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World Championship
Top 10 shots of 2021/22: No. 3 – Williams creates Crucible magic with thrilling yellow
24/06/2022 AT 12:01

Mark Allen is through to the second round

It was a frustrating evening at times but, after playing well in enough patches, Mark Allen eventually pulled away from Scott Donaldson in this evening session to win the match. He'll need to play better than this to go much further, as Scott failed to punish him where others might have done so more decisively. Some canny match play contributed to Mark's hard-earned victory, and he now moves on to a mouth-watering last 16 tie with Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Allen 10-6 Donaldson

Mark rounds off with a 38 to take frame and match.

Allen 9-6 Donaldson (39-5)

He's going to do it. Mark adds a quick 22; Scott needs a snooker but there are more points coming, and we're done here.

Allen 9-6 Donaldson (39-5)

Mark floats in another long red, but again can't find position on a colour so puts the green safe. He might need to fall over the line here. A poor containing safety then hands a chance to Scott, but it goes horribly wrong after he pots the brown and fails to land on any of the open reds. He might be in bother now too, as he clips the wrong red when escaping from a snooker and hands a chance to Mark.
On our other table, Stuart Bingham has just made a 140 to extend his lead over Lyu Haotian to 6-2.

Allen 9-6 Donaldson (38-0)

Another jittery positional shot leaves Mark an awkward red to the bottom right. He plugs it, and flukes another in the same shot, but can't get on a colour and it's end of break. Scott is behind, but still in it.

Allen 9-6 Donaldson (27-0)

Mark leaves a red on over the bottom right, but the potting angle will take Scott into the reds. He goes for it regardless, misses the pot and watches the white career into the left middle. From the D Mark dispatches a long red, and he's in. The reds are spread nicely and he's got good space around black to bottom left. He almost loses position on an intended red but recovers well with a thin cut to the bottom right that lands him on the green. This is a massive chance to seal the match now.

Allen 9-6 Donaldson

Mark needs up to the pink and leaves himself a tougher cut on it than necessary, but clips it in to the bottom right to take the frame. He needs one more frame for victory.
On the other table Stuart Bingham has moved ahead, and now leads Lyu Haotian 5-2.

Allen 8-6 Donaldson (36-47)

What a fluke from Mark! He swerves out of a snooker behind the green, and tickles one of the reds straight into the bottom right. That's outrageous, but it puts Mark in charge. From the ensuing snooker behind the black on the final red he picks up four from a miss, and gets the upper hand in the safety exchange. Another good snooker sees Scott escape, but leave the red on to the yellow pocket; this one could be over.

Allen 8-6 Donaldson (31-47)

Scott's break moves to 40, and he's giving this everything. There are three tied up reds though and he manages to miss all of them after potting the pink, and it's the end of his break. His safety is short of the top cushion too, and Mark clips in a shot to nothing before dropping Scott in a snooker. We're set for another tense finish in this one you feel. Scott escapes, almost flukes the red into the right middle, and Mark then can't convert it to the bottom right.

Allen 8-6 Donaldson (30-19)

A poor safety from Scott leaves Mark a choice of mid-range reds. He drops one in but catches the brown in baulk after potting the pink and then misses a tight cut on a red to left middle. Scott fires straight back, draining the offending red into the bottom left, and starts to fire back.

Allen 8-6 Donaldson (23-0)

Mark misses a long red to the bottom left at the start of frame 15, catching it too thick. That leaves Scott a mid-range red to the bottom right, but he misses it badly and he's left Mark in. It's a useful opening and Mark is into the pack quickly. They split well but the white goes to the rail, and leaves a red across the table to the left middle. Mar drives it in, and then an even harder green to it's own pocket, and he's got a great chance now. A nervy positional shot on 23 though leaves the white in no man's land, and he turns down a difficult red with the spider and plays safe.
On the other table, Stuart Bingham leads Lyu Haotian 3-2.

Allen 8-6 Donaldson

This might break the back of the frame. Mark drives in a red long to the bottom left, followed by the blue, and then frame ball red. Where I thought we might be bogged down, it's quickly sorted; an 11 from Mark puts him two frames ahead.

Allen 7-6 Donaldson (53-9)

Mark pots a red as a shot to nothing, and then puts the yellow safe. Scott then doubles a red and pots the brown, but it's a very awkward table now with the four remaining reds in safe positions. We could be bogged down here for a while.

Allen 7-6 Donaldson (52-4)

Mark reaches 52, but when he makes what looks likely to be a frame-winning plant into the bottom right, he watches aghast as the cue ball sails off into the right middle. What a touch that is for Scott! He hasn't got a pot on from the D, but there's 75 left out there and he's well in this.

Allen 7-6 Donaldson (25-0)

We're back, and Mark gets in with a long red to the bottom right before landing on the green. It's a nice table for him, and he starts picking up points quickly. The black is a bit awkward with a red in close proximity, but he's cleared a way for the pink to several pockets.

