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Michelsen wins final head-to-head against Lagunta to become champion

Michelsen wins final head-to-head against Lagunta to become champion

28/09/2019 at 19:37Updated 28/09/2019 at 19:52

Mikkel Michelsen triumphed in a dramatic final heat in Poland as he became the 2019 Speedway Euro Championship.

In the night's supposedly final heat, the four in contention for the race itself were Poles Kacper Woryna (10 points) and Pawel Przedpelski (13 points), and Danes Michelsen (12 points) and Leon Madsen (11 point).

Michelsen needed victory to force another round against the leader on 45 points, Grigorij Laguta, after the Latvian failed to qualify for the final heat in Chorzow, Poland.

Michelsen pulled clear in the opening laps and Madsen started to close in on the third lap. With one remaining, Madsen squeezed in down the inside, but Michelsen held on at the death to win the night's competition.

Madsen came in second, Przedpelski took third and Woryna took the wooden spoon, before two more deciding heats.

Madsen and Woryna took part in the night's first added heat to decide the overall championship third place, with Madsen seizing on an enging problem for the home favourite to take third.

In the decisive final heat Michelsen slipped past Lagunta who went too wide early on, and Michelsen was able to hold him off on the third lap, meaning he was able to take the 2019 championship from Lagunta, last year's champion.