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NADAL 6-3 6-7 3-6 MEDVEDEV

Rafael Nadal’s dream of winning the ATP World Tour finals for the first time is over. Medvedev hits back from a set down to secure a first ever win over the Spaniard after an absorbing two hours and 35 minutes. He breaks again to seal the contest and will now meet Thiem in Sunday’s final.
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NADAL 6-3 6-7 3-5 MEDVEDEV

The serve is so reliable that even a nervy double fault doesn’t really put him under pressure. Medvedev consolidates with ease and is one game from the final.


Daniil picks up a volley at 30-0 down and rockets a crosscourt winner beyond Nadal. It’s arguably the shot of the match and the catalyst for a comeback as he corks another crosscourt winner to set up break point. Nadal finds a timely second ace of the contest to make deuce but struggles to wriggle free. The Russian can’t take the second, but gets a third chance when Rafa misses a simple pass down the line. H makes a rare foray into the net and powers down an overhead to get a crucial break.

NADAL 6-3 6-7 3-3 MEDVEDEV

Nadal unleashes a crushing crosscourt forehand and then produces a delightful pick-up to force a lob long from his opponent. It takes him to deuce but he can’t take advantage of a rare show of nerves from the No.4 seed. Medvedev then lands a wide ace to stay on track.

NADAL 6-3 6-7 3-2 MEDVEDEV

Nadal showing awesome tennis IQ right there. A super serve and volley sees him bite back from 15-30 before he stays calm in a patient point and sizzles a backhand up the line. Medvedev makes deuce with a return on the stretch, but the Spaniard sneaks it from there to nudge the board.

NADAL 6-3 6-7 2-2 MEDVEDEV

Rafa would like that one back. He has a big chance for 0-30 but takes his eye off a volley and shakes his head. The world number two then goes for a banana shot up the line at 30-30 but can’t curve it back in. The Russian then finds a massive serve to pull level.

Rafael Nadal (ATP Finals 2020)

Image credit: Getty Images

NADAL 6-3 6-7 2-1 MEDVEDEV

Both players are having trouble with some misfires. Rafa’s backhand slice is proving an important shot for him though and he entices errors out of Medvedev to keep his nose in front.

NADAL 6-3 6-7 1-1 MEDVEDEV

An 11th ace helps the Russian to a clinical love hold. Nadal had some chances but was a fraction long with a forehand and saw another clip the net and bounce out.

NADAL 6-3 6-7 1-0 MEDVEDEV

Phew. That was a wonderful first game to kick off the decider. Nadal wins a real dance off at the net as the pair swap volleys. Medvedev hits back with some super returns and snatches an early break opportunity. Nadal goes clutch and thunders down a trio of mighty serves to hold.


We are heading in to a decider! After a topsy-turvy set, Medvedev takes the breaker 7-4. The Russian got lucky at 4-3 with a massive miss-hit and gratefully scampered clear from there.

Tie break latest

Medvedev leads 4-2 at the change of ends. The Russian wins a sensational third point of the TB and takes charge from there.


A rollercoaster set will be decided by a tie break as Nadal relies on a big serve and a smart serve and smash to hold to 15 after dropping the first point.


From serving for the match, to serving to stay in the set. Nadal makes no impact on the return game after that body blow and Daniil holds to 15.


Hang on just a moment! Nadal blinks trying to serve it out and Medvedev swings freely on the return. A horrible miscue ends it for the world number two as he’s broken to love.


What a fight back! Nadal’s short slice and overall defence has really got under Medvedev’s skin as the match has worn on. The Russian drills a backhand wide to cough up a break point and a poor volley to make deuce allows Rafa to lob and snare the game. He’ll now serve for a spot in the final.


Rafa consolidates and draws level. He finds some hefty first serves and takes it to 15.


Nadal knows he’s moving into now or never territory to break back – and like a true champion delivers the goods. He unloads a crosscourt backhand to make deuce and then picks up a drop shot to earn the opportunity. An ace saves the day for the No.4 seed, but Nadal takes the game on a second chance with an excellent forehand pass.