Allen 7-6 Donaldson

Mark gets a red and a pink down, Scott another red and when Mark misses a red to bottom left while needing three snookers, he concedes.
We go out as we came in, with Mark one frame ahead. Join us in fifteen minutes for the denouement.

Allen 7-5 Donaldson (2-62)

It's 35 for Scott before he loses position on the reds and has to go back to baulk. Mark gets one red in as a shot to nothing, and a long safety exchange follows before Scott finds a gap to a red to bottom right and makes it. He picks off the looses reds and then takes on frame ball black to the bottom right, making sure of it from an acute angle to leave Mark needing a snooker as he returns to the table.

Allen 7-5 Donaldson (1-20)

It's the final frame before the interval. Scott tries to make a plant early but it doesn't go close, and he's left one on. Mark drops it in but he can't follow it up with the pink, and Scott gets in with a red to right middle. It's a glimmer of a chance, but there's not many reds in the open yet.

Allen 7-5 Donaldson

A good snooker from Scott forces a miss from Mark, and now both players need the two remaining balls. What a crucial juncture in the match this could prove to be. Scott gets a look at the pink long to the bottom left after Mark catches the bump of the left middle. He takes it on, and drops it in superbly to land straight on the black! That's a formality, and Scott has nicked the frame!

Allen 7-4 Donaldson (59-52)

Mark leaves a red along the rail to the bottom left. Scott fancies it, takes it on, drops it in and lands on the black! If he can dish from here he'll take the frame on the black. Only the green is awkward but Scott makes it look routine, but later lands the wrong side of the blue. That leaves him with a mid-range pink to the bottom left, and he misses it! Oh my, he's let some chances go tonight. It runs safe, and we're in a two-ball tussle for frame twelve.

Allen 7-4 Donaldson (59-24)

A red along the bottom rail wriggles in to the bottom right, and the next and penultimate red is frame ball. Mark takes it on the stretch to the bottom right...and he's missed it! The red runs safe, but Scott's still in this one.
On the other table, Stuart Bingham and Lyu Haotian are locked at 1-1.

Allen 7-4 Donaldson (35-24)

Mark tags in a long red as a shot to nothing, and then tucks Scott right in behind the yellow. That snooker forces one miss from Scott, and then an easy starter when he escapes at the second attempt. This set of reds is Mark in his element, all spread compliantly around the black and pink. He moves in front, and Scott is in real bother here.

Allen 7-4 Donaldson (0-24)

A containing safety from Mark leaves a red on to the right middle. It's a tough one, but he drops it in nicely to land on the yellow. Once again though, a poor shot nixes his efforts as he manages to snooker himself on pink and black and has to go back to baulk. A good safety forces an error from Mark though, who opens the bunch and fails to get back to baulk. Again though Scott loses position early on, and makes only 20.

Allen 7-4 Donaldson

Mark dispatches both reds with colours, so it's the colours off their spots up to the pink for the frame. Calm as you like Mark does the necessary, and he's salvaged another one that he almost threw away.

Allen 6-4 Donaldson (35-47)

Swing back and swing hard, they say; Scott wipes out Mark's advantage in the frame, but he's running out of easy to reach reds. He brings one out and leaves another down the rail to the bottom right, which he drops in but then misses a shocker of a brown to the bottom right! With only two reds remaining, both of which are in the open, he may have tossed the frame here.

Allen 6-4 Donaldson (35-0)

Bar that missed red, Mark looks to have settled immediately here. His safety was immaculate to seal the last frame and his long game looks on point too, as he hoses in a red to the bottom left and lands on the brown. Mark then picks off what's in the open, then goes into the pack off the blue. That leaves only a difficult red to the left middle but he drops it in superbly to keep the break going. What a shocker he's had here though, he's missed the brown to come back down the table! That's another error when he looked to be coasting.

Allen 6-4 Donaldson

Scott goes in-off, and concedes the frame. For the first time today, a two-frame gap between these two appears.

Allen 5-4 Donaldson (61-16)

Scott escapes from the snooker but a double kiss leaves frame ball red on to the bottom right. Mark drops it in, and lays a snooker behind the green. Scott escapes that too but leaves a long jab at a red to yellow pocket, and Mark glides it in. Scott now needs three snookers.

Allen 5-4 Donaldson (59-16)

This could be a let off for Mark, as Scott misses a red with the rest and his reply ends early. Mark then gets two solitary reds down without position on a colour, but has Scott snookered behind the green and a commanding lead.

Allen 5-4 Donaldson (57-0)

This is light work so far for Mark, who is such a good touch player around the pink and black spots. He sails to a half-century, but on 57 misses a red to the bottom right and leaves it in the jaws! What an error, and this is a great chance for Scott to punish it.

