British paralympic swimmer Alice Tai has undergone an operation to have the lower part of her right leg amputated.
Tai, who was a gold medallist in Rio in 2016, had been battling chronic pain in the leg.
Amputation was something the 22-year-old had been contemplating for a number of years.
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As a teenager, the decision was to wait as Tai was still growing - but the procedure has now taken place and she is looking forward to working on her recovery.
Taking to Twitter, Tai said: “5 days ago… I had my right leg amputated below the knee.
“Over the past few years, the pain in my right foot has worsened. Both of my ankles are arthritic but my right one has always been more troublesome.
“I first asked my surgeons about the possibility of amputation in 2012. There were no more corrective surgeries that could give me significant mobility improvements whilst reducing pain. At the time it was agreed amputation was an option, but that they’d rather perform it after I stopped growing.
“Last year I realised I was wasting time - if a better quality of life was possible, what was I waiting for?
“I’ve spent five days in hospital and was discharged this morning.
“I feel great and the pain is minimal. The only down-side was nausea for 24 hours post surgery.
“Aside from that, there have been no issues at all. The medical team who’ve been involved since the surgery are incredibly optimistic about my recovery. As am I.”
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