Ronnie O’Sullivan declared a foul on himself when taking on Mark King in their third-round encounter at the UK Championship.
Leading 4-3 in the match and 16-0 in the frame, O’Sullivan needed the rest when looking to hit the cue ball while it was surrounded by a bunch of reds.
But rather than play a shot, he took both his cue and rest off the table and said to the referee: “I think I touched the red with my cue, you can check with the camera.”
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On commentary, Neal Foulds said: “It’s got to be called a foul. If Ronnie’s not sure, how can you see from a camera?”

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Unsure if he feathered the red, O’Sullivan took his seat as referee Leo Scullion consulted Marcel Eckardt, who was monitoring the video footage.
The pair remained unsure, prompting Scullion to ask O’Sullivan if he was happy to declare a foul on himself – to which the seven-time UK Championship winner responded yes.
Foulds added: “That’s exactly it. He’s called a foul on himself, there’s no camera that can see it. It would just be a slight tremor on the cue.”

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The foul initially offered King a route back into the frame, but O’Sullivan eventually returned to the table and went on to win 91-12 to move within a frame of victory.
O'Sullivan swiftly sealed the match, winning 6-3 to advance to the fourth round, where he will face Noppon Saengkham or Stuart Bingham.
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