Allen 5-4 Donaldson (23-0)

Mark gets the first chance of the night as Scott catches the bump of the middle pocket and leaves an easy starter. He rides is luck going in and out of baulk but lands perfectly on his next red, and then opens the pack at the earliest opportunity. It's a decent chance, and Mark could register a substantial visit here.

Let's go!

The evening crowds are always lively and we've got another one here, as Rob Walker introduces the players to the arena. Mark needs five, Scott needs six.

So far... good. Of course it is, it's the World Snooker Championships. We're only three days in, but I'd say that Neil Robertson's performance this afternoon is the biggest marker down so far.


It was a tight first session this morning and neither player managed to get a lead of more than one frame. Mark leads 5-4 as it stands, and if it stays nip and tuck like this we’re in for a thriller. We’ve got Ronnie in the Eurosport TV studio tonight, sporting a pair of Joe 90 bins that you can apparently listen to music and make phone calls through. Technology really is passing me by, who knew?

Good evening!

We go again as folk are wont to say. The 2015 world champion Stuart Bingham gets going tonight against Lyu Haotian, who is making his third appearance at the Crucible. As that unfolds we’ll keep you updated but our focus tonight is on the conclusion of the match between Mark Allen and Scott Donaldson.


That's us for now

We'll be back at 6.45pm for the conclusion of Mark Allen and Scott Donaldson.

Neil Robertson leads Ashley Hugill 6-3

Wow. In the first mini-session Ashley really put that on Neil, forcing errors and deservedly leading 3-1 at the break. The second session saw the Neil that many think might win this tournament. After pinching the fifth frame he unloaded on Ashley, with breaks of 73, 97, 109 and 132 to sweep into the lead in under an hour. That was phenomenally impressive, and that Neil Robertson is going to be hard for anyone to contain.

Robertson 6-3 Hugill

He can! Neil goes out as he came in, with a total clearance. A 132 gives him a three-frame lead overnight.

Robertson 5-3 Hugill (70-0)

It's been a hiding in this mini-session, but Ashley shouldn't feel too bad. It's exactly this Neil that has been sweeping the major prizes away from everyone in 2022. The frame has gone, can Neil round off with another century?

Robertson 5-3 Hugill (54-0)

What a shot from Neil! He stuns the blue in, runs the white off two cushions and explodes the pack open. He's on one to the right middle, and he's just playing beautifully here. One red to hte left middle wipes its feet before going on, but the blue follows and it's a half-century in no time at all.

Robertson 5-3 Hugill (28-0)

It's been a rough few frames for Ashley, can he rally and close the gap here? He takes on a long red to the bottom left after Neil's break, but cues it horribly and it misses, leaving Neil an easy one to get going. Already, it looks like big trouble for Ashley and Neil looks fully locked in here.

Robertson 5-3 Hugill

It's another ton for Neil, his second of the match. A 109 assures him of an overnight lead, we'll have the final frame of the session next.

Robertson 4-3 Hugill (64-0)

It's four in a row for Neil, as another black takes him past the winning post. This is been a very impressive assertion of power since the interval.

Robertson 4-3 Hugill (38-0)

Ashley won't want to see this shot again. He catches a safety all wrong, sends the white into the pack and it's bow-wrapped Neil an easy starter and the frame on a plate. Again position is an issue in the break, but Neil's potting has been quite something these last few frames. A booming yellow and a delicate cut on the black retrieve tricky situations for him, and showcase contrasting sides of his technique.

Robertson 4-3 Hugill (10-0)

The Thunder duly thunders a long red into the bottom right at the start of frame eight, but can't land on a baulk colour. He gets another go when Ashley pokes a red out over the same pocket; that goes, and this time he's on the green. Neil is letting his arm go now, but soon runs out of position and has to rest on the pack.

Robertson 4-3 Hugill

A break of 97 makes it three frames in a row for Neil, who now leads.

Robertson 3-3 Hugill (61-0)

There are signs that Robertson is going up a gear here. He motors to a half-century, opens up more reds and the frame looks certain to be sorted shortly. This is the kind of barrage he's capable of, and Ashley is being frozen out at the moment.

Robertson 3-3 Hugill (32-0)

Ashley catches the pink when trying a deadweight one-cushion escape at the start of frame seven, and it's six points away. He then goes in-off a few shots later, and then leaves Neil a mid-range red to the bottom right. Surprisingly though Neil misses it and leaves what looks an easy starter to the right middle, but Ashley overcuts it. Neil doesn't miss from shorter range, and starts carving out a serious opportunity.

Robertson 3-3 Hugill

It's a break of 73 for Neil before he goes in-off. That levels it up.

Robertson 2-3 Hugill (65-0)

It's one recovery pot after another in this break as Neil battles to get the cue ball under control. He leaves a long-ish red to the bottom left as frame ball...and glides it in superbly to hold for the black! The white has done some mileage here, and some of these pots have been outstanding.

