"My cue action is all over the gaff," the Rocket told Colin Murray exclusively on Eurosport.
World Championship
'I need to be patient' - McGill on defeat to Bingham at Crucible
28/04/2021 AT 19:30
I'm having to improvise. I must have had about 20 different cue actions in that match.
The five-time world champion reiterated his theory that he needs to emulate the likes of Novak Djokovic if he wants to win another title, saying: "All the flamboyance doesn't win you World Championships."

'If I'm snookered, I'm going to smash them' - Ronnie explains controversial moment

He was amazed at what he achieved against the slower defensive play of Selby, joking: "I couldn't believe I actually won a safety battle against Mark Selby, to be honest with you!"
And O'Sullivan is wary about facing 28-year-old Kyren Wilson in the final over the weekend.
"I'm old enough to be his dad - I shouldn't be here really. I'm 44 with no cue action!" he added.
World Championship
'Just can't wait' - Emotional Bingham on reaching semi-finals
28/04/2021 AT 19:28
World Championship
'Brilliant pot' - Trump sinks outrageous long red from cushion
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