Ronnie O’Sullivan is arguably the finest player to pick up a cue, but being lucky is sometimes as important as being good.
The Rocket got a huge dollop of yellow-shaped good fortune during the 13th frame of his meeting with David Gilbert in the first round of the World Championship.
O’Sullivan came into the session leading by three frames, only to see Gilbert take the first two to cut the gap.
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The world No. 1 steadied the ship with a century in the 12th, but the high quality was interrupted by a cagey affair in the 13th.
It boiled down to a battle on the colours, and Gilbert appeared to have the upper hand when laying an excellent snooker on the yellow.
It was a shot which arguably made him favourite, but it shifted in the blink of an eye as O’Sullivan came off the baulk cushion, made full contact with the yellow and sent it trundling into the bottom left.
He dropped on the green and knocked it in before going on the seal the frame.
“What a moment that was,” said David Hendon on commentary for Eurosport.
“After all the skill we saw in this lengthy frame, O'Sullivan flukes the yellow out of a snooker and is back to where we began the day - three frames clear.”
Neal Foulds added: “It is a massive fluke, and Gilbert will think he’s been unlucky on a number of levels.”
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