20:10 - Goodnight

The Masters
'It is about balancing and doing what works for you' - Robertson
16/01/2022 AT 22:03
OK we are going to wrap things up here but you can read the report here and keep an eye on the Eurosport website for more reaction.
Thanks for your company over the last two weeks, it has been a blast.

Best of 2020: Watch moment Ronnie O'Sullivan clinches sixth World Snooker Championship title

20:05 - Wilson: I'm a fighter

Here are some words from the beaten finalist...

19:55 - Wilson will win this tournament

O'Sullivan on Wilson: "Kyren is a top top player and he is improving all the time. When you have that desire and hunger and belief in your ability...he will win this tournament one day. He is a country mile above everybody else his age and he will be the first to admit he is always watching Higgins, Williams and the likes because he wants to raise that bar as well. When someone is a student like that about their sport you know they will have plenty of good days. His time will come as well."

19:52 - 'A dream come true'

Ronnie O'Sullivan: "When I was a kid I never dreamed I would be here, I played for the fun of the game and I still try for the fun of it. To be here and to have all those victories is a dream. It’s becoming a bit of a reality so it’s nice to be living the dream."

19:47 - It's all over!

Ronnie O'Sullivan wins world title number six.
He takes just 10 minutes to finish things off, sealing the deal with a break of 96.
The Rocket is now level with Ray Reardon and Steve Davis on the all-time list, one shy of Stephen Hendry's record of seven.

19:40 - O'Sullivan among the balls

This could be over quickly, O'Sullivan is 22-0 ahead...

19:35 - Players are out

Here we go. The final session of this year's World Championship is under way...

19:30 - Favourite Crucible champion?

Ronnie O'Sullivan looks set to win his sixth world title tonight, but who is your favourite Crucible champion? Let us know by replying to the tweet below...

19:20 - Disco Inferno

Before we get stuck into the action, here's a lighter/bizarre moment from earlier today...

Watch bizarre moment ‘Disco Inferno’ starts blaring out during World Snooker Championship final

19:15 - Welcome back

Hello again. The Rocket is on the brink of a sixth world title. Will he wrap things up quickly or will Kyren Wilson make him wait?
Coverage is just starting on Eurosport 1.

17:50 - Sixth title in sight for O'Sullivan

While we await for play to restart this evening, you can have a read of our report here.
Or maybe head over here to listen to The Break podcast with Neal Foulds, Philip Studd and Rachel Casey.

16:40 - A tough session for Wilson

That was brutal for Wilson - he was wayward and got punished at every turn. Truth be told, there looks to be no way back from there for the 28-year-old.

16:20 - O’Sullivan 17-8 Wilson: The Rocket on the cusp of a sixth world title

Wilson is given a sighter early from O’Sullivan and, credit to him, he takes it on but he jaws the red to the bottom left pocket; O’Sullivan again capitalises but runs out of position with 29 on the scoreboard and retreats to baulk. Wilson leaves a red as an option and O’Sullivan looks like he is going to punish him after dispatching that but, having made a 32, misses frame ball. The 28-year-old fails to capitalise though. O'Sullivan steps in to dispatch the required balls to move within one frame of a sixth title. Wilson and O’Sullivan resume at 19:15 with O’Sullivan leading 17-8.

16:05 – O’Sullivan 16-8 Wilson: Six on the spin

Again Wilson’s positioning lets him down to bring a break to an end at 14. However, he gets back in and a fine pot to the left middle pocket opens up the table. Yet, he misses the yellow to its pocket with the rest to again fail to punish O’Sullivan. Wilson, usually so secure with the rest, looks drained of confidence as O’Sullivan masters the cue ball around the table with a control sorely lacking in Wilson’s play. A 72 makes it a sixth frame on the spin.

