Mark Selby - Yan Bingtao



Selby 10-13 Yan

The 22-year-old underdog stuns defending champion Mark Selby at the Crucible and wins the match with a brilliant break of 112. He won six of the seven frames that exceeded 30 minutes, he out Selby'd Mark Selby. That's how it's done, and no one will want to play the former Masters champion in this tournament. To do what he has just done to mark Selby, to play him at his own game and beat him, it seldom happens. Brilliant stuff on a record-breaking night.
World Championship
Top 10 shots of 2021/22: No. 3 – Williams creates Crucible magic with thrilling yellow
Yan goes on to play Mark Williams in the quarter-finals-

Selby 10-12 Yan (0-75)

Selby needs snookers now, but this is game over. Yan punches the table in celebration.

Selby 10-12 Yan (0-61)

After all that. After 85 minutes for one frame, Yan is making the game look quick and easy once more. I thought I was going to bed late. Is Selby, the defending champion and world number two, going home?

Selby 10-12 Yan (0-39)

Yan has to split the pack, and pot the black. This went wrong earlier as he missed the black, as he got it this time? Not so much. He sinks the black but the red is tough. Long to bottom left, BANG, it's in. Yan looking confident.

Selby 10-12 Yan (0-22)

Or not? Yan has found an opening. He grabs a long red, a black, and then another long red. He's a little straight on the next black though...can he work an angle? Yes, a little cannon sets him up on a red to bottom right. Selby in trouble.

Selby 10-12 Yan (0-0)

Yan needs one, Selby needs three. We could be here a while yet.

Selby 10-12 Yan

85 minutes later, the longest frame in Crucible history, and the crowd are on their feet as Yan sinks the blank, finally.

Selby 10-11 Yan (49-56)


Selby 10-11 Yan (49-56)

I cannot believe it, Yan misses the black.

Selby 10-11 Yan (49-50)

Incredible. Selby gets the richochet on the brown off the cushion to bottom right. Exhibition stuff when it matters most. The blue goes too but WHERE IS THE WHITE GOING??? Wow. It toys with the jaw of the pocket and almost rolls out the hole. Unbelievable.

Selby 10-11 Yan (40-50)

Wow. Yan glides the yellow along the top cushion but he doesn't get enough on it and the yellow is just dangling over the pocket. Millimetres. And 45 years of Crucible snooker this is the longest frame ever. Well done everyone.
Selby sinks the yellow, is the end in sight? No, he puts the green in but the brown is blocked by the blue over the pocket. He could not get the cannon on the brown after the green.

Selby 10-11 Yan (35-50)

Wow, Yan has gone in-off. After all that, he's gifted Selby a huge chance at the frame. The defending champion sinks the red and now, finally, has an angle on a colour. It's blue. Can he pot it. NO! WOW! He's caught it far too soft and we keep going. Selby just loves the game too much and doesn't want it to end.
The crowd can't believe it.

Selby 10-11 Yan (30-50)

Selby cuts a red in down the bottom cushion but guess what? There's no colours for him. Selby sighs and for the 100th time tonight plays a safety instead. Just two reds remain and now Yan is well snookered behind the yellow and blue. Yan gives up 12 points and then catches the red so heavy that Selby has a chance, but the angle isn't great, it's a bit too straight. He sinks it but it was too straight to get an angle for any colours. He plays it safe and we are back up the table. This is now the longest frame of the tournament at 72 minutes, seven short of the all-time record.

Selby 10-11 Yan (16-50)

This is the moment. Yan has missed another long red and Selby has the chance to claw his way back now. WAIT! Surely not. He's not found the angle on the black because he's stuck behind the pink. He can't believe it. The crowd can't believe it. Can he sink it anyway? It's tight. He goes for a safety behind the pink. We keep going.

Selby 10-11 Yan (15-50)

Selby pulls of another plant and as the cue ball glides up the table the audience get ready to let out their groans as once again there is no colour to aim at. It's the third time it's happened. Selby, like Yan before him, goes for the snooker instead. Yan breaks free brilliantly but Selby sends him back up the table. It's a long slog now.

Selby 10-11 Yan (15-49)

Yan tries to roll up to the reds but comes up short to hand Selby four. It's our fifth foul of the frame. Attempt number two and he gets it right. And what a shot that is from Yan, a long red to bottom left just like Selby's a moment before. But there's a massive sigh from the crowd as once again he's no colours to aim at. He rolls up behind the green and gives Selby a snooker to think about.

