Snooker referees are often eagle-eyed, but Andy Yates missed a foul by Neil Robertson at the start of his Welsh Open clash with Graeme Dott.
After knocking in a long red to kick off the opening frame, Robertson saw the cue ball nestle into the pack.
His only option was to play safe off the black, but he required the swan neck rest to execute the shot.
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With his body contorted at an awkward angle and having to stretch, Robertson got his stroke wrong and flicked a red before making contact with the black.
It looked an obvious contact, as described by David Hendon on Eurosport commentary.
"It was definitely a foul,” Hendon said. “He hit a red but the points have not gone on.
“The referee did not spot it. It is his job to, it is not the players’ job to be watching.
“The thing about it, there is also a marker who has a monitor but also listens to the commentary. So they can intervene, to assist the referee.”
Alan McManus added: “He hit a red, no doubt about it.
“Because he was stretching, his head position would not have been in line with the cue.”
The seven points actually made a big difference in the frame, as Dott required a snooker on the colours and failed to get it when if the seven points had been awarded he would have still been in a position to win the frame.
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