Robertson 2-3 Hugill (33-0)

Neil drains a long red to the bottom right at the start of frame six, and his break reaches 27 as he thin cuts a red into the bottom left and explodes the pack open. There are reds everywhere, and he's on the blue. He has trouble going in and out of baulk though, and leaves a tough long red to the bottom right to keep the break going. He glides it in perfectly, and he's on the black.

Robertson 2-3 Hugill

Ashley gets his four points as Neil can't escape from tight behind the blue. He played some excellent snookers before that too, and is really having a go at this. Eventually though he sticks the green up over the left middle, and Neil clears to the blue to take the frame.

Robertson 1-3 Hugill (66-37)

Another twist as Neil misses the penultimate red, but he soon polishes it off from his next clear look followed by the blue. Ashley now needs a snooker to tie, and will play on. He pots red, black and yellow, and will go for the four-pointer he needs off this green.

Robertson 1-3 Hugill (55-27)

Is this a turning point? Ashley misses a simple pink to the left middle, and it's a scoring chance for Neil. He'll need to clear reds out of the way of the black with the pink now out of action, but does so superbly and hits the front in the frame. A poor shot off the third to last red though leaves him straight on blue to right middle, and he can't get back to the two remaining reds. Neil plays it safe, finding a snooker that yields ten points in fouls when Ashley hits the blue twice, plus a free ball to boot. He pots the brown for a point, and he's back in control.

Robertson 1-3 Hugill (8-20)

We're back, and Neil's in first in frame five but can only make eight, Ashley get a look to but can only register six. Of the two it's Neil that's more unsettled at the moment as he misses a long bash at a red soon after and leaves Ashley right in.

Robertson 1-3 Hugill

The red hot favourite has been left cold at the interval. A 77 from Ashley gives him a two-frame lead at the interval, we'll be back with you in 15 minutes.

Robertson 1-2 Hugill (26-70)

Ashley confidently drives frame ball red into the right middle, followed by the black to ensure Neil won't return. What a three-frame run he's had here, particularly given the way Neil started.

Robertson 1-2 Hugill (26-47)

He's taking these very nicely. Ashley moves to 40, and the remaining four reds are all around the pink and paths can be opened up as they're potted one by one. It's a huge chance, can he see this through?

Robertson 1-2 Hugill (26-7)

Ashley gets the first red of frame four down as a shot to nothing. A long safety exchange follows, and when Neil is left with no option but to try and deep screw back to baulk he sends reds all over and leaves Ashley an easy starter. It goes wrong quickly off the blue though and he's forced to play safe, and Neil soon glides in a long red to land on the blue. This looks like a chance that might stick, but on 26 Neil misses a mid-range red to the bottom right and it's a huge opportunity now for Ashley!
We'll also have a full Crucible for the conclusion of this session, as Mark Williams has beaten Michael White 10-3.

Robertson 1-2 Hugill

He's not intimidated, that's for sure. Ashley drops in frame ball red and then the black, and he's going to hit the front. A swift 36 does the necessary.

Robertson 1-1 Hugill (14-43)

On it goes. Ashley opens the pack, finds another good recovery blue to the yellow pocket. On the verge of a half-century though he lands high on the black and cuts it too thick to the bottom left, leaving it in the jaws. That leaves Neil an easy starter, and he begins his counter. It doesn't get far though; on 14 he misses a red to bottom right and leaves a gift of a chance for Ashley.
On the other table, Mark Williams has extended his lead over Michael White to 9-2 and needs just one more frame for victory.

Robertson 1-1 Hugill (0-28)

Ashley's really growing in confidence here. He's in first again, bulleting in a long red and landing fortuitously on the black. It takes a few shots to get the cue ball under control but an excellent blue to the green pocket keeps things going. It's a decent chance, and Ashley is on 28 and counting so far.

Robertson 1-1 Hugill

Only Fergal O'Brien has made a century on his Crucible debut, and Ashley looks like joining him until he can't convert the final red along the bottom cushion. That's end of break on 85, but it's 1-1.

Robertson 1-0 Hugill (1-59)

It's a half-century for Ashley as he calmly picks off what's available. He's not been overawed by Neil's start and has fired straight back here; the frame now looks a formality.

Robertson 1-0 Hugill (1-28)

Ashley's in bother. He can only see one red and he's forced to try and pot his way out of trouble - and does! He sends a red screaming into the bottom right and screws back up the table, what a way to pot your first ball at the worlds. That should settle him down, and he gets a chance for real a few shots later as Neil catches a knuckle of the left middle when playing safe.
On the other table, Mark Williams now leads Michael White 8-2.

Robertson 1-0 Hugill (1-8)

Ashley's break leaves a red on to the bottom right, which Neil drains but can only swing the white into the pack; he needs the full set of cue and rest extensions, plus the bridge extension, to clip off the black and get back to baulk. Neil then misses a thin contact on the pack twice, and is warned by referee Olivier Marteel that he'll lose the frame if he misses again, so deadweights into the pack.