Selby 10-11 Yan (10-49)

After 49 minutes without potting a ball, Selby absolutely drains a long red to some woops and cheers. He's on the blue...maybe. It's tight. He goes safe off the pink instead. No risks.
There's still a long way to go in this frame because the reds are all tied up near the bottom cushion and we are currently at the top of the table.

Selby 10-11 Yan (9-49)

I'm still here, but the scores have not changed. We are approaching the hour-mark for this frame. Selby eyes up a long red. But not to pot it, only to get safe back up the table. We've already had a bathroom berak.

Selby 10-11 Yan (9-49)

Yan gives Selby a tricky shot and this time it's the defending champion who misses twice. There's no chance for a pot but he has to hit a red this time or forfeit the frame. Those first two tries he was nowhere near, this time he rolls up close. There's nothing on for Yan but he's gained eight points since his last visit.
Bu the way, Yan has won five of the previous six frames that last more than half an hour. We're well past that in this one.

Selby 10-11 Yan (9-41)

Yan can't find position on any of the remaining seven reds and is forced to play safe. It's a handy lead for Yan in this frame but not enough...Selby has not potted a ball in 34 minutes after having everything his own way for a while.

Selby 10-11 Yan (9-7)

Yan has Selby snookered and the world number two goes off two cushions and tries to roll up to the reds. But he's misjudged it massively, misses everything, and Yan has an easy red right now. He's out Selby'd Mark Selby once again and outlived the safety battle. Big chance for the 22-year-old.
Big applause the other side of the curtain as Robertson and Lisowski end their session all square at 4-4. Robertson won the last two to level things up.

Selby 10-11 Yan (9-2)

Selby draws a foul from Yan as the CHinese goes to thin on the thin that he misses it. He misses a second time. Selby isn't sure if he wants another re-spot that would force Yan to go for a pot. We re-spot. Yan can't miss a red this time or else he forfeits the frame. He surely won't go for the same shot...He must go for the pot.
Nails it! He hits what is perhaps an accidental plant thanks to a double kiss. It's chaotic but effective. Yan is in. Oh, nope, he goes safe and Selby is back on the table. 25 minutes in and we've seen just three balls go in.

Selby 10-11 Yan (1-1)

Sit tight, this match has entered its ninth hour and we're in for another big frame here I think. Safeties everywhere.
Drama behind the curtain though, Lisowski has taken an unexpected 4-2 lead over tournament favourite Neil Robertson.

Selby 10-11 Yan (1-1)

A long red for Yan and he takes two minutes to think about it. BANG! Perfect, he pulls off a brilliant plant but, to his disbelief, there's no colour on. A chance to get a foothold in the frame goes missing and Yan looks annoyed because that was a brilliant pot. He's savouring his time at the table because he's not had much of it of late. This time he takes no risks and plays safe off the yellow. A few frames ago he would have taken on the risky blue.

Selby 10-11 Yan (0-0)

Yan has to stop the Selby train here. He can't put a foot wrong in these early safety exchanges because as soon as Selby gets a look at the table he is finishing off frames.

Selby 10-11 Yan

Selby makes it to 88 and reduces the deficit to just one. That's three on the bounce for the man from Leicester. Yan has barely had a look for the past hour.

Selby 9-11 Yan (59-0)

Selby has taken the last two frames in just on visit and it looks like he will just need one this time too. He is racing through the reds and they are well spread too. Yan hasn't put a foot wrong really but Selby has turned it on right when he needed to. There's the half ton. Making it look easy.

Selby 9-11 Yan (24-0)

First blood to Selby. Long red, black, red, black, red, black...147? Anyone? Nope, he goes for green.

Selby 9-11 Yan (0-0)

We're back and in among the safeties already.

Selby 9-11 Yan

He's fighting fit. Selby grabs his third century of the match with a clearance of 117. It's the mid-session interval so we'll see you back in 15. Don't miss the end of this one.

Selby 8-11 Yan (84-16)

It's business time. Selby has halved the deficit in no time here. he sinks a tricky red, frame-ball black, and another red puts it beyond Yan even with snookers.

Selby 8-11 Yan (51-16)

Selby draws huge applause as he sinks a long red to green pocket. Great stuff. He could take this in one visit if he's careful. That said, it's not easy - he's forced to take on a long blue and downs it beautifully. Racing through it now.

