

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 2-3 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 3-5 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 3-3 Peter Lines

Trump 3-5 Selt

YES HE CAN! He wobbles it home, and he's two up with three to play! A shock is on the cards, and Judd is absolutely smarting!

Trump 3-4 Selt (49-55)

A poor safety from Judd leaves the black over the corner, the white close to the bottom cushion; the in-off's a possibility if he catches it thick. P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E! He's won this frame once, can he win it again....?

Trump 3-4 Selt (49-55)

But no! Judd gets his snooker when barely laying it because Matt misses the green - pressure! Judd then clouts home a green diagonally to left corner that's hard at the best of times - he is so so good when it gets tense. But have a look! He's the wrong side of the pink so has to go around the table to get position on the black ... and finishes short! It's near the top cushion, so he'll need the rest, and he might cut it ... he does cut it, and misses by plenty but gets it just about safe. THIS GAME!

Trump 3-4 Selt (27-55)

Judd gets a look at a thin cut on one of the reds, and clips it into the yellow pocket. The blue follows, but he rattles the last red in the jaws of the bottom left and it spits out over the bottom right! What a chance for Matt, who needs red-black-yellow to leave Trump needing a snooker. He takes his time - why wouldn't you - and eventually plugs all three before playing safe off the green. If Judd can't get a snooker here, he's going to be on the brink.

Trump 3-4 Selt (21-45)

Matt drains a deadweight pink across the table and into the bottom left, and then flukes his next red by clipping it into the right middle off another. He's fighting a losing battle with position though, and he cuts his break off at 36 by playing safe off the green. There are two reds left, welded to cushions, and the green is safe; Matt has the upper hand and we could be bogged down in this one for a while yet.

Trump 3-4 Selt (21-15)

Crikey, this is on edge. Judd misses a brown to the yellow pocket, hit so hard that he almost flukes it into the bottom left. Even worse, he's left Matt in the balls. It's a messy table so he's unlikely to do this in one go, but a break of 40 or so now would be a huge advantage in this frame.

Trump 3-4 Selt (17-9)

A nervy start to the eighth here. Judd makes eight before leaving Matt in; by way of response, Matt can only register nine before missing a blue to the left middle. He's not left anything, and a tense safety exchange follows in which Matt welds Judd to the top cushion behind the blue. This needs some thought - over two minutes, as it turns out - after which Judd sensationally pots his way out of trouble with a deadweight cut on a red to land on the black! He was leaving the world on if he missed, and that could be a frame-winner.

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 2-3 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 2-4 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 3-1 Peter Lines

Trump 3-4 Selt

Judd leaves a red to right corner which Matt attacks, and when he misses it becomes pottable in the yellow pocket. Down it goes, and though there's no colour to follow it, there's a concession shortly afterwards.

Trump 2-4 Selt (50-7)

Not for long. He overcuts a green and Judd's back in business, potting balls like the last hour - the last five minutes - never happened. He's amazing at winning these short matches - usually, you expect class to tell over the stretch - and if Matt wants the win here, he'll have to take it because it won't be handed to him. Meantime, Judd runs out of position, and the safety he plays leaves a tempter to left middle for Matt. He refuses it in favour of a long one, misses that too, and Judd is going to punish him ... but potting frame ball, gets a colossal kick - the kind you rarely see these days - and though he doesn't leave anything, the frame is still alive, all the more so as Matt has a snooker on.

Trump 2-4 Selt (10-6)

You can't keep Judd off the table for too long, and he's in first in frame seven ... but pots his third red off the inside corner of the pocket, and the cue-ball decelerates due to the poor connection he made, which forces him to play safe. Matt then leaves him a long one to left corner ... which he misses be aeons, not even contacting the jaw! He's in all sorts here, because Matt's now at the table making hay as a consequence!

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 2-2 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 2-3 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 3-1 Peter Lines

Trump 2-4 Selt

Another gentle run of 59 and Matt is flying! These last two frame-clinchers have been very competently despatched.

Trump 2-3 Selt (0-67)

YES MATT SELT! Hemmed in by Judd, he has no option but to attempt a long red, and he absolutely annihilates it into the right corner! He is cooking! The way the balls are, it'll be hard to clear them, but he doesn't need them all or anything like it, and three on the bounce looks almost inevitable! Are we goig to have yet another shock!

Trump 2-3 Selt (0-13)

But then he misses a regulation red and how much might that cost him? Judd, though, hasn't potted a ball since the interval and refuses a tricky cut-back to play safe.