Robertson 1-0 Hugill

What a start! The frame is secured, a blue to right middle brings up the century and Neil empties the table for a magnificent total clearance of 127 to start the day!

Robertson 0-0 Hugill (56-0)

Neil is such a confident break builder. He's rattled in a half-century already, with lots of gentle nudges on the pack bringing reds into play. Even when he drifts slightly out of position his mid to long range potting is so good that it's quickly retrieved. Neil will take some beating in Sheffield.

Robertson 0-0 Hugill (24-0)

Ashley takes on a long red to the bottom right, but it jaws out and leaves Neil a cut on a red to bottom right. It's a good early chance because there are a lot of reds in the open. Neil works the white around the table before locating ideal position, but this is slowly opening up for him now on 24 and counting.

Here we go

Rob Walker baizes the players, and we're underway. There will be nine frames in this session, with an interval after four.


No pressure, Ash. This is Hugill’s debut at the Crucible, and he currently sits 77th in the world rankings. He does have one thing in his favour though; in the one and only meeting between these two at the German Masters in 2016, Ashley served Neil up 5-1.

The Thunder

What’s hotter than being hot, to flip the old Outkast line? Neil Robertson, that’s what. He arrives in Sheffield in 450 degree Fahrenheit form after a season in which he’s won the English Open, the Masters, the Tour Championship and the Players Championship. The last three of those have been in the last three months, and he’s most people’s favourite for the title this year. There’s a lot to overcome to bag the world title though, including his own history at the Crucible; since his victory here in 2010, a trip to the semi-finals four years later has been his best performance.

Good afternoon!

Welcome back to live coverage of the 2022 World Championship from the Crucible Theatre. We’ve got a couple of crackers this afternoon. Mark Williams and Michael White, the Welsh derby, plays to a finish and we’ll keep you tuned in on what happens. Our feature match though gives us our first glimpse of the form player of the 2021/22 season, as Neil Robertson gets going against Ashley Hugill.


Join us again shortly

It's a late finish to the morning schedule - and that means more snooker is just around the corner! Grab a bite and a brew and head back here for more updates from the Crucible at 14.30 BST.


That’s some way to finish off the session! Allen seizes upon an early opening with a long red following Donaldson's break and duly sets about concluding the final frame without any mishaps. He’s in danger of running out of position a couple of times but is particularly sharp in sinking a black to the bottom left corner with the cue ball tight to the cushion. He faces a similar situation on a black just shy of the half century but comes up with the goods via a bold screw back into the pack. From there he doesn’t look back as he conjures up a second century of the match (109) to ensure he has a lead at the end of a session where Donaldson played some excellent snooker.


Allen comes back to the table with a mountain to climb but it isn’t long before he decides to concede. Donaldson is level once more and you have to say he deserves it given his impressive showing so far today.


It’s solid potting all the way from the Scot as a break of 54 leaves Allen needing snookers.


Frustration for Allen. He’s first to strike following a spell of safety first play from both players. He looks to guide a red to the green pocket but it dances a brief jig against the jaws and stays out. Chance for Donaldson.


Donaldson’s long potting has been a feature of this session and he slaps in another red once again to make his mark early. However, there’s a sense of déjà vu as he runs out of position all too quickly and misses a plant on a red to the middle right to exit the table prematurely on 16.


Allen responds to that majestic double with his own opening pearl of a long pot down the right into the bottom pocket. Fittingly, it sets him on the road to a magnificent 109 clearance which is the 48th Crucible century of his career.


That is top drawer! Donaldson strikes first with a super double on a red to the middle right pocket that paves the path towards a break of 24. He looks to slam into the pack but misjudges the pace to put the kibosh on what could have been a potentially frame-winning position.


Allen cuts a red into the bottom right pocket but can’t find position on a colour up in baulk. He opts to push the cue ball into the brown and leaves Donaldson with a poser as the final red is hidden behind the black near the foot of the table. The Scot can’t afford any slip-ups but he slaps the white into the black via the left cushion to cough up an avoidable foul. Allen completes the job by knocking in the red and a couple of colours before a miss on the brown. It matters not as the break of eight is enough and he is level once more.


Allen has had long spells where he’s had to be patient and the ultimate professional in this session. It can certainly affect rhythm and so it proves here as a potentially frame-winning break surprisingly ends on 45 with a miss on a very make-able red to the bottom right pocket. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that he doesn’t leave it on for Donaldson. He recognises his good fortune with an apology to his opponent. Still anyone’s frame at this juncture.


Donaldson returns from the sudden stage left exit and frustrates his opponent even further with a break that creeps up to 31 before ending abruptly when he misses a red to the bottom right.


There’s a slow pace to this frame. Neither players is offering up much and there’s plenty of frowning and eyebrow furrowing in the lengthy pauses between shots. Donaldson sinks a red but can’t make any further impact before heading off for an unscheduled break. Drama!