Clutch serving keeps Nadal alive in this set. He starts well and is in charge at 30-0, but a double fault sparks trouble. Medvedev earns another break point, but the Spaniard hangs in there and finds two huge serves from deuce.


Nadal just misses the baseline with a forehand at 0-15 and it’s one he will rue. The Russian slams a backhand down the line and then slaps down two huge serves to maintain his advantage.


Nadal gets on the board with a game to love as Medvedev remembers he’s actually human and misses a few.


Talk about a purple patch! The shots are flying in from every angle. He consolidates with ease and there’s a lot for Rafa to think about at the sit-down.


Well, the Russian kept hitting away on that door – and this time he knocks it down! Daniil’s backhand corks a pair of winners to tee up double break point. Rafa feels the heat again but this time can’t handle it. He double faults and it’s the world number four who wrestles the momentum his way.


The first serve kicks in again and that’s curtains for Rafa. Medvedev charges through another quick-fire hold to claim the all-important scoreboard advantage at the beginning of Set 2.


More clutch player under pressure sees Nadal take the opener in 47 minutes. The No.2 seed has frustrated the Medvedev charge by mixing intelligent tactical adjustments with those trademark battling qualities. Medvedev had a chance at 15-30, but slapped a second serve return into the net. It was pretty poor and he bounced his racket into the ground to demonstrate his irritation.


Vamos Rafa! Medvedev finally misses the first serve and Nadal pounces. The world No.2 nails two brilliant forehands and then outlasts the Russian, who drills long to dump serve to love.

Rafael Nadal (ATP Finals 2020)

Image credit: Getty Images


It’s not exactly routine, but Nadal never looks in any real danger this time. The rallies are so much longer on the Mallorcan’s service games. He may be coming under fire, but he’s still got that scoreboard advantage as we enter the final act of the set.


The world number four is purring on serve. He again rattles through a simple hold. He clobbers down some massive deliveries and levels with the minimum of fuss.


Nadal’s first serve continues to glitch and it’s allowing Medvedev to probe and cause him discomfort. The 20-time Grand Slam champion has to come from behind once more, this time using a smart serve and volley combo on his way to the hold.


What a contrast that is. The No.4 seed is making fast work of his service games. Nadal lands a supreme return but can’t get enough purchase on much else.


It’s already proving to be a tough night’s work for the world number two but he just about stays in front. He’s not able to dominate with the first serve and Medvedev is doing some real damage off both flanks. The Spaniard is brave on three break points and is able to fend them all off. He then poaches a forehand winner when under the cosh before a big serve pulls him through.


Wowzer! Medvedev sizzles a tremendous crosscourt backhand winner and lands the big serve to take complete control. Rafa bites back with a trademark forehand up the line but it’s his only riposte.


Rafa needs to pump that fist early as Daniil lures an error with a testing crosscourt backhand to make 30-30. The Spaniard retorts with a stonking forehand winner and seals the opening game with a variety of slice that outfoxes the Russian.

No world no.1 spot for GB's Joe

Hard lines for GB's Joe Salisbury and his partner Rajeev Ram.


Medvedev wins it and chooses to receive first.

Views from the baseline

Medvedev: “Basically when I started playing, Roger was already there, I think, winning almost everything. Then Rafa came to make his mark, and then Novak came to try to disturb them all the time. So, always great to play against them. I’m really looking forward to the match, feeling confident. I think Rafa is also.”
Nadal on Medvedev: “He has plenty of confidence and is playing at a very, very high level. But we are in the semi-finals of the Nitto ATP Finals so we can't expect another story, no?”

Head to head

Nadal leads the match-up 3-0 but the matches have got progressively closer on each occasion. They last met in the round robin at the O2 last year when Nadal had to hit back from 5-1 down, and save match point before taking the decider.

