After the abandonment of the 2022 British Final, Adam Ellis has been sent to the in British Grand Prix in Cardiff as a wild card.
The British final was due to take place on Monday evening and 12 heats took place until a downpour meant that it was no longer possible to continue with the event.
In order to nominate someone to take the place as the winner, the Official British Speedway Twitter account said that “This issue was discussed in a riders meeting.
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“The FIM have accepted ADAM ELLIS on the basis of his 2021 British Final win."
“Tough way to get it. I didn’t really want to get it like this," Ellis said. "Difficult night, and I feel bad [for the other riders] but I’m not going to turn it down and hopefully I can pull my finger out there and in the re-stage as well.
“The majority of us believed so. We didn’t want to decide it on race times, like they were proposing, we felt that you wouldn’t get a worthy winner like that. So it’s a good decision to rerun it.
"For me it’s lucky but I’m happy with the decision that’s been made. I feel a bit bad about the wild card but it is what it is.”
Ellis won the 2021 event but due to the Covid outbreak late year he was not able to go to Cardiff.
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