Selby 8-11 Yan (0-16)

Selby misses a red to right middle and Yan takes it over the pocket. He sinks a black and a red and there's already talk of a 147. Wait, scratch that, he cannons into the pack too hard and the white is miles away. Surely he can't pot a red from here? There's one on. JAWS. Huge chance for Selby here with the reds well spread.
Jack Lisowski is now level with Robertson at 2-2.

Selby 8-11 Yan

One more before the interval. If Yan takes this then Selby needs to take the next five. Vital.

Selby 7-11 Yan (86-0)

No mistakes this time, Selby has frame-ball and he's out of sight. It's only a case of how many now as he edges closer to the century. Oh, no, doesn't fancy it. The red doesn't go and that's that and the frame. Selby reduces the deficit.

Selby 7-11 Yan (52-0)

Selby looks in the mood for this one. He's being out-Selby'd on the long frames today and needs to try a different, more aggressive approach. So it's balls in pockets from now on. He's 50 up in no time but we've seen that before - the last frame, and he lost that one.

Selby 7-11 Yan

Yan needs the pink and pulls up behind it perfectly after an easy blue. There it goes, into the bottom left and Yan has the frame. He only needs two more. Selby needs six...
By the way, Robertson leads Lisowski 2-1. They are playing a little faster than these two.

Selby 7-10 Yan (52-52)

The brown is very tricky tight against the cushion. Eminently missable and Yan knows it. He goes for it anyway but rattles the jaws. There's nothing on for Selby who goes safe on the brown - he needs this frame. Up and down the table we go again. Chuckles from the crowd as Yan lines up for the brown but it looks for all the world like it would kiss the blue en route. Yan lines it up and bails at the last moment. He gives it another look before bailing once More. Crowd are loving it. He can't quite see it. Third time's a charm? Nope, he pulls back again with a big smile to the crowd. Selby is having a laugh too. Snooker at its finest. Fourth time, here we go...SINKS IT! Superb. He took three minutes but he's downed it.

Selby 7-10 Yan (52-45)

Outstanding snooker from Yan who frees up the final red with a brilliant cannon. World class. Just the colours to go.

Selby 7-10 Yan (52-18)

What a shot that is. Yan puts an end to a colossal safety battle with a long red to yellow pocket. He's not on for any colours but it does give him the chance to snooker Selby well behind the yellow down near the bottom cushion. Selby earns himself a table tap by getting out of trouble in supreme fashion, squeezing the red back to bottom cushion via a kiss off a red. Supreme. But wow. Yan makes another mockery of Selby's safety and finds the left middle. Can he steal the frame? This is now the fifth frame of the match that has exceeded 30 minutes.

Selby 7-10 Yan (52-0)

Selby leaves a red over the pocket but Yan misses it and hands his opponent a big chance at the frame. Selby has to get into the reds now and he clears up the easy ones. Big chance, can he cannon off the black? Again, the reds don't play ball and he's forced to go safe. Curiously, Selby is ahead on points scored but behind three frames.

Selby 7-10 Yan (36-0)

A mammoth safety battle here. We up and down the table with two masters of the game keeping it remarkably cagey. You feel like this is a crucial frame for both players and neither looks willing to risk it. Can Selby really afford to lose it? Yan cracks first and goes for the long red to bottom right. He misses and it's spraying around the table but the underdog luckily avoids any danger and we're back on safeties.

Selby 7-10 Yan (36-0)

Selby sinks first this time and he has the rest out early. The nasty red drops and he could string together a big break here if he can split the pack. That's not gone so well though, as the balls do little in the way of moving and Selby paces the Crucible considering the safety. He looks a little bereft as he plays the red to bottom cushion for the safety. Yan rolls close to the pack and the battle commences.

Selby 7-10 Yan

Yan takes his three-frame lead back. A high quality frame of snooker with two big mistakes. Unfortunately for Selby, his cost him the frame. A crucial frame and crucial ball.

Selby 7-9 Yan (47-50)

What a costly miss that is for Selby. He so preoccupied with the next red that he missed the pink altogether. Yan races through the final reds, yellow, green, brown, and should clear up from here barring any more big mistakes.