15:45 - O'Sullivan 15-8 Wilson: Relentless snooker from the five-time champion

O’Sullivan is capitalising on any errant play from Wilson, and the Rocket makes a quickfire 71 behind some expert cueing. However, having had his shot choices questioned earlier this week, after losing position, the 44-year-old turns down a fine cut and retreats behind baulk with Wilson requiring two snookers. The 28-year-old gets his hand on the table but having made 24, he jawed a red in a carbon copy of a miss from last night and that's another frame for O'Sullivan.

15:30 – O'Sullivan 14-8 Wilson: The Rocket within touching distance

O’Sullivan is just four frames away from a sixth world title after a run of 60 seals him the 22nd frame. Again it was far from spectacular but that’s 53, 61, 57 and 60 to win four frames on the bounce. There are three frames left in this session, and ultimately, as Phil Studd says on commentary, the 28-year-old Wilson needs all of them if he harbours any hopes of winning a maiden world title.

15:05 - Wilson frustrations

Jimmy White, chatting to Colin Murray at the interval, has lamented Wilson’s long-standing issue with cue ball control.
This kid could become a machine [if he sorted out his positional play]. He is making it more difficult for himself, when it should be plain sailing. They are easy positional shots and he is making them more difficult. Eventually, it just catches up with you.

14:50 - O'Sullivan 13-8 Wilson: A five-frame advantage for O'Sullivan

O’Sullivan, despite lamenting his cueing for much of the two-week tournament, appears to be purring as he dispatches a long red but he misses a rudimentary red to the centre pocket and his break comes to an end at 16. However, Wilson gives him another sighting and O’Sullivan puts another frame on the board on the back of a 57 break. A tough mini-session that for Wilson who had a couple of opportunities to apply pressure to O’Sullivan, who has won three out of the four. The Rocket is only five away from the title.

14:30 - O'Sullivan 12-8 Wilson: The Warrior falters again as he falls four frames behind

O’Sullivan leaves a long red on at the start of the 20th frame. The 28-year-old Wilson, emboldened by some excellent early cueing takes it on, but jaws it, and O’Sullivan makes a quickfire 48 before running out of position after going into the pack. Wilson manages to wrestle control of the safety exchange that ensues before cajoling a red to the left centre pocket. However, he runs out of position with 29 on the board and another opportunity to apply pressure to O’Sullivan drifts, as the Rocket produces an immaculate 61 clearance to lead by four frames.

14:10 - O'Sullivan 11-8 Wilson: The Rocket takes frame at fourth time of asking

Another fluke – he was the beneficiary of a couple yesterday – sets Sullivan on the way to making a 53 but the five-time champion can’t close the frame out, passing two further opportunities to get it over the line after some loose safety play from Wilson. But, having sunk another excellent long red, the Kettering player misses a golden opportunity to make O’Sullivan pay the price, missing a rudimentary pink to the centre pocket, and O’Sullivan clears – at the fourth time of asking - to re-open the three-frame lead.

13:50 - O'Sullivan 10-8 Wilson: The Warrior cuts the arrears to two

Wilson dispatches a long red to set the foundation for a strong opening 73 from the the Kettering cueist, keeping the cue ball under expert control to seal frame-ball. However, he loses position going into the pack, with 73 on the board. O’Sullivan, needing snookers, retreats behind baulk but another exceptional long red cuts the arrears to two frames.

13:40 - Players are out and the (reduced) crowd are loving it

Wilson gets us underway trailing 7-10 with 18 the target. Wilson dispatches a long red to set the foundation for a strong opening 73 from Kettering cueist, keeping the cue ball under expert control to seal frame-ball. However, he loses position going into the pack, with 73 on the board. O’Sullivan, needing snookers, retreats behind baulk but another exceptional long red cuts the arrears to two frames.

