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17:20 And that ends our coverage

With qualifying now at an end, it's Zmarzlik who will go into tomorrow events race the strongest. Thank you for watching along and make sure you tune in tomorrow night for the live coverage of the Speedway Grand Prix of Poland.
Speedway GP
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17:18 Draw has concluded

The riders took their time tonight in choosing their starting positions but we have a final line-up.
Final qualifying positions and draw pick:
  • 1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland) - 5
  • 2 – Leon Madsen (Denmark) - 13
  • 3 – Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom) - 9
  • 4 – Martin Vaculík (Slovakia) - 1
  • 5 – Patryk Dudek (Poland) - 10
  • 6 – Max Fricke (Australia) - 14
  • 7 – Paweł Przedpełski (Poland) - 2
  • 8 – Maciej Janowski (Poland) - 12
  • 9 – Dan Bewley (United Kingdom) - 8
  • 10 – Jason Doyle (Australia) - 15
  • 11 – Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) - 7
  • 12 – Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) - 3
  • 13 – Maksym Drabik (Poland) - 11
  • 14 – Robert Lambert (United Kingdom) - 4
  • 15 – Anders Thomsen (Denmark) - 16
  • 16 - Jack Holder (Australia) - 6

17:09 Draw coming up

There's just a short delay while we wait for the draw to start.

17:07 Qualifying standings

  • 1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland)
  • 2 – Leon Madsen (Denmark)
  • 3 – Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom)
  • 4 – Martin Vaculík (Slovakia)
  • 5 – Patryk Dudek (Poland)
  • 6 – Max Fricke (Australia)
  • 7 – Paweł Przedpełski (Poland)
  • 8 – Maciej Janowski (Poland)
  • 9 – Dan Bewley (United Kingdom)
  • 10 – Jason Doyle (Australia)
  • 11 – Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
  • 12 – Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
  • 13 – Maksym Drabik (Poland)
  • 14 – Robert Lambert (United Kingdom)
  • 15 – Anders Thomsen (Denmark)
  • 16 - Jack Holder (Australia)

17:02 Zmarzlik on top, again

After his heroics in Croatia, Zmarzlik is on top of the timings again for Poland with his 13.107.

16:59 Session coming to a close

As the session comes to a close, the last group of riders have come on track to set their final flying laps

16:54 Madsen concedes

Madsen was unable to topple Zmarzlik and has to settle for second fastest, at the moment.

16:50 Zmarzlik on top

Yes, yes he can. Zmarzlik buts himself ahead of Madsen with a 13.107. Madsen will be on track in the next group, will he better Zmarzlik?

16:47 The last short break is over

After a small break, Zmarzlik is next out and he’s currently in sixth, can better his time?

16:42 Madsen still on top

Lambert, Janowski and Drabik are out on track but can only set times in the mid-13s, far off of Madsen's 13.181.

16:37 Track slowing down

It looks as if the fast times have got away from us at this point. Madsen is still leading with a 13.181. Can anyone get to a 13 flat?

16:34 Riders inproving

Woffinden puts himself up to second with his second run. he'll be happy with that after a disappointing time in Croatia.

16:31 Madsen can't stop himself

Madsen goes quickest not once, but twice on his second run. His fastest time, a 13.181, is the new benchmark.

16:26 Qualifying lively in Poland

In Croatia, Zmarzlik set the fastest time in his first run and no-one could match it. This weekend, we've seen a chop and change of leaders. But, it's still Zmarzlik to beat. Bewley sits in third with Michelsen in third.

16:23 Zmarzlik goes fastest.

Zmarzlik now takes top on his second run with a 13.468. Looks like Bewley could be beaten.

16:21 Michelsen can't go faster

Mikkel Michelsen, Jakub Miskowiak and Vitaly Lysak are the last to take their runs but there's no beating Bewley.

16:17 Bewley on top

Jack Holder, Dan Bewley and Anders Thomsen are next out after a short break. The rookie Bewley had a strong qualifying in Croatia and is continuing that on this weekend, putting himself top with a 13.472. That’ll be tough to beat.

16:09 It's getting faster out there

Max Fricke, Pawel Przedpelski and Tai Woffinden take their first laps. The big difference from last week in the track seems to be getting faster as the hour goes along. Madsen is still on top, just. Fricke and Woffinden takes second and third respectively.

16:07 Third line up takes top

Jason Doyle, Leon Madsen and Martin Vaculik up next and Madsen takes the top spot with a 13.536. Doyle and Vaculik are currently sitting second and third respectively. Looks like this was the round to go out in.

16:04 Next up

Patryk Dudek, Bartosz Zmarzlik and Fredrik Lindgren are next out. Times are getting close to Janowski, with Zmarzlik on a 13.790. It’s getting tight out there.

16:00 And we're off

Robert Lambert, wildcard Maksym Drabik and Maciej Janowski are the first three out on track. Janowski has set the benchmark with a 13.782

Home grown talent

There will be five Polish stars out on track this weekend, with young starlet Maksym Drabik chosen as the wildcard. Draik has already proven himself in the world of Speedway, winning the FIM World Speedway Under-21 Championship twice.

Hello and welcome

We'll be giving you live coverage from the second round of the 2022 Speedway Grand Prix. This time round, we're heading to Warsaw, Poland. Home rider Bartosz Zmarzlik is currently leading the way in the championship. So, will anyone be able to topple him on his home soil?

How to watch?

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How qualifying works

Qualifying takes place on the same day as the race and allows the rider to secure first choice of starting number.
Every rider will start from each of the four gates at least once, but will start from one gate twice. Qualifying practice provides the opportunity to ensure they have the right starting positions at the right time.
Riders take to the track in groups of three, trying to clock the fastest laps in three blocks of two minutes. The rider who records the fastest lap is rewarded with first choice of starting number for the event. Second place chooses next and this continues right down to 16th place selecting last.
The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix will be available live and ad-free on discovery+ with live race action also on Eurosport 2.
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