Lots of shaking of the head from Mark so far today. A red and a black is all he can muster before a safety goes slightly awry when he cannons into the brown trying to bring the cue ball up to baulk.


Donaldson tries to cut a red tight to the blue into the middle left but comes up short. Allen steps up with a big chance to make inroads but can’t ping a long red to the bottom right corner. It’s a bit scrappy but Scott seizes control of the proceedings once more with a brilliant red to the middle left. The Scot makes sure of the frame with a couple more reds and signs off with a clearance of 68 that puts him back in charge on the scoreboard in style.


A foul on the pink means Allen has to try again with his response to that safety and this time it’s more assured. It doesn’t stop Donaldson getting in again though and he nicks another red before continuing to play in protective mode by bringing the cue ball back up to baulk.


No sign that Donaldson is thinking of what might have been as he returns from the mid-session interval with a tidy break of 49. He errs on the side of caution by opting not to push for the half century and a smart safety up to baulk leaves him in a commanding position.


Allen nudges a red into the middle left pocket to end his pot-less run at 40 minutes. More importantly, he sets about nicking the frame from right under his opponent’s nose! A clinical red tight to the left cushion rolls smoothly into the bottom corner and he holds his nerve well with a tough yellow to the green pocket. An excellent blue with the rest to the same corner all-but seals the deal and he completes the clearance of 61 to somehow level it up heading into the interval.


The impasse ends with Allen failing to get the outcome he was hoping for when driving into the pack. Donaldson returns to the table to move within a whisker of the frame. He needs a green and a red but can’t land on a red despite bringing one off the cushion close to the middle left pocket. He misses a tricky red to the bottom right instead and Allen has a chance to try and pinch it and level from the jaws of what looked set to be a 3-1 deficit.


It’s all Donaldson right now. Allen doesn’t get the look-in he was hoping for and it’s the Scot who seizes the chance to double his lead. He splits the pack of reds but fortune does not favour him on this visit. He cuts a brilliant black into the bottom right via a rest but doesn’t land on a red. He’s forced to abandon the break at 20 and retreat to the safety of baulk.


This has been an excellent start from Scott particularly when you consider how ruthless Allen was in the first frame. He takes charge early here but soon runs out of options with the pack of reds largely untouched. He sinks a pink for a break of 20 and then opts for a smart safety where he cannons a stray red off the bottom cushion to leave the cue ball behind the black.


Donaldson is having to battle to maintain position more often that he’d like. On the plus side for the spectators, it’s allowing the Scot to showcase some excellent long potting. A brave yellow to the bottom left keeps him on track and with the frame within sight he has to sink a pressure pink to the left and then a green to the top right. He saves the best until last courtesy of a sublime treble with the final red to the middle right. It is the shot of the match so far and settles any remaining doubts. A failure on the blue rules out a clearance but he still ends with an impressive break of 78 and the overall lead.


The Pistol has an early opportunity to re-establish his authority but is left shaking his head when he leaves himself with too much to do after a break of six. He sizzles a long red to the bottom right pocket but he’s just delaying the inevitable. There’s no obvious safety on so he has to fire the black up to baulk which could lead to a rather messy frame overall.


Donaldson has been bold in this frame. He’s taken on quite a few tricky pots and perhaps deservedly levels the match up on the back of another one. A long red to the bottom right inadvertently spreads the pack of reds nicely and gives him a route to parity. He briefly loses position after sinking the brown but regains control with a smart pot via the rest. He’s some way off a clearance when he fails to down a red to the bottom right with the rest but the half century break is enough to get him over the line. All square.


Allen comes up way short of baulk in the latest safety-fest and Donaldson attempts to turn the screw by tucking the cue ball tight to the yellow on the cushion. Allen takes on a long red to the bottom right corner but leaves it hovering close to the pocket. Donaldson seizes upon the opportunity with a plant off a red to the left of the ruck that fortuitously hits the red by the pocket and bounces in. It provides the Scot with his first real chance to show what he can do at the table. A pink to the middle right doesn’t go to plan with the cannon into the group of reds and he is left chasing position. He tries to rectify that with a long red to the bottom right pocket and then takes on a very risky black to the yellow pocket that he nails with aplomb. Once again he’s left with a tough long red and this time he can’t make it count and his break ends at 30.


A frame and a bit into this and we’ve already seen some excellent safety from both players. Donaldson doesn’t do much wrong but once Allen gains a glimmer of a chance he rockets a sumptuous long red to the bottom right corner. A routine black to the same pocket threatens to see him pull clear again but he doesn’t get the nick off two reds close to the left pocket he was hoping for and has to retreat to baulk with another neat safety shot.


The pistol has got his eye in! A long red to the bottom left pocket sinks with deadly accuracy but he’s unfortunate with the intended ricochet int the pack. He can’t quite settle on the black and is forced to end there with a safety back to baulk.