13:30 - O’Sullivan in the headlines (again)

Des Kane has written about the enigma that is Ronnie O’Sullivan ahead of the final, after the Rocket had highlighted snooker's most absurd rule. The five-time winner has never been far from the news these last two weeks, with Mark Selby accusing him of disrespect this week. However, Neal Foulds told the Break podcast that Selby was 'wrong' to slam O'Sullivan over the wild shot in their heated semi-final that prompted the disrespect comment

13:20 - Jimmy White expecting an excellent final

Gruelling semi-finals against Mark Selby and Anthony McGill for O’Sullivan and Wilson respectively will have contributed to a toing and froing first day, says Jimmy White on Eurosport 1 ahead of the final. However, the Whirlwind tells Colin Murray that he expects both players to be firing with both now in touching distance of a world crown. O'Sullivan led 8-2 at one stage yesterday but ultimately has to settle for a three-frame lead – at 10-7 – ahead of the penultimate session.

13:10 - Watch it all LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport Player

Coverage starts at 13:15, with the match action set to begin at 13:30 on both Eurosport 1 and Eurosport Player.

13:00 - Good afternoon!

Good afternoon and welcome to the final day of the 2020 World Championship. Kyren Wilson halved Ronnie O'Sullivan's early lead - can he make any more inroads this afternoon?
If you missed any of yesterday's 17 frames, check out the highlights.

Highlights: Ronnie O'Sullivan leads World Snooker Championship final despite Kyren Wilson fightback

What to catch up on the latest episode of the Break podcast?

Here it is!
Ronnie O'Sullivan may have a three frame lead over Kyren Wilson going into the last day of the World Snooker Championship final, but as ex player Neal Foulds and commentator Philip Studd discuss with Rachel Casey, this is a very unpredictable year and an extraordinary Championship; anything could happen.
The trio have a comprehensive review of the first two sessions of the final and look ahead to the next two.
Plus Rachel has a lively conversation with Eurosport Presenter Colin Murray on his three week experience at the Crucible being in the company of Jimmy White and all the top competitors.

23:06 - Until tomorrow

Not the high quality of snooker we've been treated to these past two weeks but there was no shortage of drama today. Both, frankly, look exhausted after their marathon semi-finals. Hopefully they can muster up something special tomorrow. This one could still go either way, largely thanks to an excellent fight back from Wilson who refused to let the Rocket get away from him.
See you soon.

22:57 - O'Sullivan restores three-frame lead

Wilson misses a crucial frame-winning red and O'Sullivan just nips in to steal it. Wilson, however, has cut the Rocket's lead in half and should be full of confidence ahead of tomorrow.

22:32: Wilson responds with century

Finally, some proper snooker. Wilson smacks in a century break to go within two once more. He's enjoying himself - O'Sullivan is not.

22:15 - O'Sullivan finds some form

The Rocket brings Wilson's run to a halt after the youngster is unfortunate to foul on the blue. The two exchange errors - par for the course this evening - before O'Sullivan takes the frame to go 9-6 up.

22:01- O'Sullivan 8-6 Wilson

I've never seen O'Sullivan struggling like this. He's barely had a sniff since they came back from the break. Wilson makes it four in a row with a run of 58.
Does the Rocket want this? Looks like he just wants to get in this evening and regroup tomorrow. Three more to go tonight.

21:46 - Wilson makes it three in a row

O'Sullivan's lead is cut to three as Wilson takes his third consecutive frame. The underdog took a 57-0 lead in that one but gave O'Sullivan a few visits to the table before he could finish it off. Eventually the Rocket misses a black when in need of a snooker and Wilson takes it.
Ronnie O'Sullivan looks completely off it.

21:28 - Here we go again

Five more frames to go this evening. Could Wilson take a very unlikely lead?

21:06 - Momentum with Wilson

Wilson had to grind his way through this frame. With just four balls left on the table O'Sullivan needed four snookers but was unable to manage any in the end and eventually Wilson cleans up. Heading into the mid-session interval Wilson is still just four frames back after they split they each take equal spoils of the evening session so far.

20:39 - Robertson blames the cloth

This is interesting. Neil Robertson is watching from home and says it was the 'worst he's ever seen a one table set up play."
According to him, the humidity is doing a number on this cloth. Perhaps they can be excused then.

20:34 - Wilson stops the rot

There we go, Wilson wins the frame in one visit with a break of 92. Can he put a run together now?