Selby 7-9 Yan (47-28)

Selby rattles through the easy reds that Yan left behind and he's sinking blues and pinks for fun too. He's level in no time and, unlike Yan, opens the rest of the reds that should see the defending champion on his way to the frame...WAIT, where did that come from!? Selby misses the easiest ball of the frame as a pink hits the jaws with just two res left. Yan is back with a huge chance to win the frame.

Selby 7-9 Yan (0-28)

Yan's first off the mark. He sinks a long red, a black, and the glides delightfully past the pack for another red. It's lovely snooker from Yan just like we saw earlier. He's draws another big round of applause with a long red to green pocket and the crowd get even louder as he lands perfectly on the black. That goes, now he must split the pack off the black. Bang. He splits them, but the black rattles the jaws. Enter Selby.

Selby 7-9 Yan (0-0)

Here they come! Let's go!

Selby 7-9 Yan

Of course, we will have all the updates from this as the two superstars play until finish, but don't worry Robertson and Lisowski fans, I'll keep you posted on how those two are getting on as well.

Selby in trouble?

Selby was three down on two occasions during the morning session against Yan, and while he reduced the deficit the first frame out tonight is certainly a crucial one as Yan is just four frames from a place in the quarter-final at the defending champion's expense

Good evening

And we're back! Welcome to the evening session as Mark Selby and Yan Bingtao playing until finish with the defending champion 9-7 down. And on the other side of the curtain, Neil Robertson kicks off his last 16 match against Jack Lisowski

Trump 4-4 McGill

We will be back at 7pm for more live updates with Yan Bingtao and world champion Mark Selby playing to a finish. Yan 9-7 clear in the last 16 with Neil Robertson and Jack Lisowski starting out their chase for a quarter-final spot.

Trump 4-3 McGill (0-93)

An eccentric session of snooker, but it warmed up nicely later on. McGill finishes off in style with a 68 to level at 4-4. They resume tomorrow afternoon at 2:30pm for another eight frames.

Trump 4-3 McGill (0-71)

McGill inching towards the winning the eighth frame after Trump left a red over the green hole. A nice plant on reds keeps McGill potting at table. It would be a fair reflection of the match so far if this session ends 4-4.

Trump 4-3 McGill (0-25)

Two visits to the table and only 25 points accumulated is not what the doctor ordered for the 'Glasgow Gladiator'.

Trump 4-3 McGill (0-18)

Can the world No. 13 draw level again? A lovely long red down the table to the yellow pocket. This match not due to finish until Monday evening so important for McGill to stay in touch.

Trump 3-3 McGill (80-0)

Looked completely at odds with himself, but the mid-session interval came at the right time for Judd. Looking much more like his old self as he does more than enough to dominate the seventh frame. He leads 4-3 from 3-1 behind. McGill must be fearing he has missed a trick out there.

Trump 3-3 McGill (25-0)

Cracking double on a red from Trump before he slams open the pack seconds later. This is a real chance to compile some points early in the seventh frame.

Trump 2-3 McGill (64-36)

And it is Trump who puts the finishing touches to the frame by clearing to the pink. McGill will be disappointed, but this match is all square. Two more frames remaining of the session.

Trump 2-3 McGill (41-36)

All down to a tactical joust on the final red to settle this frame. Whoever gets red will be warm favourite to win it.

Trump 2-3 McGill (41-36)

Trump with some incredible pots to remain at the table. Points all square heading for final red of the frame. In goes blue, but no final red to finish. Out of position and just the safety shot after making 35.

Trump 2-3 McGill (17-36)

McGill misses a pink when he looked destined to embark upon a frame-winning visit. He can't believe that. Juddernaut quickly out of his chair.

Trump 2-3 McGill (6-7)

Super shot with McGill using rest to swing white around the angles and land on blue, but he ends up seeing the white jump down hole via red after potting blue. So unfortunate.

Trump 1-3 McGill (103-0)

A supreme break of 103 from Trump. Powerhouse potting. Back to 3-2 behind. Both men coming to the boil nicely after that sluggish start.

Trump 1-3 McGill (86-0)

In goes the frame-ball pink. Is Trump going to compile his first century of the match?

Trump 1-3 McGill (53-0)

Much, much more like it from Trump. No need to splash the pack. Just happy to cherry pick as break moves over 50.

Trump 1-3 McGill (17-0)

McGill was so close to picking out a long-range red, but not quite. Easy opener for Trump, whose highest break is only 24 so far. Surely must start scoring here at the business end of the table.