Trump 2-3 Selt (0-13)

Judd hammers a long red to right corner but the ball just isn't having it, leaping out of the pocket and inviting Matt to see it away instead. He does, and very quickly he's in with a chance of making a sizable break. 4-2, and we're really talking.

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 2-2 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 1-3 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 2-1 Peter Lines

Trump 2-3 Selt

Now then. Matt's been the better player since the break, and Judd needs to find something. He usually does, but he's got a minor problem here.

Trump 2-2 Selt (0-60)

Judd leaves a red and Matt takes care to pot it, removing eight points from the table; smart play. Judd then misses a ball entirely and as such, needs a snooker to avoid losing a second straight frame.

Trump 2-2 Selt (0-55)

On 55, Matt runs out of position, so Judd immediately develops the black. But with three reds on the top cushion, he'll have to go some to save this one.

Trump 2-2 Selt (0-35)

This is a terrific run from Matt; unlike the one prior to the interval, he hasn't had to redeem poor shots with fine pots, and the frame is in his hands, Dude.

Trump 2-2 Selt (0-16)

Off the break, Judd leaves Matt a tempter, and he absolutely rockets it into left corner, a shot all the more impressive given it's his first after the break. But with pink and black out of commission, he'll have to go some to manufacture a sizable contribution, and when he digs into the pack, catching it full in the face, he doesn't finish on much. But he does finish on enough, so keeps rolling with red-blues.

We're back...

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 2-1 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 0-3 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 2-0 Peter Lines

Trump 2-2 Selt

The balance of play hasn't been even but the score is, a run of 55 levelling the match before the mid-sesh.

Trump 2-1 Selt (49-67)

Matt leaves himself a nasty red to middle - it's the last one - but he plays it well, only to finish straight on the black. He might go pink to middle, but opts for the former and imparts just enough action on the white to give himself a Cliff Thorburn yellow; again, he plays it well. Judd's had two big chances to go 3-1 in this frame, but this is an excellent clearance from Matt.

Trump 2-1 Selt (49-37)

Ohhhh Matt. Ohhhh maaaate! He gets too high on a black, though he should still sink it ... but he doesn't. That should cost him the frame, but a mistake from Judd means he has to play a diagonal pot to middle and can see only a bit of the pocket .. and he clatters the far knuckle! Matt has a second chance to level the match, and it's getting nervy out there. This game!

Trump 2-1 Selt (41-9)

Judd caches a cut-back too thick - or should that be too thickly - and leaves Matt everything. Simply sensible snooker will take him to the mid-sesh level.

Trump 2-1 Selt (41-0)

Judd goes into the pack off the black, but lands on nowt so retires to his seat with a handy lead of 41.

Trump 2-1 Selt (29-0)

Yeah, obviously anything can happen when you put balls on a table, but Judd is into his stride and quickly sends down an opener. With Robertson, Higgins, Selby and Murphy gone, there aren't many who can stop him taking this title home either.

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 1-1 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 0-2 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 2-0 Peter Lines

Trump 2-1 Selt

A 44 seals the frame for Judd, who's cruising really, but looks on the cusp of finding his best form.

Trump 1-1 Selt (77-4)

But it doesn't matter. Matt's escape is poor, hit to hard and catching his chosen red fat. The white stays up the top end, and this is going to be the frame.

Trump 1-1 Selt (41-4)

Judd runs out of reds when ready to pot the blue, and rather than try and dig into the pack, he opts to slot it, then take on a mid-distance red; he slams it into right corner with devastating ease. He then plays two more recovery pots, before tucking in behind the green and on the baulk cushion, irritated.

Trump 1-1 Selt (21-4)

Matt accumulates four points when my doorbell rings - I'm not sure if there's a connection - then Judd rolls home a red and hauls the white back to despatch the pink. It returns onto the top of the cluster, but with the black now available, that's not too problematic.

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 1-0 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 0-2 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 1-0 Peter Lines

Trump 1-1 Selt

A run of 63 and we're all-square

Trump 1-0 Selt (21-76)

This is a really good break from Matt. It's not sustainable - he's had to pot his way out of trouble more often that you'd like - but he's found a way to get it done.

Trump 1-0 Selt (21-55)

Matt runs out of position but redeems his situation with a juddesque red, sent to left corner with the white close to the side cushion and the red inside it. Gradually, he clambers into prime position, and from here he'll expect to make it 1-1.