20:23 - Relentless

It's so poor from both. Wilson misses an easy red, O'Sullivan does the same and then pots the white. Wilson is back but misses a black then O'Sullivan cleans up in yet another messy frame. He will never have played this badly to earn a six-frame lead before, but here we are at 8-2 to the Rocket.

19:58 - O'Sullivan five up

Wilson leads O'Sullivan 53-1 in this frame but the first-time finalist gives the Rocket a sniff at the table and the five-time champ cleans up to take a 7-2 lead. He could be out of sight very soon and he's still far from his best.

19:39 - Here they come!

Get ready for the evening session.

16:37 - O'Sullivan 6-2 Wilson

Wilson goes for a long pink but misses it, gifting O'Sulivan the frame and a 6-2 lead ahead of the evening session. Huge lead. But this final is still there for the taking if either player can play some high quality snooker.
We will be back with you with the evening session from 19:30.

16:35 - Marathon eighth frame

It's still going...
I've never seen O'Sullivan make this many mistakes, but Wilson keeps responding in kind. The two are now locked down on the pink and the black. Huge difference between 5-3 and 6-2...

15:58 - Rocket hits century

O'Sullivan has the first century of the match and do we have lift off? Wilson will hope not. The Rocket has a 5-2 lead and could be out of sight should he take a four-frame lead into the evening session. Crucial frame coming up.

Ronnie O'Sullivan with brilliant century - 'the crowd are loving every moment of this'

15:41 - O'Sullivan 4-2 Wilson

O'Sullivan is coasting to be honest, because he knows Wilson will make mistakes. The first-time finalist is an entirely different opponent to Mark Selby who makes so few errors, and O'Sullivan knows it. It feels like a practice session and that suits O'Sullivan - he may feel like he won the tournament yesterday.

15:18 - Wilson pulls one back

A fine break of 63 keeps O'Sullivan on the leash. Wilson is keeping pace but neither player has really hit top gear yet, both making a few elementary mistakes in that fifth frame. WIlson missed and easy red and pink, while O'Sullivan fluffed a simple safety. Wilson to break in the sixth...can he draw level? It stands 3-2 to the Rocket.

15:02 - We're back underway

O'Sullivan misses an early red as the two resume after the mid-session interval. Can Wilson reduce the deficit?

14:40 - O'Sullivan capitalises

Wilson gets 23 on the board but crucially falters yet again - he's still very nervous, clearly. O'Sullivan plays an outrageous plant shot but with poor positioning before recovering expertly.
It's a quite brilliant frame from O'Sullivan, who scores 75, when he probably shouldn't have been involved in it to that extent. He takes a two-frame lead early on.
It's the mid-session interval and O'Sullivan is looking good early on. Now, check out this amazing double from the second frame...

Ronnie O'Sullivan nails outrageous double in World Championship final

14:25 - O'Sullivan back in front

O'Sullivan only ever needs a small window of opportunity and his unbelievable break-building prowess comes through. He capitalises on a slight error from Wilson and in ruthless fashion.
Jimmy White promised Eurosport viewers some attacking play and he was not wrong!

14:15 - Nervy Wilson gets on the board

It's an extremely tense second frame of the match as O'Sullivan misses four reds in total in a very error-strewn start. Wilson scraps to 39 with O'Sullivan on 44 and he has to show real guts to come through.
There is a huge sigh of relief from Wilson after recording his first frame in his maiden World Championship final. Well played.

13:47 - Ronnie takes the lead

It's a fast start for Ronnie O'Sullivan, and that's just what the Rocket needed to settle any nerves. He takes the opening frame in solid fashion and now Kyren Wilson will need to respond.
Now, before the match Eurosport's Colin Murray grabbed a quick chat in O'Sullivan's dressing room, which is pretty special just before a final...

13:15 - Setting the scene...