Trump 1-2 McGill (4-140)

129 from McGill. A sparkling century break from the Scotsman. Brilliant level of play with Trump looking out of sorts. He needs to improve in the second four frames of the session.

Trump 1-2 McGill (4-88)

Chance of a century for McGill. This has been much more like it from the former world semi-finalist. Break reaches 93.

Trump 1-2 McGill (4-27)

McGill with an opportunity to get his cue arm working. Poor shot by Trump in butchering a mid-range red. Would dearly love to take a 3-1 lead into the mid-session interval.

Trump 1-2 McGill (0-7)

Trump with a lovely long red, but ends up knocking the black in on same shot. Sort of sums up how this match has been unravelling so far. Neither player finding peak form.

Trump 1-1 McGill (48-70)

Trump almost flukes the brown after missing the attempted double before McGill steps in with brown, blue and pink to claim the third frame. Highest break in three frames is only 30. A real turgid contest so far, but the Scotsman leads.

Trump 1-1 McGill (40-55)

Trump really struggling with his long game. Chance for McGill to win this third frame, but he undercuts a red. So many errors in this match as Trump then fails to slot a red in baulk.

Trump 1-1 McGill (28-28)

The Scot with a solid red. Punches it into a top pocket. What can he make here with three reds still on side cushions? Well, not much as a red refuses to drop. The struggle continues for both men.

Trump 1-1 McGill (28-13)

Neither man managing to race clear in this third frame of the day. All very methodical fare with balls running awkward.

Trump 0-1 McGill (63-47)

McGill thumps home the brown from distance, but screws white into middle. So unlucky, but will cost him frame as Trumps slots brown, blue and pink to level at 1-1.

Trump 0-1 McGill (44-47)

All going off out there as Trump slams into the blue attempting to spin the white ball out of a snooker on brown. Gets there second time.

Trump 0-1 McGill (44-42)

This frame has been a real battle of wits. Second frame going for 34 minutes after a 35-minute opener. McGill down to the colours, but he can't find a tricky yellow as object ball rattles the jaws. Trump well off with attempt at green. McGill then makes a safety error on brown after slotting green, but Trump can't roll in the brown. All very nervy.

Trump 0-1 McGill (42-21)

Trump picking out some of his trademark pots to forge clear in this frame. Still work to be done by the former World No.1 and he misses a red with the extended rest. Too much pace on that attempt. McGill responds with a safety. Three reds left up, 21 points the difference.

Trump 0-1 McGill (18-21)

Huge error by Trump attempting to roll safe down the table. Ends up slotting white in yellow pocket and McGill presented with chance to get his cue arm working. More safety coming up seconds later. Highest break of match so far is 24.

Trump 0-1 McGill (18-5)

A fabulous plant on reds by Trump, but no colours to follow for the Juddernaut.

Trump 0-1 McGill (13-5)

A lot of safety being played at the moment. McGill quite a tough character to handle at the top of his game. Long pot by Trump to gain access to the table, but not at his free-flowing best yet.

Trump 0-0 McGill (36-66)

Trump tried to play for a snooker, but not the greatest of attempts and McGill takes out the brown to seal the deal. He leads 1-0 after a 35-minute frame. The curtain up in the arena with only one table in action.

Trump 0-0 McGill (36-62)

Trump escapes from a snooker, but ends up holing the red with a fluke. Going to need a snooker here as black wasn't available. Be interesting to see how this develops.

Trump 0-0 McGill (26-41)

This opening frame has been going for 26 minutes. McGill ends up rolling a white into a middle bag attempting a safety shot. All very delicately poised.

O'Sullivan 13-4 Allen

This has been superb from O'Sullivan. A comfortable win in the end as he finishes off to the pink. He is through to his 20th Crucible world quarter-final to face Stephen Maguire on Tuesday and Wednesday. Overtaking the haul of Stephen Hendry (19) at the sport's biggest event. "It was a tough match emotionally," said O'Sullivan. "I'm prepared to dig deep. You need to have a big heart at the Crucible, the heart of a lion. This tournament and the Masters is always the toughest for me."

O'Sullivan 12-4 Allen (57-20)

Allen clearly given up the ghost. Missing too many balls. O'Sullivan over the line and Allen needs one snooker to survive. He is playing on, but looks all finished.

