World Championship

World Snooker Championship LIVE - Anthony McGill takes on Kyren Wilson in first semi-final

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World Championship :Anthony McGill makes a break of 75 to lead 12-8 against Kurt Maflin

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World Snooker Championship live - all the latest updates, scores and results from The Crucible as the biggest snooker tournament on the calendar takes place after a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

World Championship

Ronnie O'Sullivan on biggest rivalries - ‘he drove me to be my best’


13:10 - Yesterday's aftermath

Ronnie O'Sullivan had more to say after his win over Mark Williams yesterday, when he came back from 7-2 down to complete a remarkable 10-13 victory.

Speaking to Eurosport after his win, he said:

"If I can find a cue action – if someone can give me a cue action then I’d be over the moon. My cue action is the world’s worst. I fancy winning tournaments. I think Mark [Williams] will think he lost that one really.

"I think Mark Selby is a certainty - I've got no game."

Ronnie O'Sullivan finishes off Mark Williams on re-spotted black


13:00 - Anthony McGill takes on Kyren Wilson

The first of the semi-finals are set to get underway with Kyren Wilson taking on Anthony McGill.

22:05: McGill 13-10 Maflin: McGill finally wins a frame again

That's the last action of tonight. Another scrappy win for McGill with an unremarkable 59-11 final frame win. The important thing though is that it takes him over the line to 13 frames, and he can take stock before his semi-final. That's it for the coverage today, we'll be back tomorrow.

21:50: McGill 12-10 Maflin: Maflin makes a fist of it

Maflin refuses to roll over. He takes two frames in a row to take him from 12-8 to 12-10. The margin of error he can work within here is tiny, but McGill must be feeling the pressure too now.

21:20: Williams 10-13 O'Sullivan: O'Sullivan has done it!

With the pressure building, both missed chances they would otherwise have made in less stressful times. That pressure reared its head once again when O'Sullivan missed a routine blue, allowing Williams to tie the game and force the pair onto a deciding black. Williams was the first to crack and leave a black on, allowing O'Sullivan to take a famous victory.

Ronnie O'Sullivan hits fifth century against Mark Williams with another brilliant clearance


21:06 - Williams 10-12 O'Sullivan: Pressure ramps

Both Williams and O'Sullivan miss a couple of easy shot in what could be the final frame tonight. O'Sullivan looks to be the one to hold his nerve, but when he sinks a pink he ends up stuck behind a red and plays only a middling attempt at a snooker.

20:48 - Williams 10-12 O'Sullivan: One frame to go?

O'Sullivan's break of 133 takes him just one frame from the semis. He has been exceptional today, and blown away his rival. He is playing some of his most ruthless - if not best - snooker in years.

20:38 - Williams 10-11 O'Sullivan: Williams behind again

A monstrous two-parter from O'Sullivan, without a response from Williams, of 126 takes him ahead of his opponent again. He is closing in on his 12th World's semi-finals now.

20:20 - Maflin 8-11 McGill: Not over yet

There are three frames between them now. A 73 break takes McGill to another frame and reduces the deficit. First to 13 still heavily favours the Scot, but it's less certain now.

19:50 - Williams 10-9 O'Sullivan: Williams back in front

Oh dear, Ronnie. It looks as if he has the makings of a winning break but another sloppy error allows Williams in. He does not look back and edges back in front.

Anthony McGill is 11-7 up against Kurt Maflin.

19:40 - Williams 9-9 O'Sullivan: O'Sullivan on cusp of lead

O'Sullivan levels at 9-9 after both players miss relatively easy reds, but the Englishman is able to claim the frame in the end. He is now 38-0 up and has a pack of reds well split, high up the table, and he is running through blue and pink for now.

19:20 - Williams 9-8 O'Sullivan: Williams back in front

Williams will be relieved. A break of 43 gives him a 68-29 win in the first frame after the restart. O'Sullivan has to play catch up now.

19:10 - Here we go/here we go/this is it

Just like 1993. Williams and O'Sullivan walk out to the table to get cracking. O'Sullivan puts 29 on the board but Williams is in with a chance on a long pot now. He makes a hash of it, and back comes Williams.

16:51 - Williams 8-8 O'Sullivan: All square

Williams has been on a tear. From 7-2 down, he has won six of the last seven frames to level going into the end of the second session. A break of 54 is at the heart of his most recent frame win to level the scores at 8-8. Before then he hit an outstanding 112 to set him on his way.

'Brilliant' Ronnie O'Sullivan hits century during recovery against Mark Williams


16:35 - Trump out!