It's time - semi final No.2

We aren't far away from the start of the second semi final from Day 7 at the 2020 ATP World Tour finals. Two-time finalist Rafael Nadal remains in the hunt for a first ever title at this event, while world No.4 Daniil Medvedev is aiming to maintain his red-hot end to the season. The winner will meet Dominic Thiem in Sunday’s final.

Stats that prove Thiem now stands with the big boys

Only two players have defeated Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer at least five times each.
Thiem: 5-7 vs. Djokovic, 6-9 vs. Nadal, 5-2 vs. Federer.
Andy Murray: 11-25 vs. Djokovic, 7-17 vs. Nadal, 11-14 vs. Federer.


What a turn around! Thiem rampages back from 0-4 down in the decisive tie break to take it 7-5 on his sixth match point. The Austrian pounded away at Djokovic with a stupendous number of winners and reaches the final after a two hour and 54 minute epic.

Dominic Thiem

Image credit: Getty Images

Tie break latest

Thiem kicks off with a double fault and gives himself a mountain to climb. He then blows a forehand long but grabs a mini break back with one that lands in. It’s 4-2 to the world number one at the change of ends.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 6-6 THIEM

Domi corks a trademark backhand down the line which would have had the crowd on its feet if there was one! It’s the best he can muster in trying to nick it at the death as Nole leans on the old faithful of his serve to take us into a tie-break decider.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 5-6 THIEM

The Austrian will he happy to get out of that one unscathed. He dumps two forehands into the net for 30-30 and then Djoker has a good look at the return of serve but blows it. Cue an outpouring of anger as he berateshimself in Serbian. It doesn’t help as he leaks another slack crosscourt forehand seconds later to ensure Thiem is guaranteed another tie break at worst.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 5-5 THIEM

The No.3 seed benefits from a huge slice of luck when another blockbusting shot cannons into the net and bobbles over. It could unsettle Novak at 15-15 – but it doesn’t. The five-time winner hits a clean crosscourt winner off the forehand to seal a relatively routine hold.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 4-5 THIEM

A quite sensational Djokovic backhand down the line earns a ‘bravo’ from Thiem. The Serb looks keen on the break, but can’t get a look-in from 30-30 as a 10th ace sets up Domi to stay ahead. No margin for error for the Serbinator from here.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 4-4 THIEM

First sign of any real danger for the server. Djokovic fires just long to dangle deuce in front of his opponent. He pulls some funny faces in response but finds some big serves to snatch the hope away.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 3-4 THIEM

Now then. Thiem registers his 42nd winner with a delicate drop shot before Djokovic tries to finally up the ante. He has the point on his racket for 30-30 but blows another volley at the net. A service winner then seals the hold as we enter the business end of the set.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 3-3 THIEM

The US Open champion can’t do much on the return and Djokovic reaches parity in the blink of an eye.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 2-3 THIEM

The Dominator continues to, er, dominate most of the rallies. He moves past the 30-mark for winners to eek his nose in front once more. Djoker has shown amazing defence at times, but if Thiem hits a purple patch, no one can really live with that type of hitting. Credit to the world number one that he’s still very much in with a chance of winning this.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 2-2 THIEM

It’s almost like the players are saving themselves in this early spell of sparring. The top seed gets outfoxed by a delightfully angled volley at the net, but it’s the only blow Thiem can land. All square.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 1-2 THIEM

The serving procession continues, though Thiem does enjoy unloading that crisp forehand as he takes the game for the loss of one point.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 1-1 THIEM

Djokovic retorts with his own comfy hold to 15. Very much the calm before the storm.

DJOKOVIC 5-7 7-6 0-1 THIEM

That’s a highly impressive response to the major disappointment of that tie break. Thiem serves big and hits big off that forehand to kick the decider off with a statement of a love hold.


We are going the distance! Thiem has four match points, but can’t get over the line. The world number three drills a backhand into the net on Nole’s second set point and the Serb snares it 12-10. Amazing drama!

Tie break latest

This is the best of the match right here, right now. Thiem has a second match point on his own serve and double faults. It gets under his skin and lifts Novak, who earns another mini break and set point. The Austrian hangs in and gets off the hook when the 17-time Grand Slam champion drags wide. Thiem earns a third match with a rasping forehand but again fails to take it. It's 9-9 and incredibly tense!