O'Sullivan 12-4 Allen (22-5)

Error by Allen and chance for O'Sullivan to get moving. Rolls in a fine red with the rest. Looks to be in business here chasing one frame he needs for victory.

O'Sullivan 12-4 Allen (4-5)

Allen playing as much for the record books as victory. Would like to register a few more frames. Allen with first visit to the table, but he suffers a double hit potting a red to middle.

O'Sullivan 12-4 Allen (0-0)

Out comes the 'Glasgow gladiator' Anthony McGill for his first session with Trump. Allen arrives to a spot of Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond with Rocket Ronnie arriving to Drops of Jupiter by Train. O'Sullivan chasing one more frame then to become the most prolific match winner in Crucible history.

Welcome back

Six-time world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan leads Mark Allen 12-4. He chases one more frame this afternoon to secure a quarter-final with Stephen Maguire on Tuesday. Assuming that one is wrapped up fairly quickly, we will be switching to Judd Trump's opening session with Anthony McGill as the Juddernaut bids to add to his 2019 world title success. They are scheduled to play eight frames this afternoon.

Back shortly for O'Sullivan and Trump

We'll be back at 2.15pm BST with more from the Crucible.
14:30 - Afternoon session
  • Anthony McGill v Judd Trump
  • Mark Allen 4-12 Ronnie O’Sullivan
Here is some reading between the sessions for you to enjoy...

Yan Bingtao leads Mark Selby

In another enthralling, nip-and-tuck session between these two Yan emerges just about in front after a dramatic final frame of the morning session. On two occasions he established a three-frame advantage, but Mark looks intent on taking this argument all the way and we could be in for a thrilling final session this evening. The quality is increasing in this slow burner of a match, and so is the jeopardy.

Selby 7-9 Yan

Yan clears up to the pink to grab a crucial two-frame lead ahead of the denouement tonight.

Selby 7-8 Yan (45-71)

Mark fires back with a snooker of his own that draws a miss. When Yan does escape he leaves a tough cut on the red to bottom left; Mark goes all out for it, misses and leaves it there. Has he served up the frame for Yan? It seems so; red, black and yellow go to leave Mark needing a snooker, and Yan's on the green.

Selby 7-8 Yan (41-61)

An excellent, full-table snooker from Yan draws a miss and a free ball. Yan puts Mark back in, and this time Mark catches the black. At the third attempt Mark escapes, almost flukes the red into the right middle and flukes a snooker off the knuckle. Drama here at the Crucible!

Selby 7-8 Yan (41-50)

Mark tidies up the reds in the open, before negotiating the final red on the left rail. He tries to deep screw into it after potting the yellow, but misses the connection and the frame remains on the line.

Selby 7-8 Yan (0-50)

This is a big frame, and Yan is really taking his time with this break. It moves to 42 and he's got a nice split on the reds to see it home, until he misses an absolute shocker of a red to the bottom right. Oh my, that could be a moment if Mark can punish that in full.

Selby 7-8 Yan (0-17)

Yan detonates a superb red long into the bottom right, but can only add a black to it before playing safe. A long, long safety battle follows and a poor shot from Mark leaves a red on to the bottom right. What a chance he's served up for Yan here.

Selby 7-8 Yan

It's another ton for Mark, who is digging deep to make a fight of this match. A magnificent total clearance of 131 reduces Yan's lead to just one frame.

Selby 6-8 Yan (61-0)

Mark goes into the pack, which leaves him only a difficult cut on a red to left middle. It's thin, but Mark slices it in superbly and he's set himself up to win the frame.

Selby 6-8 Yan (29-0)

Is it turning in Mark's favour now? Yan misses a long red to the bottom right, and Mark steps in to clip a red in along the rail and into the bottom right. That's a gutsy shot, and he goes into the pack off the blue and almost sends a red into each of the corner pockets. These are the breaks he wasn't getting earlier, and he starts to cash in his good fortune.

Selby 6-8 Yan

Mark eventually pots the blue to secure what could prove to be a crucial steal.

Selby 5-8 Yan (64-44)

Frame ball brown is dispatched, and made sure of. Mark can't then pot the blue, but that 64 leaves Yan needing a snooker.

Selby 5-8 Yan (50-44)

Mark mops up what's in the open before moving to negotiate two tricky reds near cushions. He pots one into the bottom left, and drops in behind the other off the black. This could effectively be frame ball...and he jabs it in with the rest to screw back for the blue.