It's happened again. Not once has a first-time Crucible World Champion achieved the feat of defending their title successfully. Wilson scores his first century of the match to crown a 13-9 win. He has beaten his old rival, but the post-match congratulations from Trump seems sincere enough. Onto Williams vs. O'Sullivan now.

Kyren Wilson knocks in century to eliminate defending champion Judd Trump


16:25 - Trump standing on the precipice...

...of an enormous crossroads. He goes 12-9 down against Wilson after looking like he was back to take control in the match. Unfortunately for him, there are simply not enough frames for him to make mistakes, and Wilson hit 60 without response in the last frame. In the next one, Wilson is in front of a slightly tricky pack of reds, but 23-1 up.

8-6 on the other table, with O'Sullivan creeping back.

15:48 - Neil Robertson: Mark Selby back to his world title-winning tactical best

Selby: "As a matchplay game it was right up there with my best performances. I can see the changes already, especially in my body language, so long may it continue."

Full story here

15:38 - Williams extends lead again

It could have been 4-0 for O’Sullivan this session so far, but Williams has punished Ronnie and made it 2-2, meaning the Welshman now leads 8-4 heading into the interval.

It's also the interval for Trump and Wilson, with the former scoring 62 to make it just 11-9 to Wilson - what a finale in store on that table!

15:25 - Another for Ronnie

The Rocket. Just like that the gap is down to three as O’Sullivan follows up one century with a 74 in barely six minutes. Make that 7-4 to Williams!

Meanwhile, Wilson gets his 11th frame with a 94, only for Trump to reply with a 100 of his own - Wilson leads 11-8.

15:12 - O'Sullivan century

O’Sullivan not looking too happy with his cue at the moment, and it makes a funny old noise as a miscue almost affects his break. Not deterred, a 105 helps him close the gap back to four after throwing away that opening frame of the session. 7-3 to Williams.

15:02 - Big frame for Williams

Wow. 55-55 and it’s down to the final black! Williams goes for the double but misses… O’Sullivan then misses a tough chance of his own and watches on as Williams sinks a difficult attempt to take the frame! He now leads 7-2.

14:58 - Tense frame

O’Sullivan with a 54 break but he misses the red that would have left Williams needing snookers, still though there’s a tough final red on the bottom cushion, while the pink is also on another cushion.

Williams goes for the snooker and a safety battle ensues, 35 behind, 35 remaining…

Williams gets a right old snooker on O’Sullivan and Ronnie gets his angles wrong. One foul means Williams no longer needs the black on the final red to force a re-spot – but still no way knowing which way this one will go.

14:43 - Quick frame for Trump

My word. What a start for defending champion Trump! He rolls in a long red and that kickstarts a 72 break. Wilson now leads 10-7, but it’s Trump with the first psychological blow of the session.

14:30 - Four of top eight in action

Right then, afternoon session time. Four of the top eight in action, Trump and Wilson playing to its conclusion, while the duo with eight world titles between them are battling it out in the other quarter.

Will Williams build on his lead? Or can Ronnie mount a comeback? We’re live on Eurosport 1 & 2, as well as the Eurosport Player…

13:30 - Join us in an hour!

That's that for the morning session. We have two huge quarter-finals this afternoon on Eurosport starting at 2.30pm.

Mark Williams leads Ronnie O'Sullivan 6-2 and will be out to build on that lead before tonight's final session.

World Snooker Championship highlights: Mark Williams dominates Ronnie O'Sullivan


Defending champion Judd Trump trails Kyren Wilson 10-6, with that quarter-final set to conclude this afternoon. It's gonna be good!

While we wait, enjoy this incredible four-ball plant from Robertson earlier today...

Neil Robertson dispatches ‘extravagant’ four-ball plant against Mark Selby


13:18 - McGill takes final frame of session

That’s the snooker equivalent of a six-pointer right there, and it’s McGill who takes the final frame of the session to open up a four-frame advantage. He leads 10-6, and Maflin knows it could have been 9-7…. Missed opportunities for both players in that frame, but now McGill is three frames away from a first ever World Championship semi-final.

12:50 - Maflin makes things interesting

HUGE fluke on the pink for Maflin and just like that, three frames on the spin means it's only 9-6 now to McGill. If Maflin can take the final frame of this session then we have a tight encounter heading to this evening.

12:11 - Selby through!

It feels like an age when Selby had a pot to virtually seal the victory around 90 minutes ago, but the three-time champion gets over the line just before the interval! He needed every colour to make sure, but that is a big win for Selby, who was tested this morning by the valiant efforts of a former champion.

Robertson's tournament is over, Selby marches on and awaits the winner of Williams v O'Sullivan in the semis.

11:40 - Still going...