Trump 1-0 Selt (21-34)

Matt uses his safety sense to stick Judd up in baulk, pink and brown blocking the direct route to the red he'd like to play off, which is close to left corner - he's trying to come off the right side, then the left side to come at it from the pocket side. He misses it five times, going into the bag on the last of them, and he'll not be put back now - this is a big chance for Matt to yank himself level.

Trump 1-0 Selt (21-11)

Again, it's Matt in first with a nice starter, but again he misses a red and hands over the table; he just can't be doing that if he wants to compete, never mind win, and as I type that Judd plays a fine recovery pot when he looks to have run out of position. But then Judd overruns slightly when in perfect position on the blue, missing the next red to left corner - I did not see that coming. Thing is, Judd gets lucky, because the self-same blue covers the self-same red, meaning Matt needs to find a different way of protecting it ... and he does.

Around the tables

  • Anthony McGill 1-0 Zhou Yuelong
  • David Gilbert 0-1 Mark Allen
  • Sam Craigie 0-0 Peter Lines

Trump 1-0 Selt

Matt leaves the blue and decides that's enough.

Trump 0-0 Selt (70-44)

Matt takes brown and green so is back to needing two snookers, problem being there are fewer balls behind which to get them. But he finds one, cannoning the pink and pulling up behind it, the blue diagonally opposite close to left corner; Judd hits it easily enough, then finds himself tight behind the black with the blue towards the green pocket; he hits it off three cushions, and when Matt knocks the black onto the cushion, with the pink close to the green pocket, there's very little scope for hiding the white.

Trump 0-0 Selt (70-36)

Judd sees off the yellow, so Matt now needs three four-pointers. That seems unlikely though, as Dominic notes in co-comm, the balls are not badly situated for snookers. I feel bad saying this, but I'm always pleased when Dominic goes out of a competition, because I love listening to him educate me about the game.

Trump 0-0 Selt (68-36)

There are two difficult reds - the last two - one on the side cushion and one tucked under the pink. Nut Judd only needs one and he disturbs it then despatches it, only to miss the pink long to the green pocket. That's enough to force Matt back to the table, because only one snooker is required.

Trump 0-0 Selt (31-28)

He can't rack them up, soon missing a red and ceding the table to Judd - who quickly makes himself comfortable. Of course he does.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-17)

These two are good mates, and Trump credits Matt- 35 in the world - with helping him improve his safety game. Well, he gets away with a poor safety shot to begin with, leaving the white towards the business end but not quite leaving a red, and when. Judd decelerates through the cue-ball, he offers not only a starter but a skinful of points.

Off we go

The boyz are baizing

I can only imagine how many snout Dave Gilbert enjoyed, given how often him stopping smoking is mentioned. Well played, sir.

Hello there!

Fancy some afternoon genius? Eeeeeexxxxcccccellent. We'll be focusing on Judd Trump v Matt Selt, but don't be sleeping on Dave Gilbert v Mark Allen nor, for that matter, Anthony McGill v Zhou Yuelong.

Trump back in action

All eyes will be on Judd Trump as he takes on Matthew Selt from 1pm UK time at the Barbican in York.
An off-colour Trump battled his way into the last 32 with a 6-3 win over Chris Wakelin. The 2011 winner made a sloppy start and never looked in tune with his game at any stage, but his class enabled him to fend off a spirited challenge from Wakelin.
It was a week ago that Trump produced some exhilarating snooker to beat John Higgins in the final of the Champion of Champions, meaning good form is not far from the surface, and he will look to keep his standards very high this week.

Today's schedule

  • 13:00 - Anthony McGill - Zhou Yuelong
  • 13:00 - Judd Trump - Matthew Selt
  • 13:00 - David Gilbert - Mark Allen
  • 13:00 - Sam Craigie - Peter Lines
  • 19:00 - Mark Joyce - Jordan Brown
  • 19:00 - Ricky Walden - Anthony Hamilton
  • 19:00 - Luca Brecel - Stephen Maguire
  • 19:00 - Xiao Guodong - Hossein Vafaei

Yesterday's results

  • 13:00 - Mark King 3-6 Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 13:00 - Barry Hawkins 6-2 Cao Yupeng
  • 13:00 - Andy Hicks 6-5 Dominic Dale
  • 13:00 - John Higgins 5-6 Zhao Xintong
  • 19:00 - Kyren Wilson 6-3 Wu Yize
  • 19:00 - Ben Woollaston 6-4 Liam Highfield
  • 19:00 - Noppon Saengkham 6-5 Stuart Bingham
  • 19:00 - Jack Lisowski 6-2 Graeme Dott

‘That’s a Trump special! – O’Sullivan shot stuns commentary team

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