Bizarre conclusions to frames are not uncommon with Ronnie O'Sullivan around, but surprisingly it was Kyren Wilson who left fans and commentators bewildered on this occasion.
In what was a re-run of the 2020 World Championship which saw The Rocket claim a famous 18-8 victory for his sixth title at The Crucible, this was a much tighter battle.
With Wilson leading 3-2 and 64-51, all he had to do was play out the finish to the sixth frame of their match at the season-ending World Grand Prix without doing anything silly.
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But in attempting a cute cut on the pink to try and get the cue ball safe, The Warrior somehow contrived to do the one thing he could not afford to: pot the white.
The strange gaffe enabled a surprised O'Sullivan to simply step up and steal the frame, placing the cue ball to comfortably close it out.
David Hendon on commentary could not believe what he saw from Wilson at such a crucial point in the match.
"Wow, my word. Talk about careless!" Hendon said. "It's been handed to him on a plate. What a mistake from Wilson.
"Kyren Wilson will be absolutely sick with what he did there."
"This was the turning point of the match," Neal Foulds said in his punditry duties after the match had concluded.
It's probably the worst shot of his career! Kyren has now got a slight mental barrier playing O'Sullivan.
"He just didn't have it in him to win the match, somehow."

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Ken Doherty, alongside Foulds, added: "As Neal said, it's one of the worst shots of his career. It will haunt him because he had O'Sullivan right where he wanted him."
It really was the turning point of the match as O'Sullivan went on to recover from the deficit and claim a 5-3 win to advance in Milton Keynes.
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