Allen slots away a quite splendid red tight to the right cushion into the bottom pocket and it deservedly paves the way for a break of 80 that clinches the opening frame. A brilliant red to gain position on a blue to the centre left is another eye-catching pot but he fails at the very last in his attempt at the clearance with a black to the yellow pocket that refuses to go down.


Donaldson ends a face-off of safety shots with a cannon off the ruck of reds that sees him plant one neatly into the bottom right pocket. It earns a ripple of applause but he doesn’t quite manage to gain position on a colour. Allen will be delighted to see that given that it could well have provided the platform to go on and win the frame. Instead, on we go!


That’s a very tidy start for the Pistol. He corks a lovely long red to the bottom left pocket and sets about making an early statement of intent. There’s a very welcome slice of luck as the break ticks over to 24 when he benefits from a ricochet that stops the cue ball from rolling into the middle right pocket. He’s delighted to land on a red but cuts it too thinly and has to conclude his opening break at 25 with a safety behind the black.

Can Allen hit form?

It’s just one win in the last three years for Allen in Sheffield and he will be hoping to channel the form of 2009 when he made the semi finals. Allen will be eager to maintain his good record against the Scot as he currently boasts a 7-1 lead in the H2H.

Day 3 commences

The morning session sees Mark Allen kick off his 16th consecutive Crucible outing against Scott Donaldson.
On Table 1, World number 13 Anthony McGill continues against Liam Highfield with a 6-3 lead.

Maguire holds off Murphy fightback to secure place in round two

Stephen Maguire sparked into life at the ideal time to beat Shaun Murphy 10-8 and book his place in the second round of the World Championship.
Maguire held a 6-3 lead overnight despite not playing brilliantly on Saturday, and found himself on the back foot as Murphy roared back.
From 6-2 down, Murphy edged into an 8-7 lead, only for Maguire to pounce on a surprising missed red from his opponent in the 16th and he took control from that point to set up a meeting with Zhao Xintong.

Live comments

You can follow LIVE comments on every session from the World Snooker Championship 2022 on the website.

How to watch the event

The World Snooker Championship 2022 will be available on Eurosport and discovery+, with all the latest news, reaction and highlights on Comments begin on this page at 10:00 on Saturday 16 April.

Schedule and dates

First round (best of 19 frames)

Saturday, 16 April
  • Mark Selby (1) 6-3 Jamie Jones
  • Zhao Xintong (7) 7-2 Jamie Clarke
  • Barry Hawkins (9) 3-6 Jackson Page
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan (2) 6-3 David Gilbert
  • Shaun Murphy (10) 3-6 Stephen Maguire
  • Mark Selby (1) 10-7 Jamie Jones
Sunday, 17 April
  • Anthony McGill (13) 6-3 Liam Highfield
  • Zhao Xintong (7) 10-2 Jamie Clarke
  • Mark Williams (8) 7-2 Michael White
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan (2) 10-5 David Gilbert
  • Barry Hawkins (9) 7-10 Jackson Page
  • Shaun Murphy (10) 8-10 Stephen Maguire
Monday, 18 April
  • Mark Allen (15) v Scott Donaldson
  • Anthony McGill (13) 6-3 Liam Highfield
  • Neil Robertson (3) v Ashley Hugill
  • Mark Williams (8) v Michael White
  • Stuart Bingham (12) v Lyu Haotian
  • Mark Allen (15) v Scott Donaldson
Tuesday, 19 April
  • Yan Bingtao (16) v Chris Wakelin
  • Neil Robertson (3) v Ashley Hugill
  • John Higgins (6) v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Stuart Bingham (12) v Lyu Haotian
  • Jack Lisowski (14) v Matthew Stevens
  • Yan Bingtao (16) v Chris Wakelin
Wednesday, 20 April
  • Kyren Wilson (5) v Ding Junhui
  • John Higgins (6) v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Judd Trump (4) v Hossein Vafaei
  • Jack Lisowski (14) v Matthew Stevens
  • Luca Brecel (11) v Noppon Saengkham
  • Kyren Wilson (5) v Ding Junhui
Thursday, 21 April
  • Luca Brecel (11) v Noppon Saengkham
  • Judd Trump (4) v Hossein Vafaei

Second round (best of 25 frames)

