Ronnie O’Sullivan has empathised with Tom Ford, saying there are times when snooker can be overwhelming and has urged him to take a look at his schedule in order to find positives.
Ford has advanced to the quarter finals of the Welsh Open, but told Eurosport ahead of his clash with Mark Williams that he has not been enjoying playing the game.
While a string of victories could relight a fire in Ford, O’Sullivan has said it was the opposite for him.
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“You get times like that when you are not enjoying your snooker,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport. “Mine happened to be when I was winning virtually every tournament I played in and never got to go home. I kind of missed being at home.
“I know it sounds crazy, but success was sometimes a bad thing for me.
Now I write down after each tournament smiley faces or not so smiley faces just for memory because sometimes there’s a pattern to certain things.
“Maybe if Tom feels like that, he should look at his schedule and look at what makes him happy and try and incorporate a bit more of that in his life and start enjoying his snooker again.”
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