Another tight, tight frame and at times it looked as though Robertson’s tournament was again over, but the Australian wins the all-important safety battles and it’s now 12-7!

On the other table, McGill responds to Maflin’s bright start to take the next two frames, and he now leads 9-3.

11:00 - Comeback on?

On the other table Maflin has taken the first two frames and from 7-1 he now trails 7-3 - big ask but it suddenly looks a bit brighter for the Norwegian.

10:57 - Robertson steals frame

Robertson pots the final black to steal the frame after the most fortunate of flukes helps him prolong this quarter-final.

10:41 - Hanging in there...

Robertson sinks a superb plant, but he goes for the black to the middle… and misses. It looks to be his final shot of the tournament but Selby’s break ends at 56 and a safety battle ensues…

Selby is on the verge of victory but he misses a yellow to the middle and Robertson puts eight points on the board before starting another safety battle. All the reds are by the baulk, making it very difficult for Robertson to chase down Selby’s 48-point lead with three reds remaining.

10:19 - Selby 91

That blue below was arguably the toughest shot for Selby as a sensational 91 break moves him within a frame of victory. A repeat of that opening morning frame and we could be done just after half 10!

10:16 - Some start from Selby...

10:05 - We are LIVE

Okay than, Eurosport 1 for Mark Selby (7) 11-5 Neil Robertson (2) and then it's Eurosport 2 for Kurt Maflin 1-7 Anthony McGill.

Selby on the brink of victory... can McGill take a huge step towards the last four as well?

09:25 - Vote: Monday flukes

There were quite a few... Watch the video below and then vote for your favourite underneath the video!

Feeling lucky? Four remarkable flukes in one day


Which fluke was best?
Mark Selby
Kyren Wilson
Neil Robertson
Anthony McGill

09:00 - An hour to go...

Morning all. The second day of quarter-final action gets under way in an hour, with Mark Selby two frames away from victory and Anthony McGill out to build on his sizeable lead, and who knows, maybe even win after just two sessions. Here's a look at today's schedule and the scores so far, and remember it's all live on Eurosport.

Quarter-final scores (best of 25 frames)

  • Judd Trump (1) 6-10 Kyren Wilson (8)
  • Mark Selby (7) 11-5 Neil Robertson (2)
  • Kurt Maflin 1-7 Anthony McGill
  • Mark Williams (3) 6-2 Ronnie O’Sullivan (6)


  • Kurt Maflin v Anthony McGill
  • Mark Selby (7) v Neil Robertson (2)


  • Judd Trump (1) v Kyren Wilson (8)
  • Mark Williams (3) v Ronnie O’Sullivan (6)


  • Kurt Maflin v Anthony McGill
  • Mark Williams (3) v Ronnie O’Sullivan (6)

23:10 - Robertson on the brink

It's a long way back for Robertson from here.

Selby finishes with a 76 break to move 11-5 ahead, just two frames from a place in the semi-finals.

The players return at 10am tomorrow.

22:55 - Another for Selby

Still nothing fluent about this match but Selby is finishing strongly. He's won another frame to move 10-5 ahead.

He's got to be a serious contender to win the title in this form.

One left to play.

22:20 - Selby moves 9-5 ahead

This is still a bit of a slug-fest between Selby and Robertson.

That seems to suit Selby better though and he has moved 9-5 ahead with two frames left to play this evening.

21:50 - Key moment for Robertson?

This could be crucial for Robertson, he's just won a lengthy frame on a respotted black to cut Selby's lead to 8-5.

There's still three more frames to come this evening in this one...

On the other table it's all over for the night and Wilson is in a strong position after winning a tight final frame. He leads 10-6.

21:25 - Trump in trouble?

The world No 1 has looked a bit out of sorts in the last few frames and he's now 9-6 down against Wilson.

Crucial final frame coming up for Trump.

21:13 - Wilson responds

It's been very back and forth between Wilson and Trump so far, and having lost the previous frame, Wilson wins the next to move 8-6 ahead.

He comes close to the first century of the match but misses the black so has to settle for 94.

21:00 - Selby four frames ahead

Selby and Robertson head for the mid-session interval with four frames between them.

It's Selby who leads 8-4 after winning the final frame. He's looking good and making it hard work for Robertson.

20:52 - Trump trims lead

There's really not much between Trump and Wilson this evening.

Neither is playing especially well and neither has managed to string a big break together, but Trump is managing to hang close to Wilson and has just trimmed the lead to 7-6.

World Championship

World Snooker Championship: Latest draw, schedule and results

World Championship

Ronnie O'Sullivan notches fourth ton to keep things level with Mark Williams

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