Time to read up ahead of the big match. First, we have Desmond Kane's preview - Ronnie O'Sullivan is hit and miss, but he is right about snooker's most absurd rule
Jimmy White has had his say on what victory would mean for O'Sullivan - Sixth World Championship title would 'mean the world' to Ronnie O'Sullivan - Jimmy White
Plus, we also have the latest episode of The Break with some strong views from Neal Foulds on the controversy between O'Sullivan and Mark Selby last night...
Mark Selby 'wrong' to slam Ronnie O'Sullivan over wild shot in heated semi-final

13:00 - It's time for the grand final!

After what has been rightly described as the 'greatest ever day at The Crucible' with two unbelievable semi-finals, we are all hoping we now have a final that even caps that.
It's Ronnie O'Sullivan v Kyren Wilson - the former going for his sixth world title and the latter for his first. Either way it will be some story.

22:00 - O'Sullivan 17-16 Selby

So Ronnie O'Sullivan will have the chance to go for another world title - facing Kyren Wilson over the course of the weekend. Amazing how he has gathered himself after that lax spell in the middle of this evening.

21:40 - O'Sullivan 16-16 Selby

Who would have predicted this a few frames ago? After the drama of the afternoon, we are going to a decider in this one too.

21:21 - O'Sullivan 15-16 Selby

That frame is all O'Sullivan, and classic O'Sullivan at that - just a few minutes needed to put in a break of 138.

21:10 - O'Sullivan 14-16 Selby

Some fine long-range potting from Selby, and after they dance around shots at the pink, he eventually finishes it off. O'Sullivan just smacked the cue ball towards the pink off the cushion but got nowhere near it. Selby, meanwhile, is one away from the final.

20:42 - O'Sullivan 14-15 Selby

Selby can't close this frame off so O'Sullivan narrows the gap again, potting a perfect pink to put himself to within touching distance.

20:07 - O'Sullivan 13-15 Selby

Selby is having absolutely none of this. He's speeded up his play and is crushing the momentum O'Sullivan was building. Back to a two-frame cushion for him.

19:54 - O'Sullivan 13-14 Selby

That looked like the Rocket was in control there, but he concedes a free ball and Selby goes on to take the frame.

19:38 - O'Sullivan 13-13 Selby

That's four on the bounce for O'Sullivan to bring him level for the first time since the scores were 5-5.

19:25 - O'Sullivan 12-13 Selby

Caught your breath yet? Now it's time for the main event! And Ronnie starts off with a century to get to within one frame of Selby.

18:45 - Wilson 17-16 McGill

What a denouement. That last red just did not want to go in.

'You cannot believe it!' - Kyren Wilson misses easiest of reds in deciding frame

It's an hour-long frame, with fouls, misses, terrible potting, brilliant potting...just everything.
But in the end it's Kyren Wilson who makes it through to the final as the pink teeters home.

17:30 - Wilson 16-16 McGill

But wait! We're heading to a decider - Wilson picks up on a red right on the pocket, left by McGill.

16:55 - Wilson 15-16 McGill

A break of 98 for McGill and he is looking determined now - he is closing in on the final. Wilson's big problem is a cue ball not running for him as he prepares to pot the blue.

16:40 - Wilson 15-15 McGill

All square again after two visits to the table for McGill does the damage, wrapping up with a break of 42. This is absolutely on a knife-edge.

16:27 - Wilson 15-14 McGill

Ah, this is just brilliant under pressure from Kyren Wilson. Anthony McGill has an unfortunate cannon into the pack, sending a red rolling into the pocket.

15:58 - Wilson 14-14 McGill

From three frames adrift, McGill shows his resilience as he pulls this back to level the contest heading into the interval.
McGill has chalked up three 80+ breaks in a row. He finishes off frame 28 with his second century of the tournament.

15:41 - Wilson 14-13 McGill

McGill just one behind now with one more frame to come before the interval.
The 29-year-old been playing with confidence in these last two frames and is now just one off levelling with Wilson after registering a century.

15:22 - Wilson 14-12 McGill

McGill is still up for this. No century for him but it's an impressive response as the Scotsman registers a break of 84 to reduce the gap to two frames again.