Selby 5-8 Yan (0-44)

It's a chance for Mark, as Yan makes an absolute mess of a glancing escape off the reds off two cushions and he's left it all on.

Selby 5-8 Yan (0-44)

Another superb red from Yan, this time dropped into the left middle deadweight, takes him to 44 but he eventually runs out of position and it's end of break.

Selby 5-8 Yan (0-27)

Yan drains a couple of brilliant reds at the start of frame fourteen - one long into green pocket, and another where he delicately swerves around the pink to drop one deadweight into the bottom left. He's threatening to pull away here.

Selby 5-8 Yan

Yan makes 91, and re-establishes his three-frame lead.

Selby 5-7 Yan (0-73)

Said bunch is duly nudged open, from where Yan booms a red into the heart of the green pocket and screws back for the black. We're done here.

Selby 5-7 Yan (0-50)

Yan is cruising here, with the cue ball doing hardly any work as he reaches fifty. He'll need one tickle on five reds below the pink at some point, but he's ticking along nicely.

Selby 5-7 Yan (0-20)

We're back, and Mark immediately ships four when his two-cushion escape from a snooker misses by a whisker. A few shots later he leaves a red over the bottom right, and Yan is in. He flukes position on the black, and it's a decent chance with the bunch split and the black on to both corners.

Selby 5-7 Yan

Like turning a tap on. Mark empties the table up to the pink for a superb 132.
The players head to the interval, we'll be back in 15 minutes.

Selby 4-7 Yan (82-18)

This is some effort from Mark, given how the morning has gone. He drains one pressure red into the right middle to keep his break going, and frame ball black a few shots later disappears too. It's been heavy going for him this morning, but Mark will go into the interval only two in arrears.

Selby 4-7 Yan (51-18)

It's a half-century and counting for Mark, who is quickly closing in on a frame that he badly needs in the context of the match.
On the other table it's over, and Stephen Maguire has beaten Zhao Xintong 13-9.

Selby 4-7 Yan (11-18)

A good snooker from Yan, in behind the green, yields 18 points as Mark catches the pink three times from his attempted glancing escape off two cushions. Mark takes a bow when he eventually connects; he looks like he's enjoying himself in the Crucible even though it's been a tough match so far. He gets in next too, and splits the pack off the yellow to earn his first real scoring chance of this session.

Selby 4-7 Yan

It's a quick red-black combo from Yan, who wins his third frame on the spin.

Selby 4-6 Yan (9-64)

What a pot this is from Mark! After being frozen out all morning he finds a beauty of a long red and holds for the black. It's a glimmer of a chance, but on nine he misses a black off its spot and that will likely be that.

Selby 4-6 Yan (0-64)

Yan makes 31, but can't land on either pink or black that would leave Mark needing a snooker. He opts to play safe instead, putting the pink on the left rail as he does so, and Mark has it all to do with 67 left on the table.

Selby 4-6 Yan (0-55)

Mark blinks first, as his containing safety goes awry and he leaves a red on to the bottom left. This is going to need some intricate cueing from Yan as the reds are bunched around the black, but he's added 22 and counting so far and it's slowly opening up. It's now been over an hour since Mark last potted a ball.

Selby 4-6 Yan (0-33)

Yan's furious with himself as he loses the white on 33 and can't get to the potting angle of his next red. A long, long safety exchange follows, with neither player ceding any ground so far.
On our other table they're at the interval, and while Zhao has fought back to take the mini-session Stephen Maguire is now one frame from victory at 12-8.

Selby 4-6 Yan (0-19)

A safety exchange opens frame eleven, before Yan chances everything on a red down the left rail with the rest. He makes it, and lands on the pink; I think he's sensed that Mark's cold at the table so far today and has decided to go for it.

Selby 4-6 Yan

It's a 40 in total for Yan who, for the third time in the match, establishes a two-frame lead.

Selby 4-5 Yan (0-75)

This could be a frame winner; Yan bullets in a long, straight red to the bottom left and holds for the black. There's enough in open play for him to bank the frame here, and four reds and blacks so far look to have done the necessary.

Selby 4-5 Yan (0-43)

It's another look for Yan as he drops a red into the bottom left and comes around the back of the black to land on it perfectly. Again his break curtails early as he misses a red up to the yellow pocket, and a later chance when potting a red over the bottom left fails to yield position on the black. Mark hasn't really settled yet either, and goes in-off; it's a scrappy one here in frame 110.

