Louis Heathcote landed one of the most memorable pots in snooker history during his World Championship qualifier with Ryan Day.
Faced with a gruesome snooker, pinned under the black and trying to find a yellow down the table, he pulled off the seemingly impossible.
Heathcote powered the cue ball into the jaws of the bottom right pocket and spinning up the table – not only seeing it make contact with the yellow but, incredibly, bumping it into a pocket too.
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Needless to say, Eurosport commentary duo Philip Studd and Neal Foulds were astounded.
“Oh my goodness me,” exclaimed Studd. “That is unbelievable. That’s got to be one of the most extraordinary shots in snooker history.”
Foulds seemed in a trance, declaring “I can’t believe it” before falling silent.
He eventually continued: "That is one of the most extraordinary shots out of a snooker you could ever see. This is mindboggling."
Studd summed it up best, concluding: “You could try that another billion times and not get anywhere near.”
Inexplicably, Heathcote failed to win the frame before going on to lose a final-frame decider to Day in the penultimate round of qualifying. But still, he will always have that shot...

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