15:02 - Wilson 14-11 McGill

Wilson has started very well here and so nearly clinches his fifth century of the match.
Nevertheless, he takes the opening frame of this afternoon session with a break of 94 and is edging closer to the final!

14:30 - We are back!

After this morning's dramatic session, we are back with Kyren Wilson vs Anthony McGill. One of them will be making their first ever final appearance.
It's live on Eurosport 1 and the Eurosport Player NOW! Wilson leads 13-11...

13:24 - O'Sullivan's final frame

Ronnie O'Sullivan 'still in contention' after hitting back against Mark Selby

12:41 - O'Sullivan 11-13 Selby

O'Sullivan makes it back-to-back frames so he has clawed his way back into this somewhat. But still work to do.
With O'Sullivan now two frames down, it sets up an enthralling final session which gets underway at 7pm on Eurosport 1 and the Eurosport Player.
Coming up at 2:30pm, it's the conclusion of the other semi-final - Kyren Wilson 13-11 Anthony McGill.

12:30 - O'Sullivan 10-13 Selby

Pure drama! O'Sullivan looked like this frame would get away from him at the start and Selby had chances to kill it off.
But Ronnie fights back in style with a tidy clearance from the last red to black.
Just one frame left to play in this session and it is still very much game on!

12:06 - O'Sullivan 9-13 Selby

Selby with a break of 72 following an O'Sullivan error who is struggling from distance today.
The Jester is now four in front. This is slipping away from The Rocket.

12:00 - Check out this fluke from Ronnie earlier

Ronnie O'Sullivan with 'one of the flukes of the World Championship'

11:56 - O'Sullivan 9-12 Selby

Selby goes three clear again with a break of 72.
Three frames left from this session before the pair get going again at 7pm this evening.

11:40 - O'Sullivan 9-11 Selby

The interval is over and we're back underway.
A reminder that you can watch this semi-final live on Eurosport and the Eurosport Player NOW!

11:23 - O'Sullivan 9-11 Selby

Selby misses the brown and O'Sullivan again jumps on the error before taking the frame with a break of 68.

11:08 - O'Sullivan 8-11 Selby

The Rocket continues to misfire as Selby restores his three-frame advantage with a break of 68 in frame 19.
We will have one more frame before the interval and it could well be a pivotal one in this semi-final clash.

11:06 - Doesn't get luckier than this

10:50 - O'Sullivan 8-10 Selby

Selby messes up on a straightforward red and The Rocket capitalises, closing the gap to two now.

10:26 - Selby's fast start

10:20 - O'Sullivan 7-10 Selby

Selby starts very strong in this third session with a break of 97 to extend his lead and ensures the problems mount for O'Sullivan.

10:11 - We are underway!

O'Sullivan and Selby continue their compelling battle at The Crucible. Also today...
Kyren Wilson 13-11 Anthony McGill - 2:30pm
O'Sullivan v Selby conclusion - 7pm

10:05 - Crucible to have fans for final

Fans will be allowed into Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre this weekend for the final of the World Snooker Championship as the British government on Thursday announced the resumption of a pilot programme to test the safe return of spectators to events.
The government had decided to allow spectators at carefully selected events from late July to early August to "stress test" new guidelines on a return to regular sport although the plan was halted due to a spike in coronavirus infection rates. World Snooker said in a statement:
We are delighted to announce that a reduced crowd will be welcomed to all sessions of the final of the Betfred World Championship on Saturday and Sunday.
If pilot events are a success it could lead to other venues being opened to fans from October 1.
The World Snooker Championship was the first indoor sports event to open its doors to fans, allowing a limited number of spectators to attend the first few sessions on July 31.
Former world number one Ronnie O'Sullivan had criticised the decision to allow spectators, saying it created an unnecessary risk.
The Masters
Jimmy White vs Judd Trump's Eurosport Masters shot of the championship pot
16/01/2022 AT 21:30
The Masters
'It is a tough sport, mentally it is tough' - O'Sullivan says Selby has a choice to make
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