Selby 4-5 Yan (0-24)

Yan looks sharp this morning. He drives in a long red to the bottom right, dragging the white across the table for the black, which he tidies up with the rest. That leaves a red long to the green pocket which Yan rolls in, and he's on the black again. The break clangs to a halt on 24 though when he can't find an angle on the black to open the reds.

Selby 4-5 Yan

There's enough on for a ton and Yan delivers it, registering a 101 to reclaim the lead in the match.

Selby 4-4 Yan (5-67)

Yan tidies up a swift 45 and counting to leave Mark needing snookers. It's not been a heavy-scoring match so far but this is a strong start to the morning from Yan.

Selby 4-4 Yan (5-28)

On 22 Yan goes into the pack off the blue but doesn't land on a red. In the safety exchange that follows he then goes in-off, from which Mark drains a red from the D but lands snookered on all colours. It's not running kindly for either player so far. Yan gets a chance now hough, as Mark misses a red long to the bottom left and Yan drops one into the bottom right from distance. The reds are spread everywhere and this is a big chance to win the frame.

Selby 4-4 Yan (0-17)

Yan gets away first, red to bottom right, but can't land on a colour to follow. He's quickly in again though after a poor safety from Mark, and two made plants on reds to the bottom right keeps him going early on.

Here we go

Rob Walker announces the players into the Crucible, and it's time. We'll have another eight frames this morning, with an interval after four.

Hard yards

Two fine tactical minds slugged it out yesterday afternoon. Yan and Mark split eight frames equally, with several of them going long as the two traded high quality safety shots without giving an inch. I'm sure the pigeon was impressed as well. Of the two Mark would probably be happier with the score as he didn’t really tap into anything like his best form until the final frame, while there was frustration for Yan as his early lead was pegged back.

Hello hello

Welcome to live coverage of day eight of the 2022 World Snooker Championship. We’ve been rattling through the second round in the last few days, and it’s been absorbing stuff. This morning Stephen Maguire and Zhao Xintong play to a finish, with Maguire 11-5 in front and on the brink of an upset. Our featured game will be the resumption of what’s been an almighty arm wrestle so far, as Mark Selby and Yan Bingtao pick it up from 4-4.


Good morning

Welcome back for another superb day of action at the Crucible with Ronnie O'Sullivan, Judd Trump and Mark Selby among the big names in action at the World Championship in Sheffield.
O'Sullivan, the current world No. 1, will be looking to complete a convincing victory over Mark Allen, while Trump is also in afternoon play following Selby in the morning.

Pigeon drama dominates day

Yes, yesterday was the day that a pigeon caused hysteria at the Crucible!
A pigeon caused a bizarre and amusing delay in Mark Selby's second-round match against Yan Bingtao at the World Championship.
After five frames of the match with Yan leading 3-2, the bird had clearly seen enough snooker and decided to intervene in the most astonishing fashion.

'Phenomenal' - White lauds 'sublime' O'Sullivan at Crucible

The incident left both players shocked as the pigeon made its mark at the biggest event in the sport with the current world champion left to laugh at the scene.
"Oh, goodness me! Hang on!" exclaimed Philip Studd, on commentary for Eurosport at the time.
"We have got an unexpected visitor in the house! Has he bought a ticket? That is the question! Well, that is a first for the Crucible! Just paying a flying visit. Well, we talk about a bird's eye view!"
Former player Dominic Dale added from the booth: "I have never, ever seen that before! I saw a sparrow once at the Welsh Open a few years ago, but never a pigeon here at the Crucible."
As the pigeon eventually disappeared, Selby joked to the crowd: "He has gone to the dressing room!"
After a good while, the match referee had to implore the crowd to "settle down now please" as the laughing and surprised reactions continued in the arena.

'Most inappropriate shout of the week' - Allen heckled over snooker by confused fan

Today's schedule

Saturday, 23 April
  • Zhao Xintong 5-11 Stephen Maguire
  • Mark Selby 4-4 Yan Bingtao
  • Anthony McGill v Judd Trump
  • Mark Allen 4-12 Ronnie O’Sullivan
  • Neil Robertson v Jack Lisowski
  • Mark Selby 4-4 Yan Bingtao
- - -
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