Tie break latest

Nerveless at both sides of the net. Thiem races back from 4-2 down to claim a match point with a huge serve. Djoker replies with one of his own. Another change of ends.

Tie break latest

Novak looks almost disinterested as he juggles his racket after coughing up an immediate mini break. The Serb bites back though, taking the gift of an unforced error from the Austrian and reeling off four straight points to turn 0-2 to into a 4-2 lead at the change of ends.


We are heading for a tie break! Thiem wobbles big time but Nole can’t make him pay. The Austrian badly misfires going for two shots off the forehand and throws in a double fault for good measure. Clutch serving sees him save two set points and he raises his level when it really matters from deuce to play his get out of jail free card and somehow hold.

Novak Djokovic (ATP Finals 2020)

Image credit: Getty Images


There’s no case of déjà vu this time at five apiece. Thiem screams in anguish as he misses a backhand at 15-15 and Nole reels off the next two points to guarantee himself the minimum of a tie break.


It all gets a but messy for Thiem from 30-0 up. He takes a deep breath and executes a wonderful 1-2 punch before a beastly first serve drags him level.


In contrast, Djokovic hangs on to his service game with real ease. Thiem doesn’t do anywhere near enough on his return and the scoreboard pressure swings his way again all too quickly.


Alarm bells ring for Thiem, but he just about survives. A wide crosscourt forehand hands Nole his first break point of the match. The Serb goes for a big return but lashes just long. He’s fuming about the late call, but it’s the correct one. Clutch serving puts the US Open champion back in charge and a howitzer of a backhand down the line steals the hold.


Lots of chatter on social about the world number one’s irritation and a supposed lack of intensity. It may give that impression but he’s still purring along on serve for the most part.


Novak looks at his racket is frustration after flashing a crosscourt attempt just wide. It sees Thiem hold to love but the Serb did have a couple of chances in that game. All square. Who is going to blink first in Set 2?


Close! Thiem presses a nervy-looking Djokovic and earns another break point. He has a big look at a forehand down the line that would be a winner, but sees it crash into the net. Djokovic lures two more errors out of the Austrian and gets out of dodge.


The world number three unloads a pair of forehand winners and then shows incredible defence with a crosscourt forehand on the stretch on his way to a fabulous love hold.

Novak Djokovic (ATP Finals 2020)

Image credit: Getty Images


The Serbinator has a mid-game lull but it doesn’t prove costly as he was already 40-0 up. An ace down the middle T slams the door shut of any hopes Thiem had of pressing to deuce.


The serve is King it seems. Thiem gets on the board with a game to 15. Still waiting for this match to really take off.


Super response from the world number one. He dusts himself down and marauds to a love hold to ensure he gets Set 2 up and running in the right manner.


The US Open champion takes a cagey opener as he serves it out to 15 in 51 minutes.


The Dominator strikes! He rises to the occasion on the key moment at 30-30 when he finds that rasping forehand that has misfired a few times this afternoon. It creates a first break point that Djoker does everything to save before a woeful volley at the net hands the Austrian the chance to serve for the opener.

Dominic Thiem en demi-finale du Masters 2020

Image credit: Getty Images


Domi produces his best when it matters to reach parity, but he is having some jittery moments. He initially avoids some intense pressure with the shot of the match. Novak sinks his teeth in at 30-15 and looks set to win the point. He charges to the net but Thiem conjures up a forehand lob that lands by the postage stamp. The Austrian then double faults and misses an easy crosscourt forehand, but recovers with some big serving to get the job done from deuce.


Frustration for Thiem as a bold second serve at 0-15 helps Djokovic avoid another nervy moment. There’s no room for error now. Thiem must hold to stay in the set.


We are at the business end of the set, but the Dominator doesn’t show it. He powers through a perfect hold as they continue to go toe to toe.