Thursday, 21 April
  • Barry Hawkins / Jackson Page v Mark Williams / Michael White
  • Zhao Xintong / Jamie Clarke v Shaun Murphy / Stephen Maguire
Friday, 22 April
  • Mark Allen / Scott Donaldson v Ronnie O’Sullivan / David Gilbert
  • Barry Hawkins / Jackson Page v Mark Williams / Michael White
  • Mark Selby / Jamie Jones v Yan Bingtao / Chris Wakelin
  • Zhao Xintong / Jamie Clarke v Shaun Murphy / Stephen Maguire
  • Barry Hawkins / Jackson Page v Mark Williams / Michael White
  • Mark Allen / Scott Donaldson v Ronnie O’Sullivan / David Gilbert
Saturday, 23 April
  • Zhao Xintong / Jamie Clarke v Shaun Murphy / Stephen Maguire
  • Mark Selby / Jamie Jones v Yan Bingtao / Chris Wakelin
  • Anthony McGill / Liam Highfield v Judd Trump / Hossein Vafaei
  • Mark Allen / Scott Donaldson v Ronnie O’Sullivan / David Gilbert
  • Neil Robertson / Ashley Hugill v Jack Lisowski / Matthew Stevens
  • Mark Selby / Jamie Jones v Yan Bingtao / Chris Wakelin
Sunday, 24 April
  • Kyren Wilson / Ding Junhui v Stuart Bingham / Lyu Haotian
  • Luca Brecel / Noppon Saengkham v John Higgins / Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Neil Robertson / Ashley Hugill v Jack Lisowski / Matthew Stevens
  • Anthony McGill / Liam Highfield v Judd Trump / Hossein Vafaei
  • Kyren Wilson / Ding Junhui v Stuart Bingham / Lyu Haotian
  • Luca Brecel / Noppon Saengkham v John Higgins / Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
Monday, 25 April
  • Luca Brecel / Noppon Saengkham v John Higgins / Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Kyren Wilson / Ding Junhui v Stuart Bingham / Lyu Haotian
  • Neil Robertson / Ashley Hugill v Jack Lisowski / Matthew Stevens
  • Anthony McGill / Liam Highfield v Judd Trump / Hossein Vafaei

Quarter-finals (best of 25 frames)

Tuesday, 26 April
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
Wednesday, 27 April
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC

Semi-finals (best of 33 frames)

Thursday, 28 April
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
Friday, 29 April
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
Saturday, 30 April
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC

Final (best of 35 frames)

Sunday, 1 May
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC
Monday, 2 May
  • TBC v TBC
  • TBC v TBC

Previous Winners

The World Championship has been running since 1927 and, prior to its move to the Crucible in 1977, it was dominated by Joe Davis, Walter Donaldson, Fred Davis, John Pulman, John Spencer and Ray Reardon, with Alex Higgins and Horace Lundrum winning it once apiece. Since the move to Sheffield, the winners are:
  • 1977: John Spencer
  • 1978: Ray Reardon
  • 1979: Terry Griffiths
  • 1980: Cliff Thorburn
  • 1981: Steve Davis
  • 1982: Alex Higgins
  • 1983: Steve Davis
  • 1984: Steve Davis
  • 1985: Dennis Taylor
  • 1986: Joe Johnson
  • 1987: Steve Davis
  • 1988: Steve Davis
  • 1989: Steve Davis
  • 1990: Stephen Hendry
  • 1991: John Parrott
  • 1992: Stephen Hendry
  • 1993: Stephen Hendry
  • 1994: Stephen Hendry
  • 1995: Stephen Hendry
  • 1996: Stephen Hendry
  • 1997: Ken Doherty
  • 1998: John Higgins
  • 1999: Stephen Hendry
  • 2000: Mark Williams
  • 2001: Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 2002: Peter Ebdon
  • 2003: Mark Williams
  • 2004: Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 2005: Shaun Murphy
  • 2006: Graeme Dott
  • 2007: John Higgins
  • 2008: Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 2009: John Higgins
  • 2010: Neil Robertson
  • 2011: John Higgins
  • 2012: Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 2013: Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 2014: Mark Selby
  • 2015: Stuart Bingham
  • 2016: Mark Selby
  • 2017: Mark Selby
  • 2018: Mark Williams
  • 2019: Judd Trump
  • 2020: Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 2021: Mark Selby

What is the format?

The epic 128-person qualifiers produced 16 players, who have emerged from that group to join the 16 top-ranked players in the world in the first-round draw.
The first round is best of 19 frames, the second and quarter-final rounds best of 25. The semi-finals are best of 33 and the final best of 35.

What is the draw for the World Championship first round?

  • Mark Selby (1) v Jamie Jones
  • Yan Bingtao (16) v Chris Wakelin
  • Barry Hawkins (9) v Jackson Page
  • Mark Williams (8) v Michael White
  • Kyren Wilson (5) v Ding Junhui
  • Stuart Bingham (12) v Lyu Haotian
  • Anthony McGill (13) v Liam Highfield
  • Judd Trump (4) v Hossein Vafaei
  • Neil Robertson (3) v Ashley Hugill
  • Jack Lisowski (14) v Matthew Stevens
  • Luca Brecel (11) v Noppon Saengkham
  • John Higgins (6) v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Zhao Xintong (7) v Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy (10) v Stephen Maguire
  • Mark Allen (15) v Scott Donaldson
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan (2) v David Gilbert
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