The world number three recognises the need to start posing more questions of his own. He gets off to a flyer at 0-30 but sizzles an inch long of the baseline to just miss out on double break point. A classy stun volley then gets Djokovic out of a tricky predicament.

Novak Djokovic en demi-finale du Masters 2020

Image credit: Getty Images


Clutch. Thiem flashes two unforced errors off court and puts himself under unnecessary pressure. He shows just why he’s being hailed as a rival for Nadal when it comes to fighting out of a corner and keeps Nole at bay to cling on and level from deuce.


It’s warming up nicely but yet to ignite. After some dominance on serve we are starting to get the occasional rally reminiscent of the blockbusting exchanges we saw at this event last year. The five-time champion never looks in danger here though. He drops just the one point as he nudges the board once more.


That’s brilliant serving from Thiem as he charges through to a rapid love hold. No glimmer of a chance there for the top seed.


The world number one is looking sharp just as he has done in the early stages of his last two matches. Thiem will hope to hang tight like Medvedev did and grow into the encounter without suffering any set threatening blows.


Early danger for Thiem as he’s made to pay catch up after a poor miss off the forehand. Djokovic senses the chance at 15-30, but the Austrian plays some clutch tennis, gliding a wonderful volleyed winner along the way to a plucky hold.


It’s nip and tuck and a promising start. No surprise to see both players scurrying around and engaging in some powerhouse exchanges from the baseline as Novak edges the game to 30.

Nole on Domi

“I have lots of respect for Dominic, his game, his work ethic. Nico Massu, all his team, they’re all very nice people. They’re very dedicated and humble. He’s a Grand Slam champion, so obviously that’s a huge boost for him, getting that kind of pressure and expectation off his back so I’m sure that allows him to swing freely on the court and play better than he did before.”

Head to head

Djoker leads the match-up 7-4 but it is 2-2 over the course of the last two years and 1-1 in indoor hard courts. Thiem defeated the Serb 6-7 6-3 7-6 in an enthralling round-robin match here last year on his way to finishing as runner-up. Can he make it back-to-back finals or will Nole stay on course for that record-equalling sixth title?

Time for tennis

Good afternoon. It’s almost time for the first of our singles semi finals from the 2020 ATP Tour finals. It’s world number one, Novak Djokovic against US Open champion, Dominic Thiem. It’s a repeat of this year’s epic Australian Open final and should be a cracker.


Novak Djokovic booked his place in the last four of the ATP Tour Finals on Friday, defeating Alexander Zverev 6-3 7-6(4).
Reigning world No. 1 Djokovic will now face the in-form Dominic Thiem in the semi-finals, the winner of whom will meet either Rafael Nadal or Daniil Medvedev in Sunday’s final.
Djokovic is aiming to become the oldest winner of the tournament at the age of 33, a record currently held by Roger Federer. And after a poor display against Medvedev on Wednesday, the Serbian was far sharper 48 hours later.

ATP Finals - Friday order of play

Morning session, not before 2pm
  • Dominic THIEM (3) v Novak DJOKOVIC (1)
Evening session, from 5:45pm
  • Daniil MEDVEDEV (4) v Rafael NADAL (2)

Semi final line-up confirmed

Djokovic v Thiem
Nadal v Medvedev

What’s the schedule?

The tournament at London's O2 Arena runs from November 15 to November 22.
There will be two singles matches played every day before the semi-finals on Saturday, November 21 and the final on Sunday, November 22.

What were the groups?

Group Tokyo 1970
  • Novak Djokovic
  • Daniil Medvedev
  • Alexander Zverev
  • Diego Schwartzman
Group London 2020
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Dominic Thiem
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • Andrey Rublev

What's the format?

The eight singles players are divided into two four-player groups, with each player facing their three group rivals and the top two from each group advancing to the semi-finals. Standings are determined by number of wins and if players are tied then it is decided on by their head-to-head record.
Rublev, who has won five titles in 2020, and Schwartzman, will be competing at the finals for the first time. There will be four players aged 24 